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Chapter 10

Setting out Alone

Raven was the unfortunate one to receive the second four hour night shift of their team; Cyborg was happily snoring from the recliner near the fireplace. Beast Boy slept on the bear pelt even after voicing his displeasure of people making pelts out of animals, he understood the reasoning as to why they made the pelts, but he wasn't happy about the animals being hunted for their pelts.

He was a major supporter of animal rights, animal protection parks, and the endangered animal repopulation movements. Raven smirked from her spot, above the love seat couch that she claimed, without breaking her levitation. She couldn't meditate since her senses needed to stay sharp, but the levitation helped keep her awake and relaxed, and she could look at any window, doorway, or person in the cabin except for Robin and Starfire.

Robin and Starfire ended up sharing the bedroom, much to Robin's dismay and Starfire's joy; it was a known fact that Starfire had the hot's for the teen wonder. Raven shook her head before looking around the cabin, she didn't expect anything to happen tonight but one could never be too careful. A noise caught her attention from the outside the cabin and Raven levitated silently to investigate.

She moved the curtain a smidge and peered outside to the forest around them. It was dark, but not pure black due to the moon light, and she could see figures moving from the tree line. Raven let the curtain fall back into place, turned around to find a shirtless Beast Boy missing from his bear pelt, then looked around the cabin for him. Beast Boy slid into a crouch silently beside her and Raven jumped in surprise.

His hand quickly wrapped around her mouth, muffled the scream he knew was coming, and quietly whispered into her ear, "Shhh." Raven nodded her understanding before looking back towards the window. Beast Boy pulled her to the wall next to the window as a figure came to stand in front of the window.

The figure stood at the window for five minutes, each minute ticked by antagonizing slow as the duo heard more footsteps on the porch and several figures pass by the window. After another five minutes Beast Boy let Raven go, let out a sigh, and slumped down against the wall he pressed Raven against. "Are they gone?" Raven asked as she turned around between his arms.

"Yes, they were a hunting party," Beast Boy told her with small rings under his eyes; Raven briefly wondered about the amount of sleep he was receiving.

"How do you know?" Raven asked in curiously. Raven watched as Beast Boy bit his lower lip before he dug his nose into her hair. Raven blushed, pressed her hands against his chest, and stuttered, "B, Beast Boy!"

He smiled into her hair before his voice dropped an octave, "They broadcast their thoughts to each other, and I can hear them." Raven pushed against his chest with no real power behind her; she wanted him close to her, but couldn't bring herself to admit it. She remembered back in the other cabin when they had their first kiss; he said something similar then as well.

Beast Boy pulled her chin up, pressed his lips against hers, and lightly caressed her cheek. Raven froze like a deer in the headlights for a few seconds, before pressing her lips against his eagerly, and wrapping her arms around his neck. She pulled him down further to her level and deepened the kiss. Beast Boy hummed quietly in response and smiled against her lips.

After a few kisses he pulled away from her arms, smiled at her warmly, and whispered, "Good night Rae." Raven was in a daze as he retreated back to his bear pelt, her arms fell to her sides as she watched his silent retreat through the cabin, and she lightly licked her lips.

'When did he become so…suave?' she asked herself as the warmth from his body began to dissipate from her skin. "Good night, Garfield," she whispered with a smile on her lips, she was surprised nothing blew up, until she realized that their cabin only had approximately four light bulbs. She shook her head and went back to watching the cabin.

Robin woke at sunrise and sent Raven to go to sleep. Raven quietly curled up on the couch with a quilt while Robin walked out into the yard to begin his morning exercises. The morning was quiet as the titans woke up, first Robin, then Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, and finally Raven. By then the sun was rising in the sky and morning was a faraway thought for the five Titans.

Beast Boy bickered with Cyborg over breakfast, Cyborg found Bacon and Eggs in the fridge, while Beast Boy found nothing vegetarian friendly, and after thirty minutes of nonstop bickering Beast Boy settled on a bowl of oats he found in the pantry. Raven ate a bowl of oats as well after its discovery, and after all five titans had a meal Robin got to work.

Robin used his communicator to call the head park ranger, Dean Whitman, and sat down at the table where the rest of the Titans were assembled. The two leaders talked civilly for a few minutes until Robin began to raise his voice.

"What do you mean you can't help us?" Robin asked flabbergasted, his cheeks tinted red as Beast Boy listened to the conversation with his sensitive hearing.

"I told you Robin, I can't help you anymore than I have. I suggest you five pack up and head home, whatever is taking those girls isn't out here in the sticks," Dean replied.

"How do you know that?" Robin replied as he tried to keep his calm.

"I just do. If you agree to leave then I can give you back your missing helicopter part and we can both be on our merry way," Dean hissed through the phone. Robin blinked and stared at Cyborg in surprise.

"I'm afraid we can't do that Dean, you're hiding something, and I think I know what," Robin growled into the phone.

"You don't know what you're dealing with here Robin, you're dealing with monsters and they're better left alone!" Dean yelled through the phone loud enough for all five titans to hear. "For the last time, do you agree to leave?"

"No, we don't," Robin grit his teeth in anger, if there was one thing that got underneath Robin's skin it was people trying to push him around.

"Very well, don't come crying to me when your face gets ripped off by an angered wolf," Dean closed the conversation off and hung up on the Titans. Robin shoved his communication into his pocket, scowled angrily, and stormed off out the front door. Starfire moved to follow but Cyborg grabbed her shoulder before she could get far.

He shook his head, and said, "Let him cool off, there's no use talking to him when he can't see straight." Starfire looked at Cyborg with worry shining in his eyes, her lower lip poked out slightly, and Cyborg sighed, "Fine, go make sure he doesn't get eaten." Starfire flew off quickly and disappeared through the same door Robin did.

Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg waited patiently until Robin came back in with Starfire trailing behind. Robin calmed down considerably, Starfire looked happy, and Beast Boy was yawning. "Alright team, we have some digging to do. Raven and Cyborg, you two find the missing fuel pump. Starfire and I will go and do some digging on Dean. Beast Boy, scout the area around us and see what you can find. We were placed here for a reason and I intend to find out," Robin ordered before running around the cabin.

He locked the cabin down, all five gathered around their partners for the day, except Beast Boy, and Robin pushed his fist into the air, "Titans, go!" Starfire stepped behind Robin, wrapped her arms around his waist, and took to the air at a slow pace. Robin reacted to her by wrapping his own arms around her arms, but in actuality Robin was safe in the alien's arms, her super strength would keep him in her arms even if something shot them out of the air.

Beast Boy looked at Raven with a longing look before nodding at her. Raven nodded back and within seconds Beast Boy took to the sky to going in an opposite direction than Starfire. Raven sighed, watched Beast Boy fly off, and then turned to Cyborg. "Ready to go lover girl?" he teased her since he saw the looks they exchanged.

"Yes," Raven replied with a little mischief underlying her voice, and then a dark disk of magic formed underneath them and raised them up into the air. Cyborg swayed off balance on the disk before crouching down and holding onto Raven's cloak. Raven grit her teeth a bit but preferred he held onto the cloak rather than her body. Touch only brought more of a focus to one's emotions and spiritual being.

The day carried on with much sneaking between all of the titans, Beast Boy scouted the land, Raven and Cyborg found no fuel pump and no leads on to its whereabouts, but perhaps the only pair that held any success was Starfire and Robin. After their awkward embrace they flew for an hour at fast pace towards the park ranger headquarters, "dirt", or secrets as intelligent people would call them, was to be found on the park ranger to explain his actions.

Robin and Starfire posted outside of the park ranger's office until Dean Whitman was preoccupied with something away from his office. Robin slipped into his office once Dean drove away while Starfire stood watch for the boy wonder. Robin dug around the office, read important documents, and even checked the walls, furniture, floors, and ceilings for hidden compartments. His search yielded no results, there wasn't a single thing out of place about his office, and it bothered Robin more than being threatened.

Robin slid out of the office empty handed, stood beside Starfire on the ground, and sighed deeply. "Did you find of "the dirt"?" Starfire asked quietly. Robin shook his head, stepped up next to her, and wrapped his arms around her waist; he was ready to get out of the office's vicinity.

"No, there was no dirt to be found, his office is too clean. No hidden containers, compartments, or passages to be found. I don't like this star, he threatened us and his office turned up as clean as a whistle," Robin told her as he laid his chin on the top of her head. Starfire's arms wrapped around Robin and they floated up at a moderate pace.

Their embrace was very intimate, but it was done many times when Robin had to travel with Starfire long distances without access to a vehicle. Raven could hold them all with her magic, but it taxed her powers and focus greatly, she could only levitate in that manner for thirty minutes at a time. It was this reason why Cyborg usually flew with Beast Boy, Robin flew with Starfire, and Raven flew by herself; Raven could levitate herself for hours at a time with no tire.

"Do not be discouraged Robin, we will find the dirt of Dean, do not worry," Starfire spoke to him as her eyes watched where they were flying. "Perhaps we should send another of our team to investigate the Dean Whitman? Beast Boy could be most helpful with his nose," Starfire suggested as they floated near the trees.

"Hmm, you're right Star, let's keep looking for now though," Robin told them as he recalled an address from Dean's office. Robin called a map of the area up on his communicator and looked at it as Starfire held onto him tighter, then he gave an order, "Star, fly northeast, we're going to pay a visit to our buddy Dean's cabin."

Night fell fast upon the Titans as they re-assembled at their own cabin, Raven and Cyborg were the first to arrive back to the cabin to find it ransacked, their cabinets were wide open, their pillows were slashed, every container in their pantry was knocked over and open, the fridge was left open and everything inside was ruined, but odd enough no windows were broken, the door was not broken, and nothing was actually taken from the cabin. The property damage was at most, minimal, but the cabin's possessions were scattered throughout the cabin and many were ruined.

The Titan's night bags were upside down, tore open, and the contents strew amongst the room the bags were in. Unfortunately for Raven her undergarments were strew all over the living area, mixed in with Cyborg's and Beast Boy's clothing. Raven was furious as her dark magic picked up every panties, bra, and any of her other clothing she could find, they disappeared back into her tore up bag, and Raven hid the bag in the couch for good measure.

Cyborg had the decency to have a blush on his cheek as he walked around and gathered his belongings. He also stacked Beast Boy's belongings into a pile on the bear pelt, which was oddly left untouched, and began complaining, "Man, this is totally not fair! My charging pack has scratches all over it now!" Unfortunately for the half-tin man his charging pack was vital, and once he confirmed that it wasn't broken completely, he quietly sat down into his recliner and plugged a unique 4-prounged plug into the nearest outlet. The plug was two regular any-day plugs combined, designed to pull as much electricity as possible from a regular outlet to charge Cyborg as quickly as possible, but unfortunately the method took a considerable amount of time compared to his charging table at home.

Cyborg shut his eyes to relax as he charged, while Raven flew around the apartment and fixed the mishaps with her dark magic. She ranted in a low whisper as she closed cabinets, fixed the pantry, piled up the injured pillows, and made sure to stay out of the bedroom; Starfire would be furious since her belongings were most likely thrown about the room, and Raven wanted no part in picking up for her alien friend.

