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Again, Jeff was up before dawn broke. Nick rubbed his eyes and got out of the bed, looking around the empty room. He wondered where the other boy was. The bathroom was silent, so surely he wasn't there. With a small sigh he finally threw open the curtains; he even opened the windows to let the cold morning air in. He loved the sunlight; it calmed him, whereas last night had freaked him out. Jeff had freaked him out. The way the boy seemed to be covered in dark secrets, how he seemed… He just didn't seem normal to Nick. He couldn't put his finger on it…

'Are you in there, Duval?' Trent's familiar voice sounded from the other side of the closed door. Nick called back an answer, barely thinking about the words he spoke. His mind was reeling with thoughts and feelings. Jeff had this ridiculous effect on him ever since he walked through that same door yesterday.

'Are you alone?' Those were Trent's first words as he opened the door, not even stepping inside. Nick remembered the look he and Trent had shared yesterday. Something was wrong with Jeff Sterling.

'Yeah, I'm alone,' he said, turning around to face the other. Trent closed the door behind him after checking the hallway. Normally he wouldn't see Trent for another hour, since they were both up exceptionally early. Nick hadn't known what had woken him this morning and he was almost afraid to find out.

'There's something wrong with him, Nick.' Trent wasn't normally this straight to the point, proving to Nick how frightened the boy really was. It didn't even make a lot of sense, it was just based on the feeling Jeff gave them. Still, Nick didn't doubt that feeling for a second.

'I know.'

'He hasn't done anything to hurt you, right?'

'He barely speaks to me,' Nick admitted, sitting down on his unmade bed. He ran a hand through his messy hair. He couldn't help but feel disappointed at that small truth. He knew he should be terrified of the new boy, like Trent was. The feelings that ran through him with every mention of Jeff should have confirmed that. Instead, Nick was plagued by curiosity and he craved for Jeff's attention. This, of course, was ridiculous. He didn't know the boy.

'It's like… He's a vampire or something. Pale skin, he loves darkness…' Nick's voice trailed off into silence as he saw the amused look on Trent's face. 'What?'

'Stop reading your vampire books. There is no such thing.'

'Then what do you think is up with him? Because you know something isn't right about him. He seems…' Nick couldn't find the right word, even though he had a lot of options. Jeff was cold, distant, intriguing, maybe even…

'Dangerous,' Trent answered in a quiet voice. 'I don't know what's up with him, but he seems dangerous, Nick. Maybe you should request a different room.'

Nick knew his friend was only worried. Trent had been his best friend since both boys had started at Dalton. They had other friends of course; mainly guys from the Warblers, but Nick and Trent always seemed to stick together.

Still, the thought of staying away from Jeff, to leave the blond shrouded in his mysteries, made him feel… empty, jittery, like he had left something unfinished.

'I'll see,' Nick evaded.

Trent shuddered briefly, knowing his friend was lying. He didn't trust this Jeff at all. Maybe he was a little paranoid, but the boy didn't seem of this world. The vampire idea was crazy; it was… something else, something much darker. He sighed and got up from the bed.

'Don't say I didn't warn you.' He didn't understand why Nick seemed so calm about it. 'I'm leaving, before your freaky roommate shows up. Plus, you look like you need a shower.' Nick's hair was a greasy mess, seeing as he had been too afraid last night to take a shower before bed. The brunet nodded at Trent, who left soon after, closing the door behind him. He really was worried for his friend, but he wouldnt ever be brave enough to stick around to face those haunted, shadowy eyes again. Trent felt breathless at the thought and hurried to his room to get ready for another school day.

The day was a boring blur. Jeff wasn't in any of the first three classes. Nick was getting worried, even thought he barely knew the boy, and he really shouldn't be thinking about him this often.

It was driving Nick crazy. The clashing thoughts and feelings, the strange need to find out more about Jeff, the fear the blond brought with him… Nick got chills just by thinking about it.

During fourth hour, which was taught by their mentor, Jeff finally appeared. He sat down next to Nick, his tie slightly crooked and his hazel eyes staring coldly into the distance. They didn't speak. The blond didn't even move during the whole class. It was eerie to see someone sit that still. Every time Nick caught himself thinking something like that, he simultaneously realized he had been staring at the other.

During lunch, he found himself thinking back on the brief conversation he had shared with Jeff, right before the class had ended.

'What're you doing during lunch?' The bell had just signaled the end of fourth hour when the question slipped from Nick's lips. To his embarrassment, he felt a blush creep up his cheeks.


'Would you want to sit with me and my friends?'Nick didn't let the short, annoyed answer beat him down. Trent would probably shoot him, but how else was he supposed to find out more?

'No, Nicky.'

'Oh. Would you just want to sit with me?' Wow, way to be subtle. The brunet even managed to add a smile to the sentence, trying to look into Jeff's cold, hazel eyes.

'No, I don't want to sit with you.'

Before Nick could form a reply, Jeff got up to walk out of the classroom. It left Nick with a mixed feeling of disappointment and relief. The rest of the class had already left, but Nick didn't feel like catching up to them. His next class was art and he wasn't exactly good at it. Still, Nick would never skip a class. So with a feeling of unease and dread in the pit of his stomach, the brunet got up and walked to the art class.

