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'Are you nervous?' Trent was watching the dark-haired boy rush around his room, desperately trying to tidy the place.

'Of course not,' he replied quickly, running a hand through his already messy hair. He was a little nervous maybe; it was always exciting to have a new roommate. Nick's last roommate, a boy named Heath, had moved away to Europe a few months ago, changing to a different boarding school in the process. Nick had been alone in the room ever since.

'So do you know anything about him?' Nick asked while nervously straightening the sheets on the new kid's bed. Would he be nice? Could he sing? Would he be able to put up with Nick's constant craving to burst into song?

'He was listed as J. Sterling, he just turned eighteen,' his friend answered while sitting down on the bed. Nick glared at him and the now wrinkled sheets and gave up. If the boy was bothered by the bed looking used, he'd blame Trent.

'What else?' Nick asked while he threw the last of his laundry into the basket. He'd wash it tomorrow. Trent shrugged in reply, making the brunet frown. Normally they'd get this kind of information atleast a week early. They'd get a small letter with some information on the kid and a request to try and make the person feel welcome. But now, Nick had gotten called out of class by the headmaster of Dalton, who told him he'd have a roommate by tonight. It was strange.

'Do you hear that?' Trent suddenly whispered. Nick listened carefully, but all he hears are light footsteps in the otherwise silent hallway. 'That must be your new roommate!'

Trent jumped up right at the moment the tall boy enters the room. Nick was completely speechless.

The boy gave Nick one look with his hazel eyes, before turning away to look around the room. He had smooth, blond hair, and a pale skin that seemed to reflect the few rays of sunlight in the room. He was the most beautiful boy Nick had ever seen in his life.

'So, this is room oh-three-six?' he asked, glancing at Trent, who was staring dumbly at the boy. Nick took a deep breath and stepped forward, his stomach turning nervously.

'Yes, this is room 036; you must be my new roommate then.' The blond just looked at him coldly, expertly avoiding Nick's eyes. 'My name is Nick Duval, this is my friend, Trent,' he continued when the other stayed silent, giving him a small smile.

'Jeff,' he answered indifferently, throwing down a sports bag on the bed. Trent glanced at Nick, who stared at boy. Trent didn't like it, the boy creeped him out. He was like a shadow; silent, smooth and dark.

'I'm heading back,' he mumbled quickly. Nick probably didn't even hear him, but Jeff Sterling looked at him over his shoulder. He had dark shadows dancing in his hazel brown eyes, making icy hot shivers run up Trent's spine. He practically ran from the room.

'So, Jeff,' Nick said with a small smile, falling down on his bed. 'Where are you from?' Jeff continued to take clothes out of his sports bag, just to throw them carelessly into the small closet. Nick wondered how so much stuff had fitted into such a small bag.

'Places,' he answered shortly, dumping the now empty bag in a corner. Nick watched the beautiful boy curiously as he ran a hand through his perfect hair, glancing outside. 'Do you always leave the curtains open?'

'Yes,' Nick answered in confusion. Jeff intrigued him. The less he said, the more the brunet wanted to know about him.

'Don't.' His voice was quiet and sharp as he retreated into the bathroom, leaving Nick staring after him. The boy had a strange aura about him, it was almost frightening. Nick stretched and changed for the night, crawling under the covers just as Jeff Sterling walked back in. Nick heard how the curtains were pulled together, leaving the room in complete silence and darkness.

'So, tell us all about it, Duval.' Thad, Trent and Blaine had surrounded Nick in the hallway. Thad looked curious, while Blaine looked like an excited puppy. Trent just stayed in the background silently.

'I don't know what you want me to say about it,' Nick said uncomfortably. Jeff had been gone by the time Nick woke from his alarm; he hadn't seen him since. 'He's very quiet, seems nice…'

'Good looking,' Blaine and Thad both added with a small grin. Nick shrugged it off, not being able to deny that. Those intense, hazel eyes had chased Nick into his dreams, giving him chills at the memory.

'Come on, lets get to class,' he said in an attempt to change the subject, being very grateful to Trent for agreeing. The small group managed to get towards their first class of the day, which was History. Nick loved the subject; his head was filled with random historical facts. But they all seemed to disappear from his mind as he walked into the classroom and saw Jeff.

He was wearing the Dalton uniform now, and even if his tie was slightly crooked, he looked really good in it. He had been watching the empty whiteboard; only looking away from it the moment Nick stepped inside, meeting his eyes with Nick's brown ones. The brunet's mouth went dry and his heart wild.

'So, you're the new one!' A few of his classmates immediately surrounded Jeff, taking him from Nick's view. The boy hurried to his own seat in an attempt to hide his blush. It was ridiculous how strongly he reacted to Jeff.

The last five minutes before class started were spent on speculations. No matter how hot or interesting Jeff was, Nick couldn't deny that there was something strange about the boy. There was something about the shadows in his hazel eyes, the smooth grace of his movements which wasn't quite right.

'Nick? Shouldn't you sit with your roommate?' Blaine asked just when the bell rang through the building. Nick looked over at the group, his eyes locking with Jeff's like it was the natural thing to do. The brunet swore he could see the shadows move and swirl inside the hazel brown irises.

'That would be helpful,' Jeff said in a quiet voice that seemed to make several people shiver. Nick nodded as in trance, and the next thing he knew he was sitting next to Jeff, not remembering how he got to the other side of the room.

'All right, settle down,' Mrs. Closier called when she walked into the classroom, closing the door behind her. Nick glanced at Jeff, looking away in embarrassment when he found the blond staring at him.

