Month 1, Day 2 Midday:

Cram School

"Naru! Keitaro!" Haitani and Shirai seated themselves across from the happy couple as their class for the day ended.

"Um, yeah?" Keitaro asked.

"Today we are interrupting your happy humping-"

"Hey!" Naru interjected.

"-For something far more important." Haitani stated.

"Tada! Our Manga is done!" Shirai said, producing a sheet of papers stapled together.

"Wow, you guys actually finished it?" Naru said, taking it from Shirai's hands, and flipping through it. "At this rate, you two might even get steady girlfriends."

"Hey!" The two responded.

"Hmm… Kei-Kun, your artwork really shows well in this." Naru said.

"What about me? I was the one that wrote up the script." Shirai said.

"Well that's not something you can get a feel for at first glance, now can you?" Naru stated. She took a moment to look back at the storybook. "Alright, this one's me, right?" She asked, pointing to a girl with large-round glasses.

"Yeah, that's Natsuki." Shirai said. "She's the childhood friend character who's in a relationship with the main character."


"What, is there something wrong?" Shirai asked.

"She could have a few more…. Curves." Naru suggested.

"We thought it would be funnier if the sexually aggressive character had zilch sexual appeal." Haitani stated.

"Is there something you two boys are trying to say?" Naru asked, with a slightly hostile tone of voice.

"Nope, not at all!" The two stated quickly.

"Well, it doesn't look too bad, I could imagine seeing this in a bookstore or something." Naru said, handing it back to the two. "What do plan to do with it?"

"Well for now, we're just going to focus on our studies." Keitaro said. "We're gonna wait before we try to bring this to anyone for publish. Besides, it's just a hobby for us, so there's no real need to try to get it published."

"Fair enough." Naru said, nodding. "Now can I have my alone-time with my boyfriend?"

"You two sure about that?" Haitani asked.

"Is there some reason we shouldn't?" Naru asked. "If you're worried about the rain, we were planning on using the infirmary today."

"Naru, can we please not tell these two about the details of our sex-life?" Keitaro asked.

"No not that." Haitani said.

"But we're still having that conversation later." Shirai stated.

"Today's the exams, remember?" Haitani said. At that, the couple froze. "You two do know that today's the first prep exams. The ones that give your likelihood of getting into the college of your choice. You guys studied for this right?"

After a delayed response, the two clutched their heads and began screaming silently. "I can't believe we forgot, I can't believe we forgot!" Naru said.

"This is bad, this is bad." Keitaro muttered.

"Haitani, I think we may have broken them." Shirai remarked.

"It's those damn bitches!" Naru yelled, standing up.

"Come again?" The two asked.

"It's those damn bitches! They made us forget to study! Kei-Kun's been too busy trying to survive, and I've been too busy trying to keep him alive, they made us forget all about Todai, and threw us completely off our studying schedule!" She raved.

"Naru…" Keitaro said weakly. "Naru I'm not sure I can do this…" The three turned to see him having turned stark white, and shaking where he stood.

"Kei-Kun! You can make it! Hold on!" Naru said, grabbing onto him.

"Naru, I'm not sure if I can do this." He repeated . "What if I fail again? What if I bomb the test? What if I never get into Todai with you and Mutsumi?"

"Don't talk like that! We can make it through!" Naru told him. "You and I and Mutsumi are all going to make it into Todai this year, and this test isn't going to stop us, no matter how badly you fail it!"

At that statement you could almost see Keitaro's spirit escape from his withered body.

"No don't leave me Kei-Kun!" Naru yelled, shaking his lifeless husk.

"I'm not sure if this is funny or sad." Haitani remarked.

"Maybe both?" Shirai suggested.

It was raining as the four made their way back home. Pouring really. It suited the abysmal mood that all three felt as they walked down the lonely sidewalk underneath their umbrellas.

Each of them had gotten notable sub-par results on their exams, a marvel they got the results so soon, and each was left an absolutely miserable mood as a result. They had decided to take the long way back home together as a way to clear their minds, and the silence of the rain falling seemed to at least bring back Naru and Keitaro from their Comatose state.

"You know what screw those tests!" Haitani stated, stopping.

"What do you mean?" Shirai asked.

"I mean screw 'em!" He said. "All those tests have done is make us miserable! Well I don't want to be miserable, I wanna be happy instead!"

The three took a moment to look at him before responding.

"You know what he's right." Naru said. "I wanna be happy!"

"Exactly!" Haitaini said. He was almost worried they were going to ignore him and keep walking. "There's no point in worrying about these tests, cause doing that is making us unhappy, and it's not gonna change what actually happened. I say we go scouting for babes!"

"How is that gonna help!" Keitaro and Shirai asked.

Naru laughed. "What the hell, let's do it." She said. "Maybe we'll actually find you those long-lost girlfriends."

"That's my girl!" Haitani said, slapping his hand on her shoulder. "And there are three beauties conveniently right there." He said, peering over his shoulder.

Walking down the sidewalk in front of them were three high-school girls in blue uniforms, each with an umbrella in their hand.

"High-school girls, really?" Naru asked. Haitani shot her a pathetic puppy-dog eyes look. "Alright, what the hell, Keitaro, you are acting wingman."

Keitaro and Shirai sighed, resigning themselves to their fate. The two put on a smile, and joined their friend in an old routine. They stepped up right behind the three girls, and Keitaro was first to speak.

"Why hello there my good pretty ladies, might I borrow a little bit of your time?" Keitaro started.

"No." Was the first response from the girl on the left, who didn't even bother to turn around.

"Ah, but you see, I have already taken some of your time, let me at least use it to the fullest." Keitaro said, undeterred.

"Get lost." The other girl on the right said.

"You see, I have a couple of friends who are in desperate need for companionship. Friends?"

"Hello there!"

"Nice to meet you!" The two introduced themselves, appearing by Keitaro's side. "Allow us to introduce ourselves, for we are-"

"The glasses-wearing trio!" The three said at once.

"I will warn you once, give up, and leave us alone." The middle one said.

"Ah but would the fun of that be?" Shirai asked.

"How can you expect any man to leave such beautiful women once he has seen them?" Haitani said.

"Please all we ask is for a portion of your time, and a mere speck of your attention." Keitaro finished, placing a hand on the middle's shoulder.

"You were warned." The last one sighed, folding up her umbrella. She twirled around, and the three had a moment to recognize her before she struck.

"Oh crap." The three said as one.

She whirled her umbrella in her hand, slicing through the air, causing shockwaves that threw the three on their back and onto wet pavement. Naru went from silent observer to concerned participant as she ran over to see if the three were ok.

Keitaro rubbed the back of his head, and saw the tip of Motoko's umbrella pointed at his face, with her looking down condescendingly on him. "Kei- Urashima…"

Naru ran over, to cover her boyfriend. "Kei-Kun! Are you okay!" She asked.

"Yeah, just a little shaken." Keitaro said.

"What are you crazy!" Naru asked Motoko. "What were you thinking! You could have seriously hurt these guys!"

"Narusegawa…" She muttered, her cheeks flushing. "I should ask you the same thing. Your supposed boyfriend was shamelessly flirting with me and my friends, evidently with you not far behind."

"It's an act!" Naru stated. "Keitaro's been trying to get these two girlfriends for years! He's their wingman!"

"O-Oh, is that so." Motoko stated. "In that case, he was still aiding those two hooligans in attempting in attempting to seduce young innocent girls."

"What the hell?" Naru asked. "They were going to ask you to go to a café, or Karaoke, or something! Right guys!"

"Right, right!"

"Totally right!"

"And what kind of whooshing air attack was that anyway!" Naru asked. "That's how you deal with unwanted attention!"

"I would say it is a very effective tactic, Narusegawa." Motoko said hotly.

"You could kill someone!" Natu stated.

"If I used my sword." Motoko said, indicating the sheathed sword she was still carrying, and the umbrella still in her hand. "Those three perverts should be thankful that I did not. Now if you excuse me, Narusegawa-San, I shall be heading home. Feel free to do whatever it is that you do with these… degenerates." With that she turned, and kept walking, followed by her two High-School friends.

Her two friends, Kikuko and Sachiyo looked at her worryingly. "Motoko-Sama, are you all right?"

"I'm fine." Motoko stated.

"Did you know those people?" Kikuko asked.

"It doesn't matter." Motoko told them.

'Why.' She thought. 'Why did my heart knot up when I saw those two together?'

The Hinata Tea House:


Koichi entered the small teahouse, and left his umbrella in its stand. He looked around to see the place practically empty. "Ms. Urashima?" He called.

"One second." She called back. Haruka emerged from the kitchen with a tray that held a steaming tea-pot. "Oh good you're here." She set the tray on the counter as Koichi walked up to her.

"Are you not open yet?" Koichi asked.

"Nah, we just don't get much business, 'cept for some old folks. But with the rain, we probably won't be seeing anything today, good day for you to start. So, how was it staying with Miyuki?"

"Miyuki-San is a rather… scary woman." Koichi said. "Don't get me wrong! I mean I'm really grateful about you convincing her to let me stay with her! Really I am! Really!"

"Aw, quit worrying about it." Haruka told him. "I just ask that to make sure she's not just like that with me."

"Oh. I see. Alright, so is there some kind of uniform I should put on, or…"

"This." Haruka told him, tossing an apron at him, which he skillfully caught. He started putting it on as Haruka outlined his job. "I'll brew all the tea, I just want you to serve it to the customers when they come, and to not be in a crappy mood when you do it. You can handle that."

"Don't worry, I can do it. I can definitely do it. There's no need to worry, you can be sure that I can do it." Koichi said.

"Anyone ever tell you, you repeat yourself often?" Haruka asked.

"No." Koichi said.

The door rang as two people came in, soaked from the rain.

"Oh, um, welcome to the Hinata Tea House, may I welcome you, may I please take your order. Please?" Koichi asked, with an over exaggerated bow.

"Hey, you're that robber guy." Koichi looked up to see Keitaro and Naru, dripping wet.

"Take off your coats before I have to start mopping all over the place." Haruka told them. The two put their umbrellas in the basket, and hung their coats upon the rack, seating themselves at the counter. "So, how's the job at the Tea House treating you?" Keitaro asked.

"I just started today." Koichi told them.

"I decided to give him a week to set up at my friends place." Haruka explained, pouring the two a cup of tea.

"What's that been like?" Keitaro asked.

"I'm… adjusting." Koichi said. "I still don't think I can thank any of you enough for giving me a second chance. Thank you, by the way. For giving me a second chance."

"You; shut up, and mop the floor." Haruka instructed.

"It was awfully nice of you to give him a job Aunt Haruka." Naru said.

Haruka bopped the girl on the head. "I needed a lackey." She explained. "What are you two doing here? Hiding from the other girls? Keitaro plunge headfirst into somebody's tits?"

A squeak could be heard as Koichi made a rather awkward swipe with the mop.

"No, well, we did run into Motoko earlier, but that's not why we're here." Naru said.

"We, um, took an exam today that told us the chances of getting into the college of our choice." Keitaro told her.

A clatter could be heard as Koichi dropped the mop on the floor. "That was today! Oh, now I'm never gonna get into the same college as my girlfriend."

"Lackey! No eavesdropping. Back to mopping." Haruka instructed.

"Y-Yes ma'am." Koichi said, reaching down to pick up the mop.

"So, what's the verdict?" Haruka asked. The two looked down at the floor instead of answering her. "That bad huh? Here, drink some tea, that should help cheer you up." She placed two cups of green tea in front of them.

"I can see what my future holds in my tea-leaves." Keitaro said. "I'm doomed to be an endless failure."

"Oh quit being melodramatic." Haruka told.

"Haruka, tell me, how am I supposed to get into Todai in conditions like these?" Keitaro asked. "The tenants are finding new reasons to try and kill me each week, I have to worry about our budget, keep the place clean, and try to repair the place as it's falling down. How am I supposed to do all that, and keep my grades up high enough to get into the most prestigious university in the country?"

"You're trying to get into Todai?" Koichi asked.

"Lackey, what'd I say about eavesdropping?"

"Sorry ma'am." Koichi said, going back to mopping. "If you're so worried about not getting into Todai though, why don't you just pick another college."

"Oh that, well um…"

"Same reason as you." Naru said, wrapping her hand around Keitaro's. "When we were young, we both promised to get into Todai someday. And here we are today."

"Really?" Koichi asked. "I guess that's what made you want to give me a second chance. Thank you for that, by the way."

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." Keitaro said. "I can feel really sympathetic about being kicked out as well. This is my third time trying for Todai. My folks figured it was out of my league too, and kicked me out as well."

"Wow, you're a Ronin too?" Koichi asked.

"Sadly yes." Keitaro said.

"But I thought this dorm was your family's place." Koichi said.

"It is, but my Parents live in a bakery a few neighborhoods over." Keitaro explained. "My grandma and Aunt Haruka are the ones that live here." Haruka then leaned over, and bopped Keitaro on the head. "Except she doesn't like it when I call her Aunt Haruka."

"Why not?" Koichi asked.

"Because, the moment you attach Aunt to my name, it makes you automatically think that I'm older than I actually am."

"Exactly how old-"

"Don't finish that line of thought." Haruka warned.

"Got it." Koichi said. "So then, why are you staying here?"

"After he got kicked out, he asked Granny Hina if he could stay here." Naru explained. "She didn't tell him she was going on vacation around the world, or that she had turned it into a girls dorm."

"Oh, so you didn't know about all of those…."

"Yeah…" Keitaro said.

"Alright screw this!" Naru announced. "Haruka I want us to throw a party in here or something!"

"I don't do parties."

"I am sick of this abysmal mood, I wanna be freaking happy already! Screw the tests, screw the girls, screw all this bad stuff, I am gonna do something to put us back in a happy mood even if it kills me!"

"Um… ok." Keitaro said.

"I'm going to find Kitsune, I'm sure she'll have some kind of plan." Naru stated, storming off into the rain, without even taking her umbrella.

"You may want to watch out for that one Keitaro." Haruka said.

The Hinata

The moment Motoko returned to the dorm, she disrobed, and put on her Gi, and headed out onto the deck, throwing herself into her training. She tried to focus solely on her practiced sword strikes, to empty her mind of anything but her training.

But it was not working as well as she had hoped. Despite her well-practiced movements, her calm exterior, the mindless drumming of the rain soaking her clothes, her skin, and everything else it came in contact with, he mind was still a maelstrom of conflicted thoughts and emotions, all centered on one person.

'Keitaro-Sama.' She focused her inner energies, swung around, and launched a series of strikes and slashes that cut through the air and rain drops in front of her. 'What happened to you? You were once an honorable man. My family welcomed you into our Dojo. You trained with us. Fought with me and my sister. Saved me when…' She executed another complicated series of maneuvers, causing gale force whens to fly from her sword.

'But now… now you are nothing more than a vile pervert. You shamelessly grasp the most private areas of those around here, with no regard to when, where, or who. You feast your eyes on naked-womanflesh, and you flaunt that…. Girlfriend around of yours, who has made it quite clear that she is completely willing to whatever foul acts you wish to do in the confines of your bed.'

She gave a cry as she brought down her sword with so much force that the blow continued past the deck, and severed the branches of the tree behind it.

'Why? Why do I feel so hot when I see you with her? I see her clinging onto you, and suddenly I feel anger, more-so than when you fall onto me, and I strike you down. More so than when you saw me in my full glory, and you were chased around the Dorm for two hours. More so than any of our incidents combined, I feel when I see her cling to you. Why? Why do I feel this way? I felt no malice to Narusegawa before Keitaro-Sama came to the dorm. But now when I see her…'

She launched another energy blast through her sword at the sky, stopping the rain for a second before it fell on her, even harder, with her panting from near exhaustion.

'What are my feelings for Keitaro-Sama? I know that once I respected him. And I may have felt… something for him. But those were the feelings of a child, that has long-since matured. I know now that all men are self-centered, and single-minded in their desires with woman. It seems that not even Keitaro-Sama is immune to this. Now I can only see him as the worthless man he has become. All of his potential-wasted. He is nothing but a slob. An idiot. And a pervert. So then why is it when I see him, my face grows warm. My heart speeds up. My fingers shake. Why, why, why!'

Motoko ended up screaming, and swinger her sword in all directions, lacking the grace and direction they once held, until she at last lost her footing, slipped, and her sword fell out of her hand, and landed with a clatter on the deck. Motoko lay on her back, staring at the gray sky.

