The Apocalypse

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Chapter Five: Searching for the Key

Luckily, Seiji found two car keys for our escape. He said he found one hidden beneath a ton of papers in a teacher's drawer, and another hidden in a tiny box on top of a shelf. I couldn't help but wonder how he got the keys so easily. I asked him. He just shrugged and says, "They should've hidden it better ".

I admit, it was kind of dumb to hide your car keys in side a drawer, especially a drawer without a lock. After a few minutes of discussing, it was decided that we will be using one car unless we all couldn't fit and either Ikuto or Kairi, who had his students licence, (Kairi is sixteen people!) will be driving.

"Wait," interrupts Rima. "How are we going to open the gate?"

The Gate! How could we forget that? The gate in the parking lot could only be opened either manually opening it or by an electronic key remote. Unfortunately, they were only given to 'special people'. Not even the guardians have one.

"Crap! I forgot about that." says Nagihiko.

" There must be an electronic key remote somewhere," says Tadase. "Everyone! Search the room! Maybe we'll find one somewhere in here."

We all started searching. Ikuto, Seiji And Kairi were searching through cabinets while others were searching through tables and shelves. Even Ami was helping by guarding our stuff. I was looking inside every drawer i could find, letters, pens, papers, identification tags, but still no remote. I only had one drawer left unchecked but unfortunately, when i pried the drawer open, I fell and all the papers, that were probably forced into that drawer fell on me. A second later, Ikuto was beside me and helping me up.

"What happened?" asked Ikuto, was staring at me intently.

"I…uh.. fell trying to open the drawer," I mumbled, clearly embarrassed at the situation.

"Uh huh but," says Ikuto walking towards the nearly empty drawer and searching through it. "But thanks to you, we now have the electronic key remote," he says while holding the remote in his hand. He walked towards me and ruffled my hair a bit. I pouted but he looks at me, lips curling slightly up.

" Good job, Amu."

And I smiled, trying to control the giddy feeling in my chest. But unfortunately the moment did not last long because Seiji interrupted the moment and passed me my baseball bat.

" Sorry for interrupting but we better get moving if we wish to get out of here," he says with a slightly irritated tone in his voice. What happened to him? Ikuto gave him a small glare and grabbed his baseball bat. I walked over to Ami and got my backpack, then I took Ami's hand. I was about to carry her when Ikuto took her and told me he would carry her instead. Everyone got ready and into positions. Tadase held the door knob and in the count of 1 he will open it.

5. All right! Ready yourself Amu.



2. No looking back now. No Regrets.



Tadase flung open the door and whacked the head of the first zombie in sight. Everyone ran out of the room and this was our chance.

"Kairi, how do we get to the Parking Lot?" asked Nagihiko, who had just finished off a zombie.

"We have to get through that door," says Kairi, who was pointing towards a steel door that had the sign that said 'Stairs to Parking' on it. Rima, Saaya and Yaya were already making their way towards it, killing zombies on the way. I turn my head to the left and I saw a zombie, who looked much more like a rotten female girl, making its way towards Ikuto and Ami, who were fending off two zombies. No! I've got to warn them. I ran towards them.

"Watch Out!" cried Rima.

Just before she could bite them, I smashed its head. Blood splattered on the floor as it fell to the ground. I took a breath and turned to see Ikuto had killed the last zombie. we all ran through the door and Seiji shut it, using a chair to block the door. Banging was heard from the other side and we all took in the well needed oxygen. it was eerie quiet till Nagihiko said something.

"Ikuto, judging from your looks and what happened earlier, I'd say that women can't enough of you still." We all laughed at this. And Ikuto just frowned. we reached point B of our escape. Now it was our hardest part, Part C.

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