This chapter takes place near the beginning of the TNG episode "Sins of the Father" and explains where K'Ehleyr, Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, was when Worf was being tried for treason.

Chapter 6

K'Ehleyr marched into the Great Hall of the Klingon Homeworld with a purpose. She had only been the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire for a short time, but she was very familiar with the building. Normally, a task like this would be handled by one of the many emissaries on her staff, but she didn't trust this situation to anyone else.

Chancellor K'Mpec, the leader of the Klingon Empire, wasn't in his office when she got there, but this was important enough for her to wait. She paced the room with her arms folded across her chest, her mind racing. The last year of her life had been about as tumultuous as one could imagine. It began with seeing Worf again on the Enterprise during the T'Ong mission. They had only been together a couple days, but it had been enough to change her life. She came back to her home at the embassy to find out she was pregnant. The pregnancy was physically very hard on her, as was common with for Klingons pregnancies. But she worked hard and in the midst of it she landed the position she thought she'd have to wait her whole career for. All the while, she kept the child a secret from the person who deserved to know the most. K'Ehleyr started out by telling herself that she was keeping the baby to herself because he'd insist on getting married and doing things his way and she couldn't handle that. Now, she was keeping it to herself just because she didn't know how to do anything else.

The heavy metal door slid open and K'Mpec entered. He was an old warrior, he didn't have the youth or the physique he once did but he was just as intuitive and clever as he had always been.

K'Mpec knew why K'Ehleyr was here but behaved as if he didn't, "Ambassador, it is always good to see you. How can I be of service?"

K'Ehleyr got right to it, "There is a Federation citizen being tried by the High Council for treason, an offense punishable by death. Why was my office not contacted about this?"

"Federation citizen?"

"Yes. The Enterprise is en route with him and yet for some reason I was not contacted by them or by the Council. As per the Khitomer Accords, a Federation citizen cannot be sentenced to death under Klingon law, especially when it was his father that committed the alleged offenses."

"You are referring to Worf, son of Mogh," he stated.


"Worf is a Klingon, he was born on the Homeworld and his father was a Klingon. He is subject to our laws."

"Lieutenant Worf is also a Federation citizen and a Starfleet officer. That ensures him protection from witch hunts like this one."

K'Mpec remained as calm as he could. He walked past K'Ehleyr and sat in his chair. A servant wordlessly brought him a tray with a carafe of blood wine and two cups. He poured himself a generous helping, "Wine?" he asked her.

"No, I don't want any damned wine. I want you to explain to me what is going on and why I'm being kept out of it! Every inquiry I've made has gone unanswered!"

K'Mpec took a sip of his wine. It had been by his personal request that K'Ehleyr was made Ambassador. The previous one was killed after insulting one of the most powerful families in the Empire. K'Ehleyr, full with child at the time, stepped in and mediated the situation in such a manner as to avoid a conflict that could have plunged the Federation and the Empire into war again. She left such an impression on K'Mpec that he promoted her immediately.

"Worf has chosen to face this like a Klingon and not hide behind Federation protections."

"Then I demand to be allowed to at least attend the hearings."

K'Mpec took another drink and thought for a moment. Too much was at stake for him to allow the meddling of an Ambassador to get in the way. Especially one as thorough as this one, "Tell me, how is your son?"

His question caught her off guard, "My son?"

"Yes. How is he?"

She swallowed nervously, "He is fine."

"And his father?"

K'Ehleyr frowned, "Why do you ask?"

"I don't believe I have ever met him"

"I told you, he lives outside the Empire."

"So you did," K'Mpec said slowly, "Yet when I first saw your son it was clear that his father is just as Klingon as I am."

"What are you getting at?" she tried to maintain her tough exterior but her heart began to pound. She had never mentioned to anyone who Alexander's father was. It couldn't be a coincidence that K'Mpec was asking about him just as he was about to sentence Worf to death.

"There are not very many Klingons who live outside the Empire… Lt. Worf of the Enterprise being one of them."

K'Ehleyr was silent.

"And then you come in here demanding protections and rights for him, as if it was of personal importance to you. Before these charges were brought against the son of Mogh, we checked into any possible connections he might have in the Empire. I was surprised to see your name come up."

"Worf and I were briefly acquainted years ago," she admitted, "But I come here now as his Ambassador, nothing more."

"You understand," K'Mpec continued, "Worf is being tried for the sins of his father. The punishment for that would fall on not only him, but his children as well."

Now the pounding in her heart became a pit in her stomach. The rise and fall of her chest became more pronounced, "Am I being threatened?" she asked outright.

K'Mpec sat forward, "You are not to concern yourself with this is any way. When the Enterprise arrives, neither you nor anyone from your office is to contact them. This will be handled between Worf and the Council. If you can agree to that, then I will overlook the son of Worf, grandson of Mogh."

She was silent.

K'Mpec picked up a padd and entered some information into it before holding it out for K'Ehleyr to take, "I need you to travel to Earth to deal with some issues directly with Starfleet Command. You leave tonight."

She took it, "You are purposely sending me away."

"I respect you, KEhleyr. I always have. I am doing this to protect you. There are those who would love nothing more than to discover you and your son in the midst of all this."

"There is nothing to discover—"

"Please, you are not fooling me. You came in here with a fire in your belly. Worf is your mate, why you choose to hide it I do not know, but it did not take much for me to figure it out. You will do as I ask and take your son with you. You can return when this business with Worf is done."

Her voice was shaking, "What… what will happen to Worf?"

"He will be found guilty and executed."

The sound of his words felt like a physical impact. Tears instantly formed in her eyes, "I will not let this hap—"

"You will do nothing!" K'Mpec pounded the desk, "I will not argue this with you. If you interfere, I guarantee you, you and your son's connection to Worf will be discovered and his fate will be yours as well. Now take your son and go. This secrecy you have chosen will be the thing that spares you."

K'Ehleyr stood there, feeling paralyzed. She wanted to turn and run but her feet were planted on the floor. She wanted to be angry but she knew that K'Mpec was doing her a favor. Yet she couldn't just abandon Worf. There had to be a way to help him, a way that didn't put her son- their son- in danger.

That was a risk she could not take. Wordlessly, K'Ehleyr turned and left K'Mpec's office. Once she was out of chambers she activated her comm unit.

"K'Ehleyr to Innara,"

A moment passed, "Innara here,"

"Where is my son?" K'Ehleyr asked her assistant.

"He is in the nursery, as usual," she could hear the panic in K'Ehleyr's voice, "Is something wrong?"

"Assemble the transport vessel's crew, we will be departing for Earth within an hour."

"An hour?"

"Or less if possible. No questions, just make it happen."

K'Ehleyr ended the transmission. Once she was back at the consulate, the first thing she did was go to her son. She held the boy tightly in her arms and didn't let him go until they were safely on the transport ship leaving the Homeworld. K'Ehleyr told herself that this is what Worf would have wanted; she and their son protected from whatever was going on. Yet she couldn't help but feel like a coward who was running away instead of staying to help the man she loved.

All these years K'Ehleyr had taken Worf for granted. She thought he'd always be there waiting for her to come around and be ready for them to be together. Yet right now he was on his way to face his death at the hands of the High Council, the ruling body of a world he idolized even though he only knew it from the outside. How foolish Worf had been to think so highly of a people willing to do this to him. Then and there she decided that she wouldn't let Alexander make the same mistakes.

As K'Ehleyr's small vessel left the system, the Enterprise entered orbit of Qo'noS.