Leaning back against the chair, Sebastian attempted to move his hair away from his face, only to have it even worse then before. The Captain of the Warblers was studying for a history test that his teacher decided to give them tomorrow, telling them about it today. Pushing his falling glasses back onto his face, he looked down at his notes, caring just as much as Henry VIII did about his daughters, naught all. Putting his face in his hands, he started reading over his notes again, trying to remember the order of the wives and the dates and reasons for their death or annulment along with the excommunication of the church. Slouching over his desk, he pulled his lacrosse jersey off, freeing his body to the summer air and away from the captured warmth between skin and material. Throwing it across the room, onto his fortress of a bed, he stared back at the textbook in front of him, reading about the large man that changed England in the 16th century. Somehow getting caught up within it all, he didn't notice the extra body enter the room until it had flung himself towards the shirtless warbler in an attack hug. After shouting slight profanities at no one, Sebastian turned around to see his boyfriend on the floor laughing at the shock and slight annoyed expression that the on the warblers face. Blaine, looking up at his boyfriend, still giggling, had brought the other teenager food and caffeine supplies in the form of coffee from the Lima Bean, the one acceptable place to get coffee. Smiling sheepishly at the expression still on Sebastian's face, he held to food and drink in front of him, giving him a slight smile and tilt of his head. Pulling the food and drink out of his hands, Sebastian lunged forward, pinning his boyfriend to the mattress, kissing the shorter of the twos face, thanking him like it was his mantra. Getting off of his boyfriend, Sebastian went to his desk, collected the food and coffees and sat down next to his boyfriend, pulling him into his side, until Blaines head was resting against his shoulder, reminding of the days in Paris and the moments like these that made his heart jump that tiny beat.