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***Queue Terminator style theme music***

***Final Log Entry***

***Designation - Midori Iro***

***Affiliation - Justice League***

***D.O.E. - August 4, 2037***

The year is 2037. The battle for earth has been waging between BrainIAC and every Meta, good or evil, along with Super Heroes and Villains alike for what seems, one can only describe as, an eternity. My name is Midori Iro, I am the last remaining conduit for the Green Lanterns' Light. I look very much like a 19 yr old human female, I didn't always look this way. I had a solid green stone skin for a while, back when I was built like a 14 yr old. Then was a contained energy mass for a bit (but we can get into that later, hair is still green, though...). After some time, with the help of Zatanna and a few others, and a couple of oopsies, I was finally able to appear human.

The Corp is gone. Most of the heroes and villains have either vanished or have given their lives to save the human race. I am one of the heroes created by the Exobyte Excursion, brought to us from the future courtesy of Lex Luthor, to help the human race combat BrainIAC.

We are at a crucial point in the battle and I am not sure if we are going to make it.

This is the moment of truth...

We are about to make our final push. If we succeed the human race can continue. If we fail there is no telling what horrors may be in store for us at the hands of this inhuman AI.

In case we don't make it through a few of us have decided to take these final moments before the battle to create our own final message to the universe. I don't know what the others are putting in here but I have decided to put in my mission logs, journal entries, as well as some excerpts from my personal logs (personal logs may not be in chronological order so they make sense). It is my hope that someone will see the struggle we, as a single race no longer divided by color or loyalties, endured to try to overcome this threat. Learn from these log entries, something may prove useful if you ever have to deal with BrainIAC. I hope that others may see some inspiration in these logs to make the right choices in life despite the odds.

This had better work, we have been doing this for far too long...

January 4th, 2012

It's dark, I can't hardly move, barely aware of what's going on around me. I can hear a few noises, some beeping sounds, some voices talking in the background, but not much else over the ringing in my ears and the massive migraine. That's when I remembered, I was in an explosion, green energy and fire all around me. 'How did I survive?' I remember a man and a little girl. I am not sure who they are but I remember they seemed to have great affection for each other, 'Father & daughter perhaps?' I'm getting sidetracked. Need to focus on the situation.

'First of all. Where am I?' My eyes begin to open... It is a fairly dark room the only illumination is some yellow lights along the supports of the walls and some wall panels. There also seems to be a yellow light that emanates from the frame of the doorway to the room I am in.

I start to drag myself to the nearest wall for support. My whole body feels week, drained, as if I've been awake for days without rest or sustenance. I get myself over to the wall when I hear a voice a little clearer than the last. I can't hear the whole thing but, am able to pick up a few words, "Subject ... 413 ... to be awake. ... unaware ... surroundings." the voice sounds rather cold, clinical. Almost like it is reporting it to someone not just simply making the observation. Another voice responded, just as cold, "Acknowledged."

My eyes are still adjusting to the levels of light in here. 'Damn!' There is just enough light in here that my eyes are having a hard time focusing on anything beyond a few feet. 'Okay, try to focus on something across the room. What can I focus on? There doesn't seem to be anything but walls in here, except for that doorway.' Yet the yellow light coming from the frame makes it difficult to see anything beyond it.

I finally get to my feet and can see a little more of what is around me. The floor in the room seems large enough to lay flat on, that seemed to be only luxury in this place. 'Bonus, there is no bed but the floor is big enough to sleep on!'

I decide to try to walk, kinda stumbling a little bit and trying to find my balance, still using the wall for support. I start to make my way to the doorway when I hear a booming voice that seems to resonate from everywhere.


'Intercept and detain? Cell Block? Where the hell am I?' I start to become a little more aware of what was goin' on around me, my eyes are still a little fuzzy, my legs are just able to support me. Then suddenly the lights on the doorway shut down and I suddenly get ripped from my cell.

I am trying to see where I am being taken, or at least who is taking me there. But, over the splitting headache and the fuzzy vision, that, and the fact that we seem to be going faster than any human could move, 'This guy would make a killing on the European Racing Circuit, and think of the low maintenance costs!'

Mind, drifting again...

Cannot concentrate...

Passing out...

***Personal Log: February 12, 2012***

Thanks to the Question, I Found out later who my rescuer was. But chances are I won't see him again, at least not on friendly terms. I later found he decided to follow Luthor and join the Legion of Doom (for whatever reason). His name was the Atomic Drop (apparently he was a wrestler, became Meta when he made contact with the Exobytes, gone neutral for a while, then eventually turned villain. I know if/when I see him again I owe him my life).

