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He could say it had all started when he realized he wasn't getting any older.

It was quite baffling, the way Ron and Hermione would look like actual grownups, and he'd have that boyish look still. It hadn't been an issue at first, but it had certainly grown to be so, and then he did the only thing he could actually think of doing: he ran away.

Not like a coward, or out of cowardice per se – he ran away, and it was by Hermione and Ron and Ginny's advice. They weren't afraid of him, but they were afraid for him - of what the Wizarding Government might do if they found out he wasn't aging, that he might be immortal.

It wasn't that he didn't know what the reason for his newest freakish problem could be: he knew the Hallows had somehow left a mark upon him. He also knew that even if he had broken the Elder Wand, and left the Ring in the forest, they had found a way back to him, unharmed and complete.

He was their master, and they weren't going to let him forget that. And apparently that meant he wasn't going to age, or die – even if he wasn't quite ready to put the later to the test yet.

So he had fled the Magical World, disappearing in the immensity of the Non-Magical folk and their normal lives. He tried finding jobs, but it was hard at first, and then he completely gave up when he realized that without some sort of education he would never find anything he actually enjoyed. He recurred to the Goblins, and converted his assets into muggle money, investing them in safe investments, and just hoped for the best, while trying to apply for a good University.

He studied for a few years, never actually knowing what he would major into, and in no hurry to find out – it wasn't as if he was getting any older – until he found Professor Jane Foster's work, and that definitely caught his attention.

She studied something at first considered absolutely insane – some sort of gateway between this world and another, something called Einstein-Rosen bridge, a wormhole that could actually take you from this dimension into another.

He remembered quite well some sort of gateway that could take you from this dimension and that nobody actually knew where it led. And because of that – because of that small chance that he might be able to find Sirius, to understand what had happened, the almost inexistent chance that Bellatrix's Avada Kedavra hadn't caught him, only the Veil, because of all that, he majored in astrophysics, and applied for a job with Jane Foster.

She didn't really need him, though. She had SHIELD behind her, all the equipment she might ever need, an assistant that wasn't exactly in her field but helped out a lot, and a dear friend who had her back.

Despite all of this, once she heard his story – or the part of it he could actually tell, how he had lost a dear family member in a gateway and was trying to find a way for him to come back -, she took him on. After all, they were pretty much on the same boat.

It had took him years though, to get where he wanted. And yet, he looked seventeen years old, with no facial hair to speak of, no muscle building to talk about, and a definite disappearance of his most trade mark traits. His scar had faded, his skin was always pale, even if he lived in New Mexico during Summer and Winter alike – and he was sure he was losing… something. Not his magic in the pure sense of the word, but something in him, around him, in the deepest corners of his soul. He was losing his humanity somehow, and yet he was still human. He couldn't quite understand any of it, but he could feel himself shifting day after day, and that unnerved him. He didn't want to be unique anymore; he didn't want to be the odd one out.

Harry tried to ignore his changes most of the time, even if from time to time Jane or Darcy, or even Erik, would stare at him as if they couldn't quite figure him out, or would comment about his appearance changing – never getting older, but never quite the same. He always chalked it up to a family trait, good genes that took longer to look older, but he knew they didn't buy it. They had met Gods, and seen Rainbow Bridges at work. They had seen a fight between a metal monster from another world and someone they considered a friend. They knew weird when they saw it, and Jane, mostly, just thought he was from another world, and he was working with her to get back there.

It was almost the truth, so he let her believe that for as long as she wanted to.

The first one to leave their happy team was Erik – SHIELD called him to work on their New York base, and he left them to do his own work. They still talked pretty frequently, mostly Jane and him, but she didn't want to leave her home in New Mexico and move to New York.

After hearing her history with a certain blond God, he could understand her. She didn't want to miss the chance of meeting Thor again, and staying in New Mexico would guarantee he knew where to find her.

Darcy was next. Even though she loved working with Jane, she was a Political Science Major, and she wanted to work in that field – SHIELD found a place for her soon enough, and she left them to work on some base abroad.

Harry and Jane had been doing their work together for almost four years now, almost two of those only the pair of them, with the assistants SHIELD sent them, but never really trusting anyone else to actually do their work. They had reasons to want the Bridges to work, they had motivation for trying to open one. The others wanted to do their jobs for the academic achievement, or even for the glory it would bring them, but Harry and Jane – for them it was personal. It was their lives.

They became best friends and allies, co-workers and partners in everything work-related. They hadn't become lovers because Jane was still completely in love with Thor and Harry… well, women just wasn't Harry's thing anymore.

Maybe they had never been.

Their friendship had grown even stronger every time they actually managed to achieve something in their work, and Jane had been saying for days they were on the verge of a breakthrough, of something that would make them understand how the bridge would work. She was convinced something had gone wrong in Asgard, where Thor had come from, and that was why he had never come back as he had promised.

It occurred to Harry, though, that time might run differently in Asgard. Maybe, for Thor, it had been only a few hours since he had left her, while for Jane it had been years. He shared this thought with Jane, and she seemed grateful – what he didn't share was that, if trouble had found Thor in Asgard, then maybe he was dead. Gods could die, as far as Harry knew – he, however, wasn't a God, and he couldn't die, no matter how much he wanted it sometimes.

Death was a constant in Harry's thoughts. He was not suicidal, or even wanted to die right now, but he did want to get older. He wanted to experience life at its fullest, something he couldn't quite do - he didn't know how. He didn't know how to let people close to him again, the only one he considered a friend nowadays was Jane, and even that he would regret later, even if he hadn't know that for many years.

The day he regretted getting that close to another human being started all pretty much the same as always. Jane got a call from SHIELD early in the morning, they wanted her to move to New York, they had more resources there, more people to help, more they could do to speed up her bridges, but she did not want to go. For Harry it wouldn't matter, but he didn't want to leave Jane on her own, so he said he didn't want to go either, and together, they got another extension on their research period in New Mexico.

Jane left their offices at 11am; she just had to go to the bank, she said, she just had to check a few things on her account.

At 11.35 Harry felt his blood run cold, because somehow he knew – he just knew – something was wrong. Something was so very, very wrong. He called Jane on her cell phone seven times before he gave up, and decided to make his way to the bank and back, just to check if she was okay.

He hadn't even gotten as far as the front door when their phone rang, and he knew Jane was not okay.

Jane had been crossing the street to the bank when the traffic lights were just turning red. A drunk driver decided to make a run for it, and he had lost complete control over his car, running over Jane.

She had died instantly, painlessly, in a single stroke of her body hitting the big truck-like car the man was driving.

Harry had gotten to her a few minutes after it had all happened. His tears were running down his face before he even knew what he was doing, her head cradled on his lap, his hands running though her hair. They had to sedate him when they had taken her to the hospital, and he woke up to see Darcy by his bed, back from wherever she had been, her eyes red and puffy from the crying.

Of the funeral, burial and wake Harry couldn't quite remember anything. He felt numb and lost – his only friend was dead, and he didn't quite know how to cope.

So when the SHIELD office asked him again to come to New York, he agreed.

There was no point in New Mexico without Jane.

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