After another hour, Beast Boy flew into the apartment through a window, morphed, and immediately started coughing and sneezing. He gagged and choked before croaking, "You guys don't smell that?" Raven looked to him from her over the pillows, in her hands was a needle and thread; she was sowing the pillows back together and stuffing all the cotton she could find into them. Raven was the only one amongst the Titans, other than Cyborg, to retain the boring but useful art.

"Smell what?" Raven replied in monotone, as if displaying her disinterest. Cyborg snored in the corner, not even acknowledging Beast Boy had entered the cabin.

"The smell! It reeks in here!" Beast Boy croaked back before he ran to the cabin windows and opened them one by one. Finally he ran out on the porch gasping for air, panting hard, desperate to release his lungs from the foul smell only his senses could pick up.

Raven walked out onto the porch behind him, frowned, and said, "Nice way to say we stink." Beast Boy looked back up at her as his eyes widened.

"No! No! It's not you, I promise!" he deflected the disappointment he could feel coming from their link, and then at that moment Robin and Starfire descended from the sky. The wind picked up their scent as it changed directions and pushed it onto the porch. Beast Boy immediately grabbed his nose and gagged, "Dude! Where have you two been!? You stink!"

Robin blinked, and Starfire's mouth dropped in confusion, "What? Friend Beast Boy –"

Raven's hand smacked the back of Beast Boy's head, hard, and she glared down at him as her voice hissed, "That was rude! Apologize!" Robin and Starfire stared at the two as Beast Boy glared at Raven and rubbed his head.

"No, they stink, and doesn't smell like their usual scent," Beast Boy complained as his eyes flashed dangerously, then he continued, "In fact, they smell like the house."

"What?" Robin stepped forward again, "What about the cabin?"

"It got ransacked," Raven told him in monotone as she looked away from Beast Boy. She heard him in her head, 'That hurt! Raven!'

'Stop complaining, you baby,' she replied back to him before turning around and walking into the cabin. Beast Boy stared at her retreating form before sighing, some days he always seemed to mess up around Raven. Starfire and Robin ascended the steps and followed Raven into the cabin, where she sat down on the bear pelt and set herself back to sowing the pillows.

Starfire and Robin collapsed on the love seat, Cyborg awoke from the new commotion in the house, and Beast Boy re-entered the cabin with a clothespin on his nose. Beast Boy sat down on the bear pelt beside Raven, glared at her, before talking about his day. Beast Boy found nothing of significance in the surrounding area and that spoke volumes.

The Titans were placed in the middle of nowhere for a reason, Beast Boy told them it was to stop their peddling, but all five Titans knew that the location of their home base would only make their mission longer. Once he was finished Cyborg told them of his and Raven's wasted day, they found no clue or lead on their missing part, and they found no missing part when they searched the likely areas; for all they knew their part could be hidden right underneath their nose with all the wilderness around them.

Robin and Starfire's search turned nothing up, except the strange smell that Beast Boy continually complained about. Robin sighed as he heard the reports, he knew that their mission was now a bust since no leads were available, and the team couldn't be away from the city for long periods of time with so many villains on the loose.

"Alright, team, I'm sad to say this, but this mission is a bust. Get your gear, we're going home," Robin told them before standing up and walking out the front door of the cabin. The team knew better than to argue with Robin when he was upset, his personal was obsessive over criminals and he hated failure. Beast Boy's elf-like ears drooped as he listened to Robin admit defeat to Dean over the phone.

An hour later their fuel pump randomly appeared on the front porch, Cyborg installed it back into the Titan copter and an hour after that the team was back up into the air flying towards home. The team was solemn as the rode with Cyborg in the cockpit and the other four in the passenger area. Robin looked at his team, sighed, then raised his voice, "Raven, Beast Boy, all of us can't leave the city unguarded for more than a day at a time."

He explained to them the reasoning behind his decision; the team's isolation was on purpose by Dean's intent, and that Dean's park was holding something he didn't want the world to find out about. "It's obvious that Adonis is in the area!" Robin continued before he unbuckled himself, stumbled over to Beast Boy's chair and unbuckled him. Robin pulled him up, then unsteadily wobbled over to Raven, who already catching the drift unbuckled her belts and stood up.

"You two figure this out, watch each other's back, and in the meantime the rest of us will hold down the city!" Robin patted both of them on the shoulder before wobbling back to his seat and sitting down. "Unfortunately we can't stop flying, they will suspect something, so Raven use your magic to teleport you two to the ground! Good luck!" he bid them farewell with orders.

"Yeah dude! See you in a week!" Beast Boy yelled back over the thrumming rhythm of the helicopter blades. Raven grabbed his hand and a second later they disappeared into a black light that phased through the floor. Robin looked at the floor where they stood, buckled himself back in, and resisted the urge to sigh.

"I hope I made the right decision," he said aloud knowing only Starfire would be able to hear. Starfire's hand found his from her seat beside him and her fingers filtered in between his.

"I am sure they will do the fine friend Richard, do not do the worrying!" she reassured him, for every now and then a great leader needs a great healer.

Chapter 11

Beauty and the Beast

Raven and Beast Boy appeared from a black circle coming from the ground amongst a mirage of trees. Beast Boy stumbled unstably at being teleported in that manner again, but held a smile as he regained his balance; he secretly enjoyed being teleported with Raven's magic because it overwhelmed his senses with everything that made Raven who she was.

Now he wouldn't deny that her darker demonic side wasn't something he enjoyed, but all heroes have a darker side, even the enigma that is Raven. Raven placed her hands on her hips as Beast Boy regained himself, which took as long as a minute and stared at him without any visible emotions. Once he regained his senses, balance, and self she spoke, "Well, I'm tapped for a few hours."

Beast Boy looked to her as his eyebrows rose into a crescendo, then his voice range out, "Dude, we just sat around for like five hours!" Over the years Beast Boy's voice has descended in octaves since his adolescence, his voice was no longer squeaky or annoying, and at times it had the ability to captivate Raven's entire focus with simple words.

"Yeah, and? I've flown around with Cyborg all day, I'm tired, it's your turn," Raven argued as her lips turned into a frown. Just being around Beast Boy, alone, made it a lot easier for her to express her emotions, there was less to focus on, and just the two of them.

Beast Boy shook his head, resisted the urge to sigh, and checked Raven's body out more closely. Her cheeks were maroon colored, she shook slightly where she stood, she was clad in her leotard, thick winter cloak, gemmed belt, and winter boots. Beast Boy could tell even with her fall gear the transition from hot to cold, from day to night, was taxing on her.

Beast Boy shifted into his ancestral wolf and without any words walked up to Raven, then laid down for her to climb. He understood what she needed without her having to speak her needs verbally. Raven climbed onto him without any qualms, pulled her figure close to him and pulled her cloak around her as a cold shiver ran up her spine.

He began walking without warning and Raven slid to one side surprised, corrected herself, then tucked her cloak around her before grabbing onto Beast Boy's fur completely. "Where are we going?" she asked aloud.

"To Dean Whitman's house, his stench was all over our cabin, and I feel the mystery of Jump City Park revolves around him," Raven heard Beast Boy talk to her through their mental link. Warmth spread through her body as she felt something deeper and more primal touch on her mental barriers, Raven's own demonic side touched back and Raven's mind went blank at the feeling of intense warmth spreading through her.

Then Beast Boy broke out into a run and Raven shifted to his bodily movements as quickly as he performed them, the intense feeling increased tenfold and Raven began to see, hear, and feel new sensations. Raven held back a gasp as she pulled herself to his back in overload, but no pain came from the overload when normally she would be moaning in pain, she was moaning in surprise and pleasure.

Raven could hear a bird rustling in its nest from yards away as they passed through the area, she could hear a fox not-to-silently padding about in search of its next meal, and she could hear the sound of running water not far away. Raven pushed her face into Beast Boy's firm back and grasped onto him possessively.

The world exploded in smells Raven couldn't recognize, musky, dank, light, sweet, sour, and enduring smells flooded her sensations as they rode on into the night. Raven could see with her eyes closed, she could see the path in front of them through eyes not her own, and at first it scared her, but after a few minutes it excited her in ways that she never experienced before.

The forest raced around them as Raven shifted subconsciously on top of Beast Boy. They pushed on through the night, covering the forests, streams, rivers, and wild land before the morning light came. They avoided scent paths of the beasts, took paths that took them out of their way, and crossed many streams and rivers to hide their scents from the areas they were traveling through.

They arrived to the park ranger's cabin an hour before sunrise and hid inside a rather large bush positioned fifty yards away. Raven laid on the ground, she was not too happy about getting dirty but laid still none the same. Beast Boy was in his human form, beside her resting, as their eyes peered around their hidden perch.

"So, you really think this guy is hiding something?" Raven asked him as her eyes peered towards her friend.

"Yeah, Robin and Star smelled of the beasts when they returned, and they investigated his house, so that means the beasts were all over his home," Beast Boy explained to her.

"How do you know he isn't covering for someone?" Raven replied back, shifted slightly in their bush to gain a better leverage to look at Beast Boy, and propped her head on her elbow.

"He could be, I don't know," he told her, then shifted his entire focus towards the house, Dean waltzed out of his front porch, got into his large truck, and drove off to start another early day protecting the park.

The duo waited for Dean to drive a-ways off before they abandoned their bush, and sneaked up to the cabin. Raven's dark magic covered the door, unlocked it from the inside, and pushed it open within seconds of the duo walking up his backdoor steps.

Beast Boy stopped at the door, sneered, then sneezed, and hissed, "Man it stinks in here! What did the guy do, have an orgy?" Raven smirked and shook her head at his comment.

"Come on, before someone sees us," she told him, he hesitated for a few seconds before stepping fully into the cabin, the heavy duty cabin door slid closed behind him as Raven's dark magic left it. "What do we look for?" Raven asked him, if Robin scowled through this place and found nothing then what would they find?

"Robin focuses on documents, hidden compartments, and all that super sneaky spy stuff, but that type of stuff isn't useful when dealing with the wild," Beast Boy explained as he walked around the cabin sniffing, he eventually shifted to a bloodhound and continued searching.

His search brought him to the master bedroom, where the stench was the strongest, and Beast Boy gagged upon entering the room. "It's worst in here, as if one of those things has been in here for months," he informed Raven.

Raven walked into the room behind Beast Boy, looked around, and noticed an abundance of rugs, wall posters, and newspaper clippings about the room. 'This room serves a double purpose for its owner, but what?" she thought to herself. Her hands filled with dark magic as she pushed around the room, lifting rugs, newspaper clippings, and posters alike.

Behind the items of the room were deep gorges in the structure of the cabin, gorges that looked like they could've been caused by a large bear, or perhaps one of the beasts. Beast Boy circled in on one of the gorges on the wall and hummed to himself.

"I think the good park ranger is one of them," Beast Boy said aloud before straightening his posture. Raven let her powers drop and the items she was holding gently floated back into place.

"Then that means he is covering for them, and himself," Raven confirmed as she looked at the newspaper clippings, almost all of the clippings were of the missing women and various accidents around the park.