Yes, it really did drive him nuts. Nick was always pretty optimistic and straightforward when it came to his feelings. Jeff was so different and he gave Nick so much to process; the brunet just didn't know what to do with himself anymore. It was maddening. His eyes were searching the cafeteria for the boy with the blond hair and cold gaze, when a voice interrupted his thoughts.

'You skipped Warbler practice yesterday.' It was Wes who spoke, a serious expression on his face. He was one of the three council members of Dalton Academy's Glee club, also known as the Warblers.

'I was helping my new roommate,' Nick explained, a small smile on his lip. In reality he had been sitting in the dark, watching Rent while Jeff lay on the bed, surrounded by those scary whispers and unusual shadows. A few of the Warblers nodded in understanding, but Wes wasn't quite ready to drop the subject just yet.

'He doesn't talk much, does he?'

'He's nice, really. He probably still has to settle into everything. Like I mentioned, I'm helping him.' Was he making excuses for Jeff? Wes just shrugged and focused on a conversation on his other side, but Nick's mind couldn't let the subject go. Where was Jeff anyway? He wasn't in the cafeteria and Nick hadn't been able to see where he went after he left class earlier.

The brunet ended up walking out of the cafeteria after a mumbled excuse to his fellow Warblers. The rest of the school was quiet, seeing as most people were eating. Nick's footsteps echoed around him as he walked Dalton's fancy hallways. After about ten minutes, he still hadn't found Jeff, and he started humming a slow tune to stay occupied.

The melody had a haunting, dark feeling to it, mirroring Nick's current mood. Because that was the accurate description for his emotions; Nick felt haunted by the mysterious Jeff. The more he was pushed away, the more persistent those haunting, curious thoughts became. It was so frustrating…

Why didn't Jeff want anything to do with Nick? Nick was a nice, calm boy. He smiled a lot, loved to sing; he was even a pretty good dancer. He wasn't perfect of course, the singing would annoy people after a while and his room became messy pretty quickly. The brunet could think up a whole list of flaws, but that would be a little depressing.

'What is that melody?'

Nick almost jumped in fright when the already familiar voice rang through the hallway. Nick hadn't really been looking for him anymore; he had been aimlessly wandering around for the past few minutes. And now he was there, tall and blond, half in the shadows of the darkened corridor. The darkness made Nick nervous; there weren't a lot of windows in this particular part of the school and atleast half of the lights were off.

'Jeff…' The name was no more than a breathless whisper from Nick's lips. If he hadn't been so surprised and scared, he would have laughed. This was sort of cliché, but being in the situation himself, laughing wasn't exactly an option.

'Aren't you going to answer me, Nicky?' Nick swore he saw the shadows around Jeff move. It was much like the movements he had seen yesterday, in the corner of his eyes. Only now it was right in front of him, twirling and pulsating around Jeff's pale fingertips. It gave the brunet chills.

'Just something I made up,' he mumbled, suddenly embarrassed. It was there again, the clashing. Wanting to go closer and run away at the same time. Jeff finally walked forward, the shadows were gone now. Nick didn't relax however, that hadn't been a trick of the light. Shadowy darkness had actually moved around Jeff, like a pet to its master.

'You were only in one of today's classes so far. Aren't you going to get in trouble?' Nick asked after a small, eerie silence. He wanted to ask where Jeff had been, what he'd been doing, even though any possible answer already frightened him.

'I am trouble.' To Nick's surprise, a small, cold smile appeared on Jeff's lips. It was more a smirk than a smile and it made Nick feel cold, but atleast it was some sort of progress? It was not until a few seconds later that the words actually sunk in.

'I guessed that,' he admitted, rubbing his hands over his own arms, trying to chase away the goose bumps. He tried not to think about how intimidated this boy made him feel, like he was nothing more than a black spot within the darkness around them.

Nick tried his best to look straight at Jeff, but each time he finally managed to do this, he suddenly felt vulnerable. His stomach would start to fill with a feeling of both dread and excitement, which left the brunet baffled.

'You confuse me,' he went on, now training his eyes on the floor in front of Jeff's feet. He had to, or the words would get stuck in his throat. 'There's something so different about you. D-Don't think I didn't notice.'

'I know you noticed.' Nick didn't want to look up at Jeff, but he soon discovered that he didn't have a choice. The blond crossed the small space between them and rested two pale fingers under Nick's chin, forcing their eyes to meet. Nick expected his touch to be cold, like everything else about Jeff. Instead, he was surprised by the warmth of his smooth fingertips.

The expression in his hazel eyes never changed, it stayed cold and distant with a slight curiosity in the dark pupils. The whole thing left Nick feeling weak and nervous.

'I suggest you stop trying to notice these things, Nicky.' Jeff's voice was frigid and emotionless as he completely backed Nick against the wall. He was trapped, with Jeff's arm on his right and the dark, moving shadows on his left side. The blond was so close; Nick could feel his warm breathing on the sensitive skin of his neck.

'If you know what's good for you,' he continued, before stepping back and turning his back on Nick. The brunet didn't even see Jeff leave. As soon as he was released, he practically collapsed on the ground of the now empty hallway, his whole body shaking. He didn't know why, but he suddenly felt sick, terrified and his whole body went cold. Nick counted the black spots in his vision, hearing a bell ring through the building. That's when the brunet lost consciousness, Jeff's voice still echoing through his mind.