Promises Kept – Ch. 11

Month 1, Day 11 Morning - The Hinata Inn

"It's simple Saki-San" Tamiyo instructed, twirling a pen in her hand. "Just remember the formula."

"Riiiiight…" Saki moaned. "And what formula was that again?" She asked, scratching her head.

"We just went over this for the last problem." Tamiyo sighed.

"Yeah, but I'm really stupid." Saki said, with an awkward grin. "I'm not really for all this egghead stuff."

"You know if you keep telling yourself you're stupid, it's probably going to end up being true." Tamiyo, who developed a vein on her forehead, said.

"Just- Just show it to me again." Saki stated, shoving her problems to the other girl. Tamiyo with an annoyed look, took her pen, and with a few quick strokes of her pen solved the problem, and returned it to Saki.

"…is that right?"

"Of course it's right! Here-" Tamiyo said, as she went over the last problem step-by-step.

"I'm leaving for the week, bye." Called a voice in the next room.

"Fine, bye." Saki and Tamiyo called out as they focused on the math problems. "Okay, so that's a- wait a minute!" Saki cried out, jumping to her feet to investigate.

Motoko was about to grab the door before Saki took her wrist, and saw the girl staring at her. "Where are you going?" She asked.

"Out." Motoko responded.

"For a week?" Saki asked.

Motoko sighed as Tamiyo, not wanting to be left out, entered the hallway, and leaned on the doorframe.

"Yes, a week. You did not mis-hear me." Motoko stated.

"Isn't this a bit sudden?" Tamiyo asked.

"I've been considering this trip for a while now." Motoko said. "Ever since my duel with Kei-, with the manager."

"Motoko-San, we've been over this, you were on the verge of collapse when you fought, and you still managed to hold you own." Tamiyo said.

"Granted, that pervert manager was lucky to know which end of the sword to hold-" Saki started.

"Eh-hem." Tamiyo interrupted.

"I mean, you did great!" Saki said.

Motoko sighed again. "Regardless of how you look at it, I a trained swordswoman, almost lost to a man who had at best, a sparse education when it game to the art of the sword."

"Alright, so he on his best day managed to hold his own with you on your worst day, it doesn't mean you have to leave." Tamiyo stated.

"I'm not leaving, only going for a trip." Motoko stated. "I intend to hone my craft at a Kendo training camp. In Kyoto."

"Kyoto!?" The two asked.

"Yes." Motoko said with a complete straight face.

"W-Why Kyoto?" Tamiyo asked.

"My family is there, I am familiar with the area, and the area's Kendo instructors are of good repute." Motoko explained.

"I-It's just that, that's pretty far away." Tamiyo said.

"And you don't seem packed for such a long trip." Saki noted, as all Motoko had on her was a small pack with a Spartan selection of supplies, her Katana, and her traditional Gi.

"What do you mean?" Motoko asked.

"Don't you think you should have mentioned this earlier, or told the rest of us?" Tamiyo asked.

"I left a note on my door for the manager." Motoko responded. "There's no use in trying to talk me out of this trip, I've had my heart set on it for a while. Now if that is all, I really should be going. I trust you'll be able to maintain order in my absence." She said her hand going back to the door. "Oh, and goodbye."

"Okay, so we're in the fall right now, and the exams are in the early spring, that gives a few months to study, for the first part of the day I'm still at high school, and you're maintaining the inn, and right after that we have cram school. So that gives about maybe four hours a day to study at home, and we have the entire day on Saturday, with Sunday for rest and date nights." Naru muttered, writing notes in a small notepad.

"Don't you think that's a bit much Naru?" Keitaro asked.

The two were currently heading back from Cram School, having just said goodbye to Haitani and Shirai, and were leisurely walking back to their home at the Hinata.

"We gotta take this seriously Keitaro." Naru stated. "It may seem like a long ways off now, but if we don't make plans, those entrance exams are going to sneak up on us. And with all the distractions going on at the inn, it won't hurt to be prepared."

"…Fair enough." Keitaro said, knowing well enough to not argue with his girlfriend. It's not like he had room to argue, he thought to himself. After all, he already failed the Tokyo University Entrance Exams. Twice.

"Alright, so it's settled then, the first thing we do when we get back is hit the books!" Naru stated happily.

Keitaro chuckled as the two quietly walked through the hot springs town that the Hinata was hidden in. After a while Naru broke the silence.

"So whatcha thinking about?" She asked.


"Come on, you have that 'head in the clouds' look on your face." Naru explained.

"Oh, well-" Keitaro said, as they found their way on the hidden path that led to the Hinata. "That manga me and the guys made."

"Oh really."

"Yeah, it was really fun to make." Keitaro said, as they started up the many steps to the Hinata.

"And you're not just saying that because the protagonist is basically an idealized version of yourself with a harem of women at his beck and call." Naru said skeptically.

"No I am not." Keitaro said indignantly. "It's just that usually when I draw its for myself, you know. It felt nice to be productive, that and I usually don't draw sceneries, so it was a nice challenge. I was wondering when we might be able to do a second volume." He said as they passed Haruka's teashop.

"Well I'm sorry Keitaro, but that's going to have to wait, we gotta a lot of studying to do before then."

"I guess you're right." Keitaro said when they finally came upon the Hinata itself. "I'll have plenty of time for that for when we're finally in Tokyo University, huh?"


They opened the door to a strange sight. Now this in and of itself wasn't odd, as the two had done so on many occasions, both in their shared childhood, and in the recent past, such as when Naru opened the door to find Kitsune pinned by a Great Dane, but that is a story for another day.

Today, what it was that made them pause was Su, who was standing stock-still. For as long as either of couple had been living with the girl, they had known her to be in constant motion, bounding, jumping, or skipping down the hallways, performing jumps, flips, and splits that a trained athlete would respect, Even when standing or sitting she would be moving, bouncing on the balls of her feet, or scarfing down her meals with ferocious intensity at the dinner tables.

But what they saw in front of them was the young girl of ambiguous origins standing as still as a painting.

"Um, Su-Chan?" Naru asked, causing Su to snap her head in Naru's direction. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"Motoko left." She answered.

"She did?" Naru and Keitaro asked in surprise. "When?" Keitaro asked.

"Today." She answered.

"That's… sudden." Naru remarked. "Isn't she supposed to tell you about this in advance, or something?"

"She left a note." Su offered.

"Where?" Keitaro asked.

"On her door." Su stated.

"Come on, let's take a look." Keitaro said to Naru as the two started heading upstairs to Naru's room.

Just as Su had said, a small note had been placed on her door, which Keitaro quickly took and read aloud.

"Dear Manager, I will be gone on a week long trip to Kyoto where I will attend a Kendo training camp. I have left this months rent in my room. –Motoko Aoyoma." He said. "Figures, just when I'm starting to get along with someone, they leave." He sighed. "You're smiling." He noted while looking at Naru.

"Hehe, no more Samurai-girl trying to kill my boyfriend~" She said in a singsong voice.

Keitaro sighed. She wasn't wrong.

"Oh well, nothing we can do right?" Keitaro said, scratching his head. "I guess we should just get to studying huh."

"Hmm-hm!" Naru affirmed happily. The two headed to Naru's room to begin their studying, taking out their various studying materials and supplies, which soon began to overtake the room they were in.

"Hey, watcha up to?" Su asked from the doorway.

The two turned to the young girl, as they had forgotten her presence. "Um, studying for our exams." Naru explained.

"Sounds boring." Su responded.

"Um, yeah, very boring, so why don't you go along then?" Naru said trying to shoo away the girl.

"Nah, I'll just stay here." Su stated, walking over to their table, and plopping herself down.

Keitaro glanced and could see his girlfriends' irritated expression. "Come on Naru, it won't be that bad." He whispered.

Naru humphed, and forced her boyfriend down to the floor with her, and put a big heavy textbook up between them and Su.

"Keitaro, this is just asking for trouble having her here." Naru stated.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Exactly what I said." Naru stated. "The only reason why you're still alive is that ungodly immortality of yours, and the fact that we've been trying to keep you away from those psycho's!"

"Oh come on, she's only a middle schooler." Keitaro said, defending the young girl.

"A middle schooler who is responsible for almost half of your beatings you get around here." Naru stated.

"She hasn't caused that much trouble."

"How about last week, when she was running down the hallway with only a towel on, and then the moment she spotted you, she tore the thing off? Trust me having her here is only going to invite trouble, one moment you'll be reaching for a pencil, the next you're hand's going to go down your skirt, one of the crazies is going to punt you out of that window, and not only will you end up with bruises and twigs in your hair, you're also going to be forced into fixing that same window."

Keitaro simply stared at Naru, deep in thought. "What?" Naru asked.

"…you're jealous." Keitaro accused.

"W-What? I-I am not." Naru denied. "She's only a middle schooler for heaven's sake."

"Uh-huh." Keitaro said.

"Honest I'm not jealous!" Naru implored. "I have my limits too you know…" She moaned. "Besides… she's watching."

"What do you mean?" Keitaro asked, who peaked around the textbook to see Su looking at Naru's bookshelf before his girlfriend quickly pulled him back into their private conversation.

"I mean she's, watching, and I don't like it." Naru explained. "Studying for us is kinda, well you know, intimate. It's almost feels like she's watching of us have sex."

Keitaro, despite sitting down on the floor, still managed to fall down upon hearing that. "W-WHAT!?" He cried.

"You heard me." Naru said with a blush. "You remember the first thing we did as a couple? It wasn't kissing, it wasn't even holding hands, it was studying." She explained.

"Naru, my sister, on many occasions, helped us with our study sessions, we even got her a fake pair of glasses for it when she felt left out because she was the only one who didn't need them." He told her.

"That's different." Naru stated. "I know Kanako."

"What about when Shinobu-Chan is with us?" Keitaro asked.

"When we're with her we're just going over more middle school stuff, nothing serious, you know, so it doesn't count." Naru said. "Aw crap, I forgot to factor in our tutoring sessions with her too." She said, as she reached for her small notepad.

"Naru, you are insane." Keitaro muttered.

"Am not!" Naru defended.

"Look, let's just give her a chance, it's only this once anyway, right?" Keitaro said.

"…Fine." Naru said begrudgingly. "You're too nice, you know that?"

Naru put down their textbook to see Su sitting across the table, her nose in a book, reading aloud the words on paper.

"She gazed soulfully into his eyes, as his rough hands began caressing her face, removing her glasses, and planting feather-light kisses over ever inch of visible skin, slowly but surely making his way downwards, she moaned in delight from his delicate ministrations."

Both Naru and Keitaro stared in shock at the young middle school girl in front of them, both of their faces turning a bright red. Naru mad a mad grab across the table for the book in Su's hand, but she simply fell back onto the floor and kept reading.

" 'More.' The Todai student moaned quietly as her lover began to strip her of her clothes and as their eyes met once more, she kissed him passionately, holding onto him in such a way that she wished to never let him go."

"Give- that- back!" Naru cried with each swipe trying to reclaim the book from Su, becoming more harried in the process as Su skillfully evaded her.

"Their love for each-other almost bursting at the seems, they drew further into each other, their bodies becoming so close that it became difficult to distinguish their bodies. Her breathing became faster and more heated as her lover's wandering hands continued skirting down from her shoulders across the smooth expanse of her back, around the curves of her waist and hips, and lastly to her long legs. 'I love you.' He whispered warmly in her ear, causing another short cry to be let out, as-"

"Mine!" Naru cried as she finally snatched the book from Su's hands, her hair ragged, and her expression crazed.

"Wow Naru… I had no idea…" Keitaro spoke out, dazed.

"Wait Keitaro it's not what you think!" Naru pled to her boyfriend.

"No, no, it makes sense. We were separated for a long time. It would only make sense that you were… lonely…"

"You!" Naru screeched as she turned to Su, who was already well on her way into volume 2.

