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Warning: there is a semi spoiler; kinda sorta well I'm just being cautious. You know what this is just a fan fic so If you notice something you probably already know it so it's not a spoiler. Right? Okay maybe not.

Kakashi walked down the street with his nose in a familiar orange book. It was a nice day. It was a Friday. It was Kakashi's first day of his three day vacation and he planned on spending it wisely. Okay not wisely, he wasn't in to mood to run errands or clean the apartment. He wanted to find somewhere quiet to read his book until Sakura got off work then the two of them would spend the time wisely.


Said jonin looked up as Kurenai came running up to him with her three year old daughter in tow. The woman looked disheveled. Her daughter was balanced on one hip while a big pink bag was slung over her opposite shoulder.

"Kakashi do you have a mission today?" she asked a bit breathlessly.

"No but…"

"Oh good I need you to take Rumi for me. Don't worry Shikamaru should be home from his mission tonight and he will take her. She has a change of clothes and pajamas. I also packed her some snacks. Her bed time is at 8:30. Oh and if she needs to go to the bathroom make sure she gets there. I'm potty training her. She is wearing pull ups just in case but don't you dare stick her in a diaper." Kurenai continued hoisting the giant pink bag onto Kakashi's shoulder and passed him her daughter.

The single mom bent to kiss her daughter good bye.

"Okay be good for Kakashi, uncle Shikamaru should be home soon. Love you, bye sweetie." She said and turned to run toward the gates.

Kakashi managed to pick his jaw up off the ground fast enough to call out to her.

"Kurenai! Wait a sec! Why me? I don't know a thing about kids!" he yelled distraught.

"Sorry Kakashi everyone else is on a mission now. You will be fine, it's just till tonight. I have faith in you. Thank you so much!" she called back and then she was gone.

"Damn it. How do I get roped into these things?" he asked aloud leaning back when Rumi made a grab for his mask.

"Damn it!" Rumi yelled out coping him with a giggle.

People in the street turned at her loud exclamation. A man walking by shook his head sadly at him. Two women by a fruit stand muttered under their breaths and shot him dark looks.

"I must have horrible timing." He told Rumi ignoring the women.

"HORR!" she yelled, naive to the way the begging of horrible sounded to the people still watching them.

"Okay if you're going to copy me, at least finish the word. It's horrible, not Horr. Say it with me horrible." Kakashi instructed the toddler.

"HORR!" she yelled again while pointing at two women by the fruit stand.

The two now very angry women opened their mouths to lecture Kakashi on his bad parenting skills and using profane language around a little girl. Or they would have if the Copy Ninja hadn't already disappeared in a shower of leaves.

Sakura walked into café they had agreed to meet at for lunch today. The twenty year old moved towards their usual booth near the back. As the medic nin got closer she realized her spot was already taken by a raven haired girl coloring on the back of a kids menu. She smiled as she took in the crayons scattered across the table and a very distressed Kakashi sitting there with his head in his hands.

"Is this seat taken?" Sakura asked Rumi pointing to the spot next to her.

The little girl looked up at her with dark obsidian eyes. She trembled a bit and inched closer to the wall away from Sakura.

"Don't worry Rumi, I'm not here to take your temperature or give you a shot. I just came to eat with you guys. Is that okay?" Sakura asked sliding into the seat.

Rumi nodded "is okay Sa-u-ra San." She answered the way her mother taught her.

She was still a bit weary of the medic nin who had on more than one occasion given her a shot.

"Oh you know what? I have something for you." Sakura announced reaching into the pocket of her white coat.

She pulled out a cherry red lollipop and held it out to Rumi who grabbed it quickly. Immediately the little girl was showing Sakura the pictures she had drawn and telling the stories that went along with them. Kakashi could only hear a few actual words in the girls rambling and could hardly keep up with what she was saying but Sakura oohed and awed at the right moments. Finally when the waitress took their orders before leaving to get their drinks Rumi when right back to coloring and ignored the two adults at the table.

"How do you do that?" Kakashi asked Sakura

"Do what?"

"Whatever it was you just did. She actually likes you but she hates me. She even goes out of her way to embarrass me in public."

