Taking Chances

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This is a one-shot.









There was only so much he could do to hide the fact that he was not aging anytime soon. And living in a world that turned on you at the drop of a hat was not entirely comforting.

It was with this thought at the fore front of his mind that Harry Potter decided to travel the world. See new things. Meet new people.

Well, that was his story at least. Ron and Hermione were being difficult and practically demanding he stay were he belonged—in the Wizarding World. But what they failed to realize, was, he no longer belonged in that world. If he was entirely honest, since becoming Master over Death, he was no longer sure he belonged anywhere.

Still, he said his final goodbyes to all of those he loved and made his way around the world. Spain and Japan held his attention for a few years, Harry finding the culture and the food amazing. Despite everything he had found, everything he had seen, Harry still felt lost.



He had learned and seen as much as he could, partially in order to see what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, or at least a portion of it. Astrophysics fascinated him, but the field was small and he would not be able to last very long in the same field before people started asking uncomfortable questions.

Music had always been a secret love of his, something he could cary with him from place to place, something he did not have to share with anyone. Something his. But he didn't want, or need, the attention. So that would remain a hobby and secret love. The last thing he considered, and actually got around to doing was working with mechanics.

He invested most of his money in safe investments and used the rest to open a garage in New York. It was a perfect place with the mix of so many cultures and languages. He felt as if there was a small piece of every corner of the world there. What finally made him decide to become a mechanic and open his own garage was the fact that no one would notice him. Not really. I mean, who ever really pays attention to their mechanic?

Odds are you rarely if ever need one anyways.

The garage, his employees, and life in general was very good to him. He earned more than enough to make his business successful and pay his people well, and he enjoyed the work. The side projects he had on the side didn't hurt either. They were a way of passing time and doing something productive in those hours between night and dawn, when he should have been sleeping. He still slept, just not quite as long as he used to. Or needed to for that matter.

That was until he met Tony Stark.

His car broke down right in the middle of the street. In front of his garage. Not having the tools to do his own repairs, Stark had decided to see just how good Prime was. They had build up a reputation of reliable, superior service for a reasonable price.

Harry himself had worked on Stark's car and he hadn't been able to get rid of the man since. While Harry had been finishing up repairs, Tony had made his way into the area that housed all of Harry's pet projects. Tony, being Tony, had gone through all his things and promptly invited him to work for him. The fact that the proposition hadn't even left his lips before Harry said no, made Tony an obsessive little twit.

He came by the garage often and checked in on the projects Harry had lined up, sometimes offering obscene amounts for the patents on them. Harry wasn't interested in any money from him, he had plenty. So he kept turning him down. And Tony kept pouting and promising to find his weakness sometime.

Honestly? Tony wasn't so bad.

The rest of his employees worked effectively and shared a bond that would never extend to him. Harry sometimes thought about making an effort, but he had always been the quite, introverted type. You literally had to pound it into his head that you weren't going anywhere before you could get more than a grunt or a distracted hum from him.

He loved his work and did it well. He needed nothing else. Well, except maybe Tony. At this point he almost found himself looking forward to the visits from the playboy billionaire. Almost.




The day he met Steve Rogers was completely unremarkable.

He sat beside him at Momma Ophie's diner and it was nothing more than a glance as he sat down.

The blond, blue eyed god never actually spoke to him, at least not in those first months.

The uninterested glances soon turned to nods in greeting, to slight smiles, to polite good mornings. It was Gisselle who finally got them to "meet" officially.

"Oh you two! This is ridiculous! It's been moths since you've shared the same space every morning and still, you barely grunt at each other. 21st Century darlings. 21st Century!"

With those exasperated remarks, and their food, she flounced away to take more orders. Other patrons went back to their food and conversations, and he and Steve just looked after the irritated blond. They finally turned back to their food and ate in silence.

The morning after, exactly at 8:15 as usual, Harry walked into the diner, Steve already at his seat. Ginger set down his coffee and he said a cordial, "Good morning," to Steve. Only instead of a nod in response and a breath taking smile, Steve turned on his side to face him fully.

"She's right you know." Blue eyes stared into his and he smiled, laughing softly.

"Yes, yes she is."

Emerald eyes looked into blue eyes for a minute longer before a strong firm grasp encased his own hand, "Steve Rogers."

