Hello everyone,

Below is some general information about the Drabble Wars, the eight authors participating and links to there FFn accounts. The information below was written by the beautiful TexasBella in January and I tweaked it a bit to reflect the May Wars information.

Drabble War May 2012

If you are interested in participating in a future "War of the Words" then come on over to the Drabble War Forum group on Facebook. In the docs, there are sign ups available for every month this year. "Wars" will take place on the middle weekend of each month. It is first come, first serve so come on over and claim your spot. We hope to see new "faces" each month!

The Drabble War Forum is not for authors only…it's also for the readers who want to follow along with the wars. It is a central place to meet and discuss the stories as they are posted. With each round, banners and summaries will be posted in the group as well as links to author profiles.

To get links to all Drabble wars stories please visit or community and for general information visit our blog. All links are below:

Facebook: www . facebook . com/groups/306986689342663/

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Blog: www . drabblewar . blogspot . com/

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FFn community: www . fanfiction . net/community/DRABBLE_WARS/97678/14/0/1/

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While we are labeling this a war, please be aware that no official winner will be determined. This is all in good fun…just friendly competition. The real winners are the readers who get eight new stories each month!

Allow me to introduce the May participants:

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TrueEnglishRose http:/www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/u/3069569/TrueEnglishRose

Amazed by TrueEnglishRose

Summary: They come from two different backgrounds and lifestyles, one simple, one fabulous, yet both know what it means to suffer. Can they face the future together and learn to let go of their demons? Can they find what it is to be Amazed?

http:/www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/u/3546555/

Title: The Right Kind of Wrong by

Summary: While on a vacation with friends to London, Bella meets older bachelor Edward Cullen who invades her every thought, emotion and inch of her soul. One problem. He's mistaken her for someone else so when you fall for the wrong person, can it be right?

HollBeth http:/www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/~hollbeth

Title: Love Soon by HollBeth

Summary: Bella's just a late-twenty-something ready to be in love. Edward's just a college kid ready to be in love. He's sure he found it, she's sure he's wrong. He's all in while she's freaking out. Can she give in and let love win? AH/Romance & Drama, M for the usual.

Anabella Cullen P http:/www(dot) fanfiction (dot) net/~anabellacullenp

Title: Girl of smoke and glass by Anabella Cullen P

Summary: Drabble fic in alternate POVs. She´s shy but determined. He´s confident but vulnerable. This is a story of oblivious crushes that might or might not turn into requited love or scalding lust. Or maybe both. Romance. M, eventually, maybe.

Twiddler83 http:/www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/~twiddler83

Title: Lucky Strike by Twiddler83

Summary: -May Drabble War Entry- Edward Cullen is new to the pitching staff of the Cardinals after being pulled up from the minors. Opening day is one of the biggest days of this town, and it's up to Edward to deliver a win. An unexpected spectator gets a surprise she didn't see coming, it literally makes her see stars. ExB Humor/Romance Rated M for dirty reasons. Alternate POV's

I Drive Like a Cullen16 http:/www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/~idrivelikeacullen16

Title: Coffee Shop Serenade by idrivelikeacullen16

Summary: As the owner of Swan's Coffee, Bella's life is uneventful, until a mysterious stranger stumbles into her shop. Despite the secrets he holds, she lets him stay, as he plays his guitar every night to repay her. Will she ever find out the secrets he hides? ExB

Finally my story:

Amberdale http:/www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/u/2203827/Amberdale

Title: Brother's, hotties, and doggies...Oh, my! by Amberdale

Summary: Bella's Brother Emmett asks Bella to Doggie sit, what chaos ensues? How does the hottie neighbor next door help? Read along to find out! E&B Humor/borderline crackfic

A/N: Thank you to Twiddler83 and Wants2BeACullen, without these two this story wouldn't be a cracked out as it turned out to be…and that's a god thing!

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight but, I do own this plot and a stuck up PomChi named Jake who thinks he's human :)

Ch. 1 Bella POV



Oh my god! Does my fucking brother need to scream every time he calls me on the phone? You would think he was talking to the deaf actress Marlee Matlin.

"For fuck's sake Emmett, do you have to scream? I mean really."

"Sorry sis, I'm just excited! Dude, you'll never guess where I'm taking Rosie for our anniversary. She is going to shit herself."

"Well, it better be good since my ears are still ringing after your loud ass greeting," I tell him while putting my frozen pizza in the oven.

"Shut your pie hole about your ears ringing," he says huffing. "Let me finish telling you where I'm taking my wife to fuck her brains out for a week straight with no interruptions."

"TMI…pig, but I'm all ears. Where are you taking Barbie?" I say while rolling my eyes at the thought of how my pussy whipped brother spoils the shit out of his 5'10, blonde hair, blue-eyed, body of a sports illustrated model wife. But when you look like you just jumped out of a Mattel box, men tend to drool at your feet.

It's pathetic really.