Somewhere Between Man and Beast

Summary: The Titans are thrown into chaos from the sudden emergence of humanoid wolves in Jump City. Beast Boy's powers begin to mix between the seen and the unseen.

Pairing: Beast Boy and Raven

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. I only own the plot and character developments.

This chapter has not been beta'd.

Chapter 1

Only the beginning

The alarm blared throughout the tower in attempt to alert those who dwell within to the dangers abroad. The halls reverberated with the heavy footfalls of many of the titans as they abandon their dorms to prepare for battle. All but one abandoned their dorm to assemble in the main room. It went by easily unnoticed until all but the one assembled. The mighty leader, Robin, stood in the front looking up at the giant screen embedded into wall of the tower.

"Titans," A voice called out to them as the screen flicked to life. It was their dear police director, their boss, the person who gave them assignments from their city, Jump City. "I have received reports of a beast kidnapping and terrorizing women in the old abandoned labs of the mutagen department," he told them in a voice that never wavered or broke. His voice gave off waves of worry from this particular report.

"Understood! We will go at once," Robin replied to the director. The director nodded before saying, "Good luck." The screen once again faded to darkness and it was apparent who was missing from the picture now, Beast Boy.

"Where is Beast Boy?" Robin asked angrily. Every time they talked to the director it was best that all members be present. Once one of them went missing then things could get complicating with their team dynamics. The rest of the titans, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg, all shrugged or voiced that they did not know.

"Maybe we should check his room," Raven said in monotone, almost as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

"Yes, he could be sleeping!" Starfire said with a smile before heading towards the door to Beast Boy's dorm. All the titans had different living arrangements. Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg all lived on the same floor as the main room. Robin lived a floor up where he needed the extra space for his research and investigation. Beast Boy's room was the farthest from the Main Room, farther than even Raven's room.

The titans followed Starfire as she went to his room. She gently knocked on the door and asked, "Friend Garfield? Are you here?" The door gently slid open from her knock, showing to all that it was slightly cracked to begin with. It opened up to show a room that was trashed. The bed was torn to bits. The shelf that usually sat up right was on the ground and broken into man pieces. Paper, feathers, and cotton were everywhere. The window binding showed big claw like tares that did little to hide light from the room. The light bulbs and lamps that usually put the room into light were shattered. The only light in the room was from the torn window bindings.

"Something is wrong," Cyborg suddenly said and put himself between Starfire and the room. Starfire's hand was on her mouth as she backed up a little.

"What has happened?" Starfire asked in worry. A growl shot out from the darkest corner of the room, one that reverberated from deep within a beast. Red glowing eyes appeared from the darkness and they watched the Titans cautiously. The team immediately drew their weapons from their hostlers in preparation for a fight.

"Yeess," a voice from the corner spoke as they heard shifting. A face came into view and soon the entire body came into view. It was Beast Boy. "Something is wrong," he told them as his form shifted and popped in what sounded like excruciating pain. Soon his form was back to normal but his clothing was not. It was ripped and shredded. The hoodie he was wearing was beyond repair and his pants only held around his crotch area.

"Gar!" Cyborg called out before stepping forward a few steps. With every step forward Beast Boy took a step back.

"Don't touch me," he called back before he looked around and began digging through tons of cotton. Soon he found what he was looking for, his uniform. He retreated back to his personal bathroom and after a few minutes he re-emerged fully dressed. His hair and fast still looked horrible but the rest of him was fine.

The entire team gave him a look over. "What's with the claws?" Raven asked as she raised an eyebrow. Beast Boy raised his hands up to look at them. They were in fact claws.

"I don't know, but we have to go stop whoever that call was about," He mumbled as he came and stood beside the group. They didn't shy away from him at all.

"I agree," Robin cut in, "but when we get back we're talking about this." He motioned with his arms to the entire room before turning around and running down the hallway. Cyborg and Starfire nodded before following him. That left Raven and Beast Boy at the entrance to his room.

"What happened?" Raven asked. Beast Boy's eyes found hers for a few moments before he looked down, almost ashamed. Raven could feel it emitting from him.

"I'll tell you later," he told her before turning to take the stairs to the roof. A black energy wall appeared before him.

"I'll teleport us," she said as black wings engulfed her and Beast Boy before he had a chance to protest. They appeared on the roof a few moments later. Raven met a tired and shaky Beast Boy as he shook his head and glared at her. Raven's look back was just a stoic but inside she was confused.

"What's with the glare?" she asked to which he sighed and shook his head.

"It's nothing Raven, let's go," he said before turning into an eagle and watched for the T-car to roll out of underwater tunnel that connected to the base. Beast Boy was shocked as a helicopter flew up the side of the building. The helicopter had a big T on both its sides indicating it that it was the Titan's. The side opened and it revealed the other three titans.

