The Federation is at war with the Q continuum in a final war between omnipotents. By the 39th century, the Federation was so technologically advanced, it rivaled the Q's in sheer power. By the 40th century, all hell had broken loose.

The Q were eventually defeated, and a treaty was signed insuring human sovereignty in the current timeline. However, the Q were still bitter that the 'puny' humans had discovered the secret to immortality. Thus they resorted to dirty tactics…

1997 Alternate Timeline battle zone

USS Relativity –Z

Sickbay- medical station 2

"Have you found a suitable candidate from this time doctor?" Captain Kwazi asked apprehensively. Doctor Crusher smiled "Yes, I believe I have found a very suitable candidate. Her name is Hermione Granger, age 17, CIQ of 209, and best of all, currently studies at Hogwarts. Overall, the best infiltrator we need to study these curious genetic malformations who call themselves witches and wizards." "Is she fully matured? I prefer not to give hormonal supplements." Captain Kwazi asked worriedly. Again, Crusher smiled "Yes, she is fully matured, both mentally and physically. We can inject the Immortality Nanoprobes whenever she wishes to. However there is one slight problem." Captain Kwazi suddenly jerked up "What would that be?" Doctor Crusher sighed, "Although in our time, homosexuality is accepted and even encouraged, in this time, it is deeply frowned upon, and even prosecuted. Our psychological analysis of her brain waves state rather clearly that she is a lesbian. However, she does not realize it."

AN: CIQ stands for Common Intelligence Quotient, which uses brain scans instead of written tests to identify intelligence levels, thus much more accurate. 209, by the way, means a super genius.

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