"Rejoicing after seeing her lover after so long, she wasted now time in showering him with her affections, ripping his shirt open, leaving a trail of kisses that trailed from his face, down his neck and chest, until she found herself facing her greatly desired prize."

Naru quickly took the second book from Su, and looked down on the girl furiously. "Just what exactly do you think you're doing!?" She fumed.

"Reading." She responded in the most obnoxious way possible.

"Do you have any idea what this is?" Naru asked.

"Porn." Su volunteered.

"Porn!? These aren't-" Naru stopped herself before she could defend her smut books to a middle schooler. "How did you get these?"

"That's easy, they were just behind the rest of your books on your bookshelf." Su stated shamelessly.

Naru's anger was fast approaching its boiling point. "Out! Out! Out!" She screeched, grabbing Su by her collar and skirt, and literally kicking her out the door before violently slamming it shut.

With that, Naru fell to the ground in exhaustion. Keitaro, wanting to be the good boyfriend that he was, got up to make sure she was alright.

"Um…" He mumbled, not knowing where to start.

"This is so embarrassing…" Naru moaned to herself. "I told you she'd be trouble."

"You told me." Keitaro conceded, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend.

"I just never imagined you'd find out about these. Especially like that."


"It's just… you know…"

"I know."

"You were gone for a while, and I was… lonely… you understand, right?"

"I understand."

"Yeah… I mean… you probably um… got um, lonely too right?" She asked, looking up at him.

"I, well, I uh…" Keitaro stumbled, not sure how to respond.

"It's okay, you can tell me." Naru said.

"From time to time." Keitaro said with a blush.

"Exactly." Naru said with a smile. "It's completely natural. I mean you probably have a couple of magazines that Haitani and Shirai gave you right."

"Um, actually…"


"Yeah, I, um, I do." Keitaro said.

"See. It's nothing to be embarrassed about then." Naru stated. "Actually it feels kinda nice to have that off my chest, you know."

"Yeah." Keitaro said, as Naru relaxed more into him.

"And they're not porn." Naru stated, referring to her books. "They're Erotica."

"Uh-huh." Keitaro stated as he caught sight of the title of her books that caused him to blush. 'Study Sessions'

Month 1 Day 12 – The Hinata Inn

The next day found the favorite couple the same as the last, coming back from cram school, hearts set on studying the moment they came back to the inn. Since they traditionally altered studying locations between each other's rooms, today they were to do their academic research in Keitaro's room.

What pleasant chatter they had between them ended abruptly upon seeing the status that his room had mysteriously attained. Anything that was not built into the floor, which was pretty much everything and anything in the room, had been either shifted, shoved, scattered, moved, tossed, turned, flipped, budged, upended, or otherwise allocated in another area in which it had not been previously.

In short, as one could deduce from the young girl standing in the epicenter of his room, Hurricane Su had paid him a visit.

"What happened here?" Keitaro cried as he beheld the status of his room.

"Oh hiya there!" Su said happily as Keitaro was left to search the wreckage.

"Su, what did you do in here?" Naru asked icily.

"I went looking for the manager's porno collection." Su said, with her trademark ear-to-ear grin not once leaving her face. "Did you guys know that the here's a hole between your floors?"

"SU!" Both Naru and Keitaro cried out in unison.

"You see, I know I made Naru angry when I read her porno books without her permission in front of the Manager yesterday, so I thought to myself all day how I could make it up to her, and I decided that showing the Manager's porno manager collection to Naru ought to be fair. So I came in here to look, but no matter how much I look, I can't seem to find the main stash, I mean Saki said, that the Manager must have a huge collection, but all I can find are these nudey photo's, and that's it." She said, producing a small collection of photograph stills from behind her back.

This caused an instant reaction from Keitaro, who made a mad dive at the photographs in question, which Su expertly dodged, leapfrogging over Keitaro with ease as he fell onto the floor.

"Here you go!" Su said as she presented the amateur erotica to Naru, who wasted no time in inspecting them. "I even tried hacking his computer, but there was nothing there either."

"Eh, um, Naru, it's um…" Keitaro stuttered, unsure what to say.

Naru mutely picked Su by the collar, and walked her out the door before closing it, still keeping the photos close to her face.

"Keitaro." Naru said quietly, causing Keitaro to become even more nervous. "These are the same photographs I gave you last time we were separated, aren't they?"

"Um… yes." Keitaro said.

"Haitani and Shirai never gave you any magazines, did they?"

"No… they didn't."

"You don't have any magazines at all, do you?"

"No… I don't." Keitaro sighed. "All I have are those pictures. Is that weird? It's weird, isn't it. I'm sorry, for lying, it's just that, well, you know, it's embarrassing, and-"

"You talk to much." Naru interrupted, which silenced Keitaro. Naru put the pictures in question in her pocket, and gently put her hand in his. "Have I ever told you that you're the best boyfriend ever?"

"S-Sometimes." Keitaro said.

"Well I don't say it enough." She said, giving him a quick kiss, before leading him out of their room.

"Um, Naru's where are we going?" He asked, as they headed out of the Hinata.

Month 1 Day 13 Evening

"I'm telling you Naru, something is wrong with that girl." Keitaro told her as they walked back to the Hinata. "A girl like that shouldn't even know about that kinda stuff, let alone go looking for it, whenever they enter someone's room."

"Keitaro, she's like fourteen, do you remember the kinda stuff we were doing at that age." Naru asked.

"Yeah, well, we're an exception." Keitaro stated. "We've been together since we were toddlers. And as much as we do that kinda stuff, it's not like we're that pervy in front of others, and besides we're in a committed relationship, what's her excuse."

"Girls are crazy at that age, you know, hormones, new curves, boys, all that stuff." Naru said dismissively.

"You seem to be pretty laid back about this, considering she took a good look through your porn too."

"Hey they're not porn, they're erotica!" Naru said hotly. "I'm just saying I don't see why it's our problem, so long as she doesn't interrupt another one of our study sessions, I'm fine." She glanced to see Keitaro blushing. "What?" She asked.

"I'm sorry but now whenever you say those words-"

"Oh shut up!" Naru said, who was now blushing too.

"Well it should be my problem." Keitaro said. "I'm her legal guardian here, her own parents are probably out of the country, so I'm responsible for her."

"I don't see you doing much guardianship for the other girls." Naru pointed out.

"Okay, well I admit I'm not too good at it, and it's like you said, we should just stay out of things." Keitaro conceded. "And for most part the tenants can take care of themselves, but you can't say what we saw was normal."

"Keitaro, you have a samurai girl, with a violent distaste for anyone with a Y chromosome, who, in a twist, is also your childhood friend that I never heard about, a gender-confused woman who thinks punching people is a fun way to pass the time, a pair of elementary schoolers, who are seen so little, and look so creepy, they almost seem like they came from the set of a horror film, and our very own devil-may-care Kitsune, who you know is still waiting for a good moment to pants you in front of the others, now tell me what part of that is normal."

Keitaro sighed. "You forgot the overly attached and sexually frenzied bookworm whose right fist is a registered weapon in most parts of the country." Naru gave Keitaro a quick jab in the arm, and proceeded to pout. "Well what about Shinobu then?"

"What about her? I mean, she has some confidence issues sure, but she's probably the most normal of the bunch." Naru said.

"No, I mean what about her and Su? They've spent a good amount of time together, aren't you maybe worried if we let Su continue on like this, she might be a bad influence to the girl?"

"Oh come on now, remember how bad Kitsune used to be? We hung out all the time, and I turned out alright."


"Don't." Naru said, silencing him with a glare.

"Still though, you said it yourself, Su's one of the more… wild ones, and Shinbou's one of the only normal ones…"

Naru groaned. "Fine then. What's your plan then?"

"Oh… well… I hadn't really thought that far." Keitaro admitted.

"Figures." Naru said with a half smile as they go onto the hidden path to the Hinata.

"Maybe we just sit her down, and have a good talk with her?" Keitaro said.

"You've seen the girl we're talking about, right Kei-Kun?"

"Well… yeah, I can see how that would be difficult." Keitaro said. "But I don't see you coming with any idea's." He said as they started up the many stairs.

"Hey this was your idea to try to deal with the crazy foreigner." Naru stated.

Keitaro kept silent in thought as they reached the Hinata. With a huff, Naru was the first to open the door, and turned to Keitaro as if she was about to make a comment before she was struck down by a flying blond blur.

"Naru! You're back! I was waiting for you! What took you so long!?" The blur asked as it bounced up and down over Naru.

"What?" Naru asked dazedly.

"Su, please get off my girlfriend…" Keitaro asked exasperatedly.

Su, in response to Keitaro's request, promptly stuck her tongue out at the dorm manager, and went back to jumping up and down over Naru's still body.

"So what do you wanna do today, huh, huh, huh?" Su asked as Naru tried to regain her senses.

"Su, Su! Calm down would you?" She asked, as she propped herself on her elbows. "Keitaro and I have a long study plan ahead of us if we want to keep our grades up. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to play with you." She tried to explain.

Su's happy exuberant expression slowly took on the visage of a kicked puppy. Fortunately for Naru, who was picking herself up, she was used to such attacks, and clung on to Keitaro with a happy expression, leading him inside the Hinata, and leaving Su standing there as if Naru would come running back to her.

Fortunately for the studious couple, their attempts at learning were largely uninterrupted, save for a few quick visits by Shinobu to drop in to give them a few snacks, causing Naru to realize she still hadn't penciled in time for Shinobu's tutor studies into her comprehensive schedule.

The two enjoyed the shared time immensely as recent events had made such moments a precious commodity.

The two parted for the night as the time Naru had scheduled for sleep came by, and the two parted with a warm kiss.

And so Naru quickly changed into her sleeping clothes, and settled into bed, with her thoughts dwelling on her plans for tomorrow.

She would get up early for school, taking the train with Tamiyo while both pretended the other didn't exist. Then it was school itself with some studying for the exams between classes. Then she would stop off at the Hinata to go to Cram School together with Keitaro, with some social time with the guys, and then a pleasant chat with Keitaro on the way to Hinata, and some more studying before going to bed, and repeat.

She wondered if she really was pushing herself and Keitaro too much. As Keitaro had stated, it still was several months before the exams, and they had already dealt with the effects that constant studying can have on someone. She was determined not to become someone who's brain melted from the stress halfway through the exam, although she could easily see such an event happening to her, but that was why she made sure to schedule some time off for themselves, such as during the holidays.

Although she still hadn't thought of a good way to factor Shinobu's tutoring sessions. The girl was actually pretty smart, most of her poor grades stemmed from her poor confidence and inability to perform under pressure. Maybe a Tuesday/Thursday schedule, or something of the like could work…

Then there was the issue with the other middle schooler at the Hinata. Keitaro certainly made some good points, and certainly it was better to address an issue before it became a problem, rather than after, especially considering all the stuff they already had to deal with at the inn. She gave a chuckle as she wondered how many other Toudai hopefuls had the same hurdles that they did.

It was these thoughts that set her troubled mind to sleep. Perhaps as a way to remedy her fitful movements and thoughts, her subconscious soothed her with calming thoughts and images of her friends, as her dream began to take the shape of some of her own fantasy's.

"Open wide Kei-Kun!" Mutsumi chimed happily as she hand fed the young Toudai student between them.

"Excellent!" Keitaro told her. "But I still prefer Naru's deliciously made bento's."

"Sorry Mutsumi." Naru said, who wasn't sorry in any way whatsoever. "I know you worked so hard on that bento for Kei-Kun."

"No it's okay." Mutsumi said with a sad smile, looking over her poorly constructed bento. "I may not be a great cook like you Naru, but as long as Kei-Kun can is happy at my efforts, then I'm happy too."

Naru tried not to look too proud over her expertly and exquisitely crafted meal she had prepared.

