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Bliss was not something Steven Grant Rogers thought about very often.

But when he did, he often thought about bliss in terms the way things used to be. He really hadn't wanted too much: a chance in the military, a woman that loved him (it wouldn't hurt if she'd been a looker) to make his wife, children to give a better life than he'd had...

It really did cause a pang in his heart sometimes, knowing that his white picket fence version of the American dream would more than likely never happen, especially not with Peggy.

However, the soldier would be lying to himself if he said that he didn't feel blissful at this very moment, as surreal as the situation he was currently in was. The ceiling fan tickled his hot skin with a slight breeze of cool air. The bed itself was warm as well from a rare night of deep, peaceful sleep...

...Not to mention the warmth of the body beside him that was currently nestled into his side and laying on his outstretched arm, tangled in the sheets with him.

Yes, he'd finally caved. Steve hadn't been able to leave Amy's bed last night like he'd promised he would. He didn't have the willpower to.

He should have felt ashamed of the near-euphoric state he was in; for sleeping in the same bed with a woman he wasn't in any sort of relationship with (according to her) as of yesterday. However, the contentment he was currently experiencing was overriding any logic and guilt he would have normally felt.

The blonde shifted a little to get a better look a the sleeping woman. Amy happened to be a light sleeper, though. She stirred at the movement and lazily draped an arm over Steve's chest and drew her leg up, tangling the sheets more and resting her leg on his hip and across his waist. The skin on skin contact where his shirt had ridden up caused a groan that he quickly stifled for fear of waking the brunette up.

How had he let himself get into such a predicament? Better yet, why was it so hard to remain a gentleman around this woman?

Steve really had no clue, but what he did know was just how badly he wanted to touch the lightly tanned, smooth skin on the sculpted leg resting on him. He wouldn't mind touching her skin everywhere, to be honest.

And not just with his fingers.

His cheeks felt hot at the thought of it.

Still, not being able to resist temptation, the soldier let one finger lightly trace the length of Amy's leg, marveling at the softness of her skin. He let his fingers drag all the way up to her shorts, just barely slipping underneath the hem, and back down again.

This woman was temptation personified. His mother would have been ashamed.

"Enjoying yourself?"

The voice made Steve jump, making him bolt upright. The next thing that registered was a loud thunk and a yelp. Looking over, he noticed the brunette tangled in the sheets on the floor. She was holding the back of her head, groaning, and looking around the room in confusion.

The blonde had tossed her backward with so much force that she'd knocked her side table over.

"Oh God, Amy, I am so sorry." Steve hurried over to her side. He could have sworn he saw a faint flash of red in her eyes. Shaking it off as his eyes just seeing things, placed a large hand on the brunette's shoulder. "I wouldn't ever hur-"

"I know, Steve. It was an accident, and I'm okay." The brunette smiled at him, only faltering when she winced while rubbing her head. "Just a little more surprised than anything. Help me up?" She extended her hand and he took it, pulling her upright again.

"You know, I wouldn't have asked you to stay last night if I had a problem with you touching me." Amy was upfront and honest with Steve as she massaged the back of her head.

Steve's eyes widened with that little statement, really not knowing how to respond to it. Women in his time would have been mortified by the looser set of morals Amy had.

And with the way he was acting, he would have more than likely been slapped more than once by said women, serum or no serum.

"I just...I don't want you to think I'm disrespecting you or our friendship, Amy. I like you, I really do, and I want to treat you like you should be treated." He let his eyes glanced around the room, at anything but her, embarrassed by his rambling on the very intimate topic.

Why did this all have to be so confusing?

Looking back at the brunette, he found something else even more strange about the brunette. "Amy...your face."

The agent instantly brought her hand around from her head to her face, worried at what the blonde saw. "Is there something wrong?"

"No...well...I mean...all of your cuts and bruises are gone."

Amy's felt a wave of nausea come over her, and tried to quickly come up with a diversion. With a nervous chuckle, she spoke. "I guess they weren't as bad as you thought?" Well, that wasn't stupid at all. "Why don't you help me up and I'll make us some breakfast."

