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A/N This story picks up right after the school shooting. Things to know: Everything through the school shooting episode is the same as in the show, everything after that will be in my universe. this Idea came about after I was I was thinking what if the shooting made Brooke and Lucas stronger as a couple instead of tearing them apart, what If Karen and Lucas took the road trip before the teens went away for the weekend? What if Lucas didn't have Haley's ring that day but Karen's? How would this spin the Tree Hill world around? I hope you'll come along for the ride with me.

Her heart was beating wildly in her chest as she watched that school the place they were all suppose to be safe now surrounded by police cars and guys in bullet proof vests and she wanted to cry but she couldn't as she stood beside Karen clinging desperately to the older women's hand, hating herself for not being in that school all her friends were in their Haley sweet understanding Haley who had found a way into her heart and with whom she'd formed a bond that could even rival the one she had with Peyton.

Nathan that boy who she'd known since they were children, that boy who when she was younger she had a crush on, the boy who was now like a brother to her, her protector and a boy who'd grown into a man in front of her very eyes the moment he started to speak and associate with Haley James. He would always be Hot Shot to her she'd always be his Brookie and nothing could change that.

Peyton the girls she'd shared so many childhood dreams and just as much childhood heartache with, the girl she seemed to be drifting farther and farther from with each passing day, but no matter what happened she'd always love Peyton she'd always be the P Sawyer to her B Davis.

Mouth and Skills were in there to, to boys who she'd never taken the time to get to know until it was almost too late, to boys who saw past the walls and falsity's she threw up to keep people out and were friends with her for her not for what she could give them.

Keith, thinking about Keith she turned her head to look at Karen and wanted to cry even harder when she saw the pain and worry etched across the face of the women who was like her mother a women who had taken her into her house without a second thought and treated her like a daughter. Something her own mother couldn't even claim to do, and Keith, she swallowed a lump when she thought about Keith a man who had rushed into a building to find his Nephews a man who went to help without a thought to himself. Keith had always been the father she'd never had. Sure she had a father but he could barley tell you when her birthday was but Keith he was always their always ready to lend advice a hug a shoulder to lean on she tried not to think of that last person trapped in that building.

Lucas, Lucas was in there having chased his little brother unwilling to allow Nathan to face the uncertain fate by himself. It was so like Lucas he had so much of Keith Scott in him that sometimes Brooke forgot that it was in fact Dan Scott and not Keith Scott that had fathered him. That boy who had stole her heart a heart she knew would never be fully hers again, she knew that no matter what happened where they went in life he'd always hold a piece of her heart and she figured that was fair he had been the one to piece it back together for the broken shattered sixteen year old girl she'd been when he'd met her. Even if he had put a few new cracks in it he always had a way of fixing her, and now he was in that building a boy held a gun and the place was surrounded by cops in bullet proofs vest and almost everyone she cared about in the world was in that building and she had no way of knowing if any of them would come out alive. She squeezed Karen's hand one more time her last link to sanity as she waited for the verdict, waited for her world to tip one way or the other.

Lucas held Payton in his arms, he hadn't wanted to Leave Keith in that hadn't wanted to leave Jimmy hadn't wanted to leave the people he knew where still trapped inside, not just people but people he considered family people that were family, Nathan was in there, Haley Mouth Skills, but he knew had to leave he was Peyton's only hope she was losing blood at an alarming rate and he knew that his mother and Brooke were waiting for him outside those doors.

Brooke, he thanked god with every fiber of his body that she hadn't been in that building that she hadn't been hit by a bullet or flying glass that she'd gotten out of the building even he knew it was selfish but he was happy it was Peyton and not Brooke who had been injured in the fallout. He knew that if it had been her the Brunette that had stolen his heart that was hurt in that library he would have fallen apart he wouldn't have been able to function to think straight to even get them out of harm's way. He knew he had to tell her about the kiss it hadn't meant anything but he knew to her it would mean everything and he knew that he couldn't no he wouldn't hurt her that way he'd bring everything to light before it could tear them apart.

He pushed those glass doors open the ones he'd pushed open hundreds of times before and felt the cruelty of the sun hit his face as he tightened his grip on Peyton unwilling to let her fall. He saw his mother and Brooke standing there like an united front against the world before he was swarmed by police and EMT's he handed Peyton off and watched as she was loaded into the ambulance. He found himself locked in his mother's arms.

"Ma, I'm fine, I'm fine." His eyes locked with Brooke's he could see the tears threatening to spill over onto her porcelain skin. Karen caught his eyes and followed them releasing him she whispered.

"Go to her Luke she needs you right now," she kissed his cheek as he made his way towards Brooke.

"Pretty Girl" He whispered brushing a tear from her cheek.

"Luke," she choked out as he took her into his arms and she buried her head in his chest , she finally could breathe a sigh of relief as she felt him stroking her hair. He was safe he was out and now they just had to wait for everyone else. They all had to make it out they just did. That's when they heard it one gun shot. She stiffened and his arms tightened around her. Karen ran towards the school and Lucas grabbed her arm before she could make it any farther.

"Ma no," he pulled her into the hug and held both of the women in his life trying to protect them from the pain he was sure was coming as only moment later another shot rang through the air and everyone stood still it was almost as if the world itself wasn't breathing as outside that school three people held onto each other and inside two people lay in a school hall way the life seeping out of them. Tree Hill as they knew it would never be the same but could they fight through it could they make and hold eachother together. As the group outside waited with tearstained faces and white knuckles to find out what happened who was hurt and how their world would change a group of students inside the building held their own breath. Haley clung to Nathan in wide eyed terror. As they prayed for everyone they knew and wondered where the bullets had landed with Shaky hands they linked themselves together and waited to be saved waited for their fates to be decided would their be more shots fired would they be next and how would their lives turn out from this moment forward.

A group of teenager's had went to school that morning expecting nothing but a boring day of homework and tests. They'd be leaving with the burden of a town on their shoulders, and all they could do was waiting in that moment no one was in charge of their own destiny and the world was stilled. The Swat team crept closer to the doors shots hadn't been heard for ten minutes the all clear was given and Lucas waited holding Brooke and glancing over at his mother wanting to know and not know all at the same time which of his friends wouldn't be walking out of those doors.

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