Ch. 61 Bella POV

All I wanted to do was get to know Edward more. You know more physically and personally, and talk to him about where we might stand once this dog nightmare was over. But, of course not. Now I have to deal with dog sex and another cretin who has no life outside the local Petco.

Edward gave me a smile and took my hand as the four of us walked up to Balls who looked like a lion humping the shit out of a black and white standard poodle that resembled a cow.

Well isn't this a sight for sore eyes, a lion fucking a cow.



Right after Jake snapped his photos, a woman with fire crotch red hair shot us a death glare and then pointed at me.
"Are you responsible for this mutt?" She screamed at me with her hands on her hips.

"Yes, currently at the moment while my stupid brother is out of town. I'm sorry he got out." I said trying to sound apologetic.

"Well you're going to jail." She said while scowling at me.

Calm the fuck down, puppies need to get laid too!