Steve did as he was asked, instantly brightening at the prospect of food.

Amy didn't even have to look at Steve to know that something was brewing in his mind. The agent did want to know what was going on in there, but she didn't want to ask him point blank and have him clam up, either.

That being said, the brunette minded her own business, continuing to clean up breakfast while the captain sat at the bar, eyebrows knitted in thought. He had not even offered to help with the dishes as he usually did, so Amy was a little concerned just what was going on in that head of his.

She kept going about her routine, not saying anything, and left the blonde to his seemingly deep thoughts. Amy figured it had to do with last night, and possibly the incident this morning.

The agent was not expecting what Steve actually ended up asking, though. "Willyougoonadatewithme?" Steve spoke rapidly, mumbling the entire question.

Amy turned to face him. "Excuse me?"

Steve took a deep breath, trying to will himself to slow down. "Would you...maybe...like to go on a date...with me?"

The brunette stood there in stunned silence, looking at the soldier. That's what he was getting so worked up about?

Steve took the silence as a rejection, and ducking his head, he began to ramble. "I mean I completely understand if you don't want to, but I just thought I'd ask..."

Amy chuckled and shook her head. She really didn't see any harm in a casual date, especially with someone like Steve. "Sure. Why not?"

The look on Steve's face said it all.

"You're sure about taking this out?" Amy looked at the Harley-Davidson the her housemate had taken an interest in and had bought on the spot. It wasn't that she didn't trust Steve fully, but she was used to being the driver in any given situation.

Especially when it came to bikes.

"Positive...unless you'd like me to give your vehicle a try." He spoke as innocently as possible.

Amy looked from the bike to Steve, her expression completely deadpan. "When hell freezes over, Steve. When hell freezes over." He grinned, fully aware of all the technology he'd accidentally broken to cause such a response, and moved to get on the bike. He liked how natural their teasing felt. He especially liked how pouty her ruby painted lips were tonight, but he'd save those thoughts for another time.


In one smooth motion, he swung one long leg over the bike, and looked at the brunette expectantly after seating himself. "You're still coming with me...right?"

The brunette nodded, but turned in the opposite direction. "Give me a moment. I just remembered something." She was gone in a flash and returned almost as quickly, carrying something leather in her arms.

"What is that?"

"It was my grandfather's." She smiled as she unfolded the old, yet pristine leather bomber jacket with delicate hands. "He wore this throughout World War II...and then some." Amy handed the jacket over to Steve, who was just as careful with it.

"Amy, I can't take this..."

The agent shook her head. "Nonsense. He'd want you to have it."

Slipping it on as if it'd fall apart, the blonde found himself almost overtaken by nostalgia. So many memories came flooding back, and he found himself reveling in them. He was so taken aback, he didn't even register the brunette climbing on the back of the bike.

"Ready, Captain?" She leaned against his back, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Just lead the way."

"Ah...so this is a 'club' now..." To say Steve was out of his element was an understatement. The always conservatively dressed blonde glanced around the place critically, not sure of all the bright lights and the pervasive smell of sweat. The loud, unpleasant music that pounded in his ear and rattled his chest did not help, either.

Steve was disappointed in how things had changed. This place was so much less...classy...than the joints he'd been accustomed to in his day. The music was less profound and more artificial, and he really couldn't say anything different about the women. While beautiful, everything around him seemed so false.

The soldier was brought out of his thoughts when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Shaking his head and looking to his side, down toward his brunette companion who was looking at him expectantly, relieved that at least someone was familiar in this situation.

"I said are you sure you want to be here?! You don't seem too thrilled!" Amy was shouting and still being drowned out by the pounding bass of the music.

"I'll survive, even if my hearing doesn't!" He had asked to go out, so he could make it through this, right? At least he had Amy there.

"I guess, this isn't really my scene either!" Steve noticed Amy seemed visibly uncomfortable at the closeness of all the people in the building, and that she seemed to move closer and closer to him as more time passed. The pair seemed awkward and out of place in a sea of people focused on dancing up against each other.

