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A Trojan Goddess

Six years before the Trojan War:

I put on my dark cloak and quickly left my chambers. I had waited most of the night to make my escape. Today had discovered that I was a demi-goddess, when I lost control of my powers I had no idea I had. I figured everyone one hated me, so I decided to run away from home. I couldn't allow myself to harm my family.

I crept around a corner to see my oldest brother, Hector walking toward me. I couldn't let him see me or he would stop me from leaving. I loved my siblings even through we were only related through our father, King Priam. Hector was my favorite brother. He was kind, caring, and gently. He taught me many thing's over my twelve years of life. He taught me how to use a bow and I was one of the best archers in Troy.

I watched him walk closer towards me. He was the one that taught me how ride a horse. He was always the one I would run to when I had bad dreams or when I needed protection.

I pulled my hood up over my long dark curly hair and ran as fast as I could.

"Hey!" I heard Hector shout as I ran.

I heard his heavy footsteps pounding against the stone floor of father's palace. I had to keep going, I pushed my legs to go faster, to out run Hector. I slipped around a corner and peered around it looking to see if he managed to out ran my brother. To my surprise I had and sighed in relief and turned to find him standing behind me.

"Who are you and what do you want?" He asked.

I didn't dare answer and ruin my plans of escape from the people that probably hated me now. I watched him step closer.

"I won't hurt you. I just want to know what you want and who you are?" He tried to coax.

He grabbed onto my arm when he was close enough and pulled my hood down.

"Aella? What are you doing running through the hall this late?" He asked once he saw my face. "Please tell me?"

I looked up at him and saw he was concerned about me.

"Why should I tell you? You probably don't even care about me after happened today," I answered trying to get out of his grip.

"Why would you say that? I could never stop caring about my favorite little sister. Aella, what's wrong?" he stated.

"I'm different from you and the others. No one loves me anymore not even you," I cried.

He pulled me gently into his arms and held me.

"Aella, that's not true. I love you no matter what. Your powers are special and unique, yes people are going to look at you differently, but you are still the same Aella that you were yesterday," He said.

I shook my head.

"No Hector. I could have hurt people. I have to leave," I pleaded.

"But if you leave,you'll break father's heart and he'll worry about you. You're only twelve years old. You are too young to be on your own."

"Please let me go Hector. If you don't I'll just try again and again."

"And what do I tell father when he finds you gone? Aella think of us, we're you're family and you are willing to run away and break our hearts. I know you're scared Aella, but you know we would never hurt you or let anyone else hurt you."

I looked up at him through tear filled eyes.

"But I am!" I shouted.

"please stay Aella. We're family and family sticks together through every thing."

I was losing this battle and I knew that Hector would never let me walk out of here.

"Alright, but you promise that no matter what you'll always love me as a sister?" I asked wiping away my tears.

"Of course I will," He answered leading me back to my chambers.

I changed into my night clothes while he waited outside. He came in once I was in my bed and e tucked the cover in around me. He pressed a kiss to my forehead and headed for the door. He turned to face me once he was at the door.

"I love you little sister," He said.

"I love you too big brother," I replied letting sleep take me.


I was now fourteen and was watching Hector dance with his bride, Andromache. I only knew her for a couple weeks and even then I stayed to myself, keeping to the Archer range or the cove down by the temple.

I had conceived myself that Hector would never spend time with me again and that he would always be with Andromache. So in a way I was alone in the palace, Paris was hardly around and the others had never been that close to me. Hector was my only friend besides the Amazonian Princess, Karei, that Father had taken in when her tribe was destroyed by King Agamemnon she wasn't even here at the party.

I sat in the corner away from everyone. I was always in corners, left and forgotten by my family. I cried most nights now. I felt something tap my shoulder and I looked up to see Paris's smiling face.

"May I have this dance my sister?" He asked.

"You may," I answered holding out my hands for him to take.

He pulled me up and lead me out onto the dance floor.

"I thought you would be flirting with some lady, not dancing with your little sister," I said as we moved around the dance floor.

"Hector told me to dance with you. He's worried about you," he replied.

"He should worry about his bride not me. I'll be fine on my own like always. It's common place for me now."

"It's not healthy for you Aella. Constantly on the training grounds, practicing your archery shills, you're a princess not a warrior."

"I don't even think I'm a princess anymore. Father probably even talks to me, mama's gone, my real mother is busy with her goddess duties, Hector's married and you are always going from place to place. I should have left years ago."

Paris didn't say anything after that. We finished the dance and he went off to flirt with some woman. I was left standing off to the side once again and I decided to leave all the happy people. I walked to the doors that lead to the rest of the palace and turned to see Hector kissing his bride.

I quickly slipped out and made my way toward the stairs that would lead me to my Chambers. I entered and let the the tears fall from my eyes once again. My family was slowly killing me and they didn't even care. I fell asleep leaning against the wall on my balcony. Sometime later I heard voices.

"She'll be asleep, but I always make sure she's tuck safely in her bed," came Hector voice.

"Are you sure she wants you to do this? She seemed so unhappy at the party Hector," came a new voice.

"I know. She been that way for the last year. Everyone's pushed her off or pushed her away. It's gotten worst since our marriage was announced," replied Hector. "Andromache, I would like to hope that you and her will get along. She needs some friends that care."

"I'll try my best hector."

I heard them come toward the balcony.

"She's been crying Hector."

"Yeah, she's been that a lot lately too."

I felt Hector pick me and carry me to my bed. I opened my eyes so I could see Hector.

"Hector?" I asked sleepily.

"It's okay Aella. I've got you," He replied laying me gently down on my bed.

I watched him and Andromache pulled the cover over me.

"You didn't have too," I whispered.

"Yes I did or you would have slept against that wall all night and that no good for a princess," He replied. "Now close your eyes Aella and sleep."

He pressed a kiss to my forehead and lead Andromache out.

"I love you little sister," He whispered.

"I love you too big brother."


I was packing to go on a trip to see parts of Greece. Father and my mother thought that it was a good idea for me to see and meet new people. I would head for two countries, Pthia and Ithaca. I had made a friend in the last two years since my brothers wedding. Andromache was my best friend. We would go to the cove and pick up sea shells that I would collect.

My mother best friend was Thetis, a sea nymph and Mother to the great Greek warrior Achilles, who I would meet and spend three weeks with. She said that she would teach me how to make sea shell necklace while I was with her son.

"Are you going to take your bow with you?" asked Andromache.

She knew how much I love my bow and knew that if I couldn't practice I would die. On my sixteenth birthday my father had given me a new bow. It was a long bow and custom made just for me.

"Yes, King Odysseus is a great Archer and maybe I'll learn something new. Besides maybe i'll get sword lessons from Achilles as well," I replied.

She smiled at me.

"I heard Achilles is really handsome," She hinted.

"He's like Paris in a way. I love Paris, but I wