Chapter 7

Set during the TNG Season 4 episode "Reunion." Much of the dialog is taken from the script of that episode and credit goes to the writers. The rest is all mine.

Worf tried to maintain his composure as he walked to the transporter room. It was oddly ironic that he was going to see K'Ehleyr again in the same transporter room where they'd said goodbye a few years ago. He'd mentioned to Captain Picard that his discommendation from the Klingon Empire might upset the Ambassador, but in reality he knew K'Ehleyr wouldn't care about such things. Just like the last time they were together, she was coming aboard the Enterprise to deal with an urgent matter. But unlike the last time, Worf was happy to see her.

As he entered the transporter room, the technician spoke, "I just received coordinates sir, ready to transport two from the Klingon vessel."

Worf was confused, "Two?"

"Yes Sir."

She must be coming with an assistant or someone like that, "Energize." She was after all the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire now. As long as he got to see her was all that mattered. Worf let an uncharacteristic smile form on his lips as he watched her form materialize.

And then he froze.

Next to K'Ehleyr was a child. By Human standards he appeared to be about four years old, but for a Klingon that meant he was probably closer to two. K'Ehleyr looked to the boy and then back to Worf. She didn't speak a word, but Worf knew exactly what was going on. K'Ehleyr took the child by the hand and stepped off the transporter pad with him.

"Hello, Worf."

"K'Ehleyr." He managed to say, though he hadn't taken his eyes off the boy.

She took a deep breath, "Worf, this is my son Alexander," K'Ehleyr kneeled down next to him, "Alexander, this is Lieutenant Worf."

Worf looked down at Alexander and Alexander looked up at him. They were both silent, both trying to process what was happening. Finally Alexander spoke, "He looks like me, Mommy."

Well, that was one way to break the news. K'Ehleyr smiled at her son's innocent face, "Yes, sweetheart, he does."

K'Ehleyr stood. She was so nervous she was shaking but did her best to keep herself calm, "I was hoping that I could take him to the ship's school while I meet with Captain Picard."

"Yes. This way," was all Worf could manage to say.

The three walked through the corridors in silence. K'Ehleyr was having a very hard time reading Worf. He was obviously surprised but was he angry as well? She held Alexander's hand tightly as they walked. How this scenario would play out had been weighing on her from the moment she found out she was pregnant. So far Worf was giving her his usual- nothing.

Worf escorted them to the school and waited at the entrance. Like always, just by entering the room K'Ehleyr had managed to put him on an emotional rollercoaster. He watched the two of them through the window as K'Ehleyr spoke with the lead teacher. This was so overwhelming. He and K'Ehleyr have a son? It only took one look at Alexander's forehead for Worf to know that he was the boy's father. The shock was beginning to fade and be replaced by anger. How could she have kept this from him? Worf watched K'Ehleyr tenderly embrace Alexander before standing to leave him there. She was so beautiful, and Worf could see in her eyes how much she loved the boy. How could she deny him the opportunity to know their son the way she did?

K'Ehleyr stepped through the door and finally spoke to Worf, "I hope he'll be alright, Alexander hasn't had much contact with other children."

Worf gave her a look that instantly told K'Ehleyr how he felt. He was angry, as he had every right to be. He walked ahead of her and into the turbolift. Without Alexander there, she felt less vulnerable and better able to handle Worf's temperament.

"Not even a bite on the cheek for old time's sake?" she said once they were alone.

Worf rolled his eyes; K'Ehleyr's sarcastic wit was always her defense shield. He couldn't even bring himself to address the matter of the boy, so he turned to other issues instead, "Perhaps you are not aware of my dishonor. I have accepted... discommendation."

"I've heard. So now what, I have to perform some ridiculous ritual to talk to you?"

"You may not respect our traditions... but I do," Worf replied firmly, finally looking at K'Ehleyr.

"Sorry. I just thought you might want to talk. A few minutes ago you looked like someone with a question to ask."

"Must I ask the question?" Worf demanded.

K'Ehleyr looked him in the eyes, "Yes," she whispered, "You must."

The turbolift doors opened and Worf was glad to be able to escape. He knew he should escort her to the bridge but he had to get out of there and K'Ehleyr could find her way on her own. She obviously could do a lot of things on her own.

As Worf walked away, K'Ehleyr called after him, "What should I tell Alexander, that he has no father?"