The blonde hated to back out of something he'd proposed, but this was all too much.

"Do you think we could go somewhere a little...quieter?!" He deliberately left out the part about 'before my eardrums burst', but he doubted Amy would hear it anyway.

"I think I have a better idea."

"Now this...this is a club." The blonde marveled as he looked around the vintage, 1940's style club. He truly felt as if he'd never left his own time, and his senses were hungrily absorbing as much as possible.

Amy nodded, glad that they didn't have to shout to be heard here. "It was inspired by the old Stork Club that was big in the thirties and forties. The original one closed in the sixties, I believe."

Steve found himself grinning at the fact that the brunette knew about the Stork Club. "That was the place to bring a dame, back in my day."

The brunette laughed, nudging her 'date' in the slightly. "Why, you make it seem as if you're going on a hundred, Mr. Rogers." Amy looked at him sweetly to show that she was joking, and he looked away bashfully. Sensing his discomfort, Amy decided to ease his embarrassment a little. As a slow number with a piano began to play, Amy looked to the blonde with a smile on her face. "Would you like to dance?"

Steve looked at her oddly. "I thought I was supposed to ask that?"

Amy's smile broke out into a full grin. "Steve, it's 2012. It's really not that big a deal."

The blonde's ears suddenly felt hot. "I forgot about that...'

Without another word, the Amy grabbed her companion and pulled him on to the fairly empty dance floor. In fact, the entire place was fairly empty. Steve could really do nothing aside from stand there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. "I...ah...I don't know how to really do this exactly."


"Yeah..." God, this was humiliating.

He was getting hypnotized by her closeness, which did nothing to ease his embarrassment. "I thought you meant the other thing when you said you hadn't found the right partner." She was being discrete, keeping her voice low, and for that he was truly thankful.

Steve was sure he was blushing up a storm. Could he just go through the floor right now? That would be a blessing. "I mean both. I don't know to dance either way."

Expected laughter, or even possibly a small jab thrown his way, Steve prepared himself for the worst. The reaction he got from Amy, however, surprised him. "Well, would you like to learn?"

Without thinking his response through, he quickly answered. "Which kind of dancing?"

Amy grinned broadly at the captain. "Well, both if you'd like, but I meant the one that won't get us arrested for public indecency right now." She winked at him again to emphasize her point.

Steve looked at Amy wide-eyed, fairly sure he was dreaming.

The young woman placed her hands on the the soldier's shoulders and moved in close. "Just put your hands on my waist." Amy could tell he wasn't sure what to do with his hands or feet.

The young captain did so with caution, not wanting to overstep his boundaries.

"Now what?"

Amy rested her head against his shoulder, clearly not nervous like he was.

"Now it's your turn to lead. I'm sure you know how, Captain."

After what felt like an entirely too short time to Steve, the song ended, and Amy pulled away from him to find a secluded table. Not wanting to be left standing there alone on the dance floor, the blonde quickly followed behind her, drunk from the all the close contact with this woman.

Steve caught up to her finally, and offered his arm for the brunette to take. Surprisingly, she did, with no protests like he'd have normally expected. They made their way back to a booth that was selcuded from everything else with the intention of talking in private.

However, their current agenda would not play out like they thought.

"Amy?" A familiar voice with a distinct British accent spoke the brunette's name, causing her to turn on her heel to face it.

The last person she had expected to see standing there was Evan Carter standing there with a wide grin on his handsome face, staring down at her.

"Ev? What're you doing here?!" The agent stared wide-eyed at the man before her. It was obvious to Steve that this was a happy surprise for the brunette, and he couldn't help but feel a little jealous and how comfortable they pair was with each other.

Amy stepped away from Steve for the moment, throwing her arms around the other man in a fierce hug. His light scruff scratched her cheek. "It's been too long!"

Okay, maybe Steve was more than a little jealous. Not just with his interaction with Amy, but just how modern and comfortable the young man looked in his surroundings.