"Ah, Naru, let me have a bite will you." Kitsune piped in, staring hungrily at the bento, her tail swishing back and forth.

"No Kitsune, you know Naru made that specifically for Onii-Chan." Kanako said, causing Kitsune's to ear to drop.

"You should listen to my cute Kouhai, Kitsune." Naru said. "After all, she did a lot better on her test scores than someone else I know."

"Ah, Naru why did you have to bring that up!" Kitsune said, her ears drooping even further, while Kanako smiled victoriously, adjusting her glasses accordingly.

"Thanks Senpai!" Kanako said with a happy smile.

"Maybe if you'd study with your Senpai's more Kitsune, you might have better grades." Naru said.

"Do… do you really mean it?" Kitsune asked shyly as her ears picked up.

"Well… if you make it worth my while maybe." Naru said mischievously.

"Ah! Naru, why are you so mean!" Kitsune despaired.

"Kitsune-Chan has a point." Keitaro stated, as he began nibbling on Naru's ear. "Looks, like someone needs to be punished."

"Ah, no, Keitaro, don't." Naru said half-heartedly.

"I'll pin her down Kei-Kun!" Mutsumi volunteered, grabbing Naru's arm to keep her from struggling.

"Thanks Mu-Chan." Keitaro said, as he continued his deliciously sweet torture on his beloved and squirming girlfriend.

"Ah, Keitaro~" Naru moaned as Keitaro moved on to her neck, and so her dream went until she was slowly, and disappointedly brought out from the dreaming world, and into the land of the waking.

Naru moaned softly as she was taken away from the best part of her dream, as was often the case, and moved slightly beneath her covers, which had just reached their most warm, and comfortable point.

Naru briefly wondered what had happened to her alarm, as it should have woken her up at that point. She blearily opened her eyes to greet the morning's cold rays of light beaming from her window, and glanced at her alarm. Her eyes widened when she saw that the time read far past her usual designated wake-up time.

This was the point she would leap from the covers, scrambling across her room in a mad attempt to make up for lost time, and under normal circumstance, she would have done just that. But as she moved to leap from her covers, she noticed something restricting her to her bed. Something living.

She squirmed just enough to move the covers off of her, and saw blonde mess of fur nuzzling into her chest. Naru's first thought was of Kitsune until she realized that her current sleeping captor lacked Kitsune's signature bounteous bosom. Her captor muttered in her sleep, moving her head, revealing none other than the current problem child, Koalla Su.

"You have got to be kidding me." Naru moaned. "SU! Get out of my bed!" Naru yelled.

Su's response was less than zero.

"Su, if you don't let go of me, right now, and explain yourself, you are going to be in a mountain of trouble!"

As responsive as the side of a sheer mountain cliff.

"Su, I have to go to High School, I have to study, and go to cram school, and have a fun time in classes with Keitaro and the guys!" Naru tried.

Naru listened, waiting as if the answers of the universe might one day come to her.

"That's it, I've had enough of this." Naru muttered, and threw her full might into throwing the young tropical school girl off, and out of her bed.

After five minute of tossing, turning, all attempts to throw the young tropical schoolgirl off, and out of Naru's bed ceased due to Naru's exhaustion.

'I don't get it.' Naru thought. 'How the hell can she keep such a tight grip on me? I mean she's not even awake, and I can't shake her off. And it's not like I'm weak or anything, I'm strong damnit! I'm now I'm going to be late for school! Oh the shame!'

"Naru, are you in there?" Keitaro's voice rang out as he knocked on the door.

"Keitaro!" Naru rejoiced at the sound of her beloved come to save her.

"Are you okay in there?" He asked. "You seem to be running behind, and Tamiyo said you're going to miss your train. Also she told me to make doubly sure I don't do anything perverted while I'm up here."

"Keitaro, come in quickly, I need your help!" Naru stated.

"Oh, alright, I'm coming in!" Keitaro called.

"Grea- wait a minute, Keitaro, don't-" She was too late, as Keitaro strode in, determined to help Naru in whatever situation she may be in. Except maybe for the one in which she was in bed with a young foreign middle schooler.

"Eh, um, eh, uh… um…. eh…." Keitaro said, looking at the scene, his face screwed up in confusion, trying to determine what it was he was seeing in front of him.

"Keitaro, I swear to you it's not what it looks like!" Naru pleaded.

Keitaro stood silent for a moment before a bolt of realization hit him. "So that's what it feels like to other people." He muttered. "Okay Naru, what happened."

"I um… I don't know actually, I woke up like this." Naru confessed.

"Oh… okay…" Keitaro said confusedly. He was still confused, but he knew he had no right to complain. "What's the problem."

"This girls grip is like iron and she won't wake up." Naru told him.

"So… what do you want me to do?" Keitaro asked.

"I want you to pry this crazy girl off me so I can go to school!" Naru told him.

"Okay." Keitaro said determined. He walked up to the bed, and stood there.

"Well?" Naru asked expectantly.

"I'm sorry! I have no idea where I'm supposed to grab!"

"Grab anywhere!" Naru said, desperate to get out.


"No not anywhere! Just… just grab her by the arm." She insisted.

Keitaro with his face screwed up with determination, quietly approached sleeping Su as if he would a venomous snake. He gripped her arm, which was wrapped around Naru's waist. It was softer than he imagined. He pulled, and found his effort useless. He pulled again, harder, with more effort, but Su did not move an inch. He placed both hands on her arm, and pulled with all his strength, but still she slept there peacefully. Getting frustrated, her but his foot on the side of the bed for leverage, and with every last ounce of strength in his body, he heaved, determined not to stop until he had freed Naru.

Finally after five minutes his body gave out on him, and he collapsed on the floor. "This is girl is inhuman." He remarked, panting from exhaustion. "Can you still breathe from there?"

"She's surprisingly gentle." Naru mentioned. "Alright, this is obviously getting us nowhere. We spend too much time like this, and I'm going to be tardy." She said, spitting out the last word like it was a particularly nasty curse. "Keitaro, I'm going to need you to strip me naked, and dress me in my school uniform."

'I can't believe I said those words in the context in which I said them.' She thought.

Keitaro blushed slightly before an idea hit him. "Wait a moment, I have an idea." He got back up, and pinched together Su's nostrils. Her face twitched slightly before she started to breath through her mouth. "She's awake." Keitaro stated cynically.

"How can she be awake?" Naru cried before seeing Su's face scrunch into a naughty smile of the cat who'd been caught eating the canary. "SU!"

"Guess you caught me." Su said naughtily as her eyes fluttered open.

"SU! YOU WERE AWAKE THE ENTIRE TIME!?" Naru roared. Keitaro thought he almost saw her breathing fire.

"Nah, only when you started yelling." She stated.

Naru struggled violently against the young middle schooler, determined to show her the wrath she waited to unleash, but her attempts yielded as much fruit as they had previously.

"Su, what are you doing in Naru's bed?" Keitaro asked seriously.

"Well, she's nice and soft, and really warm." Su said, nestling into her bosom.

"I know that already, but why is it that you are not in your own bed?" He asked.

"Wait, how come you know that already?" Su asked, while Naru continued to buck.

"Well, that's because Naru and I have slept with each other before-" He answered.

"You've slept with Naru!?" Su asked in shock, propping herself up.

"I'm free!" Naru cried, holding her hands above her head, causing Su to quickly clamp back down. "Get off me you little freak!" Naru said, now having much more leverage to squirm out of her death grip.

"How could you sleep with Naru!" Su cried.

"How could you!" Keitaro cried back, seriously beginning to lose his patience.

"Hey what's with you guys up there?" A fourth voice called, causing everyone to freeze in place. "You're going to miss the train if you don't hurry Narusegawa." Tamiyo stepped through the doorframe, and took a second to analyze the situation.

"SAKI!" She shrieked, causing a thunder to come up the stairs, as the red-headed girl popped behind Tamiyo like a loyal attack dog. "What the hell are you doing!?" She shrieked.

"Well you see, I uh, we um…" Keitaro was counting down the seconds he had left to explain the situation in his mind as he tried to figure out the correct words. Even for someone such as he who had been in a multitude of misleading situations, this was a tough one. "Ah screw it." He decided. "Have a nice day at school Naru." He said giving his girlfriend a brief kiss on the cheek before jumping out the window.

"Come back here you child-molester!" Saki cried, heading back down the stairs.

Tamiyo stayed behind, staring icily at Naru and Su, were still entangled in the bed.

This was an odd moment for Naru. As someone who had been in love with Keitaro for a very long time, she had been forced to accept that her boyfriend invariably found himself in oddly perverted situations with no ill intent. For someone of her temperament it had been no easy task. But she had always wondered what she would do should the situation ever occur to her. Such an opportunity however had never occurred, however, due to a combination of her general avoidance of the opposite male save for her boyfriend and his friends, her dedication to said boyfriend, and generally poor taste in outward appearance when not trying to impress her boyfriend.

There had been times although, where she had been caught in a perverted situations, but those had always been, predictably, with Keitaro, and in those cases, the incidents were pretty much exactly what they seemed.

Now here Naru was, for the first time in her life, in a position that Keitaro had miraculously been in every other week of his life, and she was speechless before her irate schoolmate.

"I woke up like this." Naru tried to explain. 'Yes that's true, but I very much doubt she believes me.' "It's not my fault." She finished.

"I underestimated you Narusegawa." Tamiyo said, pushing up her glasses. "I knew you and your boyfriend were perverts. I thought you didn't much care where his eyes or hands went, even when they weren't on you. But I never suspected that were capable, even willing, of bedding a MIDDLE-SCHOOLER TOGETHER!"

"Nah, the Manager had nothing to do with this, it's just me and Naru." Su stated.

Tamiyo's face turned into an interesting shade, which seemed a combination of red and orange, at this statement.

"Su-" Naru placed both her hands around the tan girls neck as she said this. "you are going to tell her exactly what happened, and make sure to point out the fact that I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PERVERTED to you abundantly clear, do you understand me?"

"Okay." Su said sorrowfully. "You see, I was feeling lonely after Motoko left, and since Naru and the manager were studying all day, I decided to hang out with Naru at night, but Naru was already asleep. So here I am." She said.

Tamiyo seemed to calm down, but her expression failed to change. "The train is leaving in fifteen minutes, I suggest you hurry." She stated before leaving.

Month 1 Day 14 Midday

Naru made a mad dash through the town the moment the train doors opened, wanting to get to the Hinata, strip, put on her study clothes, and away with Keitaro so as to minimize any incidents that were likely to happen.

If that morning's incident was any indicator of what lay in store for her, well at the very least she hoped to get it over with quickly. She stomped up the stairs that led to the Hinata at a frightening pace, and slammed open the front door before storming up to her room.

"Hey girl." Kitsune greeted her from the staircase.

"HeyKitsunebyeKitsune." Naru stated as she rushed past her, and towards her bedroom.

"Hey wait! I need to heckle you!" Kitsune cried.

"LATER!" Naru said not in a mood to play with Kitsune.

She paused before her room, hoping to God that nothing surprising waited in store for her. She gently opened the door a crack, and peered in. With the coast clear, she practically teleported inside, and sealed the room.

She rushed over to the hole in her floor, and almost kicked Lido-Kun in her rush (before stopping, and gently moving him to the side) and peered down to the connected room.

"Keitaro you there?" She whispered.

"Naru? I thought I heard you coming in." Keitaro said, appearing beneath the whole.

"Good." Naru said, standing up, and hastily taking off her clothes. "I wanna get out of here, and on the way to cram school as soon as possible." She said as she took off her shirt. "Are you okay? Did that boxer chick do anything to you?"

"Nah, I hid out back to where Kanako got lost that one time until she left." He said. "I'm really not looking forward to when they get back, I know I'm gonna be in for it. What about you?"

