Meddlesome Cupid

"Being in love means that you're not afraid to admit you're feelings"

Prologue: A trip to Namimori

I always find myself in confusing situations but hey, what I experienced before was nothing compared to what is happening right now. Here I was, standing outside the infamous Namimori Middle School.


Oh, how did I get myself into this? Right. I was in a bookstore with some of my friends checking out some manga when suddenly everything was black. At first I thought that there was some kind of blackout but when I didn't hear any of my friends panicking, I panicked. Why? They were right beside me, reading the manga I was holding over my shoulder (since they were ways taller than me), and then a second later, everything blacks out then they were gone.

But before I start to call out to them, a person I would have never guessed to meet was standing before me. Uni. UNI. A character from the manga I was reading. OKAY… Something is definitely wrong with me for hallucinating a manga character.

As if hearing my thoughts, she calmly said "There is nothing wrong with you, [1] Minerva Fattorino-san. As a matter of fact, I' am the reason why you are here. I need your help with…"

Now back to the original problem... Namimori Middle School! How am I supposed to do this when I can be beaten up by one of them any time they want?

I heard a voice on the back of my head saying "It's okay Minerva-san. You already know what to do right? And besides, I have given you some powers to defeat those that will go against the prophecy. It will all be fine. Now please relax. Kyoya-san is approaching you…"

Like that is going to be easy…WAIT. Kyo…ya-san? I was stopped from my panicked musings when I heard a voice so cold but so kind.

"Trespassers aren't allowed here, herbivore. I'll bite you to death!" Kyoya Hibari said. OH MY GAWD!


"I finally got to meet you, Kyo-kun! I' am Minerva Fattorino. And I' am here by the request of Uni-sama to see the Vongola Decimo and his guardians." I said as I approached to him with hearts in my eyes. "You know… Kyo-kun… I really like you. Even before I have met you."

Kyoya P.O.V.

Hn. Good no one is making a me-


I smirked. Looks like I will be having my fun. I trotted down the corridor to the classroom where the noise is coming from. I opened the door so loudly, it echoed in the hallways. The teacher looked at me with panicked eyes.

"Hi-Hibari!" he said, trembling as he tried to use the teacher's desk to distance himself from me. My smirk intensified. I looked around the room only to notice every one of them staring at me with horror in their eyes. All except the omnivore's group, who was looking outside the window.

I walked over to them. When I passed by the horror-stricken students, I can't help but smirk inwardly. Did they obviously think I would bite the omnivore? Not a chance herbivores.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi" I called out to the omnivore when I stopped directly in front of their desks.

He looked at me then smiled "Hibari-san!". Then came the "Che, bastard" from the smoking-herbivore and the "Ahahaha. Yo, Hibari!" from the smiling herbivore. I looked at the chain smoker with a soft glare for a moment then I looked at Yamamoto Takeshi then back at the omnivore.

"What brings you here, Hibari-san?" Sawada Tsunayoshi asked when he felt that he had my attention again.

I felt the other students hold their breath while waiting for my answer. Hn.

"You're classroom is noisy" I simply said. I can just hear the whimpering noises the others made.

"Hahaha. Sorry Hibari. We just noticed a person appear out of nowhere at the gates. That's all." The cheery herbivore said all too simply. I raised an eyebrow in question as I directed my attention to him. "Is that so?". I heard the other herbivore growl from beside him. "The why don't you look outside oh Mr. I-know-everything" he said sarcastically. This time the glare I gave him was serious which he returned happily.

I was planning on having a glaring contest with Gokudera Hayato when I felt a tug at my sleeve. I looked slightly down and saw the omnivore on the verge of tears. I softened my face considerably since I knew that there is going to be a bloodbath when he starts crying. "I was planning on checking it out. Wo-Would you like to come, Hibari-san?"

Of course I couldn't very well refuse the request since the other herbivores were emitting blood-thirsty auras already. As much as I wanted to fight them, Boss first. "Hn" I said as I grabbed his hands, not wrists, and turned out to the door. I can feel the other two silently follow us, because of the blood-thirsty auras that are following behind.

Meanwhile, I can see the stupefied expressions of some of the students form the corners of my eyes. My eyes landed on Sasagawa Kyoko. When she saw me look at her, she waved with a smile. I returned the gesture with a nod, then I trotted out of the room.

I released his hand when we were outside the building. I quickly walked towards the only person besides us at the gates. I found out that the person is a girl. It seemed that as if the girl was in a trance because she was unmoving even when I stopped a feet from her.

It was as if she was cut off from the spell she was in, when I opened my mouth to speak. "Trespassers aren't allowed here, herbivore. I'll bite you to death!" I said to gauge her reaction.

Then, out of nowhere hearts appeared in her eyes as she started to walk towards me while saying, "I finally got to meet you, Kyo-kun! I' am Minerva Fattorino. And I' am here by the request of Uni-sama to see the Vongola Decimo and his guardians." I heard her say then she continued when she stopped a feet from me. "You know… Kyo-kun… I really like you. Even before I have met you."

WHAT. THE. HELL. What is this girl saying? And what this about 'Uni's request'? Ain't that the girl that died in the future? And the hell with 'Kyo-kun'?

" Uni?" I heard the [2]akambo say from behind me. I turned to him and found that he, along with the omnivore and the others were wearing confused expressions.

"Yes. I' am here by Uni-sama's requests. To take a trip to Namimori and deliver her final gift" I heard her say from behind me.


[1]: Her first name was derived from that of the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and her last name means 'messenger'. So I basically made her a wise messenger. xD

[2]: For those who don't know, akambo means 'baby' or 'infant'. whatever floats your boats. That's what Kyo-kun calls Reborn. :)))

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