Harmony Street

The first time he saw her she was chasing chickens, clapping loudly and herding them along the dirt road. He watched her from his spot on the fence, unable to hold back a laugh as one darted between her legs, flipping her skirt up as it ran for the grass.

"Don't laugh!" she called to him.

"Why not?" he teased.

She coaxed the chicken back onto the road, returning it to the flock before beginning to slowly lead them forward again. He slid off the fence, grabbing a handful of tall weeds from beside a post before walking over to the road.

"Here," he said, handing her a piece of grass, "Use this to keep them in line. Watch," he took one of his own, using it to keep the chickens in a group, patting and nudging them with the grass when they tried to break apart.

Her eyes lit up, and she smiled, taking the opposite side of the flock and doing the same. "Thank you," she said as they guided them along, "Do you have chickens at your home?"

"My master has some," he nodded, and she tilted her head.

"Who is your master?"


Her eyes widened, and he could see the fear in them. He wasn't surprised; reputations got around fast on such a small island. "Guilty is your master? What is he teaching you?"

"He's going to help me become a Saint," he explained, "I'm going to be the Phoenix, and then I'm going to go home and find my brother."

She looked down at the road, absently flicking a stray chicken with her weed. "Will you…become like him?"

"No," he shook his head, "Saints aren't supposed to hurt people."

She smiled a bit then, before reaching over and taking his stalk. He blinked at her, and she laughed. "Thank you. I have to go home, and my master won't like it if he sees you, I'm sorry. But thank you again!"

"Yeah," he smiled back a bit, stepping aside to let her lead the chickens on, "Bye."

He watched her herd the chickens until she disappeared over the hill, before he turned back towards Guilty's compound.