"Come on guys, we have no time to lose!" Robin yelled as he waved them towards the copter. Beast Boy was shocked that they had a copter and from the look on Raven's face, so was she. Beast Boy waited for Raven to board the copter. She stood there and stared at it almost as if it was a flying death trap. "Well, come on!" Robin yelled again in attempt to best the noise of the copter's blades.

"I am not getting on that thing," Raven suddenly said as she stared at it. Her hood was flailing behind her head and her eyes were slightly slanted as she looked at it.

"C'mon Rae, I'll go right behind you!" Beast Boy told her as she came to stand beside her. The copter got even closer to the edge so that it was within stepping distance. The waiting arms of Starfire and Robin were reaching for them.

"I'll fly myself," She growled as she took a step back and began her magic. Beast Boy grabbed her wrist which made her stop.

"Most copters can travel up to a hundred and fifty miles per hour. We'll get their faster if we let Cyborg take us," he said as he looked into her eyes. Then he leaned his mouth beside her ear and whispered, "I don't like the bloody thing either but it's the best option to us right now. People are in trouble!"

She debated in her head whether she should fly herself, although it is slower and draining, or to take up the copter's offer. She sighed as she backed away from Beast Boy and towards the copter. "Come on!" Robin yelled once again. She stood in front of the side opening and with one leap she was standing inside the machine. She stayed there for a few seconds before walking to the back of the copter and sitting down in one of the seats. She buckled herself in.

Beast Boy came after her. He jumped in and almost fell out if it wasn't for Robin and Starfire. He sheepishly scratched the back of his head before mimicking the dark haired beauty. Once they were all buckled in Cyborg took off towards the abandoned labs. No one spoke due to anticipating the situation they were getting their selves into.

Beast Boy hopped out of the cabin as soon as they landed on one of the barren rooftops of the facility. He stood beside the dying machine with his fingers in his ears and a scowl on his face. Soon everyone stepped out but the swinging blades were still dying down. "Man, I hate helicopters!" Beast Boy yelled out. The others looked at him.

"What! That is the last time I give you a ride you ungrateful jerk!" Cyborg yelled out in reply.

"Alright guys, get on task. We have a lot of buildings to search for whatever this is. Cyborg and Raven search Lab Alpha. Me and Starfire will search Lab Beta. Beast Boy, you search the grounds and see if you can pick up on any particular or unusual scents. Someone had to enter before they could exit, so you may have more luck than we will. Titans spread out!" Robin commanded as he walked towards the edge where Beta labs were.

The Mutagen labs were divided into three buildings and two out or three were abandoned due to cuts to the workforce. The city who owned the buildings was currently in an financial crisis due to not releasing anything lately that would benefit the world. One said example was the mutagen which made people into aggressive were-wolves. Beast Boy and Adonis long ago got drenched into the green much and it only caused trouble for them for the next few days. That happened in the old Alpha lab. Now all that remained was dust and old work equipment.

Everyone quickly got to their tasks. Beast Boy watched as everyone disappeared into their teams in each building before he shifted into a bloodhound dog. His nose immediately went to the ground and began sniffing around. He started at the outer perimeter of the labs. After twenty minutes of searching the fences he found a bit where it was tore up from the ground and dug underneath enough for a person or two to get through at the same time. There were tracks of someone getting dragged from that spot at the fences.

Beast Boy quickly took a sniff at the hole. 'Three females, one male. One of them smells familiar,' he thought as he continued to sniff and begin following the track. 'The male's scent is very dominating, it almost drowns out the females!' he thought to himself as he continued to sniff the trail.

The stars were up and the moon was blaring proudly to the universe to see. However, it was hard to see any of it if one was to look up. Dark threatening clouds bloomed overhead. With every strike of internal lightning Beast Boy knew that rain was to come soon. If the rain came soon then the scent trail would be washed away.

Suddenly his communicator buzzed and it made him switch to his human form. He immediately opened it to see Cyborg's panicked face. The area around his face was pure dark and banging could be heard around him. "We have trouble guys! Get to Alpha labs immediately!" he said out towards the communicator. He looked away for a moment and Beast Boy could hear him asking Raven, "What Raven? Hold the door!" A big bang was heard and a reverberating growl was heard as something collided with Cyborg.

The camcorder on the Communicator displayed Raven and Cyborg retreating from a hall while throwing blasts of energy at the now revealed beasts. It displayed three slender beasts chasing after the titans. One beast stopped and looked at the communicator. It then sniffed it and crushed it with its foot. All that could be taken from the feed was a loud growling laugh as it ran after the other two titans.

Beast Boy could hear Robin attempting to reconnect with Cyborg and Raven but no answer was given. It was then that he heard, "Guys, double time to Alpha labs!" He didn't need to be told twice because Beast Boy was already leaping through one of the windows as a tiger. He broke through it on his first try and rolled on the ground as glass showered around him.

