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Chapter 9

Flat on the Floor - Nickelback

Raven woke up before dawn and no light penetrated the room, except for the dying levels of moon light flowing in through Beast Boy's window. Raven looked around with her mind in a lazy haze, she tried to remember how she got here, and she subconsciously snuggled into the warmth of Beast Boy's side and sighed happily. "This feels nice," she decided before closing her eyes again.

Ten minutes later she opened her eyes again as she remembered the night before, then she looked at Beast Boy's peaceful face and felt his arms securely around her. Raven gasped and pulled away from him, but didn't leave the hammock. "I slept with him!" she realized, her eyes traveled his body in the dim light conditions and she felt the hungry desire return. He was a good looking specimen of man.

Raven shook her head in dismissal and slid her body back against his. It wasn't often that she woke up in someone else's arms, and if anyone asked her how it felt, then she would deny it ever happened, but she couldn't deny that she hasn't slept better in years. She felt safe in his arms, and she couldn't identify why exactly she felt safe in the arms of her teammate. Her eyes trailed around the room curiously and she took in the differences she could notice compared to his room a few days ago, Beast Boy's room was barren since his 'accident', and oddly he wasn't restocking the room with video game paraphilia like Raven expected.

Beast Boy stirred ten minutes later and glared at the door. "The sun isn't even up yet, ughh!" he moaned out as he shifted beside her in the Hammock. "Good morning Rae," he mumbled and smiled at her, she could see his eyes twinkling in the low light and Raven's breath hitched in her throat and disallowed her to talk. "Robin is about to open the door to get me up, you may want to pha-" he trailed off as he felt her weight disappear from the Hammock.

Beast Boy chuckled and shook his head. Ten seconds later Robin knocked on the door, and yelled, "Get up Garfield! It's time to go snooping!" Robin punched in the key code to Beast Boy's room, the door slid open and light flooded into the room.

"Ughh, dude! It's bright!" Beast Boy complained as he shielded his eyes, Robin smirked before turning on the lights in his room and then crossed his arms, the smirk remained, and after twenty seconds of watching Beast Boy begin moving he left the room. Usually Beast Boy was the hardest to get moving on planned missions during the wee hours of the morning and Robin didn't expect Beast Boy to already be awake, so Robin picked up the water gun he sat in the hallway beforehand and returned to the common room.

Thirty minutes later the entire team was boarded on the Titan copter and Robin briefed them on the way, "Beast Boy, I want you to scout the area try to find another way into the facility. Raven, Starfire, I want you two to return to the cabin and search it for clues. Don't go to the facility through the hidden passage, it's too dangerous."

"In the meantime Cyborg and I are going to talk with the park rangers and find a safe place to land the helicopter, it can't be in the air all day, and we need Cyborg to be on his A-game," he explained as to what the rest of the team was going to be doing. Everyone confirmed that they heard his orders in their own unique way; Raven and Starfire replied verbally, Beast Boy simply nodded and Cyborg yelled from the cockpit.

"We're almost over tower #18! Are you ready B?" Cyborg yelled.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy yelled back, stood up from his seat, and wobbled unsteadily to the side hatch. Robin slid it open, Beast Boy looked out it and gulped as he saw the tower three hundred yards below. Beast Boy sighed before looking over to Robin, "The things I do for justice," he said aloud before shaking his head. Robin opened his mouth to berate him for stalling but Beast Boy leaped out of the helicopter before the first word came out.

Beast Boy fell freely for a few seconds before he morphed into a hawk, his wings opened wide and they caught the air immediately. Beast Boy soared away from the helicopter and towards the tower.

Robin smiled as he watched him, then he shut the door to the helicopter and shouted, "Cy! Let's get to that cabin!" The Titan copter flew for thirty minutes before they reached the clearing with the cabin and as they approached the cabin Robin sat in the secondary pilot's seat. Robin frowned at the scene in front of the helicopter, smoke billowed from the embers of what use to be the cabin, and he told Cyborg to bring the copter to a still not far from the smoke.

He got up from the co-pilot seat, then opened the cockpit door and yelled out orders, "Raven! Starfire! The cabin has been burned to the ground; go see what you can find out!" Raven phased through the helicopter's floor while Starfire flew out of the side door of the helicopter, the two ladies found each other in midair and then Raven took the lead. They flew down to the ground together and landed in front of the smoking embers of a once great hunter's cabin.