"Wow she embarrassed you? That's quite a feat. Well if you weren't such a big scary masked man maybe she'd be more receptive to you."

Kakashi rolled his eyes.

"But what I wanna know is how Kurenai got you of all people to baby sit."

"She ambushed me in the middle of the street, dumped Rumi on me, and vanished before I had a chance to say anything."

"Your skills are getting rusty old man. You need to work on surveillance and evasive maneuvers. And you use to be so good at those too." Sakura said with mock sympathy.

Kakashi sighed "I know I know. It's rather tragic but at least it's only till tonight when Shikamaru gets back from his mission then I'm a free man."

Sakura looked at him surprised for a moment before quickly looking away biting her lip.



"Sakura…tell me."

"Shikamaru's missiongotextened." She mumbled

"What was that?"

She sighed, he was going to find out sooner or later. "Shikamaru's mission got extended till further notice. It's going to be a few days till he gets back. I don't know all the details, I just over heard Shizune talking to Tsunade. So I guess Rumi is stuck with us for a bit." She explained stirring her drink with a straw.

"Ah Hell." Kakashi said letting his head bang onto the table.

"AH HELL!" Rumi yelled throwing a fist full of crayons at the people sitting one table over.

An hour later Kakashi and Rumi watched as Sakura wave goodbye before heading back to the hospital. Kakashi took Rumi's hand and led her down the street. It was a wonder she didn't starve as most of her food ended up on her or the floor. Needless to say the waitress and busboy were displeased at the mess but probably glad that they were gone at the same time. Kakashi left a slightly bigger tip than usual.

Kakashi looked down when he felt a tugging on his hand. Rumi was fidgeting like crazy.

"What? Is that a dance you made up or something?"

Rumi shook her head, whimpered, and fidgeted some more.

"You okay kid?" Kakashi asked getting worried.

"Potty." Was all she said. Kakashi sighed. It was going to be a long day.

It was 8:47 when Sakura got home. She stifled a laugh at the sight she was greeted with when she opened the door. Their living room looked like a mini tornado had hit. Dress up clothes and dolls littered the floor and every open surface was covered with a drawing of some kind held in place by a lot of scotch tape. Kakashi was slumped on the floor leaning against the couch. He wore a plain t shirt with dark pants. His mask and headband were missing and he was clearly asleep. Rumi was sprawled in his lap, crayons clenched in her right hand, and a coloring page in the other. Over her clothes was a frilly pink and purple tutu. A glittery plastic tiara was slipping off her head at an angle.

Sakura carefully moved through the mess taking care not to crush the spilt cheerios into the carpet. She opened the hall closet and pulled out clean sheets and her bed roll she used on missions. She made up a bed for Rumi and found her pajamas that had been pulled out of the pink bag and lost in the mess on the floor. Sakura scooped Rumi up and got her into in a fresh pull up and her pajamas without waking the slumbering toddler. The rosette haired woman was unaware that she was being watched.

Kakashi found himself in awe of Sakura's abilities to slip from fearsome Kunoichi to a motherly role seamlessly. And as she tucked Rumi in, and brushed the little girl's hair away from her face, a part of him wished that Sakura was tucking in their own children instead. The hair she would tuck back would be pink or silver. It was a rather small part of him, not even that noticeable, that thought that, but the fact that it was there scared Kakashi out of his daze. He shook his head and moved to get up. Sakura smiled at him as he dusted glitter off his pants.

"Nice toes." She gestured to his feet were Rumi had haphazardly painted his toenails in bright reds and purples.

"I think they bring out the color in my eyes." Kakashi said with a shrug.

Sakura had to work hard not to laugh too loud least she wake up Rumi. She could imagine it now; Kakashi showing up in his to training, his brightly painted toenails peeking out of his standard ninja sandals. Naruto and Sai would never let him live it down. She was sure even Yamato would have a good laugh.

"Please tell me you have something to take it off." He continued seriously

She shook her head. "Nope, but I can buy some tomorrow."

"I suppose I'll have to wear my boots to training."

"Yea that might be a good idea." She said smiling.

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