He ran down a corridor while pressing on an earphone located beside his ear. "Robin, what was their last location?" he asked as he opened the door, looked around, and ran through the small checkpoint office to another hallway.

"East Corridor!" Robin replied curtly. Beast Boy knew he was going to be first response because the others had to run through a building to get to another building. Beast Boy quickly found Cyborg's destroyed communicator and took off running even faster. He could hear growling and screams the sounds of a struggle.

Beast Boy entered a store room to which the noises were coming from. This was the warehouse side of Alpha Labs. It was a storage area that connected to loading bays and freezers. It seemed that this part of the building was never abandoned. Beast Boy quickly took in the situation in front of him. Cyborg was wrestling with one of the beasts hand to hand while Raven was holding two of them back with her powers.

Beast boy morphed into a tiger in the matter of a second and went to assist Cyborg. He swiped the beast off him to which Cyborg blasted it. It was on the ground rolling when Beast Boy heard Raven's anguished call. One of the beasts was on top of her and she was holding its claws inches away from her face. He saw red as it got closer to her face. Within seconds Beast Boy tackled the beast as a tiger and began rolling and fighting with the monster.

He broke off with his fight and positioned himself in front of Raven. He was low to the ground as he let out a deep, low growl echoed in the building as the temperature dropped a few degrees. The two beasts were once again crouched in front of the pair and they two were preparing to pounce. Raven's fists became encased in darkness as she prepared to fight them again.

They pounced once again but this time they both went to attack Beast Boy. He juked the first one and bit into its shoulder. A quick turn and it was barrowing into the other one sending them both tumbling into a hunk. Beast Boy's head turned towards Raven's and Raven felt something brush against her conscious.

She ignored it promptly as they pounced onto Beast Boy once again. She wanted to blast one of them away or off him but she would risk hurting him in the process. He fought with them before kicking one of them with his back legs hard enough to knock it into the other one once again. It knocked them both down again.

He looked at her once again and this time the brush was much more aggressive and angry. It broke through her immediate defense and the message she heard was clear and in Beast Boy's voice. 'Subdue them in the freezer you witch!' she heard in her mind and the message came a few times and each time more aggressively. 'Okay!' she replied back to the voice and it immediately stopped.

Beast Boy turned back to the beasts and growled deeply. The growl stopped them from attacking as he positioned himself in front of Raven again. Raven quickly unlatched the freezer door with her powers and a few quick dark energy blasts the beasts were in the freezer tumbling around knocking down multiple shelves.

Beast Boy was immediately screwing shut the lock. Just as he finished a clawed arm broke through the glass pane on the door. He immediately backed up. The glass pane was only a few inches wide and an inch tall. The beasts would not be able to escape since the lock was on the outside.

"Ugh, Guys, help!" Cyborg yelled out as he was once again wrestling with the beast. Beast Boy went to tackle it again but Raven stopped him with her arm. Right when the beast was on top of Cyborg she shot it hard enough to where it slid across the room. Beast boy was right beside Cyborg to help him up as the last of the beasts showed up beside the one that was down, doing the same to its comrade.

"What are these things?" Raven asked in monotonous curiosity. She watched the two creatures communicate to each other in the most primitive way possible – they sniffed each other and immediately turned on the Titans. Their calculating eyes bore down on the Titans. It was as if they were deciding whether they should battle on the odds of three versus two or run away.

"I'm not sure," Beast Boy replied in his human form after he got Cyborg up. Once his eyes found the red beast staring at them a low growl escaped his throat. A loud pop echoed the room as his shoulder popped out of place and he kneeled down. The growl only grew louder.

"B? You alright?" Cyborg asked as he kneeled down and put his arm on his shoulder. Beast Boy immediately looked up at Cyborg and the half android could see the teen's eyes going wild even though they were perfectly still looking at him. He could see waves flowing in his eyes as they grew dilated.

"Th-ats..." he growled out as he grabbed his arm as he fell forward. He kept himself from the ground with his other arm which was popping and morphing as well. "Adonis!" he growled out even deeper than before. Cyborg got back up and backed away from Beast Boy as he charged his arm cannon.

The red beast across the room had a toothy grin as it walked back and forth with the other beast. After a few seconds Cyborg and Raven stepped in front of Beast Boy who was morphing into something they only seen once or twice – a monster in Cyborg's eyes but a savior in Raven's. The transformation was over with after a few more seconds and in its place stood a beast like the ones they were fighting – except this one was green, a lot larger, and had deep wild green eyes.

The red beast howled in delight as it saw Beast Boy. He growled in reply and shoved his way in front of Cyborg and Raven. The red beast stepped forward and growled to which beast boy growled back but much louder.