Worf stopped for a brief moment and she could see his shoulders slump in despair. He started to turn back to her, but instead kept walking away. For the first time, it occurred to K'Ehleyr that her decision to keep Alexander to herself didn't just anger Worf, it hurt him.

Worf found his way to the conference room just as the debriefing was beginning. K'Ehleyr sat at the head of the table, with Riker and Data on one side and Captain Picard, Counselor Troi and Worf on the other. He'd purposely sat as far from her as he could. Just like the last time she was here, he had no ability to focus on what she was saying, all he could think about was the situation she'd put him in. K'Ehleyr would probably expect him to act like it was no big deal, to just accept the decision she'd made for whatever reason she'd made it and move on as if it were nothing, on her terms of course.

When she was finished speaking the officers filed out of the room. K'Ehleyr was planning to escort Captain Picard to meet with Chancellor K'Mpec, who was on the Imperial Cruiser. Worf went back to his duty station and aimlessly pressed a few buttons, ran some scans, and tried to work as usual. It was hopeless. He called one of his junior security officers to man his station while he went to see the boy.

Again Worf found himself standing outside the school, watching Alexander through the windows. What kind of name was Alexander for a Klingon boy anyway? He was a quarter human, but to look at him he was all Klingon. No doubt it was K'Ehleyr's way of connecting him to that one quarter heritage. Worf had imagined having children of his own someday, but not like this. He always thought that one day he would return to live in the Empire, marry a Klingon woman and raise his family there. He never gave much thought to the reality of just how that would ever happen, but it's what he pictured nonetheless. He had even hoped that one day he and K'Ehleyr would be able to make things work and that she could be that woman. But this, this definitely was not how he pictured it.

That didn't mean it was the worst thing. Perhaps this is what they needed, something to force them to get over their differences and come together. Worf could raise Alexander in the Empire and give him the life he never had. He could teach him everything he knew about how to be the type of Klingon warrior that others feared and respected.

Just then a word that Worf was forgetting in all these daydreams of his came to mind- discommendation. To make things even worse, just as Worf was remembering that there was no way he could live in the Empire let alone raise his son there, he saw Alexander bully some other kids by taking their toys. Worf went into the classroom and pulled him aside.

"There is no honor in attacking the weak," Worf said sternly.

"But I would have won," the small voice replied back.

"No, you must earn victory," not quite knowing how to proceed, Worf pointed towards the door and Alexander obediently headed out. K'Ehleyr should be back from K'Mpec's ship; he wanted to talk to her about all this.

Father and son walked through the corridors toward her quarters, "Where are the other Klingons?" Alexander asked.

"There are no others on board."


"The Federation and the Klingon Empire were enemies for many years. No other Klingons have asked to serve in Starfleet."

Alexander had to crane his neck to look up to Worf, "Why?"

"A warrior does not ask so many questions."

"I don't want to be a warrior."

Alexander's response shocked Worf. Perhaps it was his age, maybe he was too young to understand what he was saying. But more likely, it was his mother.

They entered the Ambassador's quarters, a spacious two bedroom suite much like the ones given to officers. K'Ehleyr was seated and Alexander immediately ran into her arms.

"Hello! Well, you're back early."

"He made me leave," Alexander replied, pointing accusatorily at Worf.

K'Ehleyr could see the less than pleased look on Worf's face. It was time to hash this out, "Maybe you should go to your room and play," she said to her son.

Alexander happily obliged- anything to get away from this Lt. Worf guy.

Once he was gone, it was as if sweet and loving K'Ehleyr left with him and was replaced by her acerbic and sharp tongued counterpart, "Is he under arrest?" she asked dryly.

"He knows nothing of our ways!" Worf shouted.

"Our ways?" K'Ehleyr stood defensively, "You mean Klingon ways, don't you?"

"He is Klingon!"

"He is also my son and I am half Human. He will find his own ways. Why the sudden concern, you won't even acknowledge that he's yours."

"Why did you not tell me?" Worf finally asked.

"And what would you have done?" Worf took his eyes off her and looked away, "That's right. You would have insisted that we take The Oath just as tradition would demand."

"You should not have kept this from me," Worf was calming down.

"Well," K'Ehleyr said with a small, yet genuine, smile, "Now you know."

There was a silence. Worf's dream of having a Klingon family was dead and it was all because of Duras. Deep down he knew that would be the way of things when he accepted discommendation but right now he was faced with the reality of it, "I cannot acknowledge my relationship to the boy. It would only harm him."

"Because you were dishonored?" she asked.

"As my son he would also bear my disgrace. As would his children."

K'Ehleyr knew that all too well. When Worf was facing death she made the choice to continue her secrecy to protect their son. But now that it was only dishonor and not death, she didn't really care. She's tried to follow the details of his case but was blocked at every turn. Perhaps she could get some answers out of Worf himself, "But why did you accept discommendation from the High Council?"

Worf knew he could not go into all that but he had to tell her something, "My father was accused of collaborating with the Romulans at Khitomer."

"I know. And I also know that you challenged it," which, unfortunately, was all she knew.

"At first. Ultimately I withdrew my challenge."

"But why Worf? I can't believe you'd just give up. What really happened?"

Worf had no response, but luckily for him Commander Riker's communiqué meant he didn't need one, "Lt. Worf, Ambassador K'Ehleyr, report to the bridge."

"On our way, Commander."

Worf walked as quickly through the corridors as he could without actually running. The news of the explosion aboard K'Mpec's ship was relayed to him immediately, and his first duty had been to secure the Captain and the Ambassador safely aboard the Enterprise. They had been on the ship performing the ritual sonchi death ceremony when the bomb went off. Both were taken to sick bay where Captain Picard immediately put Worf to work investigating what happened. He tried for the rest of the day to get away to see K'Ehleyr but it wasn't until that evening that he was finally able to do so.

When Worf arrived at her quarters, he was so eager to see her that he didn't even bother waiting for her to grant him entrance. He entered his security code and the door slid open. K'Ehleyr was standing at the window looking out. She wasn't surprised at all when she saw him enter. If anything, she wondered what took him so long.

Worf composed himself as he entered, remembering that this was K'Ehleyr and he'd have to be careful to guard his feelings. He decided to give an official reason for his visit, "I have not received your report on the explosion."

"Two Klingons killed, a few minor injuries. Were you concerned about me?" she asked, she hoped.

"As head of security it is my duty to be... concerned."

"Is that it, just 'official' concern for my well being?" K'Ehleyr's voice had that flirtatious air about it. Worf quickly knew there would be no guarding himself against her tonight.

He sighed, "You know my feelings."

K'Ehleyr stepped away from the window and moved towards him, "Maybe I've forgotten..."

He moved closer to her as well, "You were right. I would have insisted that we take The Oath," Worf lowered his voice and spoke gently, "But not just because of tradition."

"I thought about telling you, wanted to tell you," K'Ehleyr admitted honestly, "But I wasn't ready," she continued to close the distance between the two of them, "When I left you said that you'd never be complete without me. It took some time but I came to realize that," K'Ehleyr paused, steadying herself as she became uncharacteristically vulnerable, "I need you too. You're a part of me, Worf."

Worf felt his heart swell. She was saying the words that he'd waited what seemed like a lifetime to hear. He always knew that they were meant for each other, but she seemed to push him away at every turn. Now to have her stand here and say that she felt the same way he did was overwhelming. Worf took several strides until he stood close enough to her to feel her breath. A content smile formed on his lips. With a quick motion, Worf reach out and grabbed her hair roughly. His eyes blazed with passion.

"jiH dok!" Worf spoke in Klingon the words My Blood. He was offering himself to her to be mated.

K'Ehleyr reached out and touched him in the same way, "maJ dok," Our Blood, she whispered, the response that meant she accepted and they were now one blood, one person joined together.

Worf leaned in to kiss her, but stopped himself. He could not do this. As much as he desperately wanted to, he could not. He shook his head slowly, "No, I can't allow you to suffer my humiliation," Worf turned away from her in shame.

"There would be no suffering, I don't care what other Klingons think of you," she said, grabbing his arm from behind as he tried to walk away.

"But what of the boy? He may want to live in the Empire someday. He would be an outcast- another traitor from a family of traitors."

"Family of traitors, I don't believe that for a minute."

Worf took her in his arms, "Respect my wishes in this matter. I cannot take The Oath with you," his voice lowered in despair "Nor can I claim your son."

K'Ehleyr looked into his eyes. She could see how much this was hurting him. The pain in his eyes was reflected in her own, "If you cannot be his father," she whispered, placing her hands delicately on his chest, "At least be his friend."

Worf smiled and nodded.

They were quiet for a few minutes, still holding one another. The moment was so heavy with emotion that K'Ehleyr had to lighten it somehow, "Well, I imagine you still have others to personally check on. Captain Picard perhaps?" she said with a smirk.

"No, just you."

"Then stay. I need to go get Alexander from the school and then we can have dinner together."

Worf was still smiling, "I would like that very much."

"Thank you for staying with us tonight."

Worf nodded respectfully, "It was my pleasure."

Spending the evening with K'Ehleyr and Alexander had been surreal. After she brought Alexander home, they had dinner together. Later on, Alexander played with his toys on the floor while K'Ehleyr told Worf about their son's birth and what he had been like as a baby. When it was time for Alexander to be put to bed, Worf asked if he could do it. K'Ehleyr listened with a smile on her face as Worf told him some grand tale about one Klingon killing another until his eyes drifted closed.

Once Alexander was asleep, they both made their way towards the door of K'Ehleyr's quarters. The silence between them was unusually awkward. They knew there was nothing left but for Worf to go home now, but that was the one thing neither was ready for him to do.

Finally K'Ehleyr broke the silence, "Worf, I understand why you feel like we shouldn't be married. I can't say that I agree, but I understand," she paused, taking a breath for courage before continuing, "I just want you to know that as far as I'm concerned, when it's just us, like tonight," K'Ehleyr looked into his eyes, "I am your wife, and Alexander and I are your family."

For a man like Worf, a solitary man who felt alone no matter where he was, hearing a word like 'family' brought up a flood of emotions and touched him more deeply than it might someone else. This was his family, and as mixed up and broken as it might be, it was his. Worf felt vulnerable and exposed as he stood before her, as if K'Ehleyr could see every part of him down into the depths of his soul. That would normally make him uneasy and guarded, but right now it felt good. It felt like home.

"K'Ehleyr, I do not want to leave you right now."

She took his hand in hers, "Then don't."

Worf's quarters were in the interior of the ship and did not have a window to the outside. When he was promoted to Security Chief he was given the chance to choose new ones but he never thought it mattered much. The view from the bedroom in K'Ehleyr's quarters, however, made him second guess that decision. The Enterprise was rendezvoused with the Klingons, so the stars stood motionless in the black night sky. He imagined that at warp speed the view must be very nice.

Then again, regardless of the stars, there couldn't be a better view than the one he had right now.

K'Ehleyr slept peacefully against his side. Her thick black hair cascaded over her bare shoulders and her chest slowly rose and fell as she breathed. Worf had been so set on maintaining tradition that he'd deprived them of countless opportunities to experience one another in this manner. In all these years this was only the second time they'd made love, and right now he felt like a fool for wasting so much time with her.

Worf's mind wandered back to that night on the transport ship all those years ago. They were on their way back to Earth from Qo'noS and K'Ehleyr wanted to make love to him then, but he refused. They fought and she ended up spending the night with someone else.

Or did she? What had really happened? In his anger, Worf made the assumption that K'Ehleyr and her colleague had slept together, but did he know that for sure? He lay awake with that question on his mind. He'd never come out and asked her, instead he took Derek's innuendos at face value without finding out the truth.

"K'Ehleyr." Worf said into the darkness. She stirred. He said her name again. Finally she turned over and blinked her eyes a few times.

"Worf, what is it?"

"I… I need to ask you something."

K'Ehleyr could see that Worf was staring up at the ceiling, as if his eyes were focused on something intently. This was serious. Then again, with Worf everything was serious.

"I'm listening."

Worf took a breath. He had to ask this just to get it off his chest, though in reality he really didn't care what the answer was. He just needed to know for his own sanity, "All those years ago, on the transport ship back to Earth from the Homeworld… you and I fought."

"Yes," she remembered.

"We fought and you left. You spent the night with, with him."

K'Ehleyr was silent.

"I will believe whatever answer you give me, I swear it. I just need to know. Did the two of you…"

Worf let his voice trail off. He was hoping she would understand what he meant without having to say the words. She did.

K'Ehleyr sat up in bed, "I went to him, I think his name was Derek, it's been so long I don't quite remember. Anyway, I went to him because I was angry and I knew being there would make you jealous. I let him kiss me, but I couldn't go through with anything more than that. I slept on his couch and was gone before he woke up."