"If I thought Tamiyo was giving me the stink eye and the cold shoulder before, I didn't know the half of it. I wouldn't be surprised if I start hearing rumors about myself at school soon." She stated as the last of her uniform hit the ground. "I just want some nice stress free time studying at cram school before we start worrying about anything else."

"Yeah, do you know why Su was in your bed in the first place?" Keitaro asked.

"No clue." Naru said. "She said she was feeling lonely since Samurai-Girl has left, and she wanted to 'play', I'm beginning to think she may have formed an extremely unhealthy attachment to me."

"Well, I talked to Kitsune and Aunt Haruka about it. They said that Su used to sleep with Motoko too."

Naru paused as she was halfway putting her SALEM sweater on. "Really? Her and Samurai-Girl?"

"Yeah, I have a hard time picturing it too." At that statement, Naru was forced to think about the two of them in bed and in a romantic relationship.

'Although, that might explain a few things.'

"So I guess if things go well, then this mess will only last until Motoko returns from her trip." Keitaro said.

"Well it is true that this mess started the day she left." Naru mentioned as the last of her ensemble was put on. "Okay ready. Now let's head out the back way."

"The back way?" Keitaro asked. "Isn't that a little out of the ways?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to take any chances." Naru said as she jumped down through their hole. "In the last week both of our erotica supplies have been raided, and to my knowledge I've been molested in my sleep, and the perpetrator of these deeds is in the building, so for today, I'll err on the side of caution, come on."

Cram School

Haitani and Shirai where trying very hard to read their friends faces, and decide on the proper response that such a conversation would merit.

"Alright, you can laugh." Naru said.

The two immediately exploded in riotous laughter, slamming on the desks, and stomping their feet, unable to contain themselves for several minutes.

"I'm beginning to wonder why we hang out with you two." Keitaro wondered.

Haitani held up a finger while he continued to chortle with his cohort, whose head was held back let out his laughter to the heavens.

Both continued like this for several minutes until finally their lungs were exhausted, and they had reclaimed enough sanity to keep what mirthful giggles they still had under control.

"Okay, so once again?" Shirai asked as his mouth threatened to smile and unleash another torrent of laughter.

"The short version is that a middle school girl molested me in my sleep." Naru stated.

The tension was obvious in their faces as the tried to contain their laughter.

"You two have such a wonderful life, you know that?" Haitani said.

"Why do I tell you guys these things?" Naru asked.

"So Keitaro-" Shirai tried to suppress his snicker. "How does it feel to be outperformed by a middle schooler?"

"I'm still just trying to process how this happened to Naru- wait, what do you mean outperformed?"

Haitani burst into cackling laughter again, while Shirai managed to keep as close to a straight face as he could. "Well, it's just that this girl managed to actually bed Naru in her bed- while you're still in the janitors closet." Shirai managed to say before joining Haitani in his cackling.

Keitaro turned a bright red at this, and it was obvious by his expression he was not amused.

"You two are so immature." Naru accused.

"So what happened next?" Haitani said with rabid interest.

"The loud one burst in, shrieked for back-up, and out Keitaro went through the window." Naru summarized.

"Oh man." Shirai muttered. "This is why we're friends. So you just couldn't turn off your charm, could you Naru-Chan?"

"Apparently she's in one of those relationships with Motoko." Naru said.

"Really now?" Haitani said.

"Motoko's the cop right?" Shirai asked.

"No, she's the psycho Samurai." Naru explained.

"And what does she have to say about this?"

"She doesn't, she's left for the week." Naru grimaced. "And here I thought things would get easy for us."

"And she and the psycho middle schooler are… you-know?" Haitani

"By her own admission." Naru said.

"Well, I don't think they're like that." Keitaro said. "I asked around, and I think it's a good bit more platonic than that." He explained. "Haruka said the girl was pretty lonely when she first came to the Inn, and she just kinda latched onto Motoko. I guess with Motoko gone, she latched onto Naru."

"And refused to let go." Shirai finished. "It looks like you have some competition Keitaro."

"Hey, it's completely harmless, I mean, Kanako is like a year older than her, and I still find her in my bed every now and again." Keitaro stated.

"Right, and it's not like she has any ill intent sneaking into your bed whatsoever." Shirai muttered.

"What did you just say about my little sister?" Keitaro said hostily with some murderous intent laced behind his words.

"Ah, nothing, nothing…"

"This is sounding a lot like a good plot line for our manga." Haitani stated, who was writing all this down. "I think we'll call it: The Battle of the Little Sisters."

"After the exams." Naru said, pinching Haitani.

"Got it, got it." He said. "So, what are your plans regarding the psycho middle schooler?"

"Well I've given it some thought…" Naru said.

"And?" Haitani asked.

"I've got nothing." She moaned.

"Well, if it's true that Su's only acting this way because Motoko-Chan left, then that means we only have to wait until she come back."

"How many days has it been?" Haitani asked.

"…four." He said counting on his fingers.

"That's three more days of interrupted study times." Naru said venomously.

"I don't know why you bother coming to us for advice." Shirai said. "It's not like we can do anything, and we are definitely coming back there to that crazy house anytime soon."

"Maybe Kitsune can help you." Haitani suggested.

"I think Kitsune's enjoying the situation a little too much to do that." Keitaro said. "She had a good laugh about the incident herself. I tried asking her for advice while I was mopping the hallways, but she just suggested I swap beds with Naru, and left it at that." He saw both of his friends go into a contemplative stance. "Okay, both of you stop imagining me in bed with a middle-schooler!"

"We can't help it Keitaro!" Haitani said.

"Yeah, Kitsune made us! Honest!" Shirai said.

"Whatever." Keitaro muttered.

"Okay, I've decided!" Naru stated. "Keitaro, you and I are just going to have to stay in a hotel until the Samurai-Girl comes back."

"Um, Naru?" Keitaro asked.

"Ooh, would that be a Love Hotel?" Shirai asked.

"Naru, there are a few problems with that idea." Keitaro said. "One, it would completely ruin our budget. Two, I don't really think that will actually adress the problem, just ignore it."

"Why must you always be a white knight?" Naru moaned.

"Yes, why must you be such a white knight?" Haitani asked.

"Yes, please tell us!" Shirai said.

"First tell me whyyou two are always so interested in our sex lives." Keitaro responded.

"You know that." Haitani stated.

"We like to live vicariously through you." Shirai told him. "You're turn now."

Keitaro simply scoffed, and turned to his girlfriend who was not wearing a happy face. "So you want to keep butting heads with the crazy girls at the inn?"

"Well Naru, we've tried to just avoid them, at lets be honest, we've still been getting in trouble, and this time it's actively trying to get at us, I think it's time we change tactics."

"Easy for you to say, you don't have a bunch of girls slipping into your bed." This set off the two boys on the other side of the desk into yet another fit of hysterics. "Oh, shut up you two!"

The Hinata Inn, Evening

Su sat before the door, poised like a crouching tiger in wait of it's prey. The moment the door cracked open, she grinned, and leapt through the door at her prey. Unfortunately her hunt was cut short as she found herself stuck in midair, as her quarry, Naru, smiled triumphantly.

"I got her!" Keitaro stated, his hands firmly grasping her waist, and suspending her in the air.

"Ah no! The evil pervert manager has got me, and he's going to have his wicked way with meeee!" Su whined.

"No I'm not!" Keitaro stated. "I'm just taking you somewhere, nice and quiet, and far away from other people, so I can-"

"I knew it!" Su said, as she easily squirmed out of Keitaro's grasp, and clambered around him. "Quick help!"

"Naru, you pin her down, while I-"

"While you what."

The three of them froze, and slowly turned to see Tamiyo, Saki, and even Hiromi with her taser in hand were glaring at them.

"Okay, I can explain this." Keitaro stated.

"Manager, is it true that that young Koalla Su here was found in bed with you and your girlfriend?" Hiromi asked.

"No, no, no." Keitaro said, as Su peeked over his shoulder. "Just Naru's." Naru slapped him on the head. "Ow! What?"

"Not helping!" She told him.

"Well lying won't help either!" He said.

They were silenced when Hiromi's taser turned on. "Alright, so I asked Aunt Haruka, and she told me that Su used to sleep in Motoko's bed all the time, right?"

"Oh, yeah." Su said. "She's really comfy actually, she's really big, but she's nice and firm."

"Yeah, see." Keitaro said. "And now that Motoko has left, well, I think she got kinda lonely, and kinda imprinted on Naru here."

"Well I wouldn't say it's like imprinting, that's more of a newly hatched bird thing…" Su stated.

"And so you were just in bed like you were with Motoko right?"

"Hmm… yeah." Su said. "How did you know?"

"So you see, it's just that Su has been a bit of a…"


"Distraction from our sudies." Keitaro said. "So we were hoping to talk things our with her."

Hiromi stared hard at them for a second before turning off the cackling of her taser. "Su is this about right."

"Well, I guess so." She said.

"Well then, I guess that's, that."

"What!?" Saki and Tamiyo cried.

"As hard as it is to believe, it really does seem like a series of misunderstandings." Hiromi stated.

"Weren't you calling for blood just like five minutes ago?" Saki asked.

"No, I believe that was you." Hiromi responded. "I was seriously concerned about the implications of Su being in Naru's bed, but now that the matter is cleared up, it is apparent that these two are not at fault."

"And you just believe him?" Tamiyo asked.

"Su, you've admitted everything the manager said is true right? He's not withholding any information is he?"

"Well, he forgot to mention when I saw Naru and the manager's porn stash." Su stated, which immedieately caused Hiromi's taser to be switched back on.

"Okay, that was totally her fault!" Naru stated, stepping in between Keitaro, and Saki who was advancing menacingly.

"Get out of my way." She said threateningly.

"Make me." Naru said as she stared her down.

"Wait, wait, we really don't want to come to blows here, do we?" Keitaro said, trying to defuse the situation.

"Su, would you mind clarifying your previous statement?" Tamiyo asked as she adjusted her glasses.

"Well you see, when I first went into came into Naru's room, they were busy, and so I got bored, and picked up one of Naru's porn books, and she got mad, so I decided to look for the Manager's porn stash in his room, but all I could find were some nudey photo's." She explained.

"SU!" Both Naru and Keitaro yelled.

"What?" She asked.

Hiromi hung her head in resignation. "Manager, I think maybe we should all have that talk together."

A few minutes later, and a large deal of hassle later, Keitaro, Naru, Hiromi, Tamiyo, and Su all sat down in the dining room to do just that, while Saki abdicated.

Keitaro made sure to voice his concerns for Su's behaviour, while Naru was sure to defend her boyfriend when Tamiyo made sure to question said concern. Hiromi helped to keep the focus on Su, and the moral ethicacies of slipping into peoples beds without permission, and breaking into their erotica stores.

"But the Manager said he slept with Naru too!" Su whined.

"Su, believe it or not, those two are in a relationship." Hiromi stated. "Despite acts that would suggest otherwise. They have each gained the others permission to sleep in the others bed. You two have gotten the others permission correct?"

"Wait, why do you have to ask?" Keitaro said.

"Did you?"

"Yes." The two said tersely.

"So, then, I need permission to sleep in someone elses bed in this country? There's a law and everything?"

"Well-" Hiromi started.

"Yes." Tamiyo interrupted. "Yes there is." She said, making eye contact with the others trying to pair down Su's behaviour.

"Alright then." Su said with a tone of resignation. "Naru, can I-"

"No." Naru said.

"Aw…." She whined. "But what about the nudey photo's and smut books? Aren't they against the law here too?"

"Well, no actually." Hiromi sighed. "There are all kinds of pornography here I'm afraid, but compared to much of it, what you claim these two have is pretty minimal, and perfectly within the confines of the law. If anything, you violated their privacy," She took a hard look at Tamiyo "and I shouldn't have to remind you why it is wrong to violate someones privacy. You searched their rooms illegally, you could have gotten yourself into a mess of trouble."

