Viessha's Defence

Sirius was running flat-out, ignoring the blood oozing down his cheek and the twinge of cracked ribs as he headed for the last place he'd seen his Godson.

A pair of dark-robed idiots stood in his way of the alleyway, and Sirius almost growled as he slashed his wand from side to side, leaving both of them cringing as he darted past.

And slammed into an invisible barrier, not eight metres from his Godson, who was standing tall as his little seven-year-old body could, facing another pair.

Sirius yelled in fury, slamming his fist into the barrier even as he drew back his wand, searching for any incantation that might help, that might bring down the barrier, knowing it wouldn't be fast enough.

One of the wizards raised his wand, the other reached harshly for Harry's shoulder, and Sirius poured every ounce of his will into his casting, wishing Remus was here.

The wizard seizing Harry yanked backwards, mouth open in a scream, and the other faltered back, suddenly terrified. Sirius slammed a fist against the barrier, staring.

Harry grinned, tripping backwards, but he was pale and shocky. Sirius stumbled forwards, the magic barring his way suddenly gone, and lunged for his Godson.

"Harry! Thank Merlin you're all right!" Sirius said, too loud, dropping to his knees even as he Stunned the second wizard. Just as his hands clasped Harry's shoulders, he saw Harry's pet withdrawing, still making a quiet angry sound.

Viessha was draped across Harry's shoulders, his right hand raised to clasp around her middle, and-

Sirius glanced back, catching sight of a pair of deep, livid punctures on the first wizard, who looked as though he'd fainted. Sirius shook his head.

"You are all right, aren't you?" Sirius asked, only to receive an armful of shaking Harry.


Updating early because the night of madness with my friends will be commencing shortly. I am sorry to be going on hiatus, but I will resume daily updates as soon as I can - it will probably still be at least a couple of months, depending. (By the way, if you would like to see more of this little set, with Viessha, let me know what and I will see what I can do. Otherwise she may return, but not likely.)

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