Chapter 1: Snuggle Buddy

Inuyasha could not get to to sleep.

The nature of all living things, is to cuddle. To have a warm, soft body next to yours to wrap yourself around. It was a comfort, and even therapeutic, he found. The only way he could sleep anymore was curled around a nice, warm body in a warm bed.

But Kagome had other plans.

"Why are you doing this to me, Kagome?," he whined in the kitchen, watching as she calmly poured Shippo, their adopted son, a glass of milk. Shippo smirked around a spoon full of apple jacks, knowing that when his dad acted more of a kid then he was, it often led to Kagome getting reeeeally angry, which was funny. To him at least. Not to Inuyasha.

Sighing, she turned to him, cocking her hip to the side with her palm against it, in that sassy 'I'm-not-taking-any-of-your-crap-today' way that always put him on edge. Unfortunately it always had him fighting harder.

"Look, Inuyasha," She said in her soft voice that betrayed her body language, "It's not because I don't like sleeping in the same bed as you, I do! But you know your bed hogger. You steal the blanket, and you even push me off the bed! I need sleep!"

"But, you didn't have to put in two separate twin beds!," he shouted, indignantly. "Seriously, twin beds? Do I look twelve to you?"

She stared hard at him, and he flinched, knowing how she hated him saying stuff like that to her. Obviously, she knew he wasn't a twelve year old, and so asking her sarcastic question like that were rude and claimed her stupid, or at least that's what she said. He never understood what she said anymore. It's just a stupid question.

"We are not sleeping in the same bed together, until you can learn to sleep peacefully, and thats final, alright?"

"But, kagome-,"

"Alright?," She said angry, loud enough for everyone to know she wasn't playing around, and she wasn't going to stand for no bullshit. Shippo leaned away from her and avoided eye contact, while Inuyasha scampered out of the kitchen, but not before grabbing his coffee and a poptart.

She just didn't understand the fundamentals of having a snuggle buddy. But then who was he going to snuggle with?

His friends at work had started to notice that he hadn't been getting as much sleep as he should. When someone who almost never makes mistakes accidentally copies a hundred and fifty pages of Supernatural fan art, you start to notice some things.

"Hey, friend," Miroku greeted, wheeling in next to Inuyasha, who stared at his screen with his fingers poised above the keyboard. He jumped when he noticed his friend sitting next to him.

"When did you get here?" he wondered, voice groggy and uneven, and ended with a yawn.

"Not very long, so no worries. Though if I'd been here longer I'd have started to worry." he laughed and Inuyasha tried a weak one, that came out more pitiful than joyful. Miroku's smile faltered a bit.

"Actually, I am pretty worried." He sat in his rolling chair, a sign he was about to get serious. " Everyone know you haven't been getting enough sleep Inuyasha, all the signs are there. Whats going on?"

"What are you talking about, I'm perfectly well rested!" His statement, meant to be full of confidence to prove himself, actually ended up train wreck of droogle-dragle, for lack of a better word. It's what he meant, but he was pretty sure Miroku didn't understand a word of it, if his super confused expression was anything to go by.

"Listen," he started, choosing to ignore Inuyasha's own, um... language. "Get some sleep alright? You keep making mistakes like the copy incident, and Sesshomaru's going to fire you, okay?"

What he wanted to say was, 'I could care less what my asshole brother does, I don't want this stupid job anyway!'. But what ended up doing was complacently nodding his head and turning bad to his computer, his head weighing a ton. Miroku contemplated whether or not he should try to get a sincere promise out of him, as his response seemed completely halfhearted, but he decided he had better things to do. Like hitting on Sango. And on her ass. And then her hitting on him, but in a way more literal sense.

Plus, he spotted Sesshomaru walking down the hall, straight toward the hanyou's desk he currently sat at. If Sesshomaru was pissed, he didn't want to seem like an accomplice.

Usually, his half-demon brother sent in some pretty decent work. It's one of the only reasons he allows him to continue working at his company, after the direct 'request' from his father to give him a job. He didn't care at all for his brother, but he did for his dad, so he did as he asked.

It wasn't like he had to see him all day. He had a middle-level job, not exactly a cubicle-man, but exactly not, either. And he worked well, so he was content.

Until recently, of course.

The stuff he'd been getting back from him was complete and utter crap. And what the hell was up with the Supernatural copies? What kind of blatant mistake is that?

That as when he drew the line. He'd go to him, demand he see him in his office, and give him the ultimatum that he either work harder, or look for jobs in the penny saver. He didn't stand for any bullshit in his company.

On his way to Inuyasha's desk, he noticed a man jump up and walk- honestly, he ran- back to the other side of the floor, where his desk was. He ignored him

Stopping next to his brother, he noticed he was... off. He looked like he was typing from the back, and even his computer was open to a document. But the document was blank and his hand laid across the keyboard, not typing, just laying there. His head lolled to one side and his eyes where unfocused, but trying to settle on something. He did that slow blink he sometimes saw his human workers do when they were tired. Why they did it, he'd never know why. Maybe he'd try it and see what it did.

