~You Won't Find THAT In The Yellow Pages~

A/n: Set in the 2007 CGI movie. Donny's just trying to do his job when he gets a rather unexpected phone call…

"This is Donny your friendly IT Tech Support, here to help you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, how may I help you?"

Donny sighed and rubbed his tired blood-shot eyes. "Have you tried turning it on? Yes I think that would help."

Donny pulled the phone away from his ear as the person on the other end started yelling.

"No I'm just Donny your friendly tech support trying to help you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Alright, yes I understand. Sorry sir, ah ma'am."

Donny winced and hung up the phone quickly, leaning back in his chair in exhaustion. "Why did I get myself into this?" This muttered.

"Hey cheer up Donny," Mikey said, skateboard in one hand, giant turtle head in the other. "At least you don't get your head kicked by little kids all the time."

"Why couldn't Raph just start helping out around here?" Donny growled, eyeing his empty coffee mug with a glare. "Then maybe I could get some peace and quiet for once."

"Hey you know him bro," Mikey shrugged. "He's nocturnal now. I don't think anything would get Raph out of bed before three O' clock."

Donny sighed and winced as the telephone stared ringing again. "You better go Mikey, you don't want to be late."

"Right, no one would want that," Mikey rolled his eyes.

Donny watched his brother leave the lair before picking up the phone again. "This is Donny your friendly IT Tech Support, here to help you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, how may I help you?"

Donny waited, absently swinging around on his chair.

"Oh role play games already huh? Okay I'm cool with that gorgeous."

Donny froze and stared at the phone in shock. "Um sorry?"

"You got a nice voice, and I bet a real pretty mouth to. Wonder what else you can do with it…"

Donny spluttered and nearly dropped the phone in shock. "I'm sorry who is this?"

"Name's Garry," the voice on the other end of the line said. "And what am I going to call you gorgeous? Or do you stick with the name Donny?"

"My name IS Donny," Donny spluttered, heat rising to his cheeks as the person kept talking.

"Well hi ya Donny," Garry said in a gruff voice. "Now how much does a minute cost? Are you open to everything big boy?"

Realization sunk in and Donny was glad Mikey had left and Raph was still asleep. "I…I'm sorry for the misunderstanding sir but this isn't that kind of phone line."

"Oh playing hard to get are we?" Garry chuckled. "I like that."

"Really sir you must have gotten the wrong number. I'm just a tech support," Donny tried furiously to explain; wishing desperately that a hole would just appear and swallow him whole.

"You are a tease aren't ya?" Garry laughed. "Okay big boy let's get this show on the road. I'm going to grab ya from behind, you'll like that I know. And then I'm going to stroke ya. Or are we still playing hard to get?"

"No I'm not trying to play hard to get! I assure you this isn't that kind of phone line! Goodbye!" Donny quickly hung up and threw the phone away from him, his heart racing wildly in his chest.

"Man Mikey's right," Donny muttered to himself. "I should really give this job up."


A/n: Hehe, poor Donny ! Don't think he'll be too eager to pick up the phone any time soon XD