"Come on, let's check his shack," Beast Boy said aloud as he walked out of the bedroom, and Raven briefly wondered if he was onto something or just wanted out of the stench of Dean's cabin. Raven opened the backdoor with her powers once again, to leave no evidence of their being behind, and they exited through the stairs and curved around the structure until they found the sturdy storage area twenty yards away from the cabin.

Beast Boy's hand flew up in front of Raven and they stopped in their tracks, his nose flared dangerously as he inhaled as much of the air as possible in one go. His upper lip curled up into a sneer as he shut his eyes, Raven became concerned when he didn't reopen his eyes after ten seconds, then he spoke, "There is a girl in the shack, she, smells funny."

Raven stepped forward, past his arm, and approached the shack before Beast Boy could stop her. "Hello?" Raven called out to the woman in hopes of establishing communication, what raven got for a reply was unexpected, a high pitched growl echoed from the shack and something impacted with the door resolving in a loud thud.

Beast Boy pushed himself in front of Raven and every hair on his body stood up in defense, a growl escaped him in over protection and he pushed Raven back a few feet. The growling inside the shack increased trifold in response and the duo could hear as whatever was inside the shack impacted with the four walls.

"Let's go," Beast Boy said to Raven and backed away from the shack. Raven stood strong, placed her hands on his back, and pushed lightly to stop his retreat.

"No, we can't leave her in there," Raven pleaded, Beast Boy glared back at her and shook his head.

"No, we have to, she isn't herself," he argued as more thumps came from the shack, he could hear claws tearing at the doors angrily.

"I don't care, she shouldn't be locked up like some animal! What if that is what made her like that?" Raven argued back and pulled Beast Boy until he was facing towards her, "Would you like to be locked up like that? Don't you remember?"

Beast Boy frowned, looked into her eyes in discomfort, and then looked away. The topic was an uncomfortable one for the team, the time when he first became the beast, they locked him up for his own good, and he broke out and saved Raven from Adonis. Raven shifted and looked into his eyes as an internal war happened in his mind.

Finally, he looked up at her with resolve in his eyes, "No, we don't know who she is, and she's out of control right now." Raven frowned at his response before pushing him aside, her team didn't leave her when she gave up on them, and she wouldn't leave a kidnapped woman alone simply because she became something she never wanted. "I'm opening the door," Raven said aloud to Beast Boy, and to the woman on the inside.

"Raven, no!" Beast Boy yelled as her dark magic broke the lock, and not even a second later a furry light brown colored werewolf broke out of the unlocked door. It looked around in unbridled rage, its eyes landed on Raven, and it howled in delight as it dived for her. Raven couldn't respond quickly enough as its teeth zeroed in on her jugular.

Raven was knocked to the side as Beast Boy took her place. The female Beast's fangs dug into his arm, and her claws on her feet and hands dug in and tore into Beast Boy's legs, chest, and arms. Raven's mouth fell in horror as Beast Boy's hand grasped the female beast's throat, he tightened his hold on her throat until the female beast's teeth unclamped, and then he kicked the beast as far away as possible.

Raven was amazed and horrified all at the same time, never before had she seen a human deal with a rabid animal with such efficiency. Beast Boy shifted his position so that he was between the female beast, who was recovering its breath and balance, and Raven, who was rising to her feet. Raven looked into the Beast's eyes as she saw its intelligence show through for the first time since they encountered it.

Fight or flight? Flight, it chose, as the female beast tore grass running into the forest. Beast Boy looked back at Raven in anger before he shifted into his ancestral wolf, walked around Raven as she watched the beast retreat, then shoved his head between Raven's legs, lifted his head, and felt as Raven angrily slid onto his shoulders.

"Garfield!" She yelled as his rump dropped as she slid further down, then shot up as her legs reached the usual position she mounted. Raven had no time to say anything else as he tore grass out of the yard as well in pursuit of the female beast, Raven bounced uncomfortably as she struggled to find the right riding posture in such a short warning.

Blood streamed down Beast Boy's injuries in his ancestral wolf form because injuries transfer from every form, and Raven found difficulty gripping the non-slick portions of his fur. "You're injured!" Raven hissed through their mental bond, "Stop so I can heal you!"

"Do it on the way," Beast Boy hissed back in a not-to-happy tone as he sped up, the female beast was fast, almost too fast for them to catch up. Raven growled out loud as she leaned forward onto him to keep her balance, blood seeped into her clothes as her eyes closed and her hands became staples in his blood soaked fur.

"Azarath, Mentrion, Zenthos!" Raven chanted as she needed the additional focus, her dark magic danced over Beast Boy's ancestral wolf form as they ran at break-neck speeds, sewing together long gashes in his body, repairing blood vessels and muscles that were broken in the fight earlier.

When Raven opened her eyes she found thick foliage rapidly approaching them, she gasped and pressed herself as closely to Beast Boy as possible, and then they disappeared into the foliage after the she-beat. Raven closed her eyes and felt the sensation from last night approaching.

Her body began to respond to Beast Boy's in perfect sync again as Raven felt her senses enhance tenfold, and Beast Boy's vision flood into her mind. She understood last night the mythical sensation that took her by surprise, and they didn't speak of it even though Beast Boy knew it happened. They touched each other on a primal and spiritual level, and synced their bodily movements to increase their speed.

Raven lost track of time as their senses seeped into each other's in their pursuit of the she-beast. The pursuit wasn't easy, the female beast led them through dangerous heights, quick turns, treacherous leaps with dangerous falls, and through thick foliage that only hurt Raven to rush through. The chase lasted the day as they ran all throughout the park, and eventually, with the sun falling steadily into the horizon, they caught up with the fleeing she-beat.

Beast Boy came to a stand-still on a cliff, at the bottom of the cliff was a valley, and to their right was a river that ran off the cliff creating a waterfall. The she-beast was done running, tired, and not even a beast anymore. The duo heard a woman crying at the bottom of the cliff in despair, sadness, and defeat.

Raven could feel her emotions beat against the walls that she built up over the years. Beast Boy and Raven's senses untangled as they recognized the end of their chase and descended the cliff by a well-used path on the side, away from the waterfall.

Beast Boy walked up to the woman in his ancestral wolf form, with Raven riding on his back, and the woman took one glance at them, screamed, and then scurried back against the cliff wall. Raven was right, anyone who saw a giant wolf in front of them would be terrified, so she climbed off his back and he shifted back into his normal green human form again.

"Miss, are you okay?" Beast Boy asked as he stood up from crouching out of his wolf form. The woman looked up once again, sniffled, and began to cry again. Raven sighed while Beast Boy just shook his head in defeat, was he that scary?

Raven moved forward to approach the woman but Beast Boy's arm stopped her from getting any closer than he was, then it occurred to her that he may be right. She almost got mauled by this woman earlier before, might as well not take the same chance again.

"We're here to help you, what's your name?" Raven called out in her monotone voice, out of habit, and the woman looked up to her. She sniffled again, as if trying to stop the snot from coming out of her nose, then wiped her eyes, but it was all in vain as a quick moan of despair escaped her.

"My, my name is, Emma Roberson," Emma spoke out in between sobs and hiccups, and eventually she calmed down enough to look at the two heroes with red puffy eyes.

Raven looked to Beast Boy and then looked back at Emma, "This is one of the women that went missing three and a half weeks ago," Raven told him through their mental link. Raven remembered her name from the missing person's report, they investigated her last known location, the cabin that was later burned down to the ground.

"Emma, how long have you been out here?" Beast Boy asked just to confirm their conclusion.

"Um, I don't know, what, what day is it?" Emma asked confused, tired, and probably hungry.

"October 15th," Beast Boy replied, fall was well along its way and the nights were getting colder every moon rise. Emma stared at him oddly before she started crying again, despair rolling off her in waves.

Raven glared at Beast Boy, and spoke through their mental link, "Look at what you did now, let me talk to her." Raven took over the conversation and approached the woman more closely, but Beast Boy was between the two women at all times, which suited Raven just fine, she didn't want a repeat of last time.

Raven gathered that the woman was held captive for three weeks, portions of her memory was missing from those three weeks, and that she wasn't sure how she ended up in the middle of the woods to begin with. Odd enough, she remembered attacking Raven, but doesn't remember the chase through the woods or the injuries she inflicted on Beast Boy.

In the meanwhile Beast Boy called Cyborg on his communicator, since they were in the middle of nowhere, nowhere near any cabins, or settlements, the communicator reached the satellite and a connection was made.

"Cy, we found a woman, long story short, bring sedative and the helicopter. We have to get her out of here," Beast Boy told his friend over the communicator. Emma overheard her body tensed at the word sedative.

"Alright, I'll be at our location in an hour," Cyborg replied as he cut out on the other side, he knew better than to ask questions about the sedative by now, their fight at the labs was more than enough reason to carry sedative.

"Why sedative?" Emma asked naively and in fear.

Beast Boy frowned, then sighed, then said, "Emma, you've been turned into a," he paused to find the right word, "werewolf, and we will need the sedative to calm you down while in the helicopter. You want to go home, don't you?" He asked to fish for something to ease her fear, to make her see the benefit to her options.

Emma nodded quietly, rubbed her eyes tiredly, and looked down in defeat. "Okay, I understand, is that why I can't remember some of the past three weeks?" she asked in sadness. Beast Boy nodded at her, sat down beside her, and looked up at Raven.

"Sit beside me," he told Raven, who done exactly what he said and sat down on the other side of Beast Boy, "Her memories are shaky because she has had no control over her actions. Instincts take over when she feels threatened, so as long as we remain neutral she won't shred us to pieces."

Emma talked to the duo for an hour until Cyborg arrived, he landed the helicopter in the clearing in front of them, beside the river, and kept the blades powered up. Raven and Beast Boy's earpieces buzzed to life as Cyborg communicated on the shared channel.

"I don't want to take any chances; you two are coming home with me tonight. Load her into the passenger area, tranquilizer darts are in the weapon locker in the passenger area. Cyborg out," Cyborg told them quickly as his eyes trained on the surrounding area.

"Come on, let's go Emma," Beast Boy said and stood up. He could see her body reacting to the helicopter like a scared animal, and he winced visibly. "Go get the darts," he told Raven, who didn't like the idea of tranquilizing a human at all, and stood her ground.

Beast Boy held out his hand to Emma, she looked at it in confusion, then looked at the helicopter, and then back to his hand. She took his hand slowly, and Beast Boy felt claws beginning to form at the tips of her fingers.

"Crap, not good!" Beast Boy subconsciously sent to Raven, and then in a blink of an eye Beast Boy was no longer a man, but a Beast. A low growl escaped his muzzle as he looked down at Emma, whose own transformation was stuck between human and beast.

Emma stood up slowly, held onto Beast Boy's paw tightly, and Beast Boy walked upright to the helicopter with Raven guiding in front. Once Emma, Raven, and Beast Boy were in the helicopter's passenger area, the helicopter took to the skies and set its course to the Titan tower.

Once Emma was safely buckled in, Beast Boy shifted back into his human form with a groan and took his seat across from Emma. Raven sat down in the seat beside Beast Boy and buckled him in as he held his head. Raven buckled herself in last, and then asked Beast Boy mentally, "What did you do?"

Beast Boy smiled before replying to her in the same manner, "I spoke to her in a manner her other half can understand, I am alpha, and she is omega."

