Jade was not her normal ganky self the day after she had seen the video. She walked through the halls of her school, not knowing exactly where to go. She knew she was mean, it was what she prided herself on, it was one of the few things that she did to help herself. So she was fine with that, she has resigned into the gankyness. What had her confused was what the dead girl could possibly know about her. She had a lot of secrets. Like her secret piercing, her favorite color, her favorite movie, her new tattoo idea, where she kept her school diary (yes, she had one specifically for school), the reasoning for why she was such a gank, and, the biggest was her HUGE secret crush. So many things that could have been said about her… but none that actually were.

Tori wasn't all smiles like she normally was. He had watched Alisha's video the night before, and was almost in tears, even as she walked through the doors into Hollywood Arts. Even Trina was being conservative, which she was thankful for. She was surprised, confused, and sad. She had been racking her brains since she had watched the video, trying to think of when she had been mean to that girl. Her face was just barely familiar, she had defiantly seen her before, but she couldn't remember where. It made her sad to think she could have helped someone feel so much pain.

Then there was her confusion about what Alisha could have known about her hidden piercing, her secret love of a certain style of dress, and her huge crush on someone that would never return her feelings. She sighed, not knowing how the school was going to survive.


Jade quickly walked to Sikowitz's classroom. She knew her friends would be there, she also knew she had to get there and comfort them. On her way she accidentally bumped into Sinjin. Without even thinking, she muttered a;


Before hurrying off. Jade West had never been that nice, that just showed the students how much their lives had changed.

She walked into the room, and heard crying. She knew it was Cat, so she hurried over and wrapped her in a hug. Andre, Beck, Tori, and Robbie were already there. They looked confused, and tori looked about ready to cry.

The goth girl did something she had never done, and that no one had ever expected her to do, she extended her arm and pulled the perky female into th hug as well. The girls sat there, two of them crying, one of them not letting go.

That crying set Robbie crying too. Beck wrapped his arms around the puppeteer, hugging him ferociously.


"What did we do?" Andre asked confused, only looking at the floor.

"I was mean to her." Cat cried, pulling away from the girl in black.

"Cat, it's not in your nature to be mean." Tori sniffled, pulling back as well.

"No, I was really mean to her. I told her that Kennedy was into her. But she wasn't, I heard it from some tenth graders, I should have known it wasn't true. She was in love with Kennedy, and I broke her heart by giving her false hope." The normally excited red head cried, wrapping her arms around her torso.

"I wasn't much better." Beck shrugged, rubbing soft circles on his friends' back.

"What did you do?" Cat asked, wiping her hand across her eyes.

"I told her to stay away from Robbie, because she was scaring him. I was kind of mean to her; I was just trying to protect him."

"I still haven't thanked you for that. I wasn't much nicer. I nearly ran away from her when she asked to be my lab partner." Robbie sniffled from Beck's chest.

"I turned her down for being project partners just because of the rumors I had heard of her." Andre breathed.

That's when Tori remembered what she did.

"Oh my god." She breathed, looking past her friends absently. "She must hate me."

Everyone looked at her confused.

"When I was dating Rider Daniels, I had planned on singing in th showcase by myself. She was one of the people that asked me to sing with her. I said no because I wanted to sing alone, but then I didn't. A few weeks later we had another assignment, I said no to being her partner again because I wanted to work alone. But then Cat convinced me to be with her. Alisha must think I'm horrible."

Their teacher walked in.

"I realize everyone is upset about the passing of a student at our school. Does anyone have anything they'd like to say about her?" He asked, looking around the class.

The entire class was silent, no one being able to say anything.

"We shouldn't let her down." Beck said after almost a full ten minutes.

Everyone looked at him confused.

"And what do you mean by that?" Their teacher asked, putting his hand on his chin.

"She knew secrets about all of us. She had her own secrets, and they drove her to this. We shouldn't let her down. We should tell our secrets, show them, and let the burden of them leave. We should let her death be in vain. It's not fair. She was perfect, but no one bothered to show her that."

"What are you getting at?"

"We need to show each other how much we love each other. We need to let each other know how amazing we find each other. We need to show our love to each other." He said, gripping Robbie even closer.


Song used in the first chapter was "Don't Laugh At Me" by Mark Wills