"Inuyasha." he said firmly, the sound of his voice snapping Inuyasha out of his daze. He looked up at him, honestly surprised to see him. He never visited him. Ever. I mean, ever.

When he was looking straight at him, Sesshomaru noticed more how tired he looked. His eyes were ringed black and his eyes dry and red. His hair looked like he'd run his hand through his hair over and over, probably from frustration from the lack of sleep. Sesshomaru tended to do the same thing.

"Come with me," He stated, and then decided to add a "Please" to the end. Father was always badgering him about 'Employee respect and familiarity". Like he needed to be friends with his workers or something. How ridiculous.

Sighing, Inuyasha stood and followed Sesshomaru back to his office, but not without difficulty. He bumped into a number of things, and people, trying to coordinate his feet in the right direction. His heavy ass head was probably overbalancing him, that's what.

When finally they made it to his brothers office and he was offered the seat adjacent from his desk, and gladly plunkered down in it and sighed in relief. He'd done it, he'd conquered the journey. He wondered if this was how Odysseus felt finally reaching home.

Sesshomaru watched him with curious eyes, wondering what in the world would have kept Inuyasha awake for so long he was to the point of tired, were he felt he should test him for drugs.

"What is going on with you, brother?," He asked as formal as ever, even with the term of 'brother' mentioned. Inuyasha knew it wasn't anything out of endearment, but another way to be formal with him. Being Japanese, he felt first name was too personally, and he wanted anything but personally with his half-brother was unacceptable. But being in America, he couldn't say 'takahashi-san' without getting weird looks. So brother it was.

"It's Kagome," he decided to indulge, in his groggy voice that showed how tired he was to a greater extent. "She said I was a bed hogger, so put in two separate beds. But how's a man supposed to sleep without a warm, living body next to his, huh? Where's the justice."

Sesshomaru slowly nodded his head and said, " I know what you mean."

"You don't understand, it's like- wait, you do?"

"Yes," Looking sat his older brothers face, he saw he was serious.

"I Know how I am, okay? Both of us know I don't like to be touched," he continued. "but, to have a sleeping body next to you is one of the best things someone could experience."

He stood and walked around his desk, putting his his business slacks and leaning against the desk. If Inuyasha had the energy, he'd have laughed because this was very cinematically business like , and it suited his brother perfectly. His brother went on.

"We're dog demons, and dogs are very social, though I, admittedly, and very proudly, am not. But I can't deny the instinctual need for a sleeping partner. I find it hard to sleep without one."

That's exactly what I've been trying to tell Kagome, Inuyasha thought while gazing at his brother in wonder. He never pegged him for one to like a snuggle buddy, for exactly the same reason he stated. That he pretty much hated everyone, except maybe their dad but he still acted like he hated him. But that stuff about dog demons needing sleep buddies made a lot of sense, actually. He'd seen dogs sleep by themselves, but they sleep the deepest with another companion, another dog being the best partner.

That's when he got a crazy idea. Maybe even one that would get him fired

"You called me in here to chew me out because of my work, right?"

Sesshomaru's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, thinking of why Inuyasha would have changed the topic so suddenly, but answered, "Yes, initially I did."

"Well," he took a deep breath, mentally preparing for a long night looking for a new job. "Kagome's dead set on the two bed deal, and there's no backing her out of it. Looking at me you know I can't work up to par in this condition. I'm one of the best workers you have and you know, and I know it, and you don't want to upset dad by firing me."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eye's, still confused but now very suspicious. "What are you getting at?"

"What I'm saying is... is- you said yourself, it's more comfortable, so why don't we … sleep... together...?"

A pregnant pause of silence. Then a loud, harsh, emphasized-


"Look I know, I know! " he held up his hands against his brother, who stood up at stared at him with his signature Stare-of-Death. "But I need to sleep, and you want me to work, and not piss of dad, and you even said your self, you know, doggy instinct!"

Inuyasha cowered back at Sesshomaru's dark look.

"That you even suggested that idea, it's-," He stopped abruptly, and Inuyasha thought for a minute he might actually strike him, but when non came he looked up and very different Sesshomaru then the one a minute ago, that might have killed him. He looked thoughtful now, looking at Inuyasha, but not really seeing him. Rather like he was... thinking things over?

He glance quickly at the door, which was closed tightly, and looked back at Inuyasha. He sat down on the second guest sofa next to Inuyasha's, and said quietly, "You won't tell a soul?"

He merely stared back at him for a moment, then disbelief and relief spread across his face. "Are you saying-"

"Not a damn soul, Inuyasha!"

"I won't," he swore, "I won't!"

Sesshomaru continues staring back at him- Inuyasha started to think he did it on purpose- and then finally nodded his head.

"Then I'll sleep with you."

A/N: So I know I have my other stories I never update, and I reaaaaaaally need to update them, but this one kind of wrote itself. And I let it, because I have writers block with my other stories and I was getting really crappy with my writing, so I hope this isn't to crappy. I hope you enjoyed it! I'll update soon (hopefully- I'm dirty, filthy liar)