Chapter 12

The Secret Lab

The Titan Copter touched down at home base, the Titan Tower, in the low light of the moon shining down. Clouds occasionally blocked the moonlight to the city, casting an eerily glow amongst the city as the city depended on its own lighting system. The helicopter blades powered down as Cyborg stepped into the passenger area in the Titan Copter.

The scene in front of him was pure gold comedy if only it wasn't so dire, Beast Boy struggled to remain awake while Raven not-so-secretly leaned against him, she was struggling to remain awake as well, and their guest passenger was looking at the tin man in fear.

"Wake up you two, we're home!" Cyborg yelled at them before pulling the side door open, and cold air rushed in to stir the half asleep secret couple awake. Raven stirred first, unbuckled, and then pulled up into a stand with a slight moan. Under normal circumstances Raven wouldn't say a word while tired, but after more than twelve hours of riding on top of Beast Boy's ancestral wolf, she was sore, tired, and more than ready to become jelly on her bed.

Beast Boy stirred next, he was slow to wake as he yawned and unbuckled. He stood up even more slowly and stretched towards the ceiling of the helicopter as yet another yawn escaped him, and then his focus shifted to Emma.

"Where are we?" Emma asked curiously, her fear disappeared once her rescuers awoke.

"Titan's tower," Raven answered in monotone, her eyes traveled Emma's form before she continued speaking, "Our home." Raven then walked to the side door and opened it, floated out and up the stairs to the front door.

"Oh," Emma replied as she unbuckled herself and stood up, "Why are we here? I thought you said you were taking me home."

"Well, Emma," Cyborg started to say but Beast Boy spoke up over him.

"Emma, you're too dangerous to re-enter society right now, we're going to help you get your problem under control, and then you can go home," Beast Boy told her before putting his hand on her shoulder, "Come on, let's go inside."

Emma looked from Beast Boy, to Cyborg, and then out the door as she weighed her options. Beast Boy could tell Emma really didn't want to stay with the Titans as they exited the Titan's helicopter and came to stand outside. Raven waited by the door with her friends, the warm air of the tower flowing out into the cold October coastal winds.

Emma looked out over the ocean and sighed, it was clear her only options were the Titans if she ever wanted to live a normal life again, so she looked at Raven by the door and frowned. Her choice of a normal life was taken away from her, and it angered her more than anything.

Cyborg and Beast Boy came to a stop in front of Raven, and looked back at Emma who stood beside the locked up helicopter. "Coming?" Beast Boy asked her, he was really not in the mood for a midnight swim through Jump City's cold bay.

Emma looked away from the sea, walked up to the Titans who saved her, and they all walked into the front door of the tower and crammed into the rather small elevator of the Titan's tower. They ascended up into the common room where Robin and Starfire waited for them patiently; dinner was on the kitchen counter, vegie casserole, and on another platter, a half-eaten meatloaf.

Emma trailed shyly behind Beast Boy and Raven as they entered the common room. Robin and Starfire were briefed on the way to the tower, so they knew who Emma was, and how she was found, but knew nothing about Emma herself. Starfire grabbed the meatloaf, floated up to Emma with the dish in her arms, and held it out to Emma in efforts to be a good host.

"Welcome to our humble abode! My name is Star-" Starfire was cut off as a feral growl escaped Emma's throat, and in the blink of an eye Beast Boy was between Emma and Starfire.

"Star, stop floating," Beast Boy spoke over the increasing volume of the growl, "Step back three steps and raise the food higher." Robin was now behind Starfire with his eyebrows creased, and a bird-a-rang out behind Starfire's back.

Starfire took Beast Boy's advice, committed to the described actions slowly, and the threatening growl began to rattle off into silence. Emma's face, coming back to her senses, dropped into an all-time low as she stepped back from Beast Boy.

"I'm sorry," Emma whispered just loud enough for everyone to hear, but then Starfire shook her head, and stepped forward again.

"No, it is I who should be saying 'the sorry', I approached you," Starfire said as she stepped forward, "I did not mean to frighten you." The situation defused itself once Starfire stepped forward and offered the meatloaf to Emma, who sniffed the meatloaf and smiled fondly. "I am Starfire, welcome to our home!" Starfire finally said with a smile.

Emma smiled at Starfire, "This smells lovely! I'm Emma, it's nice to meet you!" Robin put his bird-a-rang away as Emma warmed to Starfire, and Beast Boy stepped up beside Raven and yawned.

"Let's eat!" Cyborg billowed out, grabbed the meatloaf from Starfire, and set to making the table. Beast Boy smirked, grabbed the vegie casserole, and set to making the table as well. One rule of being a man was to never be bested by another man.

Five minutes later the table was set and all five Titans, plus their guest Emma, was seated at the table and eating dinner. Emma smiled at the small talk going on around her, and at the normalcy of the situation, she expected straight up business to occur and for her to be locked in a room by herself for days on end. A family dinner was completely unexpected.

Starfire and Robin didn't eat, but sipped from their glasses as they conversed with their friends, the two had already eaten dinner while the other three were out. The meatloaf disappeared between Emma and Cyborg, Emma took a larger portion, and a quarter of the veggie casserole, and ate like the world depended on her.

Raven and Beast Boy split the remaining casserole amongst each other, and kept small talk to a minimum. They were running on sleep they acquired two days ago and the past two days were no cakewalk.

After a half of hour of dinner Starfire collected the plates and set to cleaning them, while Cyborg put up the leftover vegie casserole. Emma looked around feeling out of place, until Robin talked to her. They talked to each other as the others went about their business, Raven went to take a shower in the restroom she had to share with Beast Boy, and Beast Boy found himself comfortable on the couch.

Robin learned about Emma's captivity, she was fed once a day, and every three days a monster would visit her. Robin figured the monster was one of the beasts; he didn't yet know where Emma was found. He learned of Emma's past, of how her parents died when she was young, and that she took up the outdoors to fill the hole they left behind.

After thirty minutes Raven reentered the common room, picked Beast Boy up with her magic and dropped him to a rude awakening. "Get up, go shower, you stink," Raven commanded of him, and Beast Boy yawned from his perch and hazily went to the restroom. Raven then found herself on the couch with a thick book, and a mug of warm tea.

After Emma stopped talking Robin looked to Emma with a serious, stern face, and said, "Emma, you do realize that you have to stay in the tower for now, right?" Emma nodded her head in confirmation and Robin continued, "Alright, we will give you a guest room to stay in for the meantime, while we search for a way to make you normal again. Cyborg will need your full cooperation, can you do that?"

Emma nodded once again, and then a big yawn escaped her, she wasn't the only one to run a lot today. Cyborg walked over and offered his hand to Emma, she took it and he pulled her up, then he said, "Come on little lady, I'll show you to your room. We'll start the science tomorrow."

Cyborg and Emma left the common room as Beast Boy walked in, he looked back at the retreating pair skeptically before yawning and sitting back down on the couch. Robin and Starfire joined him and Raven on the couch as Beast Boy turned on an old, silent, kung fu movie they were watching last week. It was time for the secret couple to read, and relax, and after ten minutes Beast Boy was asleep with his head beside Raven's thigh.

Raven looked from her book, to Beast Boy, and then to the silent movie the entire team knew she preferred to be playing on the television. Her eyes travelled over to see Starfire and Robin close to each other, their hands not-so-discreetly in each other's palms, and Raven wondered how Garfield's head would feel on her lap.

They had no public displays of affection yet, although Raven positioned herself beside Garfield throughout the years. He was never far away when they were in the same room, even closer now that they were a un-announced couple. Raven looked over to the other un-announced couple and made a decision her hazy mind could comprehend.

"Take care of Emma, wake Garfield up if she misbehaves," Raven told Robin before she levitated up, closed her book, set it on the couch, and then Garfield was surrounded with her dark magic and floating behind her.

They floated out of the common room area, down the stairs to the habitat level, through the hallway to Raven's door, and then phased through Raven's door. Raven's flipped over, and she placed Beast Boy in her bed. They were both already in their night clothes, and Raven intended on having a good night of rest.

Beast Boy awoke for a few seconds as her magic dispelled around him as his weight was caught by the bed, his eyes flew open before closing, he mumbled something unintelligible, and he fell back asleep. Raven smiled and yawned herself. The truth of the matter was that she had night terrors of her lifelong nightmare coming to life, which really did happen when Trigon used her as a portal to come to earth, but luckily her team was able to reverse the affects and save Raven's soul.

The nightmare passed, and the night terrors began as she relived the events of her real life nightmare in her sleep. Raven knew that Robin may of approached her in the end, but it was Beast Boy who pushed through hell to get to her.

Raven crawled into bed with Beast Boy, slid herself between his arm and chest, and laid her head on his chest. She guilty inhaled his scent and let the breath go in relaxation. Everything seemed simple and positive when Beast Boy was around, and that's what her emotions craved for, simple emotions, simple solutions, and most of all, no night terrors.

Raven drifted off into sleep as the day finally caught up to her, she lost her self in the sensation of sleep as her consciousness delved deeper into relaxation, and she became jelly in her bed. Sleep was truly the opposite of meditation, unfocused, no sensations, only oneself with one's memories and recollections of one's day.

The night passed by quietly in the tower as each inhabitant slept. The sun rose high into the sky before Raven got up, pulled herself from Beast Boy's embrace, and stared at his sleeping form. He mumbled in his sleep, rubbed his head, and then rolled over so that he was facing her. Raven peered at the clock, 2PM, she slept over 12 hours last night! Raven crawled out of her bed feeling lethargic; she stretched, and then went to the restroom.

Her body was still sore from the previous day, but she felt more refreshed than she had in years since the Trigon accident. She could remember minor nightmares last night, but not any that caused her to wake up screaming. Raven realized that she hasn't had a nightmare since sleeping near Beast Boy, starting four nights ago.

Raven re-entered her room to find that Beast Boy hadn't moved an inch; his face was lost in total relaxation as he slept on. Raven decided to leave him for the common room as she walked back out of her room and to the elevator.

Beast Boy stirred from his slumber slowly, his eyes peeked open and he rolled onto his back. Raven's room was pitch black, Beast Boy eye's adjusted to the low amounts of moonlight filtering in through Raven's only heavily curtained window, and he moaned. He eventually found the digital alarm clock on Raven's night stand, 8PM, Beast Boy groaned again and pulled to sit up off the side of the bed.

Beast Boy figured he slept for about twenty hours, and that Raven dragged him back to her room after he fell asleep on the couch. He got up, messily made the bed, and walked out the door with heavy footsteps. He went to the restroom, then took the elevator to the common room to find Raven reading a book on the couch, Cyborg and Emma watching a movie, and Starfire and Robin missing.

Raven's eyes followed Beast Boy as he silently walked to the kitchen and set to making himself something to eat. After a meal of tofu and several sodas later, Beast Boy walked over to the group at the couch, and said, "Where's bird brain and Star?"

"Out, they're at that new restaurant that opened up in town," Cyborg replied as he looked up. Beast Boy mumbled something unintelligible for a reply before he asked another question.

"Did we find anything out about Dean?" Beast Boy asked about his case. Cyborg shook his head in negative as he looked up at his best friend, Raven cut in before Cyborg could reply verbally to the question.

