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CHAPTER 1 Harry Gets News

The battle had ended and voldemort was dead, but why did Harry feel so empty, He wandered back to the castle to the news that all the remaining death eaters were captured and already in azkaban, everybody looked so happy that the dark times were over but there were grim expressions on their faces to as they still had to sustain the many lives that were lost in the second war. None were grimmer than the Weasley family's, they had lost their brother Fred and Molly and Arthur had lost their son, Although they were the grimmest faces none in the great hall was grimmer in emotion than harry himself, He had lost his only purpose in life...Kill Voldemort...that was all he had ever needed to do but even that was gone, the only thing he could put it to was shock that he had finally accomplished his mission.

before he knew what was going on Hermione had his hand and was leading him from the hall, "listen Harry I want you to know that whatever you might here me and Ron are not together ok" she said, this lifted Harry's spirits he had always loved Hermione since their 5th year when she stuck by him when Ron was being a total idiot.

"Thanks 'Mione seriously" Harry said with a bright smile she smiled back and they went back into the hall and were approached by McGonagall,

"Potter...Harry... would you make a speech please" she said harry nodded and walked up to Dumbledore's old podium.

"Many of you may have known me since september 1st seven years ago" he started with a smile to ron, the weasleys and hermione, " some of you longer or not as long but you all know i was the same guy all the way through, today I tell you the details of the mission i received from dumbledore" everyone gasped, "at the start of-" he started again but was interrupted by mcgonagall,

"potter may i say something first, something that should have been told long ago"she said,"long before the prohecy of the chosen one was formed another prophecy was told to mei shall quote it to you now

the dark one appears and will not tarry

over killing the one that all call harry

the chosen one shall not lose

but pride and honour may be bruised

the one who hears this shall tell

the world of how riddle fell

and the boy who killed the heir

and befriended the lizard

shall be the rightful king of the wizarding world

That was it potter" she finished, harry was bewildered he knew what it meant he was the king, Shellshocked he ran from the hall to the first place he could think of Dumbledore's Office...

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