A/N: This started out as an English assignment and evolved into a poem for The Three Musketeers. It is written from Athos' POV and addressed to D'Artagnan. I would really like to know what you all think!

Disclaimer: The closest I am to owning The Three Musketeers is owning a one eyed bear named Porthos. Although, I do believe that he came to life and ran away while I wasn't looking…

I Want You To Know

I want you to know that I'm proud of you.

I've seen how much you've grown, and in such a short time too.

I may not always show it on the outside,

Bit you have filled this previously cold heart with faith and with pride.

I want you to know that you have changed me as well.

You pulled me back from the very gates of hell.

As I was about to surrender to my sin,

You challenged me with a sword and a grin.

I want you to know that if you hadn't shown up,

I'd have found my death in the bottom of an empty cup.

Like a lone candle in the night,

My dark soul was revived by your spirit's light.

I want you to know that I'm happy to have been undone

By you, my dear boy, my savior, my son.

A/N: Well, I hope that wasn't too cheesy! Please let me know what you think! Also, if anyone sees Porthos the one eyed teddy bear, please tell him to come back because I have at last located his other eye. Thanks for reading!