"No, but Emma did tell us about where she was taken after she was abducted," Raven told him, since the case was as much hers as his.

"Yeah!" Emma spoke up as she jumped to her feet, she turned around to face Beast Boy and Beast Boy found himself taken back at her appearance. She was no longer dirty, but a beautiful twenty year old brunette, with long locks of hair cascading down her shoulders and back. The tips of her fingers were claws, her jaw was slightly elongated, and her nose was slightly pressed in.

Beast Boy realized this was his first real good look at her outside of big, furry, and enraged. Yesterday when they found her she was in such hysterics that he didn't get a good look at her face until they got to the tower, and she calmed down.

"I was carried through a dark tunnel for a while, until we found this clean underground place! I don't remember much after they gave me a shot, though, I kind of remember coming out a different way," Emma told him as her hands narrated her story.

Her newly clawed fingers lightly rested on her chin as she thought, "I remember a ranger tower, but that's about it, then I was in that room for a long time."

Beast Boy's eyes instantly caught Raven's eyes as recognition hit him, there was only one ranger tower in the area they emerged from, and that was the ranger tower they were picked up from. "No wonder why Dean was in such a hurry to get us out of the park," Beast Boy said aloud before sitting down at the dining table.

"We have to go back there," he said before running his hands through his hair, they were getting closer to uncovering the mystery, and to finding Adonis.

"Tomorrow," Raven told him as she floated from the couch and near him, her powers were fully restored, so simple levitation was as easy as breathing to her.

"Alright," Beast Boy agreed, "Tomorrow at dawn." Then he got up and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Raven called out to him.

"To the gym," he replied before calling the elevator, it opened and Raven floated into the elevator behind him. He smiled as Raven grounded beside him and saw Emma's and Cyborg's curious stares as the elevator doors closed.

The duo exercised in the gym for a few hours to work out the sleep fatigue they were experiencing, and they eventually found each other sitting on a large gymnastics matt beside each other. Raven levitated in meditation while Beast Boy sat cross legged, eyes closed, with his own hands clasped in his lap; he was meditating off of Raven's mental instructions.

His voice rang out in the gym from his perch, "I can't focus," he complained as he sprawled out on the matt. "I don't see how you do it," he said as Raven's eyes opened to him, he lasted ten minutes, the time was an all-time high for him.

"I have to focus, or things blow up, or people die from me not being able to save them," Raven explained to him before levitating down. They were both sweaty and nasty from their exercises, but that didn't stop Raven's desire to see him shirtless again.

Beast Boy looked over to her and found her eyes training on his collar bone, she was lost in thought and her body leaned forward slightly. Beast Boy swallowed nervously at her stare before shifting forward towards her, her eyes snapped up to his in confusion as he closed the distance, and when he was right beside her he pressed his lips chastely against hers.

Raven pulled back at the sensation and looked at Beast Boy nervously, this was the second time he initiated a kiss between them that wasn't egged on by spur of the moment emotions and desires. Raven searched his face for any reason as to why he wanted to kiss her, and her face scrunched up once she realized she couldn't read his emotions.

Frustration overcame and she pushed her lips against his in desire for knowledge. A whole world of emotions opened up to her as their lips pressed together, Raven could feel Beast Boy's emotions and she lost herself in the depths of them. She could feel his desires, lust, want, desperation, and she could feel his emotions, joy, fear, and adoration.

Raven pulled back after a few seconds and sucked in air at all the emotions assaulting her senses, and then they faded as their lips disengaged. Beast Boy smiled seductively, and Raven felt the same emotions she felt from Beast Boy well up inside her. Raven thought about how his arms felt around her earlier that day, in her bed, and she felt her control slip over her emotions.

She pushed forward against Beast Boy once again and kissed him intensely. Beast Boy reacted by wrapping his hands around her waist and falling backwards so that her upper body was laying on top of his chest. Raven kissed him eagerly and felt their emotions twist together through their mental link, and after five minutes it took everything Raven had to pull herself off him.

She panted as she stared at Beast Boy with a small smile, kissing him was addicting, and she guilty indulged earlier. Raven was happy, she got more than what she wanted, and she felt her head buzz in giddiness.

"I'm, going to take a shower," Raven told him and she disappeared as a black magic bubble wrapped around her and warped her to their shared restroom. Beast Boy smiled towards where she sat only moments ago, sighed happily, and laid back onto the gymnastics matt.

An hour later, a recently showered Beast Boy settled down in his Hammock for a nap before their mission only to find his door open to Raven in her mission clothes. He was dressed for the mission as well since he didn't want to waste time getting dressed before they had to go.

Raven crawled into the Hammock with him, laid her head on his chest, and wrapped her arms around his waist. Beast Boy smiled and wrapped his arms around her, it seemed she wanted to take a nap to.

Beast Boy woke with the sun rising and his stirring woke Raven up from her slumber. "Come on, Mission time," Beast Boy told he shifted in the hammock. Raven crawled out of it, yawned, and began levitating out of habit.

The duo took the elevator to the main room to find the entire team there, minus Emma, who had to stay at the tower while the Titans were away. The Titan security system was a double edged sword, it was designed to keep the bad guys out, but in order to keep them out, they also had to keep the good guys in, so with that design intended the Tower was neigh impossible to get out without one of the Titans getting out.

"Alright team, we got new parameters to search using the information we received from Miss Emma," Robin told his team as Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin joined Beast Boy and Raven in the elevator.

It descended as Raven continued talking, "I want Beast Boy and Raven to investigate the towers they feel are most likely to hold the entranceway to the labs. The rest of the team will stay on standby in the helicopter and once an entrance is found, me and Starfire will the ground team to investigate the labs together."

"Hey, what about me?" Cyborg asked feigning hurt.

"You will keep the helicopter in the air, just in case we have to get out quick," Robin replied. "Let's get moving," Robin told them as the elevator opened to the ground level, and to the helicopter pad.

The ride to Park Ranger Tower 18 was spent in silence; the entire team was on edge about uncovering Adonis and his harem of man-made werewolves, and no one on the team wanted to jinx their lead. The team cared for each other, even when things looked dire, and they would die for each other if the situation called for it. They were forged from the sins of many, but even those born of sin can become saints by the day's end.

Robin looked over his team as they prepared for whatever may happen in the upcoming investigation, Raven meditated, Beast Boy hummed to keep his nerves down, Starfire smiled at him from her seat beside him, and Robin felt hope for the situation.

After an hour of riding the Titan copter hovered about Tower 18 and the team prepared for anything. "Beast Boy, Raven, go find the entrance, call us when you find it," Robin commanded as he went through his equipment.

Beast Boy nodded and opened the side door of the helicopter. The Helicopter was hovering above the clouds to keep the element of surprise on their side; there was a 6,500 feet drop from the helicopter to the tower, and Raven swallowed with disinterest. High places were never her preferred place to be and it was another reason to hate helicopters.

Beast Boy jumped out of the helicopter without any qualms and free fell for a thousand feet, and then turned into an eagle. Raven sighed before taking a step out of the helicopter; her cloak billowed behind her head as she fell like a missile being dropped from the skies.

Raven free fell for two thousand feet before her magic began to slow her descent, and a minute later she landed safely beside the tower. Raven shook her head to regain her bearings as the adrenaline began to wear off. She really did not enjoy dropping from high places and disliked helicopter drops with a passion.

A minute later Beast Boy floated to the ground next to her as an eagle, and then morphed into his human form. Raven glared at him, he had it infinitely easier with heights, since he could transform into various birds all idle at those heights. Beast Boy smirked at her glare before walking towards the tower.

"Notice anything different?" Raven asked him as she followed close behind him. The ground was dry, since the fall rains haven't come yet, so there was no way for lasting tracks to remain on the ground. There was no sign of any animal being remotely near the tower, but Beast Boy felt the disturbance, the feeling of being watched, the first time they came to the tower.

Beast Boy shook his head and approached the door to the tower. Under normal circumstances the towers would be locked up to keep looters or teenagers from staying in the towers, but the door opened upon Beast Boy's attempt. Beast Boy realized that the first time they came to the tower the door was unlocked as well.

"Usually these doors are locked," he said aloud before walking into the ground level of the tower. Nothing was out of place, this room consisted of stairs that hugged the square layout of the tower that ascended to the lookout of the tower. Minor storage areas were placed sporadically in every tower that held medical supplies, military grade rations, and replacement equipment for the electronics in the lookout.

There were 3 doors that led to storage areas in the tower that neither Raven nor Beast Boy investigated the first time. "Stay close," Beast Boy told Raven mentally as he approached the first of the three storage doors. Raven followed Beast Boy as he hugged the wall beside the first storage door, and then he positioned himself in front of the door with his hand on the door handle.

"Ready?" he asked mentally. Raven nodded her head, and then Beast Boy pushed the door open and stepped back. The storage room was pitch black, nothing could be seen even with Beast Boy's enhanced eye sight, and when nothing popped out to attack them Beast Boy found the light switch on the wall beside the door.

The room was what they expected, first aid supplies, long forgotten equipment, and military grade meals. Raven let a sigh escape as the adrenaline made her nerves run wild, and they moved onto the next storage door. They rinsed and repeat the procedure and nothing attacked them out of the second storage door.

They cleared the last storage room without any trouble and met in the stairwell once again. Beast Boy sighed and scratched his head. "I just don't get it, where is the entrance?" he asked in frustration.

Raven remained quiet and walked across the room to the stairwell, and in her opinion complaining about their job wouldn't get it done any faster. Beast Boy moved to follow her until he stopped halfway through the room, his face lit up in realization and a grin spread across his face.

Raven turned around when she found he wasn't following, and said, "What?" Beast Boy just grinned before stomping where he stood, a hollow noise echoed through the room and Beast Boy kneeled down to find a single hole in the ground large enough for a crowbar to fit into.

"I think I found our entrance," Beast Boy told her.

Chapter 13

The Secret Lab Part II

"Robin, we found a manhole," Raven said as she spoke into her radio transmitter earpiece.

Robin's voice crackled through on the other side, "Be down in a few minutes." Beast Boy smiled in excitement and began to look around for a pole to open the hidden door with, but when no pole was found a frown came to his face.

"How'd they open this?" he asked in confusion. Raven smirked, her hands covered in her dark magic and a few seconds later the manhole was slid to the side. Beast Boy stared at her for a few seconds before shrugging, "That's not how, but it'll do."

He crouched down beside the hole and peered down into the deep tunnel, metal foot cuffs stuck out of the side of the tunnel for people to travel up and down. Beast Boy scratched the back of his head and said, "Say, if we're dealing with these monsters that don't know how to push a dresser over to chase after their prey, then how do they know how to do this?"

Raven blinked, he had a valid point in questioning the werewolf's intelligence, but she knew the answer to his question. "They're like Emma, I guess," Raven told him.

"But better, smarter, and in control," Beast Boy muttered and stood up, "I don't like this, and I think Dean is one of them. I think he's covering up this whole thing." Raven nodded at him, those were her suspicions to, and if push came to shove she knew the Titans would have to lock the good ranger up.