'I lost my focus. If my sister could see me now, she-' She got up, and grasped her sword, shivering in her now soaked clothes. 'Maybe I have fulfilled my training for the day.'

With that, she sheathed her sword, and walked back inside, dripping onto the floor. 'I'm soaking.' She decided to head downstairs to the laundry room to change out of her clothes. As she was walking down the stairs, she saw Naru as she walked in.

"Ah, Motoko…" Naru said, with a slight glare.

"Narusegawa-san." Motoko said, walking past her, and ignoring her.

Naru stuck her tongue out at her childishly when she wasn't looking. She then headed out to living room, where Kitsune was, jumping on the couch where she was camped out.

"Oof, hey Naru, what'd you do today?" Kitsune asked.

"Kitsune! I need you fun-loving party throwing ways!" Naru told her.

"Whoa girl! What's the occasion?" Kitsune asked.

"We got some poor result back on our exams today." Naru explained.

"And, you're happy because of that?" Kitsune asked confusedly.

"No! They were horrible, and it's all because of all those crazy girls around here!" Naru told her.

"So, then…"

"We need a distraction! And that's what your good at!" Naru told her.

"I see, by the way, you're still in your studying get-up." Naru blinked, and undid the braids in her hair, and took off her hoody. "So that all? You got a bad grade, and now it's got you all in a tizzy?"

"It wasn't just any exam Kitsune, it was the first preliminary exams telling us our chances of getting into the first university of our choice." Naru explained.

"Oh, cool! What'd you two get?" Naru stayed silent as she stared at the floor.

"Oh, yeah, hence the party." Kitsune said. She made a grin as she grabbed onto Naru. "All right, no need to fear! Best-buddy Kitsune is here! I'll bring the booze and we can have our own little get-together!"

"Aiyeeeeeee!" A scream reverberated throughout the Hinata once more. Naru jumped off the couch, and raced towards where the scream came from; The Laundry room. There she saw Keitaro on the floor with Motoko looking down on him, flush-faced and panting, clad only in a single towel she clutched to her chest, and holding her sword threateningly above her head.

Soon enough she was joined by the other girls, Tamiyo, Hiromi and Saki. "What'd you do now pervert!" Tamiyo asked.

"This time it wasn't my fault!" Keitaro stated. "I was going in to the laundry room, and Mo-Chan was standing their stark-naked!"

"Don't call me by that name!" Motoko shouted.

"Looks like someone's needs to be taught a lesson." Saki muttered, cracking her knuckles.

"No- Aesadi-San." Motoko said. "This is my fight."

"Oh crap." Keitaro said, trying to back away. He got up, and started running just as Motoko unleashed a swipe of her sword that kept going until it hit Keitaro, and launched him straight out of the Hinata, and down the long set of steps.

The Hinata Teahouse

Haruka leaned on the counter, snickering at her nephew's condition.

"Stark Naked, huh?" She asked. "That sounds to me like someone who wants to be seen."

"We're talking about Motoko here." Naru stated. "She's almost the worst of them. No way she has any interest in Keitaro."

"I don't know, didn't you two have a history when you were at her family's compound?" Haruka asked. "I remember back when she was small and that Samurai routine was more cute than terrifying."

"Don't tell me anything happened between you two." Naru said.

"No, nothing like that." Keitaro stated, still trying to work the kinks out of his sore body. "I spent a single summer in Kyoto. She must have been, what, six, seven? We were friends, and that was it."

"I don't know." Haruka intoned. "Back then, you two weren't officially dating yet."

"But I was still Keitaro's promise girl!" Naru stated.

"Well Naru, that can be a lot of pressure." Haruka said. "To only be able to date one girl for almost your entire life, well that can put a lot of pressure on a guy. Maybe he was looking for a way out."

"Kei-Kun, please tell me I didn't drive you into the arms of another girl!" Naru pleaded, with tears almost in her eyes.

"No!" Keitaro stated. "Haruka you're making things worse! Naru nothing like that ever happened, alright, you'll always be the girl for me."

"You mean it?" Naru asked.

"Definitely." Keitaro stated, embracing her. "It would be impossible for me to find a truer statement in the world."

"Aww…." Koichi said, leaning on his mop.

"Lackey-" Haruka warned.

"Yes Ma'am." Koichi said, going back to his mopping.