The situation was a little odd, I didn't know which way was up most of the time, my memories were starting to come back to me. Now I know how Sam Beckett felt (swiss cheesed memory). Never make fun of that term again.

***End Log Entry***

When I awoke, I found myself in a much larger room this time, better lighting. The walls seem to have a purple and red motif, I would probably appreciate the architecture if I wasn't being held prisoner (looks like the borg assimilated Frank Lloyd Wright). I take one last look around. 'Still, with the yellow lights...' Suddenly I hear a voice that seems to be in my head. I put my hands up to cover the sound when, I notice there is a device in my ear. Trying to get up, I notice on my wrist there is a small device '... and there seems to be some woman talking to me.'

She identifies herself as Oracle. She has a very pleasant voice, at least more pleasant than the cold robotic voices from earlier. Oracle informs me that she was instrumental in orchestrating my escape. I am not sure what is going on, but I figured if she had helped me to escape I would hear her out.

She tells me that she can help guide me out of this place, and although my head still hurts like hell, I realize this seems to be my only option. So I accept her assistance.

Oracle tells me there is someone guarding the doorway out of the large room I am in. "Doorway!" I ask myself quietly. 'Last time I saw a doorway it was lined with a yellow light!' The walls all look the same. I crouch behind what looks like a work station of some kind until I could gather some of my strength back. As soon as I am ready, I fixed my eyes on my target. It looks tough, about 20 cm taller than me, and twice my mass. It looks like some kind of robot. It seems to be a dark metallic purple with some glowing bits on its legs, chest and arms. 'I sure hope that isn't going to explode...'

I gather up all my strength and lunge at the 'bot. 'I knocked him on his ass!' I start throwing punches. I strike his "face" with a left hook, an uppercut with the right, to what can only be described as his "jaw?" He kicks me back away from him with enough force to push me halfway across the room, but as he gets to his feet I figure, 'hmm, with the strength I seem to have...' I want to try something. I gather up all the strength I can, stretch my arms out to the side as far back as I can and in one forceful gesture slam my hands together. *BOOM!* The force slams the 'bot against the door. It falls apart at the joints, then fizzles out of existence in a small electrical explosion. Then the voice came over the earpiece again, telling me there are three more of those things on the other side of the door. 'She couldn't have told me sooner!'

Then suddenly the wall behind me is gone and two more of those things are right behind me. One of them blasts me with some kinda yellow energy beam. Don't know what it is, but it hurt. I spin on my left foot as I bring my right hand up and connect with the first one's head turning him around. The second one gets the drop on me pinning me to the floor. I have my fists clenched trying to push him off me. When suddenly, I panic, I feel my body start to lift, my right hand glows green. I notice as I am suddenly upright, and the 'bot has green glowing claws protruding from his back. His companion turns and starts to run. I look at the claws on my right hand, that is when I leap at him, claws out, and in a single hit take him down.

I see another one of those things around the corner I pause for a moment to gather myself. I look down and see myself floating a foot or so off the floor. I try to move a couple feet to the left and right. 'Okay, I think I got this,' I need to focus on the task at hand. 'I'll have fun with these new abilities later, for now, I gotta get the hell out of here.'

I give myself a little elevation and start to float over the top of the third robot. I ready myself for the first strike, 'As long as I can surprise him I still have the advantage...' I lost that advantage. I hesitated too long trying to stabilize myself and was struck again by the same yellow beam that the other had used.

On the ground now. Have to move fast. His foot came down toward my face, I rolled out of the way but it got my hair with the the bottom of his foot. I try to use those light claws again. To my surprise they came from both hands. I use one to cut my hair from his foot, the other went for his legs. I got him down now. I once again raise myself up a few feet and drop, down driving my fist into his head. as I walk away from him I look at his shattered face, "Don't touch my hair!"

I suddenly hear movement on the other side of the wall beside me, I quickly duck for cover behind the frame of the door as it opens. I lean around the edge of the door frame. There are three more of those robots, and one biggun. 'It looks like a giant brain on spider legs!'

This new robot was twice as tall as the first robots but was much more massive. At least the size of a garbage truck! 'Oh boy!'

The booming voice is back, organizing the 'bots to maintain the offensive, but the voice seems to be cautious as well. The three 'bots retreat behind the giant spiderbrain to secure the next area, with the door closing right behind them. '"Great..."

More chapters to come, it just depends on how busy work gets...