To Nick's surprise the class didn't start with the teacher introducing Jeff to the glass. She gave them all an assignment sheet, featuring random questions they had been studying over the past few months. Books weren't allowed; Trent asked that as soon as he saw the questions. They were however allowed to work in pairs.

Jeff grinned at that, taking a look at the paper as the class began to pair up. I should offer to work with him, Nick thought, being distracted by the way Jeff ran his tongue tip over his dry lips. He opened his own mouth, but Jeff spoke before he could make a sound.

'So, Nicky, are you any good at history?' Nick smiled at the nickname, leaning a little closer to Jeff to read the questions.

'Uhm, I'm pretty good at it,' he confessed, already solving the questions in a separate part of his mind. Jeff nodded and leaned back in his chair, watching Nick with a smirk on his lips.

'Uhm, for example,' Nick explained nervously, tapping his pen against the first question. 'The great fire of London happened in 1666, it's very easy to remember if you also know that, despite half the city burning down, only six people lost their lives.' Jeff raised his eyebrows, watching the brunet babble away nervously.

Nick wrote down the year 1666 before moving onto the next questions, feeling Jeff's gaze on him at all time. It made him feel scared and happy at the same time. When he finally looked up, Jeff's face was inches from his, studying him curiously.

'Shit!' Nick called out in surprise, falling from his chair as he tried to back away from the blond. Jeff raised his eyebrow as the rest of the class stared at him, his friends with grins on their faces.

'Nicholas, is there a problem?' The teacher looked at him with concern, seeing as Nick was normally a quiet student. Nick just shook his head while managing to get back up.

'No ma'am,' Nick mumbled while sitting back on, not daring to look at the boy next to him.

The rest of the lesson was spent in silence between the two boys. Jeff watched as Nick filled in the answers, turning in the papers when he was done. As Nick walked back to his seat, he noticed Trent watching him, understanding in his eyes. Trent knew something was wrong about Jeff Sterling. And now Nick had stared into those cold, shadow filled eyes, he knew he had to find out what it was.

'Hey, Jeff!' The blond turned around to face Nick, not a single expression readable on his face. The last class of today ended ten minutes ago and Nick had been trying to catch up with the blonde ever since.

'Nick.' His voice was still cold and quiet, maybe even distant. Nick gave the other boy a smile as they continued to walk down the nearly empty hallway. Jeff looked bored, slightly annoyed even. Nick wondered if Jeff didn't like him. It made him feel uncertain and self-conscious.

'I'm sorry about what happened in class,' Nick said quietly as they passed a couple of students. Nick was surprised by the looks on their faces. Two of them looked at Jeff in confusion, slight fear around the edges. The rest just seemed to find him extremely hot. Jeff gave a shrug before loosening his tie and taking it off. It seemed to annoy him.

'What was your problem anyway?' He didn't look at Nick as he spoke; his eyes were just staring into space. Nick ran a hand through his messy, brown hair before opening the door of room 036.

'I- Well, you see,' he tried to explain, but his mind was suddenly empty and his tongue didn't know what to do anymore. Nick shook his head and went inside, tossing his schoolbag onto the couch of their small dorm. The curtains were still closed, and it was a cloud day so the room was darker than he was used to.

Jeff stayed silent. He neatly put away his schoolbooks in his drawer, threw the tie and blazer over the pillow and fell down. Nick could see the boy's eyes close. He seemed to enjoy the darkness of the room. His whole lean, graceful body suddenly seems to relax. It was beautiful to Nick.

'Are you just gonna stare at me?' Nick felt his cheeks turn red and quickly averted his gaze. Jeff only now opened his hazel eyes, sitting back up on the bed.

'How did you like your first day?' Nick asked to break the small silence between them. He dared to glance at Jeff again. His feelings were mixed at this point. On one hand he really wanted to know more about this gorgeous boy, but on the other hand he was terrified of him. The way he moved, the quiet, strange way of speaking, the shadowy aura that seemed to radiate from him… Chills ran through Nick's body at the thought.

'It was boring, apart from your sudden screams.' Even though his voice was quiet, it still echoed around the room. Nick had almost hoped Jeff had forgotten.

'You just startled me,' he murmured. Not a complete lie. He had been so close suddenly, staring into Nick's eyes with those shadowy, hazel irises of his… It has send feelings through Nick's body, things he had trouble identifying. Nick heard a soft chuckle, making his spine tingle.

'I do that a lot.' Jeff sounded almost amused, though the cold, distant tone never left his voice. He turned around on the bed, Nick felt uncomfortable. He was alone with the strange boy, the room was dark…

'Would the TV bother you?' Nick whispered after a too long, uncomfortable silence. It was clear to him that Jeff disliked the light. Through the day, Nick had noticed himself staring at the other boy multiple times. His eyes were always slightly squinted against the bright classroom lights.

'Not if the rest of the room stays dark.' He didn't even move. He was lying on his side, facing the wall next to his bed, motionless. Nick gave a hesitant nod before turning the TV on and popping a musical into the DVD player. He didn't even look at the title, he just needed some happiness.

Jeff stayed quiet and after a while, Nick almost forgot he was there. Almost, he could still sense the coldness of the silence behind him. The dark room started to creep the brunet out. The shadows moved in the corners of his eyes and near the end of the movie, Nick swore he heard a soft, snakelike whisper behind him.

Nick just shivered and turned off his movie. Without a word he changed for bed and crawled under the covers.

'Goodnight, Nicky.'

'G-Goodnight, Jeff.'