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CH 18

We both head down the stairs, never losing contact with each another. We reach the living room where everyone but Carlisle is sitting... and trying not to smile. Emmett opens his mouth, most likely to comment on what Alice and I were doing, but a sharp elbow from Rosalie prevents him from doing so.

"Alice, dear, Carlisle is waiting for you outside. He wants to speak with you." Esme says gently with a teasing yet adoring smile.

Alice nods and looks down shyly. Wait. I'd like to say that I know Alice and she is anything but shy. But before I have the chance to comment, Esme speaks up again.

"I do believe he wanted to talk to you alone, dear." She says smiling at me apologetically. Alice glances at me quickly before heading off towards the backdoor, albeit reluctantly.

"What's her deal? She is never shy." I say very confused… I mean there wasn't even any teasing. Did I miss something? I hear Jasper chuckle.

"Not shy, Bella, embarrassed. She is going to get a talking to by Carlisle." He provides at my still confused look. "I'm sure she'll explain when you guys… go out together." He says and looks down, looking almost identical to Alice… though when Alice does it, she looks absolutely adorable. And Jasper is… well, Jasper.

"I have another question, Jasper." I say smirking. "Why did Carlisle send you of all people to stop our… activities?" I glance quickly at Emmett when he snorts and look back at Jasper when he clears his throat, looking unbelievably uncomfortable.

"You see, our little Jasper here makes it impossible to do anything… fun. Every time we try, he complains that it bothers him." Emmett says with a laugh, punching a rather uncomfortable looking Jasper. "Which was fine with mom and dad until," he grimaces and shudders," they went at it, and Jasper pitched a fit. He singlehandedly put a stop to all extracurricular activities." He turns and looks at Esme, who won't meet his gaze. "Not so much fun now is it, mom?" He questions, emphasizing the last word.

"You're just mad because you two," she gestures between Emmett and Rosalie, "can't go at it like rabbits." Esme says defensively and I can't help the bark of laughter that escapes me. "Anyway, to answer your question, Jasper happened to be having a bad day, more so than usual, and was particularly susceptible to emotions. So when Carlisle and I took advantage of some time alone, Jasper was really… affected by it. He ended up bursting into our room and screaming at us to stop." Esme says chuckling upon reminiscing.

"Not one of my finer moments. But trust me when I say that I have greater control over my powers now." Jasper says smiling lightly.

"Carlisle was not very happy, to say the least, and he knows how… uncomfortable Jasper gets in these situations, so when the opportunity arose to get back at him, he didn't hesitate." Esme laughs at Jasper's frown and moves over to wrap him in a one-arm hug. "I did try to stop him, dear."

"Oh yes, I'm sure you tried your very best, mom, thanks." Jasper says dryly, but with a grin, returning his mother's hug.

I just stare at them. Carlisle and Esme? First, ew, so gross to think about. Second, Carlisle is nice and mature… he wouldn't do that, would he? Well, I guess… Alice wasn't very happy when Jasper interrupted us, I mean, I don't like being interrupted, but I wouldn't send the empath to break up relations. That's just mean. Ah well, another reason for me to like Carlisle. I suppose, everyone needs to be a little evil.

I am startled out of my thoughts when a cold arm wraps around my waist and a kiss is planted on the underside of my jaw.

"You ready, babe?" Alice asks quietly, with a small smile. I kiss her forehead and nod eagerly as we leave, giving a small wave to everyone as we go. Carlisle passes us as we are heading out the door and gives us a small smile.

When we are a safe distance from the house, Alice speaks. "We need to talk."

Uh-oh. The dreaded words that in every movie, book, and TV-show use during break-up scenes.

"Yay?" I say, nervous, and she just chuckles.

"I'm not breaking up with you, you dork. Quite the opposite, actually." She says fondly leaning against a tree.

"I need to talk about what we are getting ready to do… it can be dangerous." She says her brow crinkling. I move in close and lean against her, pinning her against the tree. She looks up into my eyes and frowns.

"I'm serious, Bella. I could kill you." I roll my eyes at her and she clenches her jaw.

"Bella!" She stomps her foot, "I know that you are a werewolf but really… this has never been done before. I don't know what can happen and that worries me." She says softly and I kiss the worried wrinkle away from her forehead.