"But Hiromi and Saki and Motoko kept saying that the Managers Porn Stash should be illegal!" Su stated.

The three others turned to Tamiyo. She gave a cough before defending herself. "The term we used was 'immoral', which I still stand by. Hiromi-San is right about privacy. As vile as such things are however, you can't just break into people's room Su-Chan. Even the Manager has respected that rule, and you should too… what is private should stay private." She mumbled her last sentence, but Su seemed to get the picture.

"While we're trying to settle issues here, I'd like to mention something about Su's toys." Keitaro stated. "I doubt anyone else cares too much, but don't you think it's a little dangerous for her to be playing with explosives, and then setting them on various person or persons?"

Tamiyo stayed silent while Hiromi went into thought. "He does have a point there Su." She admitted. "I would like to trust you know what you are doing, but I've seen more pyrotechnics from your playthings than most New Years displays."

"Where does she even get all those explosives from anyway?" Naru asked.

"I buy them." She explained.

"You… buy them?" Tamiyo asked.

"Yep, with my allowance." She stated.

"How?" Keitaro asked.

"On the internet."

"I'm sorry." Hiromi stated. "You are able to buy minitiarized explosives, pyrotechinics, and fireworks on a child's allowance, via the world wide web?"

"Well, not the full stuff." Su answered. "I buy the components off the internet from the allowance my family gives me, and I make all my toys myself in my lab."

The four of them gave a sigh of relief at that statement. "Still though, should you really be mixing stuff together like that in your room?" Keitaro asked. "What if there's an accident?"

"Granny Hina was fine with it." Su answered. This answer seemed to satisfy Hiromi and Tamiyo, but Keitaro gave a glance to his girlfriend Naru. The two of them were definitely big Granny Hina fans, having known her for a large portion of their life, but lately they were seeing some of the negative effects of her choices.

"Don't you think we should perhaps lay down some rules though?" Naru asked. "Perhaps she can't use any toys that have explosives, or have a large likelyhood of exploding around various person or persons." She proposed.

"That's… fair." Tamiyo conceded.

"Aw, but what's the fun in that?" Su asked.

"It's not fun Su." Hiromi stated. "But Rules are put in place for a reason, one of those reasons is to keep people out of harms way, and you can't deny that you haven't had any accidents with your toys, they've even caused some damage to the dorms, and considering that Granny Hina is letting you stay here, so you should be more respectful of her property."

"Okay…" She said dejectedly.

It was at this point that Keitaro made the mistake of feeling sorry for the young girl, and decided to end their session early.

"Alright, I think Su has learned her lesson, right Su?" He asked.

"Yeah, careful disposal of explosives, don't sleep with people without permission, and people don't like it when you look at their porn." She recited.

"Well… close enough…" Keitaro said.

"Fine then…" Hiromi sighed. "We're just trying to help you Su." She told her.

"I know." She said shyly.

With that everyone got up and left to go about their own businesses.

"Well hopefully that's most of our problems solved." Naru said. "At least most of our problems regarding Su."

"I feel good." Keitaro said. "Like we actually made a difference."

"Really?" Naru asked.

"Yeah, you know as opposed to just ignoring our problems, and hoping they'll just go away." Keitaro said.

"Oh I see…" Naru stated. "Well, I'm content that we can have some proper uninterrupted study time to ourselves again."

"Well yeah, I do always enjoy our 'study sessiosns'." Keitaro said.

"Oh shut up you!" Naru said, punching him on the shoulder. "You're the one who can only ever get off thinking about one girl, perv."

"H-Hey!" Keitaro said while Naru giggled evily.

"Can I join your study session?" Su asked appearing between the couple.


"Su, we really need to have our study time with no distractions!" Naru told her.

Su gave her a pitiful dejected look meant to change her mind, however Naru had such tactics used on her before, she had built a resistance to such a technique.

"Come Keitaro!" Naru said, grabbing her boyfriends hand, and leading him away from the middle schooler.

Month 1 Day 15: Morning

Naru stretched as her alarm went off as it did every morning. She sighed happily as the morning sun greeted as she began looking forward to her daily routine of study with her friends.

She sat up and reached for glasses only to feel something odd around her waist. Momentarily freezing, she stared at her covers terrified at what they might hide. Her hand crept closer, approaching her blanket in the way she might approach a writhing snake. In a quick motion she removed the covers in the manner she would remove a bandaid and found a familiar sight nuzzling at her waist.

"SUUUUUUUUU!" Nraru bellowed in her ear to leave no doubt that she would hear.

"Whaza? Whatisit Naru?" Su asked sleepily.

"You know very well what!" Naru seethed, taking on a demonic expression. She grasped Su by the hair, and forced her to look into her eye. "Su, what did we tell you yesterday?"

"People don't like it when you go through their porn." Su recited.

"The other thing!" Naru cried. "Now get off of me!"

"No, you're too warm and cuddly!" Su stated, nuzzling further.

"Keitaro!" Naru cried, hoping her boyfriend would be there to save her.

"Naru, I heard you screaming earlier, are you alrii…. Hamanahamanahamana…" He stuttered as he burst through the door.

Naru turned to see what put her beloved in such a blathering state, and saw that during their struggle her yellow pajama botoms were sliding down her hips, and Su's position left her in a rather awkward and extremely suggestive position.

'I'm not ready for that!' Naru railed inside her head as she continued to struggle with Su.

"What's going on here?" Some familiar and unwanted voices called from down the stairs.

"Kei-Kun! Stall for me!" Naru cried.

"Oh right!" Keitaro said, snapping out of his daze, heading back out, and down the stairs, where he met an irate Tamiyo and Saki, along with a curious Kitsune and a shy Shinobu who was peeking around the corner at the bottom of the stairs. He made eye contact with Kitsune (at least as much as he could) and silently begged for her help.

"Manager, what's going on?" Tamiyo asked.

'That's a good question.' He thought. "Nothing, nothings going on at all!" Keitaro told them.


"That doesn't sound like nothing." Saki said, as she pressed into his personal routine.

"Oh that, that's just part of Naru's daily routine you see." Keitaro said.


"Oh really." Tamiyo said, causing Keitaro to wilt. "What exactly is she doing?"

"She's practicing!" Kitsune piped in. "Trust me, I've known her for a long time, she does this kind of thing from time to time."



"Yep practicing." Kitsune stated.

Keitaro momentarily felt blessed that he knew a person who as able to keep a straight face while saying that.

"And what exactly is she practicing?" Tamiy aksed pointedly.


"Well I think that would be pretty obvious." Kitsune said with a signature grin, and a sideways glance at Keitaro.


"Ki-Kitsune!" Keitaro whispered.

"What? Are you saying that's not what's happening?" Kitsune asked.

"W-Well…" Keitaro stuttered.


The assorted females in front of him cast him various dirty looks. "Ye-Yeah, p-practicing." Keitaro said, unable to keep his eyes forward.


"That's it!" Saki stated, stampeding up the stairs. Keitaro blocked the way with his body, but was easily shoved aside, and slid down the stairs before landing on the bottom.

"Ah Senpai!" Shinobu cried when he hit the bottom.

"Well, that could've gone better." Kitsune muttured as she helped Keitaro back up. The three of them quickly gave chase after the other two back up the stairs. When they arrived they came to see that Su was almost halway through stripping Naru, who was still violently resisting, while Saki and Tamiyo were evidently shocked, that is if their slack jawas were anything to by.

"Oh come on, you know that this isn't anything what it looks like!" Naru stated. "Don't just stand there like lumps! Help me!" Naru commanded.

"Right!" Keitaro said, going to help before Saki came up from behind putting him in a half-nelson. "Hey!"

"No way I'm letting you anywhere near this!" Saki hissed into his ear.

"Well can someone do something!?" Naru asked as she continued to struggle. "Tamiyo you help!"

"M-Me?" Tamiyo asked surprised.

"Well you're here, you'll do!" Naru said. "Grab the girl and pull her off!"

Kitsune sighed as she came forward to help Naru, while Tamiyo hesitantly and awkwardly went to do the same. Kitsune grabbed Naru by her arms, while Tamiyo grabbed Su, and they pulled in separate directions. Su held steadfastly while Naru continued to thrash and kick. Just when it seemed that Su was beginning to come lose however, she changed tact and took a swipe at Tamiyo, catching her hand on the top of her Skirt for her school uniform.

"Ha! I get it, Tamiyo is jealous!" She stated.

"Whah?! No! Get it off of me!" Tamiyo cried as she began to panic while Su latched onto her waistline "Ah! Nonononononono!" She cried

"FREE!" Naru shouted triumphantly as Su had finally lost her grip on her. She leapt from the bed, her pajama bottoms finally falling off. "Now everyone out!" She cried pushing out everyone in her room, inclduing Keitaro and Kitsune and finally picking up Su and Tamiyo who now seemed intermingled beyond repair, and tossed them out the door before slamming shut her door, and locking it.

Month1 Day 15 Midday Sakurawazai Middle School

"U-um… Su-San?"

"Ah Shinobu!" Su cried in joy. "You came to see me!" She said as loud as ever.

"I, um, yes I did." Shinobu said. "I um, wanted to talk to you." She told her.

"Oh cool, what about?" Su asked exuberantly.

"Um, um, I was wondering if we could talk in private? Maybe outside?" She asked. 'I am so bad at this.'

"Oh? Really."

"Hm-hmm." Shinbou nodded.

"Okay." Su said. She did a handstand over her desk, and landed beside Shinobu, and quickly ran outside, Shinobu did her best to keep up. Even though she had been the one to set up the meeting, it was quite obviously Su who as leading it, as she kept going until they came outside, and from there towards the back of the school, and behind a secluded patch of bushes. Once here, Su turned around with a bright smile, and looked expectantly at Shinobu.

"Oh, right…" Shinobu muttered.

"Is this private enough?" Su asked. "I came here to talk to Ayase earlier."

"It's perfect." Shinobu said. "What did you do with Ayase here?"

"I showed her my latest invention." Su stated proudly. "It blew up right where that scorch mark is." She said, pointing. "So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Ah, right…" Shinobu muttered. "It, um, it's about you and Naru-Senpai." She said.

"Aw…. Not you too…" Su moaned.

"I-It's important!" Shinobu told her. "You-you can't just barge into Naru's bed like that, i-it's wrong." Su pouted but didn't say anything. "All our Senpai's explained it to you earlier, and it seemed like you understood, but then you went and did it anyway. Why?"

"How come you didn't say any of this earlier Shinobu?" Su asked.

"Oh, well, I meant to but…" Su hadn't given the poor girl a chance to enter the conversation at all while the two were heading to school together.

"Well, if you want to know the truth…" Su muttured. She turned to look Shinobu in the eye. "I've never slept alone in my own bed."

"R-Really?" Shinobu hadn't expected that answer.

"Really." Su said in all seriosness. "Back in my home country I could always sleep with Mama and Papa, and when I got older, I would always sleep with my big brother of big sister. When I came to this country, I tried sleeping in my own room, but I couldn't get to sleep. I went to Granny Hina about it, and she offered to let me use her bed. When she left, since Motoko and I were close, she let me use her bed. But now that she's left without telling me, I didn't know what to do, and Naru seemed real nice and strong, so I tried sleeping with her."

"S-Su…" Shinobu didn't know what to say. She had expected her friend would be flippant and avoid the issue, but Su was much more mature than she let on.

"Plus, she's really warm and soft too." She stated with a perverted grin. "But now she's all mad at me. I tried to sleep in my own bed last night, but I couldn't, so I snuck in anyway. I was going to let go when she woke up, but I forgot about that when I woke up too." She said with a giggle. "I don't think I'll be able to get away with it again though."