Worf closed his eyes. Had he been Human, he might have felt tears form in them. As it was, the pit that was in his stomach did not go away like he thought it would. He'd expected, perhaps even wanted, to hear her confess to a night of passionate betrayal. Then he could be the bigger personwho forgave her and allowed them to move forward together. But that's not what was going to happen.

"When you came to talk to me afterward, I refused to listen. I was so angry and stubborn that I refused to hear you out. I have gone all these years holding on to the idea that it was your actions that tore us apart when it was in fact my own. I am the one who betrayed you. You were not unfaithful, I was. All these years have been lost because I was a fool."

"Worf, don't do this to yourself. It was so many years ago, we were virtually children back then. We both share blame in the time we've been apart. I should never have kept Alexander from you. I was confused and afraid. And as more time passed I knew it would be even harder to tell you. When I got this assignment I knew I couldn't hide anymore. The truth is, Worf, I have always loved you. From the moment I met you I loved you even if I didn't know it. Loving you has always scared me. It makes me feel vulnerable. I have spent my life building my defenses and just looking at you tears them down."

In the darkness, Worf could see right into K'Ehleyr's eyes, "You have never before told me that you love me."

She smirked, "Well, better late than never."

"At this moment saying 'I love you too' would seem somewhat contrived, but, I do."

"So what now?" K'Ehleyr asked, "We live 'happily ever after?'"

The reality of the situation that Worf was in came back to him, "I cannot be what I very much want to be to you- and to our son. We cannot be together," Worf's voice became angry, though it was an anger directed at an enemy unknown to K'Ehleyr, "I should have fought for my name. I should have never allowed myself to be dishonored."

"I have told you before that it does not matter to me. I am a Federation citizen just like you, and so is Alexander. Your position in the Empire means nothing."

"But where would we live? You have obviously been successful in your career; more so than a Lieutenant on a starship."

"You're the Chief of Security on the flagship of the Federation- that is no small feat."

"Perhaps. Still, I could not ask you to give up your life to come live here."

Nor would I, K'Ehleyr thought to herself, "You could come work at the embassy with me. I am certain there are numerous positions there that would suit you."

"The embassy? On the Klingon Homeworld?"

"Worf you have been there, you know it's a huge place, almost like a city unto itself. There are thousands of Federation citizens who live and work there, more than are even on the Enterprise. You would have no problems there."

"Except that I would be a prisoner to its walls, living there on your charity. I know you say my discommendation does not matter to you but if we are together it will affect you. Even if Alexander and I never leave the Embassy, you will have to. And when you do, people will treat you differently. Other Klingons will not even want to talk to you and that will make it very hard to do your job as Ambassador. You would eventually resent me for that."

"Worf, please…"

"I swear I would have never accepted discommendation had I known about our son, about Alexander. I thought that I had nothing to lose. Now it seems that I had everything to lose."

"Then what is the alternative? Seeing each other once every few years whenever our missions coincide?

Worf was silent.

K'Ehleyr sighed. She knew it was just his stubborn pride talking, but she understood because she would feel the same way in his situation, "Then perhaps you and I are destined to just be like this, never really being together."

Worf shook his head, "No. No I will make this right. We will be a family, I swear it to you. Just not now."

K'Ehleyr wanted to believe him. She knew he had all the best intentions, but Worf was obviously up against something big. Worf was in no position to try to go up against the High Council, but K'Ehleyr knew she could. She had run away when he was first faced with this. Now she could help him.

The next day, both K'Ehleyr and Worf returned to their duties. Worf was busy making security preparations for the arrival of Gowron and Duras aboard the ship, and K'Ehleyr had to prepare the Captain on what his role was in all this. There was so much going on that Worf and K'Ehleyr only saw each other in passing all day. The last update he'd gotten was that Captain Picard had decided to use the ancient ja'chuq, which meant that the selection process would take a long time. To Worf that just meant more time for him to be with K'Ehleyr. They spent the night together again and afterwards Worf was more determined than ever to remedy the situation he was in.

There was too much at stake now for Worf to just let Duras get away with cheating him out of the life he deserved. The problem was, there was no way that Duras was ever going to admit what he'd done to Worf. Worf could threaten to expose the truth, but Duras was powerful and Worf was not, no one would ever believe him. When he accepted discommendation, he felt an inward sense of pride; he could sacrifice himself for the good of the Empire and prevent a conflict that would lead to civil war. But now he just felt resentful that he had naively believed his personal sacrifice was a good thing. It wasn't, it was the worst decision he'd ever made. It would have been better to die in honor than to live like this.

