The rest of my journey through here is much like those first two rooms. Just me, my claws and brute strength... and a ton (probably literally) of 'bots. That is until I got to the objective that Oracle sent me after... One of the weapons pods on the ship I was on. 'Ship huh? That's great news. I guess it better than being several miles underground!'

I found myself in a room with, what seems like, an endless number of bots as I try to destroy the Control Pillars that are holding the weapon to the ship. This turned out to be a little easier than I thought. it only took a few minutes to hold back these stupid 'bots while I destroyed the pillars. Just then Oracle comes back on to inform me that the weapon has fallen to the ground and is destroyed. But to hold tight because Superman is on his way! 'Wow! The big 'S' is coming to get me? Holy Crap! I didn't think I warranted that big of a thank you." Superman shows up through something for some reason I want to call it... 'a Boom Tube?' At that same moment there is lights randomly flashing around me as I look that is when I realize why Superman is here. 'Bots are transporting in left and right, 'and there is no way I can handle these frickin' things on my own.' With a little encouragement from the Big Guy I take a stance and ready myself for the battle. 'I'm fighting side by side with Superman! oh I can't wait to tell... tell... Stupid memory gaps!' Right about then Superman gives the order, "Let's take out these mechs and we will get you to a safe spot. Don't hold back I wanna see what you can do."

From all angles these bots seem to be coming I can see that there are tranport devices all over this room. As they seem to be "flowing" out of these devices, like blood from an open wound, I realize something, 'I can stop the 'bleeding' at the source!' I position myself just to the left of one of the transporters that seems to be getting used more often that the others and just start laying into these machine as quickly as they come in they are fizzing out. Superman tosses me a couple of barrels that have this nice little picture of a flame on them, I place them around the transporter and clear out to let him do his thing.

It was AWESOME! I got to see heat vision up close and personal for the fist time EVER! 'This is so much cooler to see in person. And look at the hole in the side of the ship!' I turn towards The Man of Steel to thank him, but there is a robot coming coming from the rear towards him, "LOOK OUT!" I shout across the room as I point behind him. It was sooo cooool to watch. With seemingly little effort, he spins around grabbing the last 'bot by his neck and seperating his head from the rest of his body. "Don't piss the big guy off," I whisper to myself.

Superman floats over to my position. He puts his hand on my shoulder as if to congratulate me for the work I did. When suddenly, one last mech shows up, this one is bigger than all the others that we fought. I am not sure if there is a reason that particular one came in and if it has anything to do with my new battle buddy here. 'I sure hope not...' but amazingly it seems to be childs play defeating him when you have a Kryptonian on your side.

After the battle Superman comes back over and gives me a good solid pat on the back. And I mean SOLID, It didn't really hurt but definitely made me have to catch myself moving forward. "Thanks for the help," I tell him. He looks at me with that smile that you always see him with in the news with or on the front page of the Daily Planet, the one that makes you feel safe knowing he is always looking out for the little guy (or girl) superpowered or not.

Suddenly he gets a call, 'Probably sending him out to another mission.' He gives me one last look before he takes off, "We should talk sometime, you got some fire in you. We could use you in The League. I gotta go but you can reach The Watchtower from any of the police stations in town. Once you have proven yourself, if you decide to help, we can review you for membership." He starts to fly out of the hole that we blasted into the side of the ship when turns around and gives me that famous line, "And remember, I am always around." he shoots me another smile and with streak and a sonic boom he was gone.

As I look over the wreckage in complete awe, I pick up a few needed things, when Oracle comes back over the earpiece. "Well you heard the man, You are welcome in the Watchtower anytime. Now, if you could step onto one of the trasporters we will get you to one of our safehouses in Metropolis, Okay it's not an actual safehoue it's more of a Cop Shop." I laugh a little at the joke. "And as Kal told you, The Watchtower can be reached by a transporter in any of the Police Stations. Feel free to check it out. Oracle ou..." I decide that since they are so welcoming I will show a little trust myself, granted interrupting her may not be the best way to make friends but I need help. "Oracle?" I ask. She replies, "Is there a problem?" I hesitate for a moment before answering, "Yeah, kinda. Do you know who I am?"