"It's gone, they're covering their tracks," Raven said aloud and Starfire could hear the anger in Raven's voice, but somehow her voice kept its monotone nature.

"It would seem so friend Raven," Starfire replied, "Where is the door of hiding friend Beast Boy spoke of?" Raven looked down into the basement, or what use to be the basement, now there was only a bunch of rubble and scorched planks in the hole under the house. She could see the metal pieces of the cabinet Beast Boy found and where the tunnel was located.

Raven walked around until she was standing on top of the tunnel and said aloud, "It's here." She encased the rubble in front of the entrance with her dark magic before flinging it away from the entrance to the tunnel, and then Raven grit her teeth at the damage dealt to the tunnel. The tunnel was collapsed completely, the support beams that held the tunnel up were gone and the tunnel was condemned.

"This tunnel is collapsed," Raven told her team through the earpiece radio they use on every mission.

Robin's voice cut in on the frequency and he asked, "Scope out the tunnel, did they collapse it completely or do we just have to move some rubble?" Raven didn't bother replying, she started her mythical chant and a few seconds later a dark raven flew out from her shadow and disappeared into the rubble. Starfire stood watch over her friend protectively as she astral projected.

Minutes passed until Raven returned, she came back with a jolt, shook her head, and immediately started talking into her earpiece, "The tunnel is no longer a tunnel." Robin cursed from the other side of the radio.

"Alright, fly back up to the helicopter, Cyborg is talking with the park rangers right now about setting us up with a landing zone and a cabin to stay in," Robin ordered.

"Wait, we're staying here?" Raven asked bewildered.

"Yes, we're not leaving until we figure out what we're up against," Robin replied over the radio, "Robin out." Raven let a hiss of air escape through her teeth as she glared up at the hovering helicopter, she hated being away from her sanctuary, her room, for several nights and meditating in new places always put her on edge.

Raven and Starfire re-entered the copter the same way they exited and Cyborg gained altitude once they were safely secured to their seats. Raven listened as Cyborg bickered with the head park ranger about where to land for twenty minutes, then the ranger gave them a spot, and Raven learned that the spot was in a field in the middle of nowhere and beside a cabin.

"Yes, yes sir, alright, see you there in thirty minutes," Cyborg spoke respectfully to the ranger, but once the line went dead Cyborg growled angrily. "That dang old man shacked us up in the mountains! The cabin is so far away from our mission site!" Cyborg complained as he directed the helicopter.

Robin all but yelled back, "What do you mean? Where did he put us?"

"Fifty miles away, Man! We've passed at least ten good landing spots on the way to that campfire!" Cyborg whined as his eyes watched another cabin pass by underneath them, and then he sighed.

"It's their land Cy, they're the only ones who can authorize our landing and stay," Robin explained while adjusting his eye mask, but Cyborg just shook his head and sighed again.

"I know man, it's just that they could've given us a place closer to the burned down cabin, but they didn't," Cyborg replied, but Robin didn't reply and instead watched the trees fly by underneath them from the co-pilot window. They dropped the subject as they traveled and thirty minutes passed in silence before they were being flagged down by a man wearing a bright yellow security vest and an old western cowboy hat.

Cyborg steadied the air vehicle before lowering into the clearing near the man. The titan copter landed smoothly with five military grade stick legs, and the helicopter was similar to a transformer one might see from popular media. The helicopter is able to sprout airbags capable of holding its weight so that it could land on water and also stopped anyone except the team from piloting it.

Robin opened the co-pilot door as the copter died down and the rest of the passengers prepared to embark. The head park ranger waved at them while he walked towards the helicopter and Robin called out to him, "Ranger Dean!" Dean Whitman was a dashing old fellow that the Titans had the pleasure of working with several times over the years, he was the head ranger of the park and he oversaw all happenings of the park.

He wore a cowboy hat every time the Titans worked with him. He kept his facial hair trimmed short and the hair on his head trailed to his neck. Silver strands of hair randomly poked out from his five o' clock shadow and his long brown hair. He wore the standard park ranger outfit which included a thick leather jacket, blue jeans, thick hiking boots, and a heavy duty flashlight strapped to his side at all times along with a simple six-chambered revolver.

