A/N: This series has heavy D/s themes and some OOC-ness.

It had been ten years since Grimmjow had set foot in the World of the Living. How he'd survived the war, he had no clue. There were some that were lost, but it's not like he'd really given two shits about any of the other Espada anyway. The power struggles over Hueco Mundo had gone on mostly ignored by the Sexta, because although he insisted on not being looked down on, he had no desire to constantly have to defend his place as King. So, he'd wandered the sands for a while, setting up a territory and leisurely hunting, but by and large his thoughts were consumed by the only foe he'd ever truly given his all to beat. Not that he had, but somehow the fury of being spared after being beaten had smoldered into a driving force as constant as his soul hunger, but no longer all-consuming as it had been in the beginning when he was recovering.

So he stepped through the Garganta to the town that had been the root of all of his troubles with Aizen. His bright blue eyes scanned the park below, his senses stretched as far as he could stretch them looking for his prey.

It was night time, most humans were sleeping, the Hollows had largely left the area alone, but for the stray Adjuchas that got too anxious for its own good. They were usually dispatched by—ah! There was something. Pfah! Just a random Shinigami, not the one he was looking for. He swept his gaze over the town again, his mind still mulling over what he was going to do when he saw the bring orange-haired menace from his dreams.

Then he caught it, the sweet/spicy/smooth "scent" of his prey. Following it quickly he appeared over an apartment building not far from where he'd first met the pain in his ass. Scanning the area again, this time visually, he didn't see the tell-tale orange spikes, or that big ass cleaver, but he knew the boy was in the area. He was just about to assume he'd simply found the boy's territory when he heard a gasp.

Peering in the window just below him he found his target, wrapped and tangled in a mess of arms and legs with someone with bright crimson hair. Oh, he's mating. Hmph. Grimmjow rolled his eyes. Humans did that entirely too often for his line of thinking. Sure it was fun, but what was the point of doing it over and over and over again once the mate was claimed?

Intrigued at this side of the Shinigami Grimmjow continued watching as his prey rutted against the actually red haired body beneath him. Then he was almost knocked back on his heels when a hand that didn't belong to either the orangette or the redhead reached out, yanking on the sunset spikes, pulling Ichigo's head back to face the ceiling. A head of dark ebony hair, longer than even most Hollows kept it, bent around the orangette's neck and latched on in a definitive mating mark.

Raising an eyebrow Grimmjow tilted his head to the side, his curiosity getting the better of him. The reiatsu around the room began to build, making the area shake and groan, as the three in the room grew closer to a combined orgasm. The weight of it began to make the feline creeper sweat, and he became acutely aware that he was being affected by the pounding waves of reiatsu assaulting his senses.

When the three in the room finally came, in an explosion of chocolate/cinnamon/sakura tinged reiatsu, Grimmjow found himself panting in orgasm as well. Just as all four participants began to come down from their highs, Grimmjow high-tailed it back through a Garganta more embarrassed than he had been in centuries.

It took a full week for him to overcome his issues. Every time he thought about the orange haired Shinigami, the images of that night with his two lovers replayed in Grimmjow's mind, making him pant and ache with a need he normally was able to control. When he stepped through the Garganta, once again hell bent on avenging his pride with the orangette, he was stopped in his tracks yet again by the chocolate sensation of his prey's reiatsu.

He groaned, understanding the sensation this time, but instead of cinnamon or sakura, the reiatsu mingling with his chocolate was tinted with orange/citrus. Unable to stop himself he peeked through the window again. This time the berry was on his back and an equally orange head was at his waist, apparently trying to eat his prey from the hips.

This sight shot a spear of fury down Grimmjow's spine, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. How dare this orange haired trash attempt to consume what was his own! Gripping the hilt of Pantera he barreled towards the window, set on destroying the one who sought to eat his prey! His Ichigo!

A wild moan stopped him short in his tracks again. "Oh! Nngh! Or-Ori-I-I-Ah! AH!" The target of his obsession cried out and his reiatsu spiked, sending other sorts of thrills down Grimmjow's spine.

The second orangette waited for a few seconds, then looked up at Ichigo, licking her lips. "How was that, Kurosaki-sama?"

"Wonderful, pet. Simply wonderful." His target purred, as he stroked a hand through the long strands of equally orange hair.

The two seemed to be completely ignoring Grimmjow's presence outside their window, and this was made more apparent when Ichigo, still quite aroused by the looks of things, stood up, leading the woman out of the room by some contraption around her neck. Just as the Sexta was about to turn and leave, Ichigo returned to his room, this time accompanied by another female. This one was short, with choppy raven-colored hair. She seemed familiar.

"Kurosaki-sama, how shall this girl please you tonight?" The woman dropped to her knees in front of his prey. Ah, that alto voice! He remembered, this was that one he'd stabbed oh so many years ago.

Ichigo bent down to the woman's ear and whispered something Grimmjow couldn't hear, and although he was painfully hard at this point, as the two began to get into he took his leave to inspect the rest of the building, sensing something of the cinnamon he'd felt the first time.

Finding another window, he peered in, more cautiously because this room was literally full of Shinigami. He sensed the cinnamon and was amazed to find out that it radiated from a rather well-build male covered in dark tribal markings. He was lounging on a couch with the sakura scent, his long crimson hair pooling around his shoulders and being stroked by the nimble fingers that had embedded themselves into the orange spikes only a week ago. Across the room was another couch where the well-endowed female orangette lounged with an equally well-endowed blonde and a tomboy with short spiked blue-black hair. A very slim male with midnight hair that partially obscured his glasses shouted something over his shoulder as he entered the lounging area and a mountain of a man, covered in scars, with long matte black hair and an eye patch grinned at the one in glasses. The next voice to speak seemed to come from a male that could be no more than a teenager! He was berating the Mountain and Four-eyes for making a ruckus. Blonde-Boobs whined something and the white-haired Midget rounded on her, making her look like she was pouting. Orange-Boobs held Blonde-Boobs close and made goo-goo eyes at Whitey. Tomboy nuzzled into the cuddle too, and Whitey backed down with a groan.

Wait! Wasn't Orange-Boobs that one chick? Grimmjow frowned as he thought for a moment. Yeah! She was that one that Emo-fucker kidnapped. Heh. Guess the kid succeeded in getting her out. That certainly explained why Emo-fucker wasn't around anymore.

While he was lost in thought he failed to notice a few more people entering the building. A bald man with his strangely muscular arm around a man that looked more like a woman what with his hair done up in feathers; a slightly taller brunette with vulgar face tattoos and wicked scars down his cheek; and a hunched over blonde that let his bangs hang in his face. Upon seeing the newcomers enter the lounge Grimmjow had the strange though cross his mind that maybe they were all there to do something with HIS prey!

He couldn't just stand by and watch all of these people put their hands all over his prey but he also knew he couldn't just burst into the room. He may be the strongest surviving Arrancar but even he knew he couldn't take on that much firepower by himself. With a disgruntled and highly frustrated sigh, Grimmjow left again, completely unaware that he had eyes watching him from the roof.

After the Garganta closed, Shinji grinned and dropped back down to the balcony to re-enter the party. It wasn't often Kurosaki-sama invited his entire Pride over for a party, and even if their Leader had sensed the presence of his long-time rival, the fact that the Espada had left without even a word to anyone meant that Shinji could relax and enjoy the rest of his night. Maybe he'd even be lucky and get a turn with Kurosaki-sama on his own.