Worf was so wrapped up in his thoughts as he worked his post on the bridge that he hardly noticed the security detail escort Gowron out of the turbolift, across the bridge and into the observation lounge. K'Ehleyr was in there, she'd been there most of the morning going over Duras and Gowron's claims for the Captain.

Once Gowron was inside, Worf went to the security guard who stood at the door.

"What is going on?" he demanded.

"Gowron asked to be taken to the Ambassador so that they could speak."


"Yes sir," the guard looked afraid, "Your orders were that the Klingons could move about the ship as long as they were escorted.

Worf worked his jaw nervously, "Yes, yes of course. Stay alert. If he is not out in ten minutes I will go in to check on them."

K'Ehleyr being alone in there with Gowron made him nervous. But he knew she could hold her own ground, and Gowron would be a fool to try anything that would jeopardize his claim.

After a short while, Gowron stormed out of the observation lounge. The guards moved quickly to keep up with him. He was obviously angry which made Worf fear the worst for K'Ehleyr. Worf left his post on the bridge and went in to check on her.

K'Ehleyr was seated at the table, her hands planted on the surface as if she needed to steady herself. She was breathing heavily and her face was clearly flushed. Something had happened, something upsetting.

Worf rushed to her side and kneeled next to her chair, "K'Ehleyr, are you alright?"

K'Ehleyr leaned over and hugged him so tightly if surprised Worf. She let out a sigh of relief, "I am now."

"Did he hurt you?"

She shook her head, "He threatened me. I tried to be tough, but I left my knife back in my quarters."


"He tried to bribe me to move the proceedings in his direction. In not so many words he told me I'd be dead if I didn't."

Would could feel his blood boiling, "Did he touch you?" he asked angrily.

"No, no. Just threats," she smirked, "I scared him off."

"I want to assign a security officer to you—"

"Oh, that's not necessary; I'm a big girl," she paused, "That is, unless you're the officer."

"I wish I could be. Keeping Gowron, Duras and their men from killing one another has kept me busy."

"I'm fine," she gently stroked the side of his face, "Really."

"You must be careful. There is a lot going on here, more than you even realize."

"If there's something I don't know, it's only because you won't tell me."

Worf turned his eyes from hers.

"Picard knows. I tried to ask him about your discommendation yesterday and he clammed up as tightly as you do. K'Mpec knew also, since it happened I've thought that he was quite possibly the architect of it all."

Worf stood abruptly, and walked towards the door. His back was to her as he spoke, his voice was almost pleading in its tone, "You must let this go. Allow me to handle this in my own time, my own way."

K'Ehleyr stood as well and looped her arms around him from behind, "I have influence in the Empire, Worf, I can help you—"

"I must protect you and our son," Worf turned to face her and pulled her into his arms, "This is much bigger that you realize. I am begging you to not pursue it."

K'Ehleyr nodded, "Alright, I will drop it," that was a lie, she had no intention of dropping it, "I don't want to spend the little time we have together arguing," that, however, was the truth.

Worf changed the subject, "I spent some time with Alexander today while you were in your meeting. I showed him my father's bat'leth."

K'Ehleyr could tell that Worf was proud of himself, so she decided not to protest, "Are you coming to see us again tonight?"

Worf nodded, "Of course. I will get Alexander from school and bring him to you since my day will probably end before yours does."

K'Ehleyr smiled, "I love you, Worf," she whispered.

"I love you, K'Ehleyr."

The ja'chuq was well underway, and in addition to the news that the bomb was of Romulan origin, Dr. Crusher would soon have her portion of the analysis complete. Captain Picard wanted to know who planted the Romulan designed device before making his decision. K'Ehleyr got a break from the proceedings while Captain Picard and Worf addressed the bomb issue with Gowron and Duras. She wanted to stay and see how things went, but this was a good time to sneak off and look into another matter.

The last meeting in the observation lounge made it clear that there was something about Duras that neither Picard nor Worf was telling her. And since she knew they shared in the secret of Worf's discommendation as well, the two had to be related. K'Ehleyr hurried back to her quarters and started going through everything she could related to the matter. It didn't take her long to realize who the common factor in all this was—Duras. His father was at Khitomer along with Worf's, Duras brought the claim against Mogh and was at all of Worf's proceedings. The Khitomer communications logs had been altered and Duras was the one that sealed all the records after Worf's hearing.

