This drabble was written as a thank you to Blue-Eyed Chica, who left the 500th review on this story.

A Real Cousin

Harry peered uncertainly at the small, squirming form on the floor, so focused that he jumped nervously when Sirius' hand rested on his shoulder.

"I wasn' doing any'hing!" Harry protested quickly.

"We know you weren't, cubling." Remus' words soothed him right into an embarrassed flush.

Harry ducked his head and looked past the baby on its quilt to find Remus sitting comfortably there, beckoning him closer.

Harry looked warily at the baby, then scrambled carefully past, slightly-scrawny four-year-old body curling easily into Remus' lap.

Harry snuggled close, and Remus hummed, kissing his head, making him giggle.

The baby stirred, with a quiet cry, and Harry's face fell, expecting to be put aside-

"Siri?" Remus murmured, and was already scooping up the baby, rocking him. He settled quickly, and Siri grinned reflexively as he opened faded amber-coloured eyes.

"Harry," Remus said gently, "Rigel will be a real cousin to you, all right? Or like a baby brother." he added. "We are never going to forget you, or choose Rigel over you."

Harry jumped, then hid his face against Remus' shirt, and when Remus glanced up at his husband . . . Sirius looked stricken.

He rolled his eyes. He'd expected this, after over a year with the Dursleys, but everything would be fine. He beckoned Sirius closer.

"Just be a better big brother than Siri, okay? He was always teasing." Remus whispered playfully, and Harry giggled again, looking at Rigel, who looked back bemusedly as Harry's little hand gently prodded his nose.

Harry tilted his head, looking up at Siri, who gave him the same smile as always, and then Remus, whose arms were as warm and welcoming as ever, and smiled a little.

"I 'ake care of Rigel?" he carefully enunciated, and Remus laughed warmly.

"Yes, cubling." Siri said fondly. "When you're older."


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