Robin chose that moment to walk into the tower with Starfire in tow; he walked up to the manhole before looking down it similar to how Beast Boy did. "Man, this is deep, you guys ready?" Robin asked his team. Each of them positively confirmed they were ready, and Beast Boy took lead down the ladder, then Starfire, then Robin, and then Raven.

Once everyone was in the vertical tunnel, Robin called out, "Raven, close the hatch behind us. I don't want any unwarranted guests finding the hatch open and hunting us down." Raven used her powers to close the hatch and darkness consumed all four of them descending the steel ladder. Starfire's eyes lit up their descent enough so they didn't stumble over each other.

The end of the ladder came ten minutes later and Beast Boy moved away to make room for the rest of his team. The room they entered was a large antechamber with various doors leading off in all directions. There was no source of lighting in the room except in front of the doors. Beast Boy was the first to talk, "Ugh, the smell down here is awful."

Everyone looked at him in confusion and concern, then Starfire spoke up, "What do you mean friend? There is no bad smell." Raven looked at him with concern as she remembered him complaining over the past few days about the smell of places, and then she realized all those places were areas where Dean was.

Just then a low pitched whine echoed through the antechamber and Beast Boy stepped out in front of his team. He pushed his arm in front of his team as they moved to fill in his sides, and then the whine echoed through the antechamber again.

"Something's hurt," Beast Boy told them as his elf-like ears twitched. "Follow me," he said before he crouched down to even his weight out on his feet, and then he walked out into the dark chamber.

The group followed the whining for a minute behind Beast Boy until he stopped, in front of him was a puddle of blood and in the puddle was a beast with blond and silver hair. He was curled up, with his back to the Titans, holding his injuries and whining out occasionally from the pain.

Starfire moved to get a closer look but Robin's arm stopped her from approaching the beast, Raven stood off to the side, and Beast Boy slowly approached the beast. Robin knew the dangers of finding a cornered and hurt primal animal, he could remember the first time he found Beast Boy in that state, and the state wasn't a good one.

When animals were hurt they couldn't rationalize friend or foe. Anyone who approached them was likely to get hurt, and Robin knew Beast Boy knew that fact, so why was he approaching the hurt beast? "Be-" Robin was cut off as Raven's hand covered his mouth, she moved quicker than Robin could ever remember at that moment.

Beast Boy circled the beast and went out of the light provided by Starfire's eyes, he reappeared in the light on the other side of the beast, and then he approached the beast slowly.

Robin felt his stomach drop and twist at the danger his friend was making, Starfire grabbed his arm in case she would have to throw him aside to save her friend, and Raven felt her heart clench painfully in her chest. This was a delicate situation, and in Robin's opinion, one left better alone.

Beast Boy kneeled down into the puddle of blood beside the Beast, and sighed out loud. The beasts were hard to kill; in fact, Beast Boy reckoned it would take a blow to the head to fully stop one of the beasts. The beast was missing an eye, a nasty gorge was where the eye use to be, and deep cuts were littered throughout its body.

Beast Boy's voice echoed through the antechamber, "Dean." Robin gasped, Starfire pushed forward but Robin pushed her back, and Raven levitated around the beast mimicking the actions Beast Boy took seconds ago, and then came to a float behind Beast Boy's shoulder.

The beast moaned in agitation and pulled back away from Beast Boy in shock, and then it looked up at Beast Boy. A low whine came from its throat as the team heard bones crack and creak, and after a few seconds Dean Whitman sat lying in his own blood.

Dean coughed violently before lying down straight on his back; one hand was on his eye while the other was holding his head. "I, thought I told you, kids to get out of dodge," Dean told them with a cracked voice.

"I'm sorry, but that's not our job," Robin said to him before kneeling down beside him on the opposite side of Beast Boy.

"Let me see your cloak," Raven heard Beast Boy tell her mentally. Raven subconsciously pulled her cloak closer, she had many cloaks but disliked having to replace them every so often, but Beast Boy grabbed the edge of her cloak and ripped a large piece of cloth from it.

Raven frowned as Beast Boy picked Dean's head up and wrapped the piece of cloak around his head to cover his eye socket. Beast Boy tied the cloth tight around his head and laid Dean's head back down. Raven decided to do her part, hovered down next to Beast Boy, and set to healing any of Dean's injuries she could.

"Hah, real cheeky kid," Dean croaked out as words he said days ago were used against him. "I hate to say it, but I'm glad to see you kids," Dean laughed before he descended into a fit of coughing.

"What happened?" Robin asked as he pressed gently down on Dean's shoulder to keep him from injuring himself.

"I lost a fight. That guy you're after whipped me real bad," Dean told him as Raven's magic filtered through his body and healed the minor cuts, and made the deep cuts less serious.

"Where is he now?" Beast Boy cut in.

"I don't know. We fought down here and he left me to lick my wounds," Dean replied before coughing again.

"You have some explaining to do," Robin said before giving Dean a stern look he learned from Batman. Dean burst into a fit of broken laughter before settling down on the ground again.

"I guess you're right," Dean said as he calmed down, and then he broke off into a big narration. "I guess I should start at the beginning, huh? This facility you found is a relic from the past, built in the 1940's to protect civilians from air raids from the japs. It was privately bought and restored by a scientist named Mark Logan in the 90's."

The team looked at Beast Boy, who shrugged at the mention of his father's name, and looked back at Dean. Dean didn't need to know who his father was, and he would rather keep it private, but technically he owned this privately owned facility if Dean's facts were correct.

"They did research down here, away from the prying eyes of the government and private parties. The research was on DNA between humans and animals, and the cures for various diseases us humans have gained from animals, most notably Sakutia and aids," Dean continued his explanation and story.

"I was employed by the Logan's to keep the facility running and under control while they went on research trips to Africa," Dean coughed as his dry throat finally cracked his voice again. "They had a son with them at the time, you know? They took the prototype serum we had at the time to test on anyone they found on their deathbed from the deadly Sakutia virus.

I'm sad to say that they never returned, and the facility they kept hidden away from the world became a dog house for the remaining geneticists. Years later, one of the geneticists went mad from his work, injected himself with the Sakutia virus and went about infecting the other geneticists he recently called back to the lab, and that forced the entire research team to inject each other with the most recent prototype serum at the time," Dean told them before taking a minute to rest.

Silence reigned through the antechamber as the older man rested his voice. "So, what happened next?" Robin asked after another minute passed.

"I was in the facility at the time, and became infected with the virus as well. The serum the geneticists created wasn't a cure, but another virus. We became the very beast you are hunting. I would call us werewolves if only it didn't sound so cliché," Dean told them.

"The mad geneticist made a chemical weapon and used it on his fellow colleagues once again, and in their rage they killed him. Now we try to live peacefully, and we have for the past five years, until he showed up," Dean hissed sitting up.

Raven was finished healing his wounds and levitated nearby in a healing trance. Her healing method was to transfer the wounds to her own body, and then to heal her own body in a trance. Nobody on the team approved of the method but Raven gave them no say in the matter. Never the less, she listened on as she healed herself.

"Who owns the lease to this place?" Beast Boy asked once Dean fell silent completely. Robin glared at Beast Boy, who ignored him and paid attention to Dean.

"I heard Mark's son survived, he would be the rightful owner if we could ever find him, not that I would want to drag him into the drama down here," Dean informed him. Beast Boy sneered and stood up with a laugh. "What?" Dean asked since his curiosity was peaked.

"I'm Garfield Logan, nice to meet you," Garfield told him before walking off into the darkness.

"Don't go too far!" Robin called out to him.

"Yeah, yeah!" Beast Boy yelled back as he stopped in the darkness and ran his hands over his face. So much for a simple mission, he found out that he owned a research facility that housed a bunch of werewolves that somehow lived in peace for years, but were now turning other people into wolves.

Beast Boy re-entered the light to find Dean sitting up completely with the help of Robin and Raven out of her trance. "We found Emma in your shed, what was she doing there?" Beast Boy interrogated.

Dean looked shocked, then frightened, and then tired. He sighed before he said, "Emma? You mean that blond? Adonis injected her with a prototype of the serum we've been working on. In fact, he's been creating a lot more beasts than just Emma. I've been trying to stop him, but I guess you can all see how that turned out."

"Why are you still working on a cure?" Raven cut in, "Shouldn't you guys be done with the cure business after what happened to you?"

"Well, yes, and no. See, we're monsters now by our own design, and many of us only want to live normal lives. Some of the geneticists swore off looking for a cure, only to find that their lives were damaged beyond repair. All of them returned to live in the park, and their misfortune only inspired them to work harder in search of a cure for themselves, and for their original goal," Dean explained.

"Is there anything else we should know?" Robin asked with the stern 'batman' look trained on Dean.

"No, I'm afraid that's all. Help me to the restroom, I'm parched," Dean told them and held his arms up like a baby wanting to be picked up. Beast Boy sighed before he moved to Dean's other side, and with the help of Robin they lifted the large man up and slid his arms on their shoulders.

Raven and Starfire followed the men as Dean directed them around the facility. The team traveled through hallways, passed many more ladders leading to the surface, and eventually entered a family sized restroom. The girls stopped outside only to be dragged in by Robin and Beast Boy.

Raven huffed at her discomfort only to find stalls set up for the toilets, urinals set up for the men, and Dean leaning against one of the few sinks eagerly drinking water. After he was satisfied he motioned for Robin, and Robin walked over and slid his arm back underneath him.
"Come on, I'll take you to the others," Dean told them.

"Others? Just how many are there?" Robin asked in curiosity.

"Not many, about five of us, plus the five Adonis has brought in," Dean explained to them.

The team descended through dark hallways again and Robin filled the silence with words, "Why'd you let Adonis in if you knew he was bad news?"

"Well, at first he wasn't bad news, he was just another misfit corrupted by the geneticist's work," Dean explained, "If I had it my way, we would've left him to be picked off by you guys, but Jen didn't have the heart to."

"Jen?" Robin asked.

"Jennifer, you'll meet her, she has a big heart," Dean explained as he led the way. The group travelled in silence until they reached a doorway, to which Dean stopped the group and pushed Robin away. "Let me go scout ahead, stay here, I'll come get you when I'm done," he told them before limping to the door, opening it a tad, and slipping through the small gap that he created.

Five minutes passed as the four Titans stood around in uncomfortable silence. The walls around them blocked off any sound from other rooms, but amplified any noise coming from the hallways. Finally the door opened to reveal Dean and a busty blond woman in her forty's helping him walk.

"Come on, Adonis isn't here right now," Dean told them and waved them in. The team walked forward to find a kitchen area where nine other people were sitting at a large steel dining table, and once the team was fully in the door behind them closed.

"My god! Garfield, is that you?" the blond woman called out to Beast Boy. Beast Boy took a step back, and the woman took one forward before Dean stopped her with his weight on her shoulder.

"Titans, this is Jennifer," Dean told them before subtly stepping on her toe. Jennifer glared at him angrily before he complained, "Set me down at the table! I'm hurt!" Jennifer complied but made it obvious that she was angry at being interrupted.

Garfield took the opportunity to get a better look at Jennifer, and what he saw resembled a younger woman he seen various times in old photographs of his parents'.

"How does she know your name?" Robin asked him with a concerned look.

"She knew my parents," Beast Boy replied before Jennifer returned to the Titans.

"Welcome to our home, Titans, and hello to you Garfield! Look! You've grown up so much!" Jennifer teased as she stepped towards Beast Boy. He stepped back for every step she took forward. He wasn't in the touchy feely mood, not while he was on a mission and with a stranger.

Jennifer finally got the message, stepped back, and straightened out her lab coat. "Sorry, you were quite the celebrity around our group when you were younger, even though you never came to the labs, your parents talked about you all the time," she explained as she excused herself to sit at the table.

Beast Boy nodded before refocusing on the mission. "Where's Adonis?" he asked and looked at every foreign face in the room.

"He came in looking for Emma, and when he couldn't find her he went berserk. He screamed something about Dean and took off like a bat out of hell," Jennifer told them before she looked over at Dean with concern and guilt in her eyes. They could all see what happened to Dean.

"How long ago?" Robin cut in before Beast Boy could reply.

"About two hours ago," Jennifer told them.

"If you're lucky, you may be able to catch him at my cabin. If he's hunting that girl then he'll be hell bent on turning over every stone I've ever touched," Dean spoke up after Jennifer.

Beast Boy nodded before walking out the door they entered, Raven looked at him and followed behind him. Starfire looked between the group, the door, and then at Robin, before following her friends out the door. Robin remained for a few seconds before looking back at the group at the table, "Thank you. We'll stop him."

Then he disappeared out the door and ran to catch up to his team backtracking through dark hallways to the original ladder they climbed down. Beast Boy knew if they were lucky then Adonis would be in prison again by night fall, and not just any prison, but Alcatraz Island, a prison specifically designed for meta humans.

The team climbed the ladder as quickly as possible with Beast Boy in the lead. Once they reached the top Beast Boy pushed the manhole cover off with a groan and crawled out of the vertical tunnel. "Cy, bring the helicopter down, we have a lead," Beast Boy spoke into his earpiece as he caught his breath and the others exited the manhole.

"On the way Green Machine," Cyborg replied back curtly. The last two out of the manhole was Starfire and Raven, whom instead of climbing simply flew out of the hole, Robin glared at them as he tried to catch his breath because climbing a vertical ladder for five minutes straight was no joke.

Five minutes later Cyborg was hovering near the tower, Raven grabbed a hold of Beast Boy and teleported them into the passenger area, while Starfire grabbed Robin and flew him to the helicopter. A minute later they were all strapped into their chairs and ready to go.

"Cy, take us to Dean Whitman's house," Beast Boy yelled towards the cockpit. Cyborg gave him a thumb up to show his understanding and the helicopter dipped forward as they gained altitude and speed towards their new destination.

'We've about got you now, you snake!' Beast Boy thought as the helicopter pushed up to the clouds.

Chapter 14

You Fight Me

Breaking Benjamin

The Titans arrived at the ranger's house in record time. Cyborg set the helicopter into a nice hover near the top of the tree line while Beast Boy and Raven descended onto the ground. Beast Boy quickly morphed into his human form and ran up to the shed they first found Emma in, Raven levitated close behind him as he morphed into a bloodhound and sniffed about.

He morphed back to human, looked up at her, and said, "He was here alright, but his scent trail is fading." Beast Boy looked at the shed, the doors were ripped of the hinges and the insides were tore upside down. "His scent trails off on the same path we ran two days ago, we should go where we found Emma," Beast Boy said aloud as his eyes stared at the shed.

Raven levitated down beside him and laid her hand on his shoulder. "We'll catch him, stop worrying," Raven comforted him. She couldn't feel his emotions without touch, so she had to go off her poorly developed body language skills to guess when to comfort him.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's get to the area and set up camp," Beast Boy turned to her and lightly grabbed her hand. He smirked as the helicopter rotated slightly in the air to get a view on them, and said, "At your leisure my lady."

Raven blushed, looked away, and tightened her grip on his fingers, and then a few seconds later they were back in the passenger area in the helicopter. Raven let go of his fingers and walked to her seat with her blush still coloring her cheeks maroon.

Beast Boy smiled cheekily, walked up to the cockpit and asked Cyborg, "Remember where you picked us up two days ago?"

"Yeah dude, by that waterfall?" Cyborg asked as his head turned to look at his friend.

"Yeah, that one, Adonis will follow our trail to that waterfall and we need to be there before him," Beast Boy told him.

"Alright, gotcha! We'll be there in a jiffy!" Cyborg exclaimed in excitement before grinning widely. He didn't even wait for Beast Boy to sit down when the helicopter tilted in an incline to begin moving.

Beast Boy stumbled back to his seat and buckled in. Robin sat playing with a non-lethal bird-a-rang, Starfire talked animatedly to him, and Raven sat with her eyes closed beside him. He sighed, two days before their chase after Emma took all day, and Beast Boy had no doubt that the trail they left would take all day for Adonis to follow.

"Where are we going?" Robin asked him from across the cabin.

"To where Cy picked us up yesterday, Adonis will eventually follow our trail there," Beast Boy explained, and then the trip was spent in silence except for Starfire and Raven murmuring to each other.

Thirty minutes later the helicopter was hovering above the waterfall and Cyborg waited for more orders. "Find a place to land Cy, he could be awhile," Beast Boy yelled at him from the passenger hold.

Cyborg landed the Titan Copter two hundred yards away in a clearing that was originally cleared out for a cabin. The team paired up to fly to the waterfall, Starfire with Robin, Beast Boy with Cyborg, and Raven transporting herself.

Once they arrived at the clearing, and waterfall, Robin took command, "Beast Boy, Raven, find a good vantage point from up on the cliff. The rest of us, find dense bushes or a tree to hide behind while we wait for Adonis."

The team spread out to set up their ambush, Cyborg found a dense tree and climbed up it. He wasn't satisfied with any tree, the tree had to be the largest in the area, and once he found the right one, he moved around in it until he found the flattest, fattest branch, and set about getting comfortable.

Starfire levitated near Robin and together they found a dense enough bush to lie inside. Starfire was probably the most upset with their situation; her wardrobe consisted of bright colors so Robin had to douse her color with dirt and leaves. After ten minutes Starfire was dirty, and muddy, and Robin was smudged with just as much mud and dirt from Starfire. Starfire giggled as she looked at her handiwork, if she were to get dirty for the job, then Robin would to.

Raven levitated up into a tree and sat down on a branch. She knew the wait was going to be long so she started meditating once she got comfortable. Beast Boy morphed into a bird squirrel and climbed up into the same tree Raven was in. He was the one best suited to wait in the forest because he could scout without looking inconspicuous.

After three hours, a lot of conversation between all five members of the team, and most of the team growing agitated with the nature around them, Beast Boy told them he was going to scout the trail for Adonis.

Beast Boy found him a few miles away following the trail with rapid succession. Beast Boy knew he would follow the trail, but he didn't think Adonis would be following so quickly. He mentally told Raven, "I found him; he's about an hour away from your position."

"Ok, come back to us," Raven replied back to him, and then transferred the information she received to the rest of the team.

"On my way," Beast Boy told her as he caught an updraft and soared high into the air as an eagle. Beast Boy looked down at the werewolf as the feeling of excitement filled him, he was hunter, and his prey was falling right into his trap.

Beast Boy thought about dropping down on Adonis right then and there, just to finish the job he started weeks ago and beat him until he lost consciousness. It would serve Adonis right for what he done to Raven, or Emma, or any of the nice geneticists that tried to steer Adonis in the right direction.

Raven's presence pushed against Beast Boy mind and Beast Boy pulled out of the thought process of dealing with Adonis alone. He had a team filled with strong friends, a team that set up an ambush to catch Adonis without anyone getting hurt, this was their job, to fight together and not separated.

Beast Boy pushed back against Raven's presence to let her know he was there and redirected his flight pattern to go to her. Beast Boy knew his responsibility was to catch Adonis, not beat him up for vengeance against the crimes he committed. Beast Boy knew his responsibilities were actions of justice, not vengeance, not revenge, and not selfishness.

Beast Boy flew for thirty minutes making good time on Adonis, and flew down into the tree that Raven was sitting in. Raven peered at the green eagle curiously wondering about his emotions since Beast Boy grew quiet.

Raven's curiosity got the best of her, she held her arm out like she saw various times on television and said, "Come here." Beast Boy's head flicked to her, then twitched diagonally before he walked a few times and hopped up on her arm. Raven grit her teeth lightly as his claws dug into her skin, but somehow his claws didn't break her skin or scratch her.

Raven smiled lightly and moved her arm closer to her body, and in turn brought Beast Boy closer. Her other hand gently stroked his head and ran down the feathers on his back. Raven felt emotions flood into her mind as she felt the texture of the feathers, coarse but soft.

She could tell he was nervous, excited, and stressed. Beast Boy felt the gravity of the situation, he was duty bound to fight Adonis when he arrived, and he knew that no one else on the team would last if Adonis got close enough to them for prolonged amounts of time.

Raven pet the green eagle for a few minutes until his head twitched suddenly to the forest. Raven felt a warm sensation crawl up her spine and closed her eyes as the sensation took over her senses. She could hear the sound of something large pushing its way through the forest, snapping branches, twigs, and scaring animals as it forced its way.

Raven could see through the eagle's eyes as he looked over the clearing and cliff in front of them, and then Beast Boy morphed into his human form and the sensation stopped. Raven shook her head as she fell out of the sensation and regained her own senses.

"Adonis is here, stay sharp," Beast Boy's voice rung from the earpiece radio as he told the team a status update. The team stood on edge as a whole week's worth of investigating sat in the balance; Adonis broke through the trees up on the cliff and ran on all fours up to the edge of the cliff, much like Beast Boy and Raven done two days ago.

Beast Boy leaped off Raven's arm and glided to a stop a yard away from Adonis. Beast Boy transformed into his human form, frowned, and raised his voice, "Adonis, it's the end of the line. You're through."

Adonis swirled around and snarled angrily at his arrival. Beast Boy wondered if there was any intelligence left in Adonis as he stared him down. Adonis pulled his upper body back and screamed to the world, and somewhere in the scream his broken voice croaked, "You took her!"

Raven felt a chill crawl down her spine as she remained in her hiding place because the situation wasn't beneficial for her to reveal her presence yet. The team learned through countless experiences to remain hidden as the revealed team sets up a better position for an ambush.

Adonis pushed his body back forward and kneeled on the ground. His spine was curved now like a wolf's, and his form looked more like a wolf than a man. Beast Boy realized Adonis was evolving and adapting from their few previous combat situations.

"You took both of them! The witch, and now the blond! I'll kill you!" Adonis screamed out in rage before charging Beast Boy. Beast Boy's form shifted in the five seconds it took Adonis to cross the yard and tackle Beast Boy's beast form.

A howl of pain erupted from both parties as Adonis and Beast Boy traded blows. The two beasts rolled around on the ground viciously and tried to cause as much damage to each other as possible. Raven watched in horror as Adonis tore into Beast Boy's chest, shoulders, and back as they tussled on the ground.

Adonis found the upper hand, straddled Beast Boy to the ground, and gripped Beast Boy's head and slammed it down hard. Beast Boy moaned in pain as Adonis repeated the action once, twice, and upon the third time Beast Boy kicked Adonis off him.

The beasts pulled their bleeding limbs and bodies up from the dirt and glared at each other. They were once again a yard away and the cliff was to their right. This time they stood equal ground, there was no cliff to anyone's back, but to their sides. Beast Boy felt rage building in him.

How dare this mutt waltz into his territory, and challenge his rule? How dare he try to lay claim upon his mate, and then years later try again? Memories of Alpha Lab filtered through his mind as Beast Boy growled angrily at Adonis as he embraced his rage.

"Knock him off the cliff!" Raven told Beast Boy mentally, but no reply came from him. Raven felt the unbridled rage roll over the valley as Beast Boy's growl travelled. Raven panicked, if Beast Boy lost to his instincts then could he tell friend from foe? She remembered trying to help him with his beast form, but progress was slow and the beast scared Beast Boy.

The two beasts charged each other once again and became a ball of fury, blood, and rage as they attacked each other. The tree Raven was in cracked in half under Raven's emotions, and she flew out of the tree having seen enough. The two beasts tussled until Adonis threw Beast Boy off him, and turned his sights to Raven.

"Witch!" Adonis yelled out and his voice rumbled. Raven grit her teeth at the vile emotions that came from Adonis, lust, greed, anger, and hurt. Raven pushed herself to the edge of the cliff and Adonis chased after her immediately.

"You're mine!" Adonis growled out as he chased after Raven. Beast Boy pulled himself from the dirt and chased after Adonis not a second later. Raven stopped at the edge of the cliff and turned to face Adonis.

Small rocks fell from the cliff as Raven floated directly in front of the edge. If things panned out the way she wanted, then she would be able to move out of the way quick enough to avoid Adonis all together. Adonis ran full speed at her, and leaped off his strong back legs at her.

Raven panicked as she didn't anticipate the leap, she anticipated a tackle. Adonis plowed into her midsection and she flew back from the edge. She moaned in pain as his claws dug gripped her body to not take the fifty foot drop.

"Gah!" Raven yelled out as Adonis climbed her until his claws were digging into her shoulders. She was caught, Adonis had her, and she knew she wouldn't be able to keep her flight with the explosions of pain erupting down her back and chest from her desperate passenger.

Beast Boy leaped from the edge of the cliff a few moments later and tackled Adonis, his claws dug into Adonis' side painfully, and Raven screamed in pain from the additional weight on Adonis' claws. Beast Boy acted fast, he could feel Raven's distress, and that she wouldn't last long.

Beast Boy dug his claws into the crooks of Adonis' neck and shoulders. He knew what he was doing, by damaging or squeezing that muscle it disrupted one's hand grip, and it would cause them to plummet fifty feet to the hard ground. Adonis' hands opened wide and he fell from Raven's floating body. Beast Boy fell with him and a few seconds later Beast Boy pushed off from Adonis' body.

Raven looked down at Beast Boy to see his hand reaching up to grab her. Raven shoved her hand out towards his and concentrated on descending herself to grab his arm. Her hand missed his by centimeters and the momentum he got from pushing off Adonis failed.

"No!" Raven screamed as Beast Boy fell out of her reach. Fifty feet was a bad drop and was capable of killing a person if they fell wrong, and the way Beast Boy and Adonis were falling, it would be the death of them.

Beast Boy stared up at Raven, panic written across his face, and plummeted fast. Raven closed her eyes and pushed the distractions away; she pushed the raging emotions rolling through the field, and concentrated on the important emotions. Calm, serenity, joy, peace, love, Raven pulled them all in before opening her eyes a moment later.

Thirty feet down Raven formed a horizontal black wall wide enough for Beast Boy. He smacked into it going full throttle and the shield crumbled under his weight. Raven grit her teeth as Beast Boy broke through the shield, his momentum was broken and he fell the remaining twenty feet and landed with a bone crunching thud.

Raven flew down to the ground as the rest of her team came from the surrounding forest. Adonis was in a bloody puddle a few feet away from Beast Boy, who was moaning in pain, both were now in their human form. Beast Boy laid on his back, and moaned from his spot on the ground as Raven descended down beside him.

"Gar!" Raven called out and dropped to her knees beside him. Her hand lightly pressed down on his shoulder as her eyes closed to scan his body for injuries. His right collarbone and hipbone were broken, and he bled out of various deep cuts spread around his body.

"Rae," Beast Boy moaned out as his hand grabbed the hand that was glowing with dark magic.

Raven glared down at him, angrily, and said, "Shut up and let me heal you!" Beast Boy chuckled before moaning with pain again, but didn't let go of the hand that was now glowing with dark magic over his wounded body.

Raven healed the cuts and felt blood swell from the wounds she transferred from him. Her healing powers had limitations, she couldn't fuse bones back together, but she could re align them. She worked on him for a minute before the magic faded from her hands and she opened her eyes to look at him.

Beast Boy was looking at her with sweat on his face. "Done?" he asked in a low tone and she felt him hide his pain from their mental link. Raven said nothing as she looked down at him not knowing what to feel. "Go check on Adonis," Beast Boy told her, ruining the moment.

"No need to," Robin cut in and came to stand beside Beast Boy, "he's dead." Raven looked up from Beast Boy at the puddle of blood Adonis sat in. In the heat of the moment the thought to save their enemy never cross her mind. In her mind her team's survival was more important than the criminals they sought, or so she made herself believe.

This wasn't the first time a criminal died during a deadly exchange against the Titans. Over the years the Titans tolled up a body count much like other meta-human crime fighting teams had. Their job was dangerous and most of the time the criminals they fought against didn't hold back.

The criminals never used dulled bird-a-rangs, or aimed to disarm rather than decapitate. They sought killing blows on the Titans, and in turn the Titans defended with non-lethal methods to capture the criminals, not kill them, but even then death happened.

Robin sighed and walked away to Cyborg. Raven listened as Robin spoke to him, "We have to get the city coroner out here. Call the police chief, he'll know what to do."

Beast Boy looked over from his position on the ground to see Adonis' lifeless eyes staring at him, his mouth a gap from the scream he let out as they fell, and Beast Boy felt sick looking at Adonis' brains scattered over the ground. Beast Boy looked away, shut his eyes, and pushed down the vomit threatening to crawl up his throat.

Raven's hand tightened around his and Beast Boy felt warmth flood into him from their mental bond. The couple said nothing but comforted each other with warming vibes and emotions through their mental link until Robin returned.

"Raven, get Beast Boy and Cyborg to the helicopter, me and Starfire will wait here for the police chief and coroner," Robin ordered before looking back over at Adonis. Beast Boy looked over at Adonis as well and fought back the disgust.

Robin shook his head before looking away to Beast Boy. "I want you in the infirmary when I get back, do you understand?" Robin asked before giving Beast Boy a stern face.

"Yeah, yeah, I won't leave bed until you get back," Beast Boy dismissed his leader. Robin knew well that Beast Boy never lasted more than two days straight on bed rest, his nerves never allowed him to sit still long enough to even meditate with Raven.

"Good. Raven, get him out of here," Robin dismissed Beast Boy much the same before walking over to Starfire. Cyborg came to a stand beside Raven and laid his hand on her shoulder.

"Let's get out of here," Cyborg said with no enthusiasm. Everyone on the team dealt with death differently, and Cyborg was no exception. A black circle formed underneath the three Titans and they took off to the sky at a slow pace in order to not cause Beast Boy any discomfort.

Once they reached the helicopter Cyborg climbed into the pilot's seat while Raven strapped Beast Boy into the medical bed onboard the helicopter. The medical bed was located in the middle of the passenger area, the floor slid away to reveal a single's size bed with rails on each side.

Raven sighed in distress as she strapped herself into a passenger chair, once both her and Beast Boy were safely secure she yelled to Cyborg, "We're strapped in and ready to go!" Cyborg yelled something positive back at her but her mind wasn't on listening, it was on the green changeling that grit his teeth in pain.

The flight back to the Titan's tower was spent in silence as Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven kept to their thoughts. Beast Boy struggled to remain quiet about his injuries, even though there he no longer had any open wounds, a broken collar and hip bone hurt like hell. Raven went into a healing trance to heal the wounds she received from transferring Beast Boy's wounds to her own body, and Cyborg flew the helicopter carefully as to not joust around its occupants like earlier that day.

A hour later the helicopter landed on the Titan's helipad and the blades powered down. Raven and Cyborg wasted no time in pulling the hospital-like bed from the helicopter and wheeling it into the tower. Raven followed Cyborg as he pushed Beast Boy to the infirmary and watched as he pushed the helicopter's medical bed beside the stationary one located in the room.

"Rae, move him," Cyborg told her as he moved about the room retrieving an IV needle and pain killers. There was no question that Beast Boy was in pain, he grit his teeth silently from his bed.
Raven picked Beast Boy up with her powers and gently set him on the bed. He moaned as his body sunk into the cushions of the stationary bed, and hissed out, "Rae, babe, flatten the bed out please."

Raven froze at the pet name, and then glared at him. Regardless of the pain he was in right now, Raven could always amplify the amount with minor jabs at his form. Beast Boy smiled slyly at her and noticed Cyborg looking at the two of them curiously.

Cyborg went back to what he was doing once he caught a glare from both Beast Boy and Raven, and Raven adjusted the bed to allow Beast Boy more relief. Then Cyborg came back with an IV needle, a bag stand, and a bag of pain killers. Raven pushed Cyborg out of the way and said, "Let me."

"Ow!" Beast Boy complained as Raven pushed the needle into a vein on his arm without any numbing chemicals.

"Stop whining Beasty Boo," Raven replied bittersweet, "I know how much it hurts." Then she smiled, sweetly, and Beast Boy gulped nervously.

"Uhh, well then, I'll leave you two to do, whatever it is that you two do, be back in a sec!" Cyborg called out and disappeared through the infirmary doors. Beast Boy smirked at Cyborg's reaction and Raven frowned.

"Can we be official now?" Beast Boy asked knowing only they were in the room. Raven looked at him before hooking the painkiller drip to his IV, and then she looked back at him.

She sighed and rubbed the back of her neck tiredly. The week long investigation was tough on them and Raven wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed with Beast Boy and sleep the night away. Raven sat down on the bed to Beast Boy's left, looked away from him, and became lost in her own thoughts.

To think a week ago Beast Boy was only a kitten at the foot of her bed, and now all she wanted to do was lay in bed with him and sleep. Their relationship progressed way too quickly for her to be comfortable, but odd enough, she felt comfortable with Beast Boy. As if them coming together officially, as a couple, was the most logical thing to happen in the week that they had.

Finally she looked back over at Beast Boy to see him nodding off. The painkillers were also a sedative and they were taking effect, but Raven made up her mind on his question and wanted him to know before he was lost to the world, so she grabbed his hand and squeezed hard.

Beast Boy's eyes opened up and he looked at her sleepily. "Yah Rae?" he mumbled and smiled drunkenly at her.

"Yes," Raven told him before squeezing his hand again, and then laying her head on his chest.

Beast Boy purred against her ear, a trait she wasn't aware he had in his human form, and said, "Yah what?"

Raven replied without looking up from her place on his chest, her eyes closed in comfort and said, "Yes, we can be official now."

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