PART I: Inappropriate Touching

Evan Lorne was still new to Atlantis. He'd heard some pretty foul things about John Sheppard before coming here, but everyone actually on the expedition said the same thing: they trusted him with their lives. The way the military assignments fell, Lorne was second in command on Atlantis, and that put him closer to Sheppard than anyone. Sheppard usually kept to himself and his team, so it surprised Lorne to see the Colonel's gaze lingering on him at more than one briefing.

His third month in, they were preparing a training session for the military personnel. They had talked through the drill, run the paces in slow motion, and were starting to speed things up. Sheppard took his shirt off first and Lorne licked his lips. It was time to test his theory. He removed his shirt too, flexed his pecks, and chuckled to himself as he watched the Colonel try not to drool.

They ran through the drill again, this time improvising a few more pins, holds, and flips. There wasn't an obvious overture of physical attraction, but Lorne suspected that some of the Colonel's accidental crotch grabs might not be accidental. Lorne's sure weren't.

The thought flashed through his mind that he could be wrong about Sheppard. Maybe Lorne was just horny. He hadn't fucked anyone since coming to Atlantis; he was still trying to weed out the gays from the straights. Sheppard did have a reputation as a ladies' man… but then, so did Lorne.

Sheppard dove in with a shoulder and Lorne caught him easily, giving Sheppard's nipple a tweak before spinning him away. They faced off across the mat, Lorne checking to see if his message had been well received. Sheppard looked surprised, delighted, and amused, rubbing his palm over the abused nipple. Lorne grinned at the confirmation, already mentally undressing Sheppard in his head.

Lorne charged forward, chopping left with his arm, but Sheppard broke the sparring rules, twisted him around, and threw him against the wall. Instinctively, Lorne tensed, ready for a fight. The reaction intensified when he felt Sheppard grinding against his butt and pinching his skin. Lorne flushed with excitement, then his stomach knotted with anger. He had to remind himself that he'd started this. He'd had a few fuck buddies since joining the SGC, but they were always civilians. None could fight him like this, and Lorne found he didn't like being pinned. With a snarl, Lorne threw Sheppard flat on the mat and jumped on top. Sheppard half-grinned, half-sneered, then licked his lips invitingly.

With a smirk, Lorne dipped his head, crushing their lips together. The kiss was hot and brief. He felt Sheppard's tongue on his lips

Then suddenly, Lorne was launched over Sheppard's head. He landed flat on his back with Sheppard's foot square on his chest. Sheppard panted hard, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, spitting and swearing.

"Colonel?" Lorne said. They shouldn't have done this in public. Sheppard probably knew something about the security video feed in this room that he didn't. Although, the more the other man swore, the more Lorne knew he'd made a more serious error than that. "Sir, I—"

"Don't you ever do that again," Sheppard growled. He sounded angry and disgusted.

Lorne cringed. "Yes, sir."

Sheppard grabbed his shirt and towel from the bench and stalked out of the room. When the men arrived for the training session, Lorne made a lame excuse for Sheppard's absence, and taught the session on his own. He tried to enjoy it; he figured that by the end of the day, he'd be booted out of the Stargate program… and maybe the military too.


Lorne's room only had one chair. Despite all his tactical training telling him to have it facing into the room, preferably with adequate view of the door, he kept it by the window, facing out to look over the water. The view on Atlantis was spectacular and couldn't imagine it'd ever get old.

What were you thinking, kissing a CO? He'd fucked up royally. He had never made the first move before, but somehow, Sheppard had lured him into a false sense of security. Maybe it was a set-up. Maybe he was being paranoid. All he knew was that he'd screwed up the only good thing he had in his life, and he'd probably never get to walk through the Stargate again. He'd finished the training an hour ago, showered off quickly, and when he'd stopped by the control room, Sheppard and Weir were talking. Probably about how the hell they were going to get him off the base. Daedalus was scheduled to leave for Earth in a few weeks. What were you thinking?

The door chimed and Lorne jumped. He was still getting used to that sound. Smoothing his uniform, he locked away his emotions, prepared to put on a pleasant face if it was someone inviting him to play volleyball or grab a coffee. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming here. But it was Sheppard. Lorne's fake smile vanished.

"We need to talk," Sheppard said seriously.

"Of course." Lorne stepped aside, letting the Colonel in. He wondered if that was the appropriate course of action, given the nature of his crimes, but he wanted to talk in private. He was prepared to grovel.

"If there's a formal reprimand, I beg you not to put the details in my file. Please," Lorne gushed. It would be bad enough being booted out of Atlantis, but if anyone found out why, he'd die of shame. "I completely misread the situation. I shouldn't—"

"You didn't misread entirely," Sheppard interrupted. As soon as the door had closed behind him, Sheppard's confident air dissipated. Now he looked shy and uncertain. He jutted his chin and smirked, but failed to pull off the 'smart ass' look he was going for. "Considering the amount of inappropriate touching leading up to that… moment… you're just as entitled to file charges against me."

Lorne stared at him, confused and amazed. He sank onto the bed, letting the truth sink in. He hadn't imagined Sheppard's interest. And he wasn't leaving Atlantis!

"It may have been inappropriate, but it wasn't unwelcome," Lorne commented, testing to see how much he'd overstepped.

"Yeah, I got that by the… thing," Sheppard mumbled shyly, touching his lips.

Lorne stifled a laugh. "I kinda figured a kiss was an invitation to even more inappropriate touching."

"Well, I don't kiss," Sheppard snapped. He glared, then turned to the window, then crossed his arms, unable to settle on a single strong move to accentuate his point. "One too many alien… never mind."

Lorne crossed his legs and rubbed his jaw, appraising Sheppard, finding his shyness adorable. "Would you rather skip straight to a blow job?"

"God, yes," Sheppard said, sitting on the bed next to him, then jumping up immediately. His ears turned bright red and he ran his hand through his hair. "I mean… you're a subordinate, so—"

"It's just a friendly offer, no strings. If you ever get an itch," Lorne said casually, leaning back on his hands, amused. He rolled his hips subtly, watching Sheppard's gaze wander over his crotch. Sheppard stared at him, aghast, as though he'd never been offered casual sex before. Lorne smiled disarmingly, and decided to keep teasing and see how red Sheppard's cheeks would get. "You don't have any STDs or alien parasites do you? I was fucking this guy once, and I had a dream where this Goa'uld came out of his dick. I could never suck him off after that."

Sheppard's eyes went wide, and his face was pale, save for the bright red flush on his neck and cheeks. "No, I'm Goa'uld free. Wraith bug free. Not currently possessed by any alien consciousnesses, that I'm aware of. Clean bill of health."

Licking his lips, Lorne let his gaze wander lustily over Sheppard's body. "Bet I can suck you off in less than ten minutes."

Sheppard's body rippled with tension at the open attention, his gaze flickering more discretely over Lorne's body. He backed away from the bed, never breaking eye contact, and Lorne figured he owed Sheppard another apology.

Then Sheppard dropped into a fighting stance and grinned ear to ear. "You have to catch me first."