"Pleasure to meet you!" he responded with a pleased smile. So that's his name.

Soft laughter made him look up, "This is generally the part where you tell me your name?"

The room seemed to get unbearably hot for a fews seconds as he blushed a bright red, "Harry. Harry Potter." A warm hand still wrapped around his gave a slight squeeze before releasing it.

"Good to finally meet you." The silence that followed was comfortable and ripe with a sense of, something. Something with a hint of promise.

When Tony dropped by for a visit later on that day to check on a model for a new project of his he stopped short as he entered his office and stepped back out. Glancing to the left, then the right, he stepped back in and simply stood there.

Used to his antics by now, Harry merely sighed and waited patiently.

Tony walked across the large room and around his desk, coming to face Harry he crouched low and leaned forward until their noses touched. Harry blinked rapidly, his eye crossing briefly before a scowl marred his features, "You got laid, didn't you?"

Harry blushed furiously and choked on the words he was about to say. Tony leaned on one hip on his desk and waited expectantly. Growling Harry reached blindly and grabbed something heavy. Eyes wide, Tony scrambled back and hid behind a chair. "Well you did, didn't you?"

Sighing, Harry placed the wrench down and sat back down, "No Stark, I didn't." Silence.

"Wait. My first name is Tony." Rolling his eyes, Harry was glad Tony decided to focus on the transition from Tony to Stark after having worked so hard for it.

This was going to be a long day.




Long day? He was tempting fate.

It was a long month.

He never wanted to see another engine again in his life. Hell, he never wanted to see another model again. Tony's pet project had been a nightmare, sure Tony had done most of the heavy lifting but it was still exhausting.

Having to work with his almost friend who had no idea what the words 'personal space' meant had nearly driven him up a wall. And to top it off, the hollows were acting rather strange.

It had been a while since he had felt something inside him shift, he just didn't know what.

His only comfort was knowing that every morning, without fail, Steve would be waiting for him at the Diner. Those few precious moments, those times spent in silence or discussing whatever was going in the world, were the moments he looked forward to the most.

It amused him sometimes how Steve would fail to understand the simplest references to pop culture. It seemed strange that even he understood them, wizard raised and all. Though he had learned not to judge and look at Steve funny.

Instead, he had taken to trying to teach Steve all about movie references and common phrases, important figures in the media. It was both entertaining and rewarding, seeing the dimpled smile that would light of the face of the man he—was becoming rather fond of.

Tony still teased him and tried to get him to give up a name.

His favorite excuse so far was, "What if...he is an alien from outer space, here to kidnap you and make you his eternal bride or something. He could be a serial killer! Only trying to protect you here!"

Tony meant well, he knew, but his instincts had never led him astray. They were what had made him take a seat at the bar instead of his usual booth. He hadn't missed the knowing looks from Ginger, Gisselle, and Josh. But he knew he could trust Steve, that he was—important.

That was all he needed to know and all that mattered.




Harry was actually on his way to the soon to be up and running Stark tower.

It would run only on clean energy. It made him feel like he was a part of something that mattered. Normally Tony dropped by the garage or his apartment, but Harry had recently taken to stopping by Tony's when he was bored.

Which was often.

Part of the reason why he had begun to actively seek out Tony was seeing the slightly hurt look the man had adopted when he had mentioned inviting Steve over to his place. He had never actually invited Tony over, he had just, followed him home.

Not that Harry had minded but he knew that no matter how Tony portrayed himself, he wanted to be loved and accepted for him. Not the toys, or the money, or the status or anything but who he was.

The happiness and enthusiasm he was greeted with when Tony had seem him awkwardly standing at the door to his office had made him feel a warmth he rarely felt these days.

Pepper walked up to him and smiled softly at him, the gratitude warm and bright in her eyes making him blush slightly. Since then, he made it a habit to visit his friend and continue helping with the project which was only days away from completion.

As Harry and Tony watched a rerun of Criminal Minds and ate pizza, Harry felt Tony glancing at him discretely every few seconds. Sighing, Harry reached for the remote, making Tony jump, and paused it.

Turning to look at one of his only friends, Harry smiled encouragingly, "What is it Tony? I know you want to talk about something?" Tony just shifted guiltily in his seat and set down his slice of pizza. He was unusually silent and didn't take the offered opening, rare as it was, like he normally would. That alone made a feeling of unease creep into his gut. Finally, brown eyes searched out his.