"So, that's twice in one day for you then." Haruka noted.

Keitaro sighed, and let his head rest on the counter. "I'm not sure if I can do it. What's the worth of sticking through managing this dorm to get into Todai, if I'm not even sure I can get in Todai in the first place."

"We can't give up Kei-Kun." Naru told him. "That's fifteen years of effort that we can't afford to waste."

Keitaro sighed. "I'm not sure Naru. I'm not sure."

"Don't worry, I have Kitsune working on a way to cheer us up, right as we speak." Naru said.

"Really? Like what."

"Well…" Naru thought about it. "Knowing her, it'll involve lots of Sake."

Keitaro chuckled. "Yeah, that sounds like her."

"Hey Kei-Kun… do you think that after this, we could… go on a date?" She asked, blushing slightly.

"Huh? Yeah, sure, why?" Keitaro asked.

"Well, it's just that Kitsune pointed out to me we don't date like we used to." Naru explained. "All we ever do is study, and deal with all the crazy stuff you somehow cause. And we need to find something we can do to relax, and… work off some stress."

"Oh... Oh, oh!"

"No, nothing like that!" Naru said. "I mean, we can still do that if you want, but I mean, I just want some alone time with my boyfriend." She explained "It's almost impossible to get any of that around here."

"I guess I haven't been a really good boyfriend lately." Keitaro said.

"No you haven't."

"Hey! When I say something like that, you're supposed to say, 'No Kei-Kun, don't say that, you're a great boyfriend.' "

"Well you haven't." Naru said. "What kind of boyfriend goes around tripping into other girls breasts, and walking in on naked women all the time? You're going to have to work your ass off on our date."

"Uh-huh, uh-huh."

The Hinata Dorm:

Shinobu hummed to herself as she made her way to the kitchen to start making everyone's dinner. At the very least the confidence she had in her cooking skills had gone up since she had arrived to the Hinata. Everyone was very vocal about how they enjoyed her meals, especially Su, and she was happy that she was managing to earn her place at the Dorm. She considered maybe making some extras that the others could eat for lunch tomorrow, but shook her head, deciding that it would be silly.

She was interrupted from her musing by a surprise tackle from Su, pinning her down on the floor.

"Hiya Shinobu." Su said.

"H-Hello Su." Shinobu muttered.

"Hey, have you seen Miho and Miko?" She asked, getting off her, and helping the blue-haired girl up.

"Um, no I haven't, not since this morning." She admitted.

Su sighed. "I've been looking for them all over, I want to show them a new invention I made."

"O-oh really." Shinobu said. To her knowledge, most of Su's inventions ended up using explosives in one way or another. Many of the older girls had warned her of such. "Have you tried looking in their room?"

Su looked like a lightbulb had lit up in her head. "Shinobu, you're a genius, come on!" Su grabbed the girl by the wrist before she could protest, and dragged her through the inn until the two were upon the room that the two twins shared: Room 305

"Miko! Miho! Are you there?" Su called.

"Go away." The two heard.

"Aw! That's no fun!" Su complained.

"We want to be alone." The told them.

"Too bad." Su said, uncaringly barging through the door and into their room.

The place was sparsely furnished, with the two's school materials by a desk, and a bed full of pillows were the two were seated, each clutching a pillow to their chest.

"Su! You can't just barge into someone's room without their permission!" Shinobu told her.

"Ludicrous." Su said flippantly, waving off Shinobu with a wave. "As for you two, I have something I want to show you, and you're going to see it."

"We don't care. Go away." The two repeated. "We don't want to hang out with the weird foreign girl today."

"I tried being nice." Su said with a shrug. She leapt on the bed, and deftly grabbed the twin on the left, flinging her over her shoulder. "Shinobu! You get the other one!"

"Su! You're not going to kidnap them are you?" Shinobu asked rather worriedly.

"Nah, I'm gonna throw em back when I'm done." Su said.

"U-um m-maybe if we talk to them, they might be more willing to come." Shinobu suggested.

"Oh alright, we'll try it your way." Su said with a pout. She dropped her twin unceremoniously, and jumped onto the floor, making a show of sitting herself on the floor in a huff. Shinobu joined her side, while the two twins got back into the positions the two girls found them in. They glanced at each other before they started talking.