"Robin! Cyborg! Raven! Starfire! It's a pleasure to see you!" Dean called out as he offered a hand to them as they escaped the grounded air craft, Starfire was the only one to accept his offered hand and if only to be polite to the aging man. "What brings you to my humble abode?" he asked before focusing squarely on Robin and holding his hand out to him.

"Well, we're chasing after a criminal, like our previous hunts, and we believe he is kidnapping people from the edges of your forest," Robin explained before shaking the man's hand, Dean held Robin's hand tightly and smiled smugly back. This was a show of respect and strength.

"I see. I heard about those girls going missing, such a shame," Dean replied as he let his arms drop to his side. "Hey, I got you guys a cabin set up right over here," Dean told them as he pointed towards the wooden structure about fifty yards away and said, "I'll show you around." Dean took off towards the cabin before the titans could say anything else, and the team had to walk briskly to catch up.

Robin looked back at Cyborg suspiciously and raised his eyebrows slightly. The team knew this gesture well; Robin was uneasy and uncomfortable with Dean's eagerness, and then Robin turned back and ran after Dean until he caught up to him. "Can you tell us anything about the kidnappings?" Robin asked as they walked towards the cabin.

"Nay, I'm afraid not, they're out of my jurisdiction," Dean explained before smiling that smug smile at Robin again. "Besides, that's your job, not mine" he continued as they reached the cabin and Robin let the subject drop as Dean unlocked the front door to the cabin. The door opened to a mighty impressive three room cabin.

Robin blinked as his jaw dropped at the Cabin, there was an impressive lounging, kitchen, and dining room mixed all into one room. Off to one corner of the cabin was the restroom with a shower, tub, toilet, and sink. The last room was the bedroom with a queen sized bed in it and Robin realized that Dean set the team up in a honeymoon cabin. This cabin wasn't designed to hold five people.

"Dean, can you get us a different cabin?" Robin asked as he tried to keep his voice under control which was difficult to do once he saw the hearts pinned up around the place from a recent honeymoon.

"I'm afraid not," Dean told them before sliding the key into Robin's hand, "I'm completely booked for the next few weeks. Fall brings the folks in like no other!" he exclaimed happily before smiling with his teeth, and then Dean moved from the doorway to stand outside. "Now you kids have fun now! Good luck finding them girls!" he cheered before disappearing down the steps of the cabin's porch. Dean was in his truck and driving down a wild and unused road before Robin could protest again.

Robin sighed from the deepest part of his chest. "Okay guys, you heard Dean, we will just have to make the most out of this-" Robin trailed off as he walked into the cabin and stared at the only bed in the cabin. Cyborg mimicked Robin with the sigh before walking to the fridge, and then Starfire giggled at Robin's expression and came to stand beside him.

Raven shook her head as she looked at the bear pelt in front of the fireplace. 'I wonder how Beast Boy will feel about this place,' she thought to herself and a few seconds later she plopped down into the recliner that was near the fireplace.

"The fridge is stocked!" Cyborg called out from the kitchen portion of the living area but Robin didn't respond as he still stared at the only bed in the cabin, and Starfire waved her hand in front of his face. Cyborg came to the fireplace with a soda pop and a bag of chips.

"The team that hunts together, lays together," Raven teased Robin once his eyes finally moved to Starfire's. Robin glared at her while his eyes twitched uncontrollably, and Cyborg laughed as he plopped down onto the love seat couch and dug into the chips he found.

"Good one Rae!" Cyborg howled while Robin fumed, and then he turned away and walked out onto the porch. "Do you think he's mad?" Cyborg asked her.

"Nah," Raven replied before clicking the button on her earpiece radio. "Garfield, come in, can you hear me?" she asked. Static echoed on the other end before Beast Boy's voice cut into the frequency.

"Yeah, I can hear you, what's up?" he asked as wind mixed in with his voice on the radio, and the combination of his voice and wind took Raven a few seconds to realize what he said.

"We're set up in a cabin fifty miles away from the cabin we found two days ago. Can you get to us?" she asked him.

"Which direction from the other cabin?" he asked and the wind violently cut through the earpiece. Raven came to the conclusion that he was probably in the mountains near their cabin.

Cyborg cut into the conversation before Raven could reply, "We had to travel north east from the other cabin."

