Tenchi Muyo-Good Tidings

By: Ghost43843

Writer's Notes

Greetings all! I had unearthed this fanfic of mine from 2006. I had posted it on the old TMFFA, but figured I would fix it and clean it up and post it here. Probably not my greatest opus written, but I still liked it. I will let my fellow Tenchi fans know up front that I always liked Kiyone, she was my favorite of the group. In Tenchi's shoes, she would have been my first pick. Right behind her though was Ryoko. So for this fic, decided that since he was in line to be potentially Emperor, I would have him follow their customs and have two wives. Hence, why I have him with both Kiyone and Ryoko. I have other works in progress, but this one was unique. Feel free to review and tell me what you think of it. More will be coming.