"It's scary out there." One of them said.

"W-What do you mean?" Shinobu asked.

"It's not safe."

"First the new Manger came."

"And he's been a pervert to everyone around here."

"Even Shinobu-San."

"And now we got burgled."

"But he's still here."

"He could attack us at any moment."

"And there's probably worse out there."

"So we're staying in here."

"B-But eh um-" Shinobu stuttered trying to think on what to say. "Koichi-San is alright, and so is Keitaro-Sempai." She tried to explain. "There's no real reason to be worried about either of them."

"We don't care." The two stated. "Those two are scary, and who can tell what they'll do."

"B-But Naru-Sempai and Kitsune-San, and Haruka-San all trust Keitaro-Sempai, and me and Su-Chan have forgiven Koichi-San, right Su?"

"Huh? Oh yeah. Kinda." Su said.

"See? If we can trust them, you can too." Shinobu said. "And the older girls will make sure to protect us in case anything happens."

"We don't care." The two stated again.

"Now can I haul them off Shinobu?" Su asked.

"No!" Shinobu said worriedly. "If you're worried about those two, how long are you two going to stay in your room for?"

"Forever." The two said.

"You two can't stay in your room forever!"

"We don't care." The two repeated like that was there catchphrase.

"Can I haul them off now?" Su whined.

"Kyaaaaaa!" The four of them turned their heads towards the door. Su got up and raced out the door, her current goals forgotten, followed closely by Shinobu, and then a few moments later, by the reluctant twins.

10 Minutes Earlier

Keitaro stared at the door in front of him as though it was the very gates of hell. It sure felt like it, as far as he was concerned, he might as well write 'Abandon Hope all Ye who enter Here' above the doorframe, if it were not for the fact he was the one running the place, and he'd just have to clean it up later.

He did a brief review of his life, wondering if he had any regrets. Well, he knew he regretted not getting into Todai the first time around but-

Keitaro shook his head, trying to focus. That was something he was never good at. He decided to just knock on the door not even think about. He raised his hand against the door and froze.

"Man, I really am pathetic…" He muttered. "I'm afraid to even knock on a door." He took a deep breath, and tried to sum up his courage. "I need to be brave…"

His knuckles rapped against the side of the door three times in rapid succession.

"Go away, I am meditating." Motoko's voice intoned from behind the door.

Keitaro swallowed the lump that had been sitting in his throat for a while now, and said with surprising clarity- "Motoko-Chan, I was wondering if we could talk." He then listened to gage her reaction. He heard sounds of movements, and then the tapping of her feet as she walked to the door. She swung open the door forcefully, and looked down at him with a glare, her face red, and her breathing hastened.

Keitaro got the distinct feeling she might try to kill him at any moment.

"What do you want Manager?" She asked in a hostile tone.

"I um, came to apologize." He stated.

Motoko raised an eyebrow, and seemed to be at least one step removed from trying to kill him. She stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.

"I, see I wanted to say sorry for what happened after school today, and again for what happened in the Laundry room-" Her gaze became harsher, so he tried to spit out the rest as quickly as possible. "a-a-and for all the other times too, that I did something that you didn't like, or insulted you, I'm sorry!"

He ducked his head, and braced for whatever blow might come, but it didn't. He opened his eyes, and saw that while Motoko hadn't calmed down, she at least wasn't at the 'try to impale Keitaro on her sword' stage yet. Her face had gotten redder though, and now she wasn't even bothering to make eye contact.

"Why are you apologizing? You have never bothered to up until this point." She said.

"Huh? I say sorry constantly." He said, rather confused.

"Only immediately after your so-called 'incidents'. You only sputter apologizes as a reflexive plea bargain to reduce the punishment that is to be doled out. Never have you taken your time to reflect upon your actions, and deem it necessary to make amends." She told him.

"Well yeah, I figure if I've been chased around the inn, then we're kinda even." Keitaro said. He could tell from her glare that was the wrong thing to say. "B-but you're different!"