"Su…" Shinobu trembled as thoughts conflicted in her mind. She looked at her friend as she made up her mind. "Su, if you really can't sleep by yourself, then… maybe you could… with me…"


"I'm saying that if you need someone to sleep with, then, maybe um, I, I could do it as your friend."

Without even trying, Shinobu managed to shock Su into silence. "What?"

"Well, I, um, I said-"

"No, I heard you, it's just…" The gears in Su's surprisingly advanced mind began turning. "You are a Lesbian!"

"What!?" Shinobu shrieked.

"Face it you just want to bed me!" Su said with a perverted grin.

"I do not!"

"He-he, Ayase was right all along."

"Fine! You're not allowed to sleep in my bed anymore!" Shinobu stated walking off.

"Wait, wait!" Su cried, chasing after her. "I was just teasing really! It actually means a lot to me. Really!"

"Well, you shouldn't tease." Shinobu said as she pouted. She was surprised when Su hugged her.

"Thanks for being my friend." She told her.

"You-Your um welcome." Shinobu said awkwardly.

Month 1 Day 15: Evening

"I don't care what you say I'm not going back." Naru told him.

"I know."

"If we just go back, it'll start all over again."

"Yeah, probably."

"And I'm not in the mood for it."

"I get it."

"…You're supposed to argue back." Naru muttered.

"Why? I agree with you!" Keitaro told her. "We tried it my way, and it didn't work. Honestly, I'm quite tired of the commotion myself."

"Because-!" Naru stated trying to think of a comeback. "I got nothing." She said dejectedly as she slouched.

It took a few moments of hard thinking until the metaphorical lightbulb in Keitaro's head turned on.

"You… want to go back…" Keitaro said slowly.

"Of course I want to go back!" Naru said with fire in her eyes. "In fact I need to go back!" She latched onto Keitaro and stared soulfully into his eyes. "That's my childhood inn they're screwing around in! If I wimp out and surrender, it's only going to more unlivable in there, and I can't stand iiiiiiiit!" She wailed.

"I-I see…" Keitaro muttered somewhat dizzy.

"But if I do go back, then we'll just go through the same thing all over again! What do I do Kei-Kun?"

Keitaro took a moment to let his head clear before responding. "We'll just have to suffer through it." He told her. "If we're lucky then Motoko-Chan will fix it when she returns. Until then, we can take a week of studying to deal with all these distractions, right?"

"Hmph… That's the kind of attitude that made you fail the Todai Exams." Naru said before she could stop herself. "Eep! Kei-Kun, I didn't mean that, I'm sorry… Keitaro?" She asked timidly.

Keitaro stood still and silent, his expression a mystery. Naru was seriously concerned that she had hurt his feelings. Her temper had gotten better of her, and wished desperately that she could take back her words. She could only imagine how she would feel if the situation was reversed.

"Naru…" Keitaro said coldly.

"Yes… Keitaro…"

"You are absolutely right." He said with the flame of burning youthful passion burning in his eyes.

"What?" She asked taken aback.

"I can't let anything distract us from our studies, it is our destiny to get into Todai, and I'll be damned if a middle schooler is what causes me to fail for a third time, I am going to march into that inn, and tie Su to a pole if that is what is necessary!"

"Um Keitaro…?"

"In order for us to keep our promise, we will do nothing but study until the day of the exam! Nothing will distract, come rain, or shine, or natural disaster, or some girl wanting to maul me for accidentally molesting me, I will not put down my textbooks! And I will not tolerate anyone who will get in my way!"

"Keitaro, your starting to scare me." Naru said, backing away slightly.

"I am the manager of this inn! I am the man in the charge! If I want to study with the love of my life, no man, woman or child will stop me!" The flames of youthful passion in his eyes had now become inferno's of youthful passion. "HINATA! PREPARE YOURSELF!" And with that he went speeding off into the distance like a crazed bloodthirsty lunatic.

Once the dust trail faded away, naru appeared with her hair and her glasses askew. "Oh good golly god, what have I done?"

The Hinata

"Honestly Saki, this is basic algebra." Tamiyo complained as she furiously went over Saki's answers.

"Well, I'm just not good at all this brainy stuff like you are." Saki moaned.

"It's not brainy stuff, it's basic algebra!" Tamiyo complained. "Look, all you have to do is-"

"KITSUNEEEEE!" Naru came sliding into the Hinata, with her hair a mess, and sweat dripping down her skin.

"What are you doing here?" Tamiyo asked.

"Not important, where's Kitsune?" Naru asked.

"Present, what is it?" Kitsune said as she exited the kitchen.

"Kitsune!" Naru said, launching herself over the sofa, and tackling the blonde woman to the ground.

"Whoa, Naru! I'm not sure if I'm ready for this!" Kitsune said.

"This isn't a joke!" Naru told her.

"It's not?"

"No, I broke Keitaro!" Naru said.

"You… what?"

"I broke him, and he went crazy, and the details are important, but we have to perform damage control before the psycho's get a hold of this!"

"Eh-hem." Saki said from behind the sofa.

Naru didn't even bother to acknowledge the two, and simple jumped off Kitsune, and dragged the fox lady back into the kitchen.

"Okay, so I said some things I shouldn't have, and now Keitaros' gone a bit crazy, and I think he wants to do some things around here that are probably going to end really badly, and I need you to help me!" Naru hurriedly explained.

"So you said some things, completely different from what I was thinking." Kitsune said.

"Kitsune this is serious! This is Defcon 5!" She stated.

"Okay, I get it! I'll I figure out the rest later, where is he?"

"I don't know, he ran ahead of me, I'd figure he'd be here already, have you seen him?"

"Nope." Kitsune said. "And with the girls here, I would think there'd be alarms if they saw him."

"Oh, I just know this is going to end badly…" Naru said.

"Um, Naru-Sempai?" Shinobu asked, sticking her cute head in the doorway.

"Shinobu!" Naru said, immediately pulling her in. "I STILL haven't sorted a study schedule for you yet, I'm sorry, I promise I'll get right on that, but for right now your sempai needs you!" Naru said, fixing a strong intimidatingly mad stare at the timid girl.

"Um, um, um…"

"I need you to find Su, and distract her! I don't care what you do, or how you do it, but I NEED her out of the way for a little while. Do this for your Sempai, and I will forever be indebted to you!"

"Is that all?" Shinobu asked, no long intimidated.

"I know I'm throwing you to the wolves Shinobu-Chan, but your Sempai wouldn't do this if she weren't desperate!"

"It's okay Sempai, I can do this, I know what to do!" Shinobu said confidently.

"That's my girl!" Naru said proudly engulfing her in a brief hug. "Now quick, we don't have much time!" She said, pushing her away.

"It's okay Sempai, you can count on me!" She told them.

"So while she's off occupying Jungle girl, what do we do?" Kitsune asked.

"We have to find Keitaro, and restrain him, using whatever means necessary!" Naru instructed.

"Ooh, whatever means necessary?" Kitsune asked.

"Yes, any means necessary." Naru said.

"Oh…" Kitsune said, realizing that time for her unique sense of humor had passed. "Alrighty then, what was the last thing Keitaro said before he ran off?"

"Something about tying Su to a pole." Naru said.

"Oh… this is bad."

It was at the height of her confidence that Shinbou opened Room 301, a room that few others in the Hinata would willingly open. When the door opened the feeling of confidence that welled up in her chest took a serious blow when she was greeted by what seemed to be a tropical rainforest.

"S-Su?" She asked as she stepped inside with some trepidition. As she entered the room it was almost as if she had enterd another world, filled with tropic heat and humidity, a great contrast to the cooling fall outside. Sounds of birds and animals of all creation bounced around the room as she tiptoed past the brush. "Su, are you in here?"

"Shinobu?" Su swung down from a branch upside down wearing her work jumpsuit, scaring the living daylights out of Shinobu.

"Su! Don't sneak up on me like that!" Shinobu cried.

"Sorry, I thought I heard you." Su said, swinging back and forth from a branch. "Whaddya want?" She asked.

"What is all this?" Shinobu asked.

"Oh, you mean my room, pretty awesome right?" Su asked. "Granny Hina suggested I make myself feel more at home, so I did all this, whaddya think?"

"H-How?" Shinobu asked.

"Well, I hijacked the A/C to make the temperature like it is, but it only affects my room, I have some speakers playing the jungle sounds, and I brought in a bunch of trees and made my own habitat, Granny Hina said it was okay so long as I didn't dig into the floor."

"You lived in a jungle?" Shinobu asked, trying to admire Su's handiwork.

"Well, not really, but I feel more at home at the jungle anyway, so I guess in a way. I have a hammock hanging over their, but I don't really use it. Half of the place is like this, but Granny Hina also let me use the next room for my workshop, wanna see?"

"S-sure." Shinobu said.

With that Su dropped from her perch into a perfect handstand before self-righting. She then skipped past the trees were a divider split the room in too. Moving past it, Su led Shinobu to her workshop, which held a completely different atmosphere. It seemed to her what a Mad Scientist would create if they had to work on a budget. Power tools lay everywhere, gears, springs, and various other machine parts burst out of boxes, and stains of oil, fire, and explosions peppered the floor and walls.

Su somersaulted into her seat in her workbench, and put on a pair of thick goggles so she could start working on the various bits of metal scatterred around. "I am trying to put the finishing touches on my air force." She explained. "I need them to have a certain level of autonomy to keep themselves in the air, but I can't quite seem to get the right system."

"Oh I see." Shinobu said. "You seem quite calm." She couldn't help but notice.

"Really?" She said, looking up from her work. "Well, being in here reminds me of home, and working on my toys gives me something to do." She told her. "Oh Shinobu, what did you want?" She asked.

"Oh, um-" Shinobu said, remembering why she was here. Although she couldn't quite tell Su that she was sent here to distract her. "I-I just wanted to know what you were working on."

"Well, I've tried my best on these." Su said, organizing all the scrap, and sorting them into the bodies of plastic airplane models. "Let's go and take them for a test run!" She stated, bounding around with her toys in her arms.

"H-Hey, wait for me!" Shinobu said.

"So you said- "

"I know, and it was a mistake, and I'm extremly sorry about it." Naru stated as she checked the third air duct in a row.

"I really don't think our Kei-Kun could fit in one of those anymore." Kitsune said.

"Yeah, well, we've tried virtually everywhere else I can think of, okay?" Naru stated.

"Well, I just really hope your wrong about Keitaro wandering aroung in the vent in 'Rape mode'."

"Oh god…" Naru shuddered as she redoubled her efforts.

"I guess I can't blame you too much. Keitaro's so calm and tame, it's hard to forget he has his own limits." Kitsune said, as she pretended to help.

"Okay, this isn't working." She said as she looked through secret-hiding-spot number eleven. "Think Naru, think…. Thinkthinkthink… I'm Keitaro, and my honor has seriously been insulted, and I have been emasculated by my loving girlfriend, what do I do next…"

"You know, thinking about this logically isn't going to help." Kitsune pointed out. "Because I doubt very much that Keitaro's going to be thinking logically."

"Well then what am I supposed to do?"

"Think Illogically." Kitsune said. "Pure emotion and instinct."

"Illogic, huh?" Naru said, pondering that for a moment. "OH CRAP! SHINOBU!"

Shinobu has spent some time with Su in the past month. She was still getting to know her, but one thing she just found out about her was that her idea of fun was setting a bunch of miniature fighter-planes on a poor straw dummy who's only sin was being in existence to the tune of 'Flight of the Valkyries'. The poor scarecrow hardly stood a chance.

"HAHA! Nothing shall stop my advance! Soon the whole world will be under my dominion!" Su cackled maniacally, the light of the explosions being reflected in her eyes.