It was this scene that Starfire and Robin ran into, a stare down between monsters. Once the red beast and the pale white beast saw that reinforcements had arrived they turned tail and ran out one of the loading bay doors. A large hole was all that was left to attain to their escape. Beast Boy quickly went to follow them but Robin's call stopped him at the last moment, right as he was fixing to jump through the hole.

"Wait! Come together team!" Robin called out. Beast Boy barely changed his course as his new clawed arms slammed into the bay door. He pulled them out in a deep growl and glared at his leader in pure, unbridled anger. Starfire and Robin kept their weapons out and had them held at ready in case the green beast they saw defending their friends was going to attack them.

Once Beast Boy saw their weapons held high he let out a deep growl before it died out and he shut his eyes. He couldn't find himself to shift back just yet – it was too confusing. The voices spoke to him in his mind. They told him to dig deep into the flesh of his friends and feast happily. He shook his head and walked slowly to Cyborg who was sitting down against a shelf. His leg had a scratch on it that looked serious. Raven had scratches on her as well.

As he reached Cyborg he crouched down and turned his back to him – as if guarding him. Beast boy's body was changed drastically. It almost looked like a werewolf – somewhere between wolf, man, and Sasquatch. His legs were the ones of a wolf although they were very large. He had a tail but it was a stubby tail. His uniform stretched around this new form and accommodated for it. His entire body was thickly furred over and his arms were almost two thirds larger than their original size in length and width. His hands were claws while his ears one ones of a wolf. His face now had a muzzle and his nose was a snout.

The mixture of body parts blended together so well and was so like what they were fighting that it frightened the rest of the team. Beast Boy knew so due to the last time he was in this form so he refused to show his front side to the team – instead took to guarding their downed man.

"Is that Friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked towards the downed pair. Raven was trying to heal Cyborg enough for machine operation.

"Yes," Raven replied as she continued healing. Suddenly the green beast looked towards her and she felt his voice again. "Beware of the beasts locked in the freezer. It was the only ones we were able to contain," she spoke again just to get the voice to stop badgering her sanity. It stopped once she done it and Beast Boy looked away.

Robin looked around at the beasts who were still attempting to escape through the small hole. He looked at it as if he was just now taking in the noise emitting from the freezer. "Noted," he said coolly. "Why is Beast Boy in that form again?" he asked Cyborg, "I thought you gave him the antidote."

"I don't know man!" Cyborg replied as he tried to calm his face. The cut was quite deep and being downed in the middle of a battlefield was not good. He even forced himself to stand on his good robotic leg until the monsters ran away. "Just be glad he isn't berserk!" Cyborg said once again as he winced in pain.

The noise caught Beast Boy's ears and he glanced at his friend in apprehension. He could feel the urge to lick and tend to his friend in the primitive manners that would ease his pain but he knew better because Raven's magic could heal it up enough to walk on it shortly. He also knew that healing was not her forte and that it took a lot out of her. She would be a bit weak for the rest of the night.

He could feel more urges rise and banter his sanity in attempts to make him primal. He rejected them and focused his mind one on thing – defending his pack.

"Well, he is acting civil. Beast Boy, can you follow orders in that form?" Robin asked with his weapons down. Beast Boy turned to the boy wonder and nodded softly. It looked awkward to all who saw it because usually wolves never nod, especially ones with half the body of a man. They usually tried to tear you apart, like the ones trapped in the freezers.

"Alright, Good. We have a situation here – those two are still out and about and we are injured on spot. I have a feeling they will remain in the area," Robin replied as he walked around the room and looked for more entrances or exits. He only saw three possible entry points: The door to the lab portion, the freezer, and the giant bay door with a hole in it.

"They will remain in the area. They are territorial," Raven suddenly said with a slab of emotion in her voice. Beast Boy's mental voice frightened her at its rash and suddenness. Raven was a person born in solitude. Not once did someone project anything to her mind except her deceased father. 'I have no clue how you are doing this Garfield, but by god if you don't quit I am going to skin you!' she replied in anger towards the now silent voice. She received no reply.

"How do you know?" Robin asked in suspicion. She nudged her head towards Beast Boy and thought up a logical answer.

"He's guarding us. They will return for the rest of theirs to," she said as she stood up. That came from her, not Beast Boy, and she wanted to keep it that way.

"I suppose you are right. We will have to neutralize the situation. I will call in a team to subdue the already contained beasts. In the meantime Beast Boy and Raven, you two search out an escape route to the chopper. There is no way Cyborg is going to be operational on a bad leg," he explained as he went to the office door and reinforced it with a heavy shelf.

He returned a moment later and spoke once more, "Cy, are you well enough to operate the T-chopper?" Robin knelt down to him and set a hand on his shoulder in companionship.

"Yeah man, fine enough to run my mouth, fine enough to fly!" he proclaimed with a grin but he did not rise from his position on the floor. There was a small puddle of blood around his leg.