"How am I any different than the others in this dorm?" She challenged. "From when grope Tatsukata-San's breasts, or feasted your lecherous eyes upon Aesadi-San, and Officer Shimorhira while they were bathing, or-"

"Because! You and I used to be friends." Keitaro stated. "I know we didn't really know each other that long in the scheme of things, and it's been years… you and I are probably different people than we were back then, but my friends are important to me. I can understand things are different, and I don't blame you calling me out if I do something wrong, but… I want us to still be friends. Now I know that it's not as simple as going to the way things used to be, but I- I just want us to start somewhere, and I really am a coward for waiting until now to say this, and not on the first day."

"Kei…taro…" She muttered, her face going even redder, her eyes thinning.

Keitaro braced for whatever was coming, but for some reason, he was less afraid than he was before.

"You… may have a point." She said. Keitaro opened an eye at this, surprised. "I… think I need time to think on matters, but… perhaps this is something we can resolve through words."

"Really? Thanks!" Keitaro wanted to hug her, but decided it was not a prudent course of action. He settled on a handshake, which Motoko gently took. When her hand touched his, her face froze, and a chill went up her spine.

When he released her hand, she stood frozen for a moment, before retreating back into her room, and slamming the door shut.

Keitaro let out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding. "Well, that went much better than I had expected." He muttered. He stood around, testing his legs, as they felt like they had taken on the consistency of jell-o. When he had decided he would not collapse when he took his next step, he started walking away from the door.

The moment he took his first step, he heard Motoko slam the door open. Slowly he turned around to see her with a furious expression on her face, sword clutched firmly in her hand. "You!"

"Me?" He asked. 'Things were going so well too.'

"You lying charlatan!" She called, stepping forward towards him, her unsheathed sword aimed at his throat.

"W-W-W-W-What?" He said, thoroughly confused at the turn of events.

"You! You simply prepared that speech, and lied unrepentingly to my face! You aimed to manipulate the feelings of this pure maidens heart, tailoring your words only to suit your needs! Such barefaced lies, such brash actions! But such tactics will not work on me, I am too wise to succumb to your false machinations!"

"N-No! I swear I was being completely honest right now!" Keitaro said inching further backwards from Motoko as she advanced on him with her blade.

"Ha! You simply wish to seduce me, lowering my guard, and tempting me with your honeyed words!" She hissed.

"S-Seduce you? I have a girlfriend!" Keitaro told her.

"Like that matters to a man such as you who has defiled this place with your lecherous ways!"

"What are you- whoa!" Keitaro relearned the lesson of watching where you are going that day. He had backed up into the staircase, and when his foot landed a few inches farther than he had expected, he quickly lost his balance. Falling backwards, he grabbed onto the first thing he could to keep from falling, but unfortunately that thing was Motoko. Grabbing onto her white Gi, she was dragged down the stairs with him in a loud tumble.

The two fell in a heap on the landing. Keitaro had hit his head, and was rubbing the area which he was sure would soon be forming a bruise. His glasses were askew, obscuring his vision to the point where everything was a blur to him. When he set his glasses back on strike he caught of view that was intimidating, terrifying, and alluring all at the same time.

During the fall, her Gi had fallen all the way off, so it now failed to cover anything from the waist up. Her modesty was saved by the bandages she had tightly wrapped around her breasts. But the fact that she had fallen into a compromising position herself (sprawled on top of Keitaro's hips) and that her face had gone to the darkest shade of red he had seen on her, her face scrunched into fury, with tears almost in her eyes, told him that he was still in for a large beating.

"Kyaaaaaa!" She shrieked, the sound reverberating around the house. She could give Tamiyo a run for her money.

Keitaro tried to crawl away, cornered by an angry Samurai-Woman, who was busy for the moment trying to put her Gi back on right, and to grab her sword which had fallen on the floor.

"Motoko-San what is it?" Tamiyo asked, coming from downstairs. She was soon followed by Saki and Hiromi, and then Naru and Kitsune. From upstairs came the younger girls, Shinobu and Su, who had Miko and Miho peering from behind.

"This is it!" Motoko called, pointing her sword and Keitaro's nose. "The last straw! I hereby challenge you Urashima! To a duel of honor!"

"B-b-but my party…" Naru muttered.

Authors Note:

And so here we are, the inevitable 'Duel' chapter between Motoko and Keitaro. Well, actually, that'll be the next chapter.

I have decided to break it up into two chapters, this one and the next. It is rather overdone, and I apologize for following clichés.

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