It all started to come together. Somehow Duras had gotten Worf to take the blame for him. It made sense on Duras' part; Worf was a virtual nobody, he could take the fault and it wouldn't affect his life in Starfleet at all. But why would Worf agree? His honor meant everything to him; he'd rather die than give that up. K'Ehleyr rolled her eyes, then again knowing Worf he probably thought sacrificing himself like this was honorable.

So what could she do with this? She needed to find someone who would gain from the fall of Duras. Someone like… Gowron. Gowron could use this information to bring down Duras in the eyes of the people. He'd asked her earlier today to move things along in his favor. K'Ehleyr could take his bribe, but instead of a ship or a council seat, all she'd ask for was the restoration of Worf's name when Gowron became Chancellor.

K'Ehleyr quickly decided that she couldn't tell Worf her plan. All her experience with him taught her just how fragile his pride was. Besides that, Captain Picard would be furious if he found out that she and Worf were planning to go behind his back and manipulate the leadership of the Klingon Empire for their own personal advantage. It might even be the kind if intrusion that could end Worf's career in Starfleet. Then again, if Worf got his name restored he wouldn't need Starfleet; he'd be able to live his life on Qo'noS with his family.

Suddenly, K'Ehleyr heard the door chime. She thought it was a bit early for Worf and Alexander to be home already, "Come," she responded.

It wasn't Worf. It was Duras.

Worf stopped by the school to pick up Alexander on his way back to K'Ehleyr's quarters. She'd been working there most of the afternoon while he and Picard met with Duran and Gowron to discuss the explosion.

Alexander was always full of questions and tonight was no different. He asked him about all the swords that he had and if he could see Worf use them again, "When we have more time I will take you to the holodeck and demonstrate in more detail," Worf said to Alexander as they turned the last corner. He'd gotten comfortable with coming here over the last few days and let himself in once again.

And then he saw her.

K'Ehleyr's body laid limply over a chair in her quarters. There had obviously been a fight of some sort, things were in disarray, a table was broken and there was blood. So much blood.

"Medical Emergency. Deck 8, room 142."

Worf rushed to her side and gently turned her body over. She was still alive, but barely. Her breathing was shallow and her blood stained body felt limp. Worf cradled her in his arms. Alexander stood next to her, looking at his mother with confused eyes.

"Gowron?" Worf asked her.

K'Ehleyr managed to shake her head and whisper, "No,"

Worf could feel rage build inside him, "Duras." The name was like a curse on his lips.

"Alexander," K'Ehleyr reached towards her son and took his hand. With her last bit if strength, she placed it in Worf's.

K'Ehleyr's eyelids slowly closed and her head slumped to the side, "No, K'Ehleyr," Worf called to her shaking her, hoping to wake her. It was no use, "K'Ehleyr!" Worf could feel the life leaving his par'machai. He could feel in his heart that she was gone. Instinctively, Worf looked to the heavens and howled. It was a horrible sound, filled with rage, sadness, pain and regret. It scared Alexander and he ran back to the doorway.

Worf sat her body down gently. This could not be happening. He stumbled backwards as he tried to stand and stared at her in disbelief. After a moment, he looked down at Alexander, his son, who was obviously confused and afraid.

"You have never seen death?"

Alexander shook his head.

"Then look. And always remember."

Just then, Dr. Crusher and the medical team entered. Worf's heart was pounding so violently that it hurt. He looked to Alexander once more, "Stay with the Doctor,"

As he was leaving, Worf could barely hear Dr. Crusher calling after him. He didn't care. He didn't care about anything right now. The only woman he'd ever loved was dead, taken from him by the man who had taken so much already. Taken from him just as their life together was beginning. What happened? Why did Duras attack K'Ehleyr? He needed no explanation. He only knew that his mate lay dead and he had but one thing to do.

Worf went to his quarters, took his father's bat'leth off the wall and removed his communicator. He remembered something K'Ehleyr had said to him the night he confessed his feelings for her so many years ago. K'Ehleyr told Worf that her honor was not his to defend. Well, today it was. He had not been able to protect her in life, but he would most definitely avenge her in death, or die trying.

And as Worf plunged his father's bat'leth into Duras, he could hear K'Ehleyr saying to him, "As I see it, we have some unfinished business, you and I…"

It is finished, K'Ehleyr. It is finished.