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NOTE: this is a continuation of Just a Dream and not just randomly spaced in this universe.




The Days that Follow




When Natasha arrives at the hospital with Sam in tow, she pauses as she sees S.H.I.E.L.D., or former agents now, blocking Tony Start entrance. She wants to punch him in the face at the same time she wants to throw her hands in the air, screaming its about time.

But she doesn't and simply walks up to the arguing group and feels a small mount of respect for the former agent facing down Tony Stark.

His reaction to Harry Potter's death had made its way throughout S.H.I.E.L.D. and it was not too long before everyone knew that the two Avengers were at odds. It was also not long before agents took sides, many on Steve's side as he was Captain America, the first Avenger, and a good man besides.

Natasha didn't say that often about a man but he really was and he was owed every bit of loyalty that was being shown by these agents. "Stark." She said curtly and motioned the agent aside; he knew better than to argue with her but he didn't look happy about letting Tony walk passed them and into the hall leading to Steve's door. Figures the man would show up after a near death experience.

"Romanov. How is it that every single one of your aliases made it out into the world wide Internet? More importantly, how is it that the specs for every single one of my suits did too?" She ignored him as he kept ranting and really, did he think that she would feel sorry for him after everything he had done in the last year?

She had followed orders, the Captain's orders even if she had had some reservations. "Then get rid of it, go out and make sure every bit is erased. I'm sure you could do it Stark." Natasha was positive he had already done it, or at least tried to. If anyone could do it, Stark could, even if Natasha didn't like him on most days.

She shared a look with the quite Sam and pushed him in through the door first. She motioned for Tony to stay behind while she made sure the Cap wanted to see him first. She would have snorted if she could, knowing the man would give Tony a chance to apologize and make up for his mistakes even if he didn't—she froze in place.

It was the sound of the door opening behind her and Tony's obnoxious voice that broke her out of her reverie. She should have known better than to trust him to stay outside just because he was told to.

She took two steps towards the bed disbelieving but turned back immediately schooling her features and pushed him back until he was in the hall, closing the door firmly behind her. "He doesn't want to see you, Stark. Try again in a few days." She said and watched him gear up for a fight.

"Right, because the very definition of the Star-Spangled banner would say he didn't want to see me; as if he would really turn me away after coming all this way to see him." Tony said and he was right. That hardly mattered right now because she would not let him in through that door, not now.

"Stark, you can leave, or I can make you leave." He stared back at her, gauging her seriousness and having realized how serious she was despite how normal it was for her to threaten him, he turned to leave.

"I will be back Romanov." He called out as he walked out. She didn't doubt it but for now she had other things to take care of.

She walked back into the room and locked the door behind her.

She walked until she stood at the foot of the bed and came to a halt, Sam watching the pair on the bed in silence.

She bit her lip and used all her self-control to keep her emotions in check. They definitely deserved this.

She pulled Sam out of the room and closed the door behind her. She smiled as she stood guard over the room. No one would make their way past her. And Sam. If they managed to get passed her then she had a feeling Sam would take them down, all she had to do was throw in something about Captain America needing him.

A man with a crush was always so, so cute she thought with a smirk.

Perhaps today would have been a good day for Stark to make amends but Steve and Harry had a lot of catching up to do. They had both suffered enough and deserved to have this.

The sleeping pair on that bed tangled together, and faces slack with sleep and absolute peace may have been the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Not that she'd ever utter such sentimental words out loud.

S.H.I.E.L.D. may have fallen and her world in tatters; no identities or safety nets to fall on but it would be okay.

The laughter, loud and true, that rang out some time later made her smile, well almost. She hadn't heard that laugh in over a year.

It was about time they had their happy ending.

Inside, Steve and Harry lay together and talked until they had nothing more to say.

As the world entered chaos at the revelation of who had kept them 'safe', there was nothing that could destroy the peace and security of that room. It may not be long before they came calling for her blood or for Steve's services, but today was not that day.

Today, she stood in solidarity with those she had never put much thought to in guarding the man who had given so much and deserved this bit of happiness.

Tomorrow, she thought. Tomorrow she'd tell Steve about Stark dropping by and make sure to tell green eyes what that idiot had done in his absence too.

Natasha could hardly wait to see what the normally calm man would do. It would certainly be worth holding back for the Captain's sake; she might even film it and distribute it among her former co-workers, Hill and Clint in particular she thought with a smirk.

It was going to be priceless.




the end.

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