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For those few of you who might not know a Deerstalker is the hat Sherlock wears Just FYI!

He wanted to be a pirate!

Chapter one

Captain Holmes of the Deerstalker –he didn't name it he swears- surveyed the drunken crowd at the port bar. His gray-green eyes were searching for a suitable replacement. He needed a second hand man and a doctor, preferably one man but two would suffice if needed. He'd been missing one for months now and was about to give up the search but his mind egged him to search one more night, and since tonight was a large festival in this small port and the British Royal Navy where also docking so he'd thought why not? In the back of the bar a small man with short blonde hair with an attractive face, sat alone in the shadows, his friends had abandoned him there hours ago but the man hadn't left as others would have, he just sat there nursing a drink and watching his friends flirt with the bar wenches and disappear upstairs.

Sherlock had noticed the man when he had first walked in. His friends had needed to assist him since his leg was injured, a normal person wouldn't have been able to tell but Sherlock being way above the norm instantly knew this man had been injured in battle and had done so bravely. Eyes locked on his target the tall captain stood up and moved over towards the newly injured man. He sat down without asking.

Even in the dim lighting Sherlock could observe more than the average plebian and learned this man was an officer who was injured a month ago but still felt necessary to guard his men. He wore two pistols at his side instead of the customary sword. He was loyal, brave, smart, handsome and had above average intelligence. Sherlock wanted to scream with excitement at his luck.

"If I could pay you better would you leave the service of her majesty? Well the benefits are okay but it would be dangerous" Sherlock asked.

The man frowned and rolled his eyes. "Listen I'm not for hire, but thanks for the offer."

"They're going to retire you when you get back." Sherlock stated.

His words only increased the blonde man's frown. "How did you-.."

"Your wound is fresh and although you walk without a cane you wince slightly. The Navy rarely keeps those who are injured very long, they prefer fresh meat. That and your men invited you out for drinks when a normal standing officer pays so clearly this is your farewell but they've wonder off as usual. So my offer stands do you want a better job?"

"John," A wasted pudgy man slurs, interrupting the two as he stumbles to the table and upends it.

With practiced ease John pulls his beer cup to his chest with one hand and snatches up the lamp with the other before the table falls onto its side and rolls off into the noisy crowd. He drunken man has fallen to the ground and looks up at the two men with heavy eyes. John sighed loudly and looked down at his drunken subordinate before sending Sherlock an apologetic smile.

"Yes Mike what is it?" John says with all the patience a saint would possess.

"Captain," Mike slurs again as he tries to get up, John sighs and puts the oil lamp next to himself and offers his hand to the obese man. "Captain Watson you're amazing."

Once Mike was up John smiles up at him and waves him on. "Yes I know."

Mike stumbles back into the crowd and disappears into the smoky and dimly lit room full of laughter and terrible piano music. John shakes his head fondly as he watches his friend go.

Sherlock looked at John and smiled. "I think you' be taking my deal."

John turned and looked at this strange man who is beautiful and mysterious but kinda weird in his opinion especially that smile which talked of nothing good. John's free hand fidgeted with one of the guns at his side. "I think not."

Sherlock tilted his head and frowned deeply, John took that as a response and continued on. "I don't know your name, I don't know what you want and I don't even know where we would be going."

"The name is Sherlock Homes and I am the Captain of the Deerstalker." John raised a single eyebrow at the ships name but didn't ask, he'd heard stranger names. "I don't want to be bored and I go where the wind takes me. That should be enough to be going on."

John shook his head and chuckled light heartedly. "We've only just met and you want to go off together?"

"You are Captain John Watson of the Royal British Navy and signed up when you were sixteen ,but pretended you where eighteen to escape an abusive house hold. I know that even though you're a captain you work as the ship's doctor and are a well-respected man. You're a crack shot with the pistols and prefer them over swords. And you have a terrible case of heroism and altruism." Sherlock rambled off quickly, satisfied to see John's mouth fall open.

"That was….that was bloody fantastic?" John blurted out, catching both men off guard.

Sherlock blinked. "Really that's not what people normally say?" He was pleased John appreciated his deductions, liking the captain with every passing second which in of itself was odd.

"What do they normally say?" John asked his blue eyes alight with laughter.

"Piss off." The two men looked at each other before chuckling.

Sherlock nodded to himself with a smirk as their laughter died down and John looked out towards the crowed tavern with a content smile. Sherlock had found the perfect man. John would make a great doctor and even better second mate. Sherlock slipped his hand into his loose white shirt and pulled out a small packet. Watching John's every movement he upended the packet into the shorter man's cup, watching the white powered dissolve quickly in the foamy drink. John turned back to Sherlock as said captain tucked a piece of paper in his pants pocket. John smiled widely and took a long swig of his ale.

"How do you feel about the violin?" Sherlock asked suddenly with a triumphant grin.

John blinked at the man. "What?"

"Potential partners should know the worse about each other. I play the violin when I think and sometime I don't speak for days."

John blinked again, but this time because spots where growing in his eyes and not out of confusion. The tavern spun and all he could do was stare into those gray-green eyes and that condescending smirk as the world narrowed in on Sherlock and John felt his body grow limp and he slipped into darkness; wondering if he'd ever see Sherlock again, and why would he care about the violin?


John awoke in a bed under the feel of a moving ship and that wasn't the unusual part, neither was waking up in a strange bed, it was the shouting that was weird. It was a female's voice. Women we're aloud on ships it was bad luck, and especially not a naval ship. John stumbled from the room, cursing his bum leg and needing to clutch at the walls to even make it to the door. He opened it and blinked out into the bight afternoon sun.

"Sherlock! I will bend you over the railing and make you beg for mercy." A beautiful women with coal black hair and ruby lips, screamed up into the air.

She was wearing a loose white shirt tucked into a pair of tight leather pants. A long whip sat on her curvy hips. John's first though was Pirates and his face paled as he looked around at the other ship members all dressed in baggy clothing, no uniform among them. Not to mention he spotted another women on the far end of the ship stirring. His mind blown and world spinning John gripped the door frame tighter, hoping to awaken from this terrible dream but knowing this was reality.

John also looked up with the assortment of crew members up at the crows next. A man in a long coast that flapped like a dark flag stood elegantly looking towards the horizon. John looked out and gasped, there wasn't a bit of land in sight and he was on a strange ship with pirates. His odds where getting slimmer by the moment. Not one to ever back down John took a small step forward out of the doorway and into the afternoon sun.

"What the hell is going on?" John bellowed, gathering the attention of the mismatched crew and the man atop the crow's nest.

"John your up." The man cried out eagerly before jumping over the side and shimming down the ropes to gracefully jump aboard the deck, with an ease John was jealous of, knowing he'd never be able to do that again. John gasped and pointed at the man when he turned around black curls flopping.


"Please use more than one syllable words to express yourself John, you're not two anymore." Sherlock drawled out.

A dark skinned youth in a baggy gray shirt and lose brown pants with their black hair held back in a bandanna, crossed its arms and leaned against the ships wooden railings. "Did he follow you home too?"

John turned towards the youth, who could have either been a pretty boy or tomboyish girl, slack jawed at the suggestion. Sherlock interrupted the two as he passed by and walked towards John with a wide smile. "I drugged him and dragged him aboard, Johns our new Doctor. Welcome aboard the Deerstalker." Sherlock stated as if that was the most normal thing in the world, pleased at his fine catch.

John tightened his hand into a fist as Sherlock approached him and when the man got close enough he let lose his anger and punched the man in his smug face, feeling slightly relieved after doing so. Sherlock stumbled back with a look of shock on his face as the crew burst into cheers.

"No means No Sherlock."

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