"Okay, see you guys later tonight," he told them. The entire team knew what he was doing, looking around for clues and answers in the surrounding landscape.

"Beast Boy," Robin's voice cut through the transmission, "Be careful."

"Yeah, sure," Beast Boy said through the radio, "BB out."

Night descended upon the small cabin within a few hours and several more hours were spent in the darkness without any sign of Beast Boy. Beast Boy was late and the team was beginning to worry in their own unique ways. Raven sat down on the rocking chair out on the porch to wait for their lost teammate. Robin walked out and stood in front of the steps that led up to the cabin, and said, "You look like the prairie wife waiting for her husband to come home." Raven looked at him as if he grew another head and inhaled air quickly.

"Really Robin? What does Starfire look like when you two are sharing a bed?" Raven asked and teased at the same time, to which Robin's cheeks turned pink and he scratched the back of us head. "Well?"

"Uh…forget I ever said anything," he replied embarrassed. "We should build a fire, it's getting chilly in the cabin," Robin commented before he descended the stairs to find the log pile that most cabins have. Beast Boy landed in front of the steps, morphed into his human form, and walked up the steps in silence with a scowl on his face.

Beast Boy disappeared into the Cabin and Raven got up to follow, but she stopped as her boots squeaked on the wood underneath her. Beast Boy's footsteps were covered in water, and Raven shook her head in disbelief before opening the door to a scene that made her question Beast Boy's sanity. He was angrily rummaging through the refrigerator and pulling out ingredients to make a sandwich. After a minute the sandwich was assembled and he downed it in the matter of seconds.

The angry scowl on his face didn't disappear as he slid down to the tiled kitchen floor, and leaned back against a cabinet. Raven felt the raw emotion flowing from him, anger, possessiveness, worry, anxiety, and rage; Beast Boy was a boiling pot of emotions and they were boiling over. Robin walked into the room carrying a few logs and he dropped them at the doorway upon seeing Beast Boy sitting on the kitchen's floor angry.

Robin jogged up to him but Raven's arm shot out and kept him from going any closer, Robin looked at her in confusion until he looked closer at Beast Boy. He was soaking wet, claws were out, with an angry scowl and his entire body tensing and un-tensing. Raven could see the hair of his inner beast growing and disappearing in the matter of a second, whatever happened caused him a lot of distress.

"What's wrong?" Robin asked with concerned and fact gathering voice. Raven shook her head at him before turning to fully face Robin.

"Leave him be for now," Raven advised as her head began to pound from the onslaught of emotions. Robin's eyes looked to hers briefly before he nodded and went back to making a fire. Raven turned around to Beast Boy, sighed, then walked to the small bathroom the team had to share, retrieved the biggest towel she could find and returned to Beast Boy.

Raven kneeled down next to Beast Boy and felt the team's eyes on the two of them. Cyborg was curious, Robin was worried, Starfire was eagerly watching and waiting, it seemed that Beast Boy and Raven was the Titan's entertainment for tonight. Raven held the towel in her hands and was uncertain where to begin, Beast Boy was beyond out of his normal perception of reality and she knew he was prone to lashing out when this stressed.

Raven decided the safest place was a non-lethal spot, his shoulder blade; so she gently pressed the towel to his shoulder. His hands shot up and grabbed her wrist as the towel pressed against him, and a low threatening growl emitted from his chest as his eyes searched hers. Raven's eyes were glued to her wrist.

Cyborg held Robin back from interfering with their interaction while Starfire hovered nearby the men, and Raven didn't want them to see this side of Beast Boy. She didn't want anyone to see the animalistic side of him because that side didn't fit in with his normally happy self. Her eyes traveled up to his carefully and in them she saw him, the dark side, the beast taunted her more demonic nature with every aggressive action it took against her.

A glass exploded nearby as Raven's chaotic nature flared dangerously in reaction to Beast Boy's animalistic nature. Her eyes flared red as she stared into Beast Boy's eyes, then his hands loosened on her wrist, then dropped to his lap and he shut his eyes. He inhaled shakily before exhaling just as shakily, the words that flowed from his throat spoke of the anger he was experiencing, "They're everywhere."

Raven pulled away from him when he let go, inhaled and exhaled similarly, and then went back to running the towel over his chest and arms. When she pulled the towel back it was marred with blood and she realized he was injured but was healing slowly. Robin stepped forward, kneeled beside him, and spoke "What do you mean?"