Shinobu chuckled nervously as she watched straw cinders fall gently from the sky. 'I sure hope she never actually tries to take over the world.' She thought to herself. 'Because if she does, I'm not sure what side I want to be on.'

"Okay, so they may have a few control issues, but I think they're combat ready, don't you think Shinobu?" Su asked, looking up from her controls.

"Um, sure, yeah." Shinobu said, not sure what else to say.

"But it's hard to tell though when your opponent can't move, and won't fight back." Su said, before turning to Shinobu.

"Su-San… what are you looking at me like that for."

"Oh nothing!" Su said quickly. "I would use the manager as a test subject, but then Naru and everyone else would just yell at me."

"SU!" Shinobu whined.

"See like that." Su said.

"You can't just blow up the manager!" Shinobu told her.

"Relax, I'd only use the non-lethal stuff." Su said. "I wouldn't kill your crush."

"Yeah, but even if you do that…. C- um, c-crush?"

"Yeah, I've seen the drawings you've done of him, they're pretty good."

"Hey those are private!" Shinobu told her. "And just because of that… doesn't mean I have a c-crush on him."

"Oh? Then what about how you bring him snacks all the time, and try to spend all your time studying with him?"

"Th-that um, that's just because he likes my cooking, and I have poor grades, so he tutors me."

"That's not what I think, I think you're really smart, you just like having the excuse to be near him." Su said obnoxiously.

"H-Hey! Sempai really does help me! B-Besides, he's so much older than me, and he already has Naru, and she's really smart, and really pretty."

"And soft…" Su said.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm just saying that's she's a really good role model, and she's really god for the manager." Shinobu said.

"Ah, I can't tell what you see in him." Su said. "He's dull-witted, plain-looking, perverted, clumsy, absent-minded, and one bad-day from a psychotic break if you ask me."

"He is not!" Shinobu said. "I know all the other girls don't trust him, but Kietaro-Sempai has a lot of good qualities."


"He's… nice…" Shinobu said.

"Nice and dumb." Su said. "I think he should just stop trying. No matter what he does everyone in the dorm's going to hate him, and with all the trouble he's been causing, he's never going into that University of his."

"THAT'S IIIIITTTTT!" Came a violent roar from the bush behind them, causing the two middle schoolers to shriek in fear. Rising from the shrubbery was a violent shade of a man, the setting sun hitting his glasses so that they obscured half his face, leaving only the grim murderous expression that stained his face, while the rest of him, dirty and disheveled, shook in rage. "Su, you and I are going to have a little talk. Alone." He said in the coldest and coolest tone possible that set against the contrast of his visible rage was the most chilling thing to ever happen to the two girls.

"AH SOMEONE HELP ME, THE MANAGER'S GONNA RAPE ME!" Su yelled at the top of her lungs clutching onto Shinobu.

"HELP!" Shinobu cried likewise clutching onto Su.

Keitaro took stomp after threatening stomp towards the two girls who were paralyzed in fear, and towered over them. He grabbed onto Su, his fingers digging into her shoulder.

"Su…" Keitaro said, his voice as cold as liquid nitrogen.

"Um… yes Mr. Manager, Sir?"

"I want to make it very abundantly clear to you." Keitaro said. "For better or worse I am the manager of this inn. I am to be treated with the same respect that you would have given to Granny Hina while she was here. I know I am not my grandmother, and I can't just get by on my relationship to her, but if I am to make any headway, I need to be met halfway, and I can't do that with all the crazy and immature antics that you pull. Fun and games have their place, but not at the expense of others, and not at the expense of me. Now, I have tried to stay out of you and your business, I would appreciate it if you extend the same respect to me. And I especially want you to know that I am the only person who is allowed to sleep with Naru. Do I make myself clear?"



"Yes Mr. Manager Sir!" Su said frightfully.

"Good." Keitaro said, letting go, and picking some of the branches out of his hair. "Now, while I have your attention-"


"Huh? Is that Kitsune?"


Before Keitaro could defend himself, he was tackled to the ground and forcefully subdued by two young woman while Su and Shinobu cowered together.

"I'll pin him down! Kitsune you suffocate him with that huge chest of yours!" Naru commanded, keeping Keitaro forced down with a half-nelson.

"Naru…. I…." Keitaro tried to choke out.

"I'm so sorry girls, this is all my fault!" Naru told them. "I kinda broke my boyfriend, I hope he didn't do anything to you."

"It's um, it's alright Sempai, he just-"

"You!" Su called out, pointing at Keitaro's fallen form. "You have incurred my wrath! I will have my revenge!" And with that she dragged Shinobu off into the distance leaving behind a small dust cloud.

It was at this point that Keitaro had been knocked out and Naru and Kitsune were looking at each other concernedly.

"Remind me why I hang out with you two again?" Kitsune asked.

Month 1, Day 16

The Hinata Inn

Immedieately following his capture by his two friends, he was tied down and forced to explain himself, and embarrassment was had by all, except for Kitsune who laughed at everyone's expense. Everyone prayed for a swift return by Motoko the next day.

In the meantime, they shuddered at what might be the last act.

"Okay, I'll ask." Kitsune said from her position splayed out on the couch. "Who's trying to kill you this time."

Keitaro, who was sweeping in the same gear he wore during the day of his duel with Motoko, didn't bother to look at her.

"You know who." He told her.

"I know, I just had to say it." Kitsune said, stretching like a cat. "But man, Kei, Su really has you paranoid, I don't think I've seen you gear up for your beatings. At least not since Keiko."

"Yeah, well if I'm lucky I can avoid that kind of abuse." Keitaro said.

"Meaning that you'll probably be getting it double." Kitsune said with a huge grin.

"Kitsune this is serious!" Keitaro putting down his broom and gazing into her half-closed eyes. "This girl makes explosives for a living! She's a unibomber waiting to happen, and I for the first time in my life, have actually done something to deserve her wrath!"

"Hey, don't get so close now." Kitsune said with a blush. "I get your worried about a thrashing Kei, but come on, your immortal, we could drop a bomb on you, and you'd walk away."

"Yeah, you say that now, wait until Su does the real thing." Keitaro said. "So far she's used mini tanks, missile launchers, and every-thing in-between to try and wipe me out. I swear the more I think about, the more I think that she's a one-woman invasion of Japan from whatever country she's from! By the way, do you know where that girls actually from?" Keitaro asked.

"No, why ask me?" Kitsune said, lying down.

"Huh, well it's not like I bothered to ask, but you were here longer than I was." Keitaro said.

"Yeah, by about a couple weeks. Besides, you know me, I only bothered talking to Naru." She said.

"Kitsune, I'm worried you might be becoming a shut-in." Keitaro told her.

"Yeah, let's talk about my problems while you're worried a foreign girls gunning for your head."

"Good point." Keitaro said sitting down.

"There, there." Kitsune said, patting him on the shoulder. "Hey, Keitaro, do you remember what you told me that pain is easy to endure? Back when I was having a fight with my folks?"

Keitaro gave the woman an odd look. "I remember you telling me how stupid that idea was."

"Yeah, but what was it you said about it?"

"It comes from the ancient Greeks. Epicurus. He said pain was easy to endure, as that is all we can do." Keitaro answered.

"See, follow your own advice." Kitsune said.

"I'm starting to hate my own advice." Keitaro said with a smile.

If anything, the tension between the two high-schoolers had gotten thicker, something that Naru would have thought impossible a week ago. The two of them were quite similar, same age, same uniform, both wearing glasses, and being rather plain looking to the outsider, which is probably why it was even worse for the onlookers on the train who couldn't help but notice the simmering anger that threatened to explode between the two.

The two took the same train back to the Hinata, since simply both of them went to the same school and lived at the same place, though Naru would have been more than willing to walk if she didn't have to go to cram school. Tamiyo was silently reading a thick law-book while Naru was too focused on her problems to distract herself.

Of course if anything the silent war between the two high-school girls was nothing compared to what she had anticipated coming after they finally reached the Hinata. Her rather keen intellect shuddered to even fathom imagining what that devil of a middle schooler Koalla Su had in store after her declaration of war. She had been just one problem after another week, and now of all things she was praying for Samurai Girl's return.

'I forgot how nerve-wracking living with Keitaro is.' Naru thought to herself.

Fortunately Naru was nothing if not a maticulate planner. She had thankfully already thought of a battle strategy that Kitsune had coined as the 'boldly running away' plan. Simply put, Naru would wait at the train-station and wait for Keitaro come with her SALEM jumper and they'd go to cram-school together. It was foolproof.

Or so she thought. The moment after Naru and Tamiyo went through the train doors, while everyone in their right minds steered clear, Naru's phone rang. She quickly picked her phone from her book-bag and saw that the number was from the Hinata Tea-House.

"Haruka? What is it?" Naru asked as Tamiyo's ears twitched as she moved forward.

"Huh? Keitaro what is it? Did something come up."


"Keitaro? What was that?" Naru asked concernedly.

"Yeah, well what something would it be?"

"Oh no…" Naru said, as the color drained from her face.

"What do you mean don't worry, how am I not supposed to worry?"

"That's it I'm coming right over!"

"I don't care! I'm going to teach that girl a lesson!" Naru said before hanging up. She looked up to see Tamiyo glancing at her. "Out of my way." She growled before breaking into a full-out run to the Hinata leaving the glasses girl off-balanced and confused.

The air around the Hinata was surprisingly still and quiet in the mid-morning sun amongst the cool breeze. Naru marched up the many steps her anger emanating around her in a menacing aura when she saw Su standing up at the top of the steps with a triumphant and obnoxious smile plastered on her face.

"SU!" Naru hollared from below. "This is going too far! What have you done with Keitaro!?"

"Ah, Naru, right on time!" Su said. "I was hoping you would show up! This is where I get my revenge!"

"Yeah, we'll see about that." Naru growled. "You better tell me what you've done this instant or else you'll regret it!"

"Oh I do? Well, I can't honestly say I know, the manager has proven more agile than I anticipated." Su said.

"That's it." Naru said, deciding to give Su a good spanking when she got a hold of her. "This games over Su!"

"Oh yeah? Says who?"

"Says me."

"Hah, really? I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop you."

"Oh yeah?" Naru asked with her own triumphant smirk. "You and what army?"

If anything Su's grin became wider at that remark. "This one! GO MY MINIONS!"

And with that entire invasion force pored out of the Hinata, fleets of minitiarized planes jets and bombers flew overhead, jeeps supported by tanks came out of the woods, and artillery units rested at the top of the steps.

"FIRE!" She commanded leading all her units to open up on Naru. All she could do was stand their frozen until someone ran out of their hiding and grabbed her before the place she was standing exploded.

"What- the- hell- is- happening!?" Naru cried as she vision shook back and forth as her savior ran for safety before diving for the Hinata Tea House.

"Ow…" Naru cried as she hit her head.

"Naru you're alive!" A voice said as she was enveloped by a wide bosom.

"Hey Kitsune…" Naru said. Kitsune released her, and Naru looked around to see the place she had come many a nights for a nice hot cup of tea turned into a warzone. The tables and furniture were stacked against the doors and windows for cover, with what looked like sandbags covering the walls while the hole place shook, and the lights flickered. "What the hell is happening?" Naru asked as she turned to see Keitaro behind her, clad in the same outfit he wore for his duel with Motoko. "You obviously came prepared." She muttered.

"Yeah, well you see, this is the trouble I told you about on the phone." Keitaro said.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me that she had a whole frickin' army!?" Naru asked.

"You hung up before I had a chance!" Keitaro defended.

"Can someone please tell me what happened?" Naru asked.

"Alright, so Kei was about to leave to pick you up like you asked, see?" Kitsune said. "When we heard a noise out front. Turns out it was island girl packing a whole army in miniature. She blitzkrieged the Hinata, and we had to retreat to the Tea House. Su was shelling the place earlier, but had called a ceasefire before you got here."