Upon letting go, Evan tucked his free hand into his peacoat pocket, drawing himself back up to his full height. He was of similar build and height to Steve, although not quite as muscular and slightly shorter. The other man's features were generally darker than the super soldier's. "I guess you could say I'm here on business for awhile."

"What about your grandmother?"

"My grandmum insisted that she was fine by herself and that I come back for awhile. You know how independent she likes to be." He spoke with a small huff in his deep voice, but never lost his smile.

Amy then turned to the super solider. "Steve, this is my longtime friend, Evan." She pointed a thumb towards the male with wild, windswept hair and an elegant, aquiline nose. We were roommates in college, and my grandfather and his grandmother, Margaret Carter, were in service together."

Amy's eyes widened when the pieces fell into place, but she wasn't the only one. In what felt like an electric shock running through his body, Steve realized exactly who he was staring at and why this man's face looked to familiar.

This was Peggy's grandson.

It took every fiber in the soldier's being not to lose his composure as Amy and Evan continued to talk. It had been odd enough to meet Colonel Phillip's granddaughter, but Peggy's grandson as well? It was enough to make the soldier feel completely out of place.

He was a relic, a thing of the past, existing among the progeny of people who were now just memories to him.

"It's nice to meet you," The dark haired male stuck a hand out once more, with bight blue eyes studying the blonde's face as if he'd seen him before. "Steve..."

Steve took his hand. "Rogers. Steve Rogers." He shook it firmly, possibly a little more firmly than he should have.

When the two broke the handshake, Evan looked back at Amy once more, taking in the sight of the brunette just a little too hungrily for Steve's liking. "I should be going. I have an early morning tomorrow." Evan leaned in once more toward the brunette, pulling her in close for another hug. As he leaned in, he made sure to speak low enough so that the super soldier couldn't hear him and close enough to Amy that his warm breath tickled her ear. "It's a shame that guy is here, I wouldn't have minded catching up...like we used to."

He kept moving after that, giving his former lover one last smile and nodding his head at Steve as he left.

Amy and Steve stood there in awkward silence for a moment, unsure of what to say to each other.

Steve was the one that finally broke the silence. "Want to find that table now?"

"Yeah." Amy nodded slowly. "Yeah, let's do that."

Despite running into Evan earlier, Steve still thought the night had gone well. The pair had found a nice, private table away from anyone else in the club, and each of them had enjoyed the other's company. Steve had even taken to flirting with Amy a little, including putting an arm around her and stealing a few quick kisses as the night pressed on.

This night would not end so well, however.

As they left the club late that evening to walk back to Steve's Harley, a figure caught Amy's eye, and not for the first time. In fact, the shady young male had literally been everywhere the couple had been that night. Amy had kept an eye out for him the entire night, instantly suspicious of him. Every time she had made eye contact with him, the guy had taken disappeared as quickly as she saw him, tucking the camera phone he'd had out away.

Now that he was under the street lamp, Amy could see his face clearly. She knew exactly who he was. He was one of Luchkov's men, and one of the only ones that had escaped her the first time she'd had an encounter with the group. The same guy was currently taking pictures of Steve's Harley, and Amy had enough of it. She was intent on destroying that phone, and possibly the man himself.

"I'll be right back." The agent sped up ahead of Steve, tailing the guy behind around a corner and into an alleyway. Before the kid was even aware that he was being followed, Amy had him by the collar and pinned up against the brick wall. She took a step forward, crushing the device that had fallen to the ground beneath her riding boot.

"Tell me right now why you're following us, and I'll consider not killing you." Amy's voice was dripping with poison, and the kid was shaking. He looked no more than twenty, and was staring at the brunette with fear in his eyes.

"They didn't tell me you were the monster!" His voice carried a thick Russian accent. "Please, please don't kill me. I was under order!" He shouts weren't heard in the bustle of the crowd.

Amy's grip only tightened around the kid's neck. "I'll ask one more time. What. Were. The. Pictures. For?" The kid could see the red in the woman's eyes and quivered. He was fairly sure his life would be forfeit.

About that time Steve rounded the corner, seeing Amy sling the kid to the ground. "Amy, stop! He's just a kid."

