A/N: This is an alternative ending that I wrote for a school assignment a while back. Found it while cleaning out my documents folder and decided what the hell I'll post it! Now as I look back over it I realized that is quite depressing but hehe I'm evil. If you haven't read this book then it doesn't really matter but it does help. I didn't actually read the whole book for the assignment I just skimmed but it quite good.

Anyway enough blather onwards!

As Bruno began to roll under the gap under the fence a strong gust of wind made him pause. As he brushed an annoying strand of hair behind his ear, Bruno could suddenly hear the quiet sound of sobbing coming from the house. As he leaned closer he could hear a few words, just snatches through the wind "please, no, my family, I didn't know". Bruno gasped as he realized that it was his father's voice!

A loud crack suddenly came from the top left window and Bruno felt something solid smash into his chest. Bruno looked around him with a kind of dull shock as the world around him was leeched of all its colour making everything a peculiar shade of grey. A loud rushing noise was in his ears, like the ocean and a swirl of black dots appeared before his eyes. Then all of a sudden the ground came up to meet him and Bruno couldn't move, couldn't breathe and couldn't see anything except the ever widening circle of bright red blood surrounding his body.

Shmuel had rushed under the fence as soon as he heard the crack of the gun and had dived towards Bruno with the intent of shoving him out of the way but…he was too late. Shmuel collapsed to the ground beside him and frantically began to talk to Bruno, just wishing for him to open his eyes but Bruno didn't respond and underneath Shmuel's hands he could feel Bruno's body starting to cool.

Suddenly behind Shmuel, the heavy sound of marching coming towards him could be heard but he didn't react, all Shmuel did was stare at his best friends body with disbelief. A pair of strong arms grabbed him from behind and dragged him away from his friend's body, startled Shmuel began to thrash within the persons arms, screaming as large tears began to fall down his face.

Shmuel's tearstained face was yanked up by the collar of his shirt, to see the grim face of a soldier. Behind him Shmuel could see the rest of Bruno's family being carried out of the house with their mouths gagged and their hands and feet tied together. Three soldiers stood in front of them, each with a gun in their right hand and a grim look in their eyes as they pulled the trigger on their Commandant's family's lives one by one.

When they reached their Commandant it was with a sad face as they had no idea what he had done and he hadn't done anything, it was his foolish son for befriending me thought Shmuel. It was then that he realized that these people's deaths…Bruno's death, were his fault. I should have told Bruno to go away when he had the chance and with that final thought Shmuel closed his eyes for the last time.