"Love, we'll be fine. You wouldn't be able to kill me," I pause at her glare, "not because you aren't physically capable. We all know you could kick my ass into next week, but because I am your mate and the human side of you won't let you." I finish and she snaps her head up to look at me.

"My human side?"

"Out of all the stuff I said, you decided to focus on that?" She doesn't respond and I sigh. "Yes, your human side. I've met plenty of vampires in my time and none of them have been as… nice as you. Most have been like wild animals," I cup her cheek when she flinches, "but you Cullens…" I smile, "…you Cullens are something else. You took in a girl that you had no idea who she was, took her back even after you found out she was a werewolf, and then accepted me again when I almost destroyed one of your own."

I look down and I feel Alice squeeze my hand. "You live among people because you drink animal blood. You go against your very nature to keep the people around you safe." I reach my other hand up and brush my thumb along her cheek, she is grinning and her eyes are moist with tears.

"You are kinder than most people I have ever met." I pause, "So yes, your human side, which, if you ask me, is bigger than your vampire side." I barely get the words out before she launches onto her tiptoes and slams her mouth against mine. I wrap my arms around her neck and hers wrap around my waist. I tilt my head to gain better access and she pushes harder against me in return. I slide my tongue across her bottom lip and she growls, but instead of granting me access, she pulls away—panting might I add—and rests her head against my chest.

"We can't." She says in between breaths, "I have to hunt first."

She looks up and her eyes are pitch black. She chuckles, "Which leads me to the reason we aren't out hunting yet… I would've explained about it all already but someone distracted me." She says, the effect of her glare weakened by her smile.

"By all means, explain why I can't have my wicked way with you." I say, leaning in and nibbling on her neck. She gasps and leans back against the tree.

"This is going to be difficult unless you stop." She says breathlessly as I move to where her neck and shoulder meet. I groan and pull away. I motion for her to continue and she laughs. "A vampire's control is based off of two things… essentially; experience and thirst. In this case, thirst is the issue. The thirstier a vampire is, the less control they have."

"Your point? Because I'm pretty sure my blood doesn't call out to you." I say rather impatient with the hold up.

"Not in the way you're thinking, no. But when we get excited," I grin at her but she ignores me, "our thirst gets many times stronger and our control gets more and more out of hand."

"And this relates to me…how?" She rolls her eyes.

"God, Bella! You are thick sometimes. You have blood. Nice, fresh, warm blood. And while it doesn't smell normal," she blatantly ignores my sarcastic "thanks", "it is still blood and it still smells appetizing. During the… act I could very well bite you and drain you dry."

Pushing away the inappropriate thoughts of her biting me, I take a step back and look her in the eye.

"Yeah, well, mates don't kill their mates." I say shrugging and she growls.

"That's because, generally, their mates are already dead!" She yells and I flinch back.

"I'm sorry that me being alive is such an inconvenience." I bite back sharply and I see the instant regret flash across her features, but I don't care that I am blowing our conversation out of proportion.

"Bella, that's not what I meant and you know that." Alice says defensively causing my anger to flare. I start to shake and I think Alice registers this because she calms instantly and takes a step towards me. "Bella, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that you are an inconvenience, okay? Just that we have to take extra precautions because you're…"

"Alive?" I interrupt sharply. "All of your fucking problems are because I am alive!" I yell, ignoring the fact that I sound like a drama queen, and all of the insecurities I have been feeling this entire time rush to the surface.

"Bella? No, it—"

"Really? Because I don't remember you having issues with the Quileute pack before I arrived, and now Sam is on some power trip. I don't remember you missing one of your family before I got here, either. So don't you fucking dare tell me that I am not an inconvenience. Samantha was right. I am a nut job for staying with you guys!" I yell between clenched teeth.

Alice steps forward and reaches for my face. I growl lowly in my chest and the shaking worsens.

"Bella, no. I got my mate out of it." I cut her off before she can continue.

"Yeah, what a great mate I am." I grit out sarcastically, "you can't even have sex when you want because you might kill me."

When the words leave my mouth, the truth of them hits me hard, and I find it difficult to breathe.

I will never be able to give Alice all that she needs or wants. I won't ever be good enough for her. I hit my breaking point and one sob leaves my chest before I shift and run away, effectively ignoring Alice calling after me.

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