"We're in the middle of their territory. I didn't find the facility but," Beast Boy explained but a hiss escaped him due to Raven touching a raw spot, "This place is infested." Starfire floated over to them with a med kit, set it beside Raven, and floated lower beside Robin.

"Well then we gotta leave man!" Cyborg yelled before running to the door.

"Star, go with him," Robin commanded a second later, "Don't let him get hurt." Starfire flew off without another word and left Robin with the unpredictable duo. Raven took in Beast Boy's condition with a more critical eye, pulled up his shirt, ignored the hiss that escaped him and raked her eyes across his chest. Minor lacerations (cuts) littered his body along with a few deeper gorges along his back and Raven grit her teeth at the injuries.

Beast Boy, true to his word, would heal over night from the injuries. His enhanced healing was a gift he received when the Beast awakened in him and it was a gift Beast Boy wasn't too keen on having. Beast Boy grabbed her hands and pushed them away, he didn't want to be bandaged and he made it clear to her that he didn't want to be babied over. Raven's nose lifted then twitched in irritation at Beast Boy's attitude, and her eyes filled with red completely.

Beast Boy looked into her eyes then his pupils disappeared too as his eyes adapted into the beast's eyes, and his lip pulled up into a snarl. A low growl echoed from his chest and bounced around the cabin while Raven's hands filled with dark magic, wind whipped around the room from Raven's magic flaring as the duo glared at each other and battled their wills against each other.

"Guys," Robin called to them while opening his palms in their direction, he took a step towards them and stopped when both Raven's and Beast Boy's heads snapped to his direction. They glared at him and Robin shrunk back feeling as if he was intruding on something he shouldn't step towards. Cyborg and Starfire returned to the room at this moment.

"Whoa, what's going on here?" Cyborg asked from the doorway with Starfire not far behind him, Robin shook his head and backed away slowly until he was by the fireplace.

"Nothing, leave them be," Robin told them with a wavering voice, he knew better than to get between two chaotic and unpredictable monsters, even if they were his teammates and heroes. Cyborg shook his head before plopping down in one of the two recliners, Starfire floated down into Robin's lap.

"The 'fuel pump', as friend Cyborg calls it, is missing," Starfire told him innocently and Robin blushed before glaring at Cyborg. He had a feeling Cyborg put this whole idea into her head after finding out the Titan's helicopter wouldn't start. Cyborg laughed to his self and tried to put his back to the kitchen because even those not sensitive to mystic energies could feel the battle of wills happening only a yard away.

Raven stubbornly yanked Beast Boy's shirt off, threw it in a corner and glared at him with no remorse. He was injured and in her mind she would take care of him, whether he liked it or not. Beast Boy growled at her, pulled away from her, and moved to stand up. He didn't care who she was, he wasn't going to accept a mother hen fussing over his wounds; that type of stuff happened enough in his past.

Raven grabbed his foot as he went to stand and he fell onto the kitchen floor face first, rolled over, and Raven straddled his lap before he could protest. Raven was quick with her hands as she poured rubbing alcohol onto a giant cotton swab and pulled it against the lacerations on his chest. Beast Boy howled angrily, pushed against her in rage, and tried to slide away but Raven tightened her grip on his lap with her thighs.

They fought on the kitchen floor for a minute until Beast Boy gave up; his head hit the floor as an exasperated sigh filled the kitchen and Raven won the battle of wills. His hands stayed grasped on Raven's knees as she cleaned his wounds with rubbing alcohol and the cabin was silent as the others listened to Raven tend to Beast Boy with utmost care, it wasn't abnormal for Raven to take care of Beast Boy, but it was abnormal for them to bicker as much when he needed his wounds wrapped.

Minutes passed in silence as she took care of his front side. Beast Boy's eyes slid shut which caught Raven's attention, then seconds later they reopened to reveal the green depths of his pupils, and Raven's eyes responded to the changes, the blood red color faded from her eyes and her purple pupils returned. "You know I hate the smell of rubbing alcohol," Beast Boy told her as their eyes locked.

Raven remained silent as she patched his front side with gauze pads, then she traced her fingers over his chest, and lost herself to thoughts. Beast Boy remained silent as well and let her have her moment of peace. "Flip over," Raven commanded and slid off his lap. Beast Boy complied with no qualms, he was too tired to fight her any longer and he only wanted this over with.

