My life was created months ago when you created a potion

Design to split man into two people

One is good and the other is evil

When you tested it on yourself, I was born

I am you, your evil side

I am the part of you that you've been hiding for a long time

In my form, you have given me a new name, Mr. Hyde

That was my first day of birth

I recall my second day of going into the dark streets of London

Getting drunk and provoking fights

I crossed the line when I hit and trampled a child

Well, I can do what I want while you have to pay for it

As months go by, I began to come out while you slept

It would appear that I can come out without the potion

The next night I'm out

It's murder as I taken a good man's life

And his name is Sir Danvers Carew

Despite all the good you have done

I come out once again in the park

You're so lucky I needed Dr. Lanyon's help in transforming back to you

As we reveal our secret, he is shocked by this and then he died

Because I have become more stronger

You needed the potion to reverse this

As Utterson and Poole are breaking into your lab

That was the time I was about to come out

Too bad that this is the last time

You can never go back to being you

Not only your life comes to an end, but also mine

You committed suicide by poison

Even so, you died in my form

At least we're together in death, my dear creator