Chapter 13

"The Reunion"

Harry sighed with tired satisfaction as he shut off his car in Dalton's parking lot. He felt satisfied from his meeting with the Hummel men, but felt himself shutting down from the emotional hurricane. Exposing himself to Kurt had been cathartic, but he hadn't felt so vulnerable in ages and really didn't appreciate the feeling. He knew he was more than the services he could offer other people, but sometimes it was a difficult fact to remember.

Harry wearily climbed the grand staircases to the dorms and stopped dead at the sight of the common room. The wood-paneled room was empty, except for one curly-haired Warbler. Harry smiled at the sight of Blaine curled up on the love seat, his book forgotten in his sleep. Clearly the boy had waited up for him to return, and Harry felt grateful for the consideration of his friend. Right as Harry started to walk towards the love seat to rouse Blaine, the other boy woke up with a start.

"Harry!" Blaine exclaimed, looking around confused as if he didn't remember why he was there. The Warbler rubbed his face to wake up. "Did you just get back?"

Harry chuckled and sat down next to his friend on the couch. "Yeah, I just walked up." Harry was too busy musing over Blaine's sleep-wrinkled form to notice his questing look.

"Well, how did it go?" Blaine asked. "Did you talk to his dad?" Harry shook himself out of his thoughts about wanting to pet Blaine's hair. Clearly, he needed to get to sleep soon.

"We all sat down and came up with a solution."

"That's great!" Blaine adjusted on the love seat so he and Harry could face each other comfortably. "Tell me what happened."

Harry settled more into the love seat, playing with the back of it while thinking about all that had occurred that night.

"You should have seen him, Blaine. Kurt is just so unbelievably brave."

Blaine picked up on Harry's solemn tone and quietly responded. "What do you mean?"

Harry looked up into Blaine's open face. He marveled at how his friend showed so much concern for the well-being of someone they barely knew. "Remember how I told you about my old school and their lack of sexual labels?" Blaine nodded. "Well, Kurt's old school was just like that. He had the freedom to come grow into his sexuality free from labels and judgment knowing that if he left that world, he would have to face the pain of this one. But he did it anyway to take care of his dad. He didn't have to do it, Blaine. He gave away his safety to choose who to love to be with his family. And now EVERY day he is tortured for being himself."

Harry hadn't realized how emotional he had become until Blaine scooted closer and gently wiped away tears that had gathered on his cheeks.

"Shhhh. Harry, it's alright." Harry accepted Blaine's gentle tugging and soon the two teen readjusted until they were snuggled together on the love seat. Harry sighed into the safety of being held by Blaine and closed his eyes where they were rested against his shoulder.

"You're right, Harry. Kurt really is brave for what he did and you are so amazing for helping him out." Harry started to drift off as Blaine softly stroked his hair. He couldn't think of a time when he'd felt so at ease. The last thing Harry remembered hearing before slipping off to sleep was Blaine's whisper- "I'm so proud of you."

A few days after David found them asleep in the common room, Harry found himself in one of the many study rooms with his classmates doing his school work. He thought it would be difficult trying to combine muggle scholarship with his NEWT work, but he found himself to be quite the proficient student without the threat of Voldemort hanging over his head. He smiled to himself thinking of how proud Hermione would be to see his dedication to school work.

Just as Blaine closed his Chemistry book with a triumphant "Done!" Wes came into the study room looking at all of the faces until he landed on Harry. The young wizard was a bit intrigued that Wes seemed to be a bit shy in his approach and greeted his friend with a big smile.

"Hey, Wes! What's up?"

Wes pulled a note out of his pocked at handed it to Harry. "The Headmaster asked me to deliver this to you." Harry quickly opened the note from Victor, the contents making him jump up in excitement, destroying the studious atmosphere of the room.

"Yes! He got permission to come! Wooooo!"

The room watched as Harry cheered and grabbed Wes, pulling him into a quick two-step waltz around the room. Harry pulled them into a dance as he sang "He's coming! He's coming!" After a lap and a half around the room, Blaine was finally able to intercept the dance and pull off a disturbingly pleased-looking Wes.

"Harry! What's going on?" Blaine asked. He tried to hold Harry still by his shoulders, but the boy seemed to vibrate in place.

Harry mimicked Blaine's pose by slapping his hands on Blaine shoulders and gently shaking. "My friend is coming to visit! He'll be here tomorrow and stay through the weekend! Isn't this exciting!" Everyone watched as Harry ran from the room. They could hear him singing through the halls, getting quieter as his moved further away.

Once again, David felt like he had to intervene in the aftermath of Hurricane Harry. After calming down Wes, he approached Blaine, "Wow- this must be some great friend."