"General Luchkov demanded that I take the photos." Terror was evident in the male's voice. "I had to! He has my mother."

"But painting a target on our back's is fine?"


Amy's eyes narrowed. "Am I right? A life for a life? I think that sounds appropriate right now." The agent reared back to land a mortally wounding blow, not wanting to leave anyone associated to Luchkov alive. However, Steve restrained her. The woman was incredibly strong - much stronger than Steve had anticipated - and found himself using quite a bit of force to hold her back. He kept Amy pinned close to his body, with his large arms wrapped around her entire form.

The kid wasted no time in fleeing from the alley, away from the demonic woman and her blood red eyes.

"Let me go! He's going to compromise us both!"

"He's just a kid, Amy! He doesn't deserve to die like that!" Steve didn't like letting an enemy get away, but at the same time, he was still human. There was no point in senseless killing like this.

"You're a soft-hearted fool, Rogers!" Her other half was seeping through. "And it's going to get us killed."

Steve could only ignore the insults and continue to hold the brunette, willing her to calm down.

The brunette came flying through the door from the garage into the house, wanting to get as far away from Steve as possible. The ride home had been incredibly awkward, and she did not feel like facing the blonde any more.

"Amy, can we at least talk about what happened back there? You almost killed that kid!"

Amy turned to look at the captain, surprise and confusion written across his face. "And what would you have done, exactly? Take a chance and let him run back to Luchkov with God knows what kind of information on us?"

The blonde looked at Amy critically. "So your solution is just to snuff him out? Letting him live sends a pretty bold message back to this Luchkov guy, that you're coming for him. Killing his people left and right is only going to make him angrier!" Steve was opposed to killing if at all possible, and this case was no different.

The agent glared at Steve, but he refused to back down. "Oh, really? So what do you propose that I do, then? Give them my home address and invite them over for tea after I rough them up?"

Steve shook his head, not liking how quickly the brunette's personality had changed. "You know that's not what I meant." He shot back at Amy, not willing to change his opinion. "You don't have to be so ruthless and cold, Amy." When she turned her back to him to head up the stairs to her room, the captain spoke once more, voice and expression softening. "You don't have to hold me at arms length, either."

Amy's back visibly straightened and her fists clenched. While she knew somewhere deep down that the comment was not intended to be cruel, it still cut deep. So, Amy retaliated the only way she knew how: anger. The brunette whipped around, slamming her hands down on the banister. The wood groaned in protest, and Steve could only stare at the agent with wide eyes.

Yes, Amy's skin seemed to have paled considerably, providing a stark contrast to her crimson eyes. She locked eyes with the captain, and spoke with a venom he hadn't ever heard from her before. "You don't get it, Rogers! This is not the black and white world that you're used to! Everyone is out to get me in my line of work, and no one can be trusted!" Amy turned her head to the side, gritting her teeth and gripping the banister tighter. "I don't let anyone in, because I don't want them to get hurt too. I don't want more innocent blood my hands."

Steve stood in shocked silence, hardly able to process the brunette's words due to the deep red eyes staring him down. The next words he uttered were meant to be more to himself than anything else, but Amy still heard them clearly. "Amy...what are you?"

Amy looked down at her hands, not understanding what the captain meant. When she saw the milk white color of her skin, though, she more than knew what was going on. Her mouth opened and closed in a failed attempt to form words, so the brunette did what she did best in a non-physical confrontation.

She ran.

After changing into something more comfortable to sleep in, Amy flopped across her bed, staring at the ceiling. Anger and sadness clouded her mind, but there was something else there. It bothered her that she and Steve were arguing. What was worse, though, was just how much it hurt that he seemed so disappointed in her.

Her thoughts were only interrupted by her cell phone ringing.

Hitting the button to answer the call, she placed the device up to her ear. "I'm really hoping for some good news, Phil." With a call coming in this late, the young agent was sure it was anything but.

"The Colorado base is gone." His voice was as stoic as ever, not giving Amy any other clues. Still, Amy shot up from her lounging position, not believing what she was hearing. "...Care to run that by me again?"