"I was hoping to see what it was like in the Hinata when you came." Keitaro said. "I was afraid to call out in case she went on the attack again."

Naru gave a sigh that spoke volumes of her anger and frustration. "What the hell…" She moaned.

"You think you got it bad!?" Haruka cried from behind the counter wearing a pot as a helmet, and wielding a BB Gun she got when she was twelve. "I moved out here exactly so I could avoid these kinds of messes. Keitaro I blame you!"

"Me!? What did I do?" Keitaro cried.

"You're the manager it's your job to fix this!" Haruka cried from her cover. "Lackey, get out there, and spot me some targets!"

"What me?" Koichi said, springing up from the counter with the same pot helmet, wielding a broom.

"Yes you lackey, what do you think I'm paying you for?"

"But… but…"

"But nothing! Move!" She said, throwing over the counter. He carefully took out a pair of binoculars and hesitantly stuck his head out the window.

"Haruka, are those sandbags?" Naru asked.

"Sugar, salt, and flour." Haruka said. "This place isn't a bunker you know!"

"It seems Aunt Haruka doesn't like Su's little game." Kitsune said before Haruka shot a BB round an inch from her knee.

"I heard that…" Haruka said coldly.

"Yes Haruka-Sama, sorry, Haruka-Sama!" Kitsune said.

"WHOA!" Koichi said before falling back inside his hair singed. "Okay, I think now they have some fire tanks out there, what the hell does that girl do for fun?"

"I know right?" Keitaro said.

"Is this everybody in here?" Naru asked.

"Um hello." A shy voice said with a young high-school girl that Naru didn't recognize popping up from behind the counter. "You don't know me, I was just having some tea in here, when all this happened. My names Ayaka. Nice to meet all of you."

"Hi there." Naru said briefly. "Alright, what about everyone else? I just got off the train with Tamiyo, what about the others?"

"Hostages as far as we know." Kitsune said. "Saki and Shinobu were already there, Hiromi's probably still at work, but those two weren't keen on Su's idea of fun either, but Kei and I were the only ones to make this far."

"Great, so that means that we only have… six people against that entire army." Naru said, already trying to formulate a plan.

"I'm absolutely out of ideas." Keitaro confessed. "I mean, we've been through some trouble before, but nothing like this."

"Well there was…" Kitsune said. "Yeah you're right, I think this is out of our league."

"No way! I am not letting that girl win!" Naru said.

"Well then Naru, you're the leader, what do we do?" Kitsune asked.

"Alright think…. As flashy as her toys are, I doubt they can do too much damage to the Tea House, but we don't have anywhere to go, and she's knows that, so soon enough this'll go to seige warfare. Fortunately we have all the amenities we need here, and I doubt she has the patience for a waiting game. The trick then is to surprise her."

"Alright, what do you suggest?" Keitaro asked.

"I was thinking we use the old tunnels that were installed here to get the jump on her while the rest distract her. Since Su's the only person in on her game, her controls should be in the one spot. We take away her controls, we take away her army."

"Sounds like a plan." Kitsune said. "Or at least better than the one we had earlier, wait here, and not die."

"Alright, Keitaro, Kitsune and the new girl will be the away team, while the rest of us hold out here." Naru said.

"W-W-Wait a minute!" Said Ayaka, crawling towards the group. "Why me?"

"I'm going out on a limb and assuming you're not a fighter, like you don't have any weapons or any training or anything, right?" Naru said.

"Well… no…" Ayaka said.

"The away team should be quiet as possible, the home team is the one that should do all the fighting. You'd just be dead weight here, but the away team might need an extra pair of hands. Just do everything that these two tell you, and you should be fine."

"Wait a minute!" Koichi said, butting into the conversation with his hair still smoking. "You can't possibly be thinking of sending Ayaka-San into there!? She has absolutely nothing to do with this!"

"Yeah you have a point." Naru said. "We can't force you to do this, but we need all the help we can get."

"I understand." Ayaka said. "Don't worry Koichi-San, I'll be fine, you stay here, and do your best like always okay?"

"But…" Koichi tried but failed to come up with a response while Ayaka smiled at him. "Fine… but stay out of trouble okay?"


"Great, we'll stay in contact via cell-phone, Keitaro, you'll lead the way, you know the inn best, and you're the best fighter, got it?"

"Got it." Keitaro said.

"And… be careful okay?"

"I understand."

Since Keitaro and Naru had spent most of their youth at the Hinata, they knew it's every secret, and every nook and cranny. Amongst these were a handful of tunnels that had been dug during the second world war that connected the Tea House with the Hinata.

With Kitsune holding the flashlight the three of them crawled in the underground until they found the tunnel that led to the basement. Keitaro went first to check for safety and soon called out the rest. They filed out and began their search.

"Before we confront Su, we should check her room." Keitaro told his compatriots. "She works on her toys in there, and it might be her control center."

"Hey wait a second." Kitsune said, who was holding her cellphone with Naru on the other line. "Naru said to try turning off the fuse-box."

"Right, cause if Su's place is the control center cutting off the power should do the trick." Keitaro said, going to do just that. "Anything?"

Kitsune listened in on the other end. "Nope. Must be battery powered."

"Well, I had a feeling it would be this easy."

"You guys seem surprisingly experienced." Ayaka said.

"We tend to attract all kinds of weirdo's." Kitsune said.

"Alright, next we'll check for Su and Saki." Keitaro said. "I'll go first." And with that they went into the eerily quiet halls of the Hinata.

"Smart of Naru to keep making a ruckus outside." Kitsune muttered. "Otherwise Su might have her toys patrolling the halls."

"Uh-huh." Ayaka said. They checked room after room while chaos reigned outside. They finally got a hint however when they heard loud banging and cursing coming from the closet.

"Saki is that you?" Keitaro asked.


"Damn right it is!" Came from the other side. "What the hell are you doing get me out of here!"

"Yep, it's her…" Kietaro said as he fumbled with the keys that he as the manager naturally had. The moment the door was unlocked it smashed into his face and a red-faced Saki, still in her blue school-uniform stomped out.

"I can't believe that damn brat, I should have stayed on top of this, how dare she lock me in a closet, when I get my hands on her-" and so on.

"Sempai! Are you alright?" Shinobu said who was likewise still in her uniform also.

"I've been through worse." Keitaro said, who had actually been protected by hid face plate.

"Sempai I should have warned you, Su skipped school to plan all this, I should have tried to stop this, I'm a terrible person…" Shinobu said, whose eyes were threatening to burst.

"Wait, wait, it's not your fault, really!" Keitaro said.

"Yes it is…" Shinobu said sniffing.

"You can cry later!" Saki said harshly. "I'm all for plans to get this bum the hell out, but that damned brat didn't even have the courtesy to involve any of us, and she's gonna pay for that." Saki ranted. She noticed Ayaka standing their confused. "Who the hell are you?"

"Oh hell there, it's very nice to meet you, my name is Ayaka, I was a customer at the tea-house when all this happened." She explained.

"Get our while you still can." Saki told her quickly.

"Well now that we've gone through all the formalities-" Kitsune said. "I vote we actually go the productive route, and try to fix the situation."

"Got it!" Saki said. "Just point the way, and I'll start pummeling the brat!" Saki said.

"Hey, wait a minute-" Keitaro said, placing his hand on Saki's shoulder. "I think we should-"

Keitaro was interrupted by a punch to the stomach that was thankfully softened by the armor he was wearing. "I don't think I asked for your opinion." Saki said.

"We do have a plan you know." Kitsune said. "Although if you want to go against that toy army of hers by yourself, go on ahead." Saki stayed silent as she considered the notion. "Basically we get the jump on her, and take her controller away from her." Kitsune explained.

"Fine, we'll do it your way." Saki said.

After everyone had gotten into their poistion behind Su who stood unknowingly at the top of the steps controlling her army, Naru and the others on her end prepared to make their charge.

"We need for her entire focus to be on us." Naru stated who had pocketed her glasses and donned her own pot-helmet. "Haruka will cover us with her BB Gun while you and me charge with the mop and the broom. Any questions?"

Koichi raised his hand. "Is it too late to come up with another plan?"

"Yes." Naru stated.

With that, they lined up by the doorway, and Naru informed the others of their strike. They burst out of the tea-house smashing the toy tanks in front of them, while Haruka shot off her BB Gun with surprising speed and marksmanship, managing to knock them over. Naru and Koichi ran forwards to avoid the artillery fire, but there was little they could do agains the air-force except for swat at them whenever they made a strafing run.

While Su cackled at her enemies below, Keitaro, Kitsune, and Saki slowly crept up on Su from behind while Shinobu and Ayaka watched from behind.

Their plan would have worked too, if not for Su's spy drone.

"Aha! You thought could surprise me!" Su said as she turned around causing the three to freeze in place. "An excellent strategy, but it did not work! Go my forces, targe the dorky-one first!"

"That's it!" Saki said, launching into a charge. One of Su's jeeps rammed straight into her foot, causing her to fall flat on her face, and being pelted at by her fighter planes.

"Su!" Keitaro caused. "Why are you doing this! I get you're angry at me, but now your going after everyone!"

"You said that you're in charge of the inn right!?" Su said. "Well, I thought to myself that I'll just have to take the Inn over, and then it'll be mine, and then I can do anything that I want!" Su said cackling maniacly.

'This girl has absolutely no sense of rationale.' Keitaro thought to himself. "It doesn't work like that Su."

"Sure it does." Su said smiling.

"I guess I can't convice you otherwise, then how about this." Keitaro said. "If I leave, will you stop fighting everyone else?"

"Huh?" Su said, pausing. "You'll… leave?"

"So long as everyone is safe, I'll do whatever it takes."

"But…. It's not fun… if you leave just like that…" Su said.

"Ahah!" Naru cried triumphant as she caught Su from behind. "Good job on distracting her Kei-Kun!" Naru said.

"Thanks Naru!" Keitaro said running up to grab the large set of controls that Su had been using.

"You tricked me!" She cried.

"That I did, and now your armies are useless!"

"Ha, that's what you think! All my units are on autopilot, and they'll keep attacking until you find out how to deactivate them! But you'll never figure out how, only I know the secret code, and I'll never tell, torture me all you want, I'll-"

"Thre's an off button." Keitaro said, pushing the big red button. Soon enough all the planes fell out fo the sky, and tanks and artillery ceased their firing.

"Now can I teach this brat a lesson." Saki said coming up to her. "You really shouldn't have locked me in that closet, you know?"

"Oh, yeah, well… surprise attack!" Su slipped out of the top half of her uniform, leaving Naru holding only a shirt, and Su standing out in the open with only a bra, and holding a second controller. "A good general always has a back up! Now prepare to fell my wrath!" She said launching into another evil cackle before another person grabbed her by the neck.

"Su…" Said a cold voice that caused her to turn slowly.

"Motoko?" She asked seeing the tall Samurai woman standing oppressively behind her.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh you know… just having a game." She said.

"I see…" She turned to Keitaro.

"I swear to you, absolutely none of this is my fault!" Keitaro quickly stated.

Motoko sighed. "If I had known this were to happen, I would have reconsidered my trip."

For now the trouble had finally ended. After hearing the whole story, Motoko had decided to ground Su, and not take her eyes off her for a second. The damage done to the Hinata was repaired, as well as it could be at least, Ayaka was sent off back to her own place none the worse for wear, and Tamiyo arrived late to the party thoroughly confused.

Things needed to be settled though. Even the anti-Keitaro faction realized how out-of-bounds Su had been, and a nice measured talk didn't seem like it would do much good. Repercussions needed to be had. It was a dark and gloomy prospect for Keitaro, who had still held hope of being able to get along with his tenants, but he realized the need to stand up for himself.

On a more positive side, Naru finally found time in her schedule to help tutor Shinobu.

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