"I looked into your past."

Those words made him feel light headed and dizzy with a sense of dread and betrayal.

Hands reached out to steady him and he ripped himself away. He should have known. How could he have possibly thought that Tony, Tony Stark, would leave his past alone.

He made his way to the elevator and cursed as Jarvis did not open the doors. "Let me out Tony." Silence met his angry demand and nothing really happened in those few minutes.

"I know you're angry. But you have to understand, I do not care if you are hiding things from me. Well, I do, but that's not the point! I am incredibly curious by nature but I have respected your privacy until recently. I realized, I realized you do not age. I looked at pictures, profiles, and every one who has ever met you describes you exactly the same way. I've noticed and other people have started to notice. I didn't dig too deep. I just, I want you to know that I will always protect you. Whatever the reason I don't have to know it, if you ever decide to share? I will gladly keep the secret and cary it to my grave. But I needed to know, to erase what I could and protect you. I'm sorry Harry. I really am. But your safety and well meaning mean more to me than your friendship. It sound stupid but I'd rather you were living free and happy than locked up in some lab." Harry stood before the elevator doors and said nothing.

A tear slid slowly down Tony's cheek and he didn't bother brushing it away. "I'm sorry," he whispered softly stepping forward slightly, Harry's body became rigid. Clenching his hands Tony took a step back, "Jarvis, let him go." Jarvis wisely made no reply and the doors opened for him, stepping into the elevator.

Harry did not turn back.




Weeks passed and Tony and Harry did not speak.

Tony had called several times the first week but had not showed up to the garage or his apartment. Harry felt strangely lonely and the anger and self righteous feelings of betrayal had faded to nothing. Harry's subconscious told him he had no right to feel betrayed.

Tony had only done what he had to protect him and had promised to continue doing so even if he never saw Tony again. He had respected his privacy and avoidance when talking about his past.

He had pushed and prodded into his life, into his heart, without really having a reason to. Harry had certainly done nothing to encourage him. If he was honest, the only reason he hadn't called or visited Tony yet was because he was ashamed of his reaction.

Harry walked into the Diner and stared at his coffee morosely, for once there before Steve.

He sighed into his third cup before he felt the air shift and the presence that had become such a balm to his soul enter through the door. The air became warmer, more heated as Steve took his customary seat beside Harry. Worried blue eyes looked at his haggard, tired appearance, "What's wrong?" Harry looked up at Steve and smiled weakly.

The normal effect of having those eyes on him was lessened by the cloud that hung over his head. Sighing softly he mumbled something into his coffee that had Steve running his hand up and down his back.

Smiling softly he turned back to look at Steve, "I, I had a really stupid fight with a friend. Actually, my best friend. It's stupid because I know he was just trying to protect me and I felt betrayed. I felt right at the moment and the week after. I forgave him soon after but I was a, a dick!" he said miserable as he cast his eyes down.

Steve turned fully in his seat, keeping one arm around his waist and using the other to take Harry's chin in his hand, he tilted his face up, "If you have forgiven him, and he is not mad, then you should see him. Talk things through."

Harry took his bottom lip in his teeth drawing Steve's attention to it briefly, "It's not that easy."

Steve rubbed his thumb across his jaw softly, "Why not?"

Harry released his abused lip and looked thoughtful, "What if, what if I messed everything up? I mean, he just came into my life and pushed his way into it. He could just, leave the same way. I mean, you've seen how great a conversationalist I am in the beginning."

Steve laughed, bright and pure, "We have the same problem, yes. But if he fought that hard, and trust me I've been there, he wouldn't not forgive you. Pride, it isn't always a good thing."

Emerald eyes hid themselves behind bangs for a second, "You really think so?" Steve pulled his chin back up, "Of course. Life, life is too short to have any regrets. Losing someone you love over your pride is never good. Actually, I think it's even more painful. You need to take that chance. Sure he might not be happy at first, you might need to make it up to him first, but he will forgive you. That's what friends are for; forgiving you when you're being stupid is part of the job description," he said with a proud smile, happy with his accurate use of a modern reference.

"Life is all about taking chances and not living with any regrets, not a one."