"We had a visitor. Another Asgardian. He took down the base and made off with the cube as well as Dr. Selvig."

The young woman felt positively sick. "And what of Phase 2? What about Commander Fury? Is he okay? Are you okay?" Any was instantly worried over the safety of her long time partner.

"Phase 2 has been successfuly moved and is en route to the hellicarrier. Everyone's still breathing but..."

Amy swallowed. "But what?"

"Agent Barton has been compromised."

The young agent felt her blood run cold. "...Have you told Natasha?" She knew the partners were much closer than either would ever admit, so this had to be devastating for the lethal redhead.

"She's on the way back to the states as we speak."

"And what of Luchkov?"

"This is a level seven. He can wait."

Amy's stomach promptly twisted into a knot, her ill-fated night with Steve now the furthest thing from her mind. "And what about you?"

"I'll be in New York by 7:30 a.m. to collect you." Amy glanced over at the alarm clock that read 1:47 a.m. in bright green letters and groaned.

"And what, pray tell, are we going to be doing that early?" She had a bad feeling that she knew what Phil was about to say...

"We're going to go get Stark."

That statement said, older agent stayed silent, politely holding on to the line while his partner let loose a string of curse words. When she finally composed herself enough to speak, she let Phil have it. "Are you crazy?! Stark fucking hates me for what happened to Riley. You know as well as I do how well this is going to go."

"Mrs. Hogan will be there, too" Pepper's new surname took a few moments to register on the brunette's brain. "It'll give us an distinct advantage to go as a team."

Amy sighed. "Why can't I just fill Steve in?"

"Fury's going to take care of that himself, and Natasha's going to retrieve Dr. Banner. That leaves us to get ahold of Stark. I will see you in the morning."

The line went dead and Amy fell back against her pillow, aggravated that Phil never gave her the chance for a rebuttal in these situations. She growled in frustration as she flicked the light off, needing to get to bed.

Tomorrow was going to be hell.

Some time later, Steve was reasonably sure that he had finally figured out was he was going to say to Amy. He'd been standing at her door for at least twenty minutes, debating whether or not this was the right time to try and make up or not. The solider finally forced himself to rap on the door lightly, pushing it open further when he received no response after calling her name.

Amy had her back to the young captain, and her breathing seemed steady. Steve figured she was asleep, but decided to try one more time. "Amy, are you awake?"

Still nothing.

The blonde sighed, feeling more than a little hopeless. "I'm sorry things ended the way they did tonight. I didn't want any of that to happen. Tonight was supposed to be special..." He glanced around the dark room. "This date meant a lot to me, and I'm lucky that you even said yes to it in the first place. I just...I'd never seen that side of you, Amy, and I didn't know what to do."

Little did he know, Amy was wide awake and listening to every move he made. She was trained to be sly and sneaky, and this moment was no exception. Even if not, she was wide awake, worried about the entire situation that was brewing. She'd actually heard him pacing outside of her door well before he even knocked. The agent had been faking sleep, down to controlling her breathing pattern, ever since she'd first heard his footfalls.

There was no point in trying to talk to him now. Amy had no idea how to respond to anything the blonde had said, so she'd taken the coward's way out in this situation.

After a seemingly endless silence, the agent had finally assumed the soldier had left.
That would not be the case, however.

Instead of leaving, Steve did the exact opposite. Amy felt a heavy weight sink into the other side of the bed. What was he planning on doing, exactly?

Before she could even think of an answer, the young soldier silently answered it for her. She heard him sliding under the covers and shortly after felt two strong arms snake around her waist. His body conformed to hers, and Steve found himself nuzzling his nose into the brunette's hair.

"It doesn't matter who or what you are to me," He murmured near her ear, barely above a whisper. "as long as you're Amy."

Amy refused to make a noise, but Steve's words and actions were all she needed to be sent over the edge. Tears rolled freely from the agent's eyes, streaking her face and wetting her pillow.

In this cold, cruel, dangerous world, Steven Rogers was quickly becoming her light in the darkness.

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