"I'm going to need a bath after this," he complained as he rolled over and Raven didn't like that he was lying on his new bandages, but she stayed silent about the whole ordeal because in her mind beggars can't be choosers. She tended to the deeper lacerations on his back with more gentle strokes; the cuts weren't extremely serious due to Beast Boy's enhanced healing, but if left alone they could bring down a human being.

Raven's fingers traced his back almost intimately once she was done patching him up, and a small blush traveled across her face as she shamelessly let her hands travel down his sides and back, and then up to his shoulder blades. Then she pulled her hands away, as if she touched fire, once she realized that she was feeling up Beast Boy. Raven quickly went back to assembling the unused materials back into the med kit to avoid the embarrassment.

Beast Boy stretched, yawned, and sat up once he was done getting patched up. His legs were relatively unscathed since his upper body took the brunt of the attack. Robin walked in on their serenity, hopped up on the counter, and clamped his hands together. "Well guys, we're here for the long haul, the helicopter was sabotaged," he revealed to the duo.

Raven looked at him skeptically, stood up from her spot beside Beast Boy, then placed the med kit on the counter and said, "Well, isn't that wonderful." Her voice leaked sarcasm like a rattle snake leaked venom and Beast Boy yawned again as he stood up, he was spent from his day of scouting.

"Beast Boy, what happened out there today?" Robin asked as his attention squared onto the green changeling. Beast Boy walked out to the fireplace without saying a word, collapsed onto the bear pelt, and pulled his legs cross-legged. After the team sat down around him he began his story.

"I scouted the first few hours without any useful results. It was ridiculous, their scent was everywhere. Every one of them has a unique scent, similar to humans, but amplified and musky. The scents were never alone either; they travel in packs, so sometimes it gets confusing to follow just one scent," Beast Boy narrated as Robin started the fire behind him.

"After I received your call around midday, I picked up on a familiar scent, Adonis, and he was trailing a pack of them. I followed him in hopes that I could understand his motives, but when I finally caught up to him he was fighting another beast. Surrounding Adonis and the other Beast was the pack mates, all females, and they kept their distance to avoid interfering with the fight," Beast Boy yawned as he fought his exhaustion off.

He continued his narration once Robin sat down on the love seat with Starfire, "Adonis dominated the head honcho of the pack easily, Adonis!" Beast Boy lost his words as his eyes unfocused; "He forced his dominance upon this poor sap, I watched as the alpha male morphed back into his human form, beaten, bloodied, and whimpered in front of Adonis. I'm not sure what happened but Adonis took control of the pack and they found me spying on them."

"What happened then?" Robin asked once Beast Boy fell quiet.

"I ran, I ran so far away, but I couldn't get away! Eventually I was cornered against the edge of a cliff and I fought Adonis with the beast. We fought briefly, but then I fell off the cliff, and into the river below. I was knocked out once I hit the water, and I guess the river took me. I woke up when the sun went down, and got to work finding you guys," Beast Boy ended his story with a conflicting look on his face.

"It's a good thing I fell into the water, or else he would've been able to scent track me back to you guys," Beast Boy explained to them and looked to each of them individually, then looked at Raven. "Sorry I acted like an ass, I was mad at myself, I was stupid for being caught out," Beast Boy apologized to her. Raven blinked, it wasn't outside of Beast Boy's vocabulary or behavior to apologize often for his behavior or pranks, but for some reason this time she felt that he was sincere in his apology.

"Alright Guys, we're setting up a night watch schedule," Robin cut in before Raven could accept his apology to explain their next few nights on the mission, "Cyborg, you take the first four hours, Raven, you take the next four hours, then the rest of us will get up, and Raven can rest for the next four hours before we start our day around ten a.m."

"What about you, Star, and Green Bean? You guys aren't going to take a watch?" Cyborg asked in confusion.

"Starfire and I will take watch the following night so that you and Raven can get an uninterrupted night of rest," Robin explained. Everyone nodded their heads in understanding at how their next couple of nights would go, and then Cyborg got up from his recliner, rummaged around the cabin, and returned with a trivia card game. Raven stared at her metallic friend as she realized there were still quite a few hours before their first watch.