Harry watched the emotions flit across Steve's face, confidence in his words and an odd sort of regret, wisdom he hadn't expected from the man but seemed surprisingly fitting. There was another expression he didn't quite register before warm lips met his and everything else faded away.

The kiss that started warm and soft and exploring quickly turned into something more. Harry could feel Steve line up against every curve of his body and a talented tongue slip into his mouth, short and sweet nips before diving back in.

Finally, they pulled apart, shorter kisses still connecting their mouths as they pulled away from one another. Harry blushed softly and smiled as Steve looked at him and kissed him softly on the lips once more, the promise clear behind the simple action.

It was only then Harry noted the position they were in, Steve leaning on his stool with Harry in between his legs and practically lying on top of him. Then, he registered the odd lack of noise in the Diner and looked up at the amused face of his, well. Turning to face the Diner he almost fell when the place went off into cheers of "It's about time, kid!"

Harry buried his face against Steve's chest, strong arms wrapping around him securely, holding him close.

The noise eventually went down and Harry looked up at Steve curiously, "What did you mean by, 'I've been there'?"

Steve smirked at him and bumped his nose against Harry's, "Well, it did take me months to get you talk to me, didn't it?" Harry gaped as rich laughter left his lips.

"You, you..?"

Nodding Steve nipped at his lips playfully, " I used to run around this time when I saw you sitting by the window. I finally just decided to walk in seeing as me running around New York without a shirt was not getting your attention. I was planning on eventually sitting at your booth and go from there. I was very," insert kiss, "very pleased when you sat down next to me."

Harry could only blink. "You only came in because of me?" Steve grabbed his hand and waved at Ginger as he walked him out of the Diner, Harry still a bit dazed.

"Yes, I did. Like I said Harry," coming to a stop in front of his garage, "I've been there." With those final words, Steve devoured his lips again and walked away with a promise of breakfast the day after.

When closing time came around, he asked one of the guys to lock up and made his way to Antonio's, an amazing italian pizzeria that Tony loved, particularly the pesto pizza, and made his way to Stark Tower. When he finally reached the top floor he was an insecure mess but managed.

As the doors to the elevator opened, Harry glanced cautiously from behind his bangs and heard Tony talking on the phone.

When Tony turned and saw Harry standing there with a pizza box in his hand, he did the only thing he could do, he hung up the phone. So, he may have potentially lost a million or two.

He'd get it back in the morning.

He stood cautiously and accepted the pizza box that Harry offered, "I uhh, I come in peace?" It came out as more of a question than a sentence. There was silence between them as the shorter male looked him head on, "Tony, look, I'm—" Tony shook his head and Harry's eyes became suspiciously moist.

Tony rolled his eyes exasperatedly and reached out towards Harry.

Ignoring the wince and clenched eyes, he wrapped his free arm around his best friend and rubbed his chin against the soft hair. Quite sobs reached his ears and he guided the slighter male to the couch, bringing him into his lap. "Shh. Shh. It's okay Harry, I understand." It took a while before the sobs and the shaking stopped, and when it did Tony realized the little midget had fallen asleep.

Smiling he set him down on the couch and covered him with a blanket. He sat back on the opposite side of the couch with his legs across his lap and starting munching down on some of the pizza. Everything was good with the world once more.

Later, when Harry woke, Tony simply handed him a cold slice of pizza and turned on the screen.

Pushing play, Harry realized they had started where they had left off.

Smiling he nudged Tony with his elbow, ignoring the irritated sound and pressed against his best friend's side. Despite being 'irritated,' Tony wrapped one arm around Harry and continued to watch the show. Harry only gave him a quick squeeze before he settled in, conveying his understanding of what Tony was trying to say.





Weeks after the whole Loki fiasco and Tony pestering him about how Steve might be dangerous and what not, Harry finally decided to shut him up by introducing them.

When Harry led Steve to the reconstructed Stark Tower, Steve froze, "This Tony you've always told me about, he wouldn't happen to be Tony Stark would he?"

Harry looked up at him curiously and nodded his assent, "Is that a problem?" He asked a bit nervous now.

Steve just laughed again, "Trust me. It is not a problem."

And when Tony's mouth dropped open in shock and his left eye developed a tick over it at the sight of them together, Harry was utterly confused, "That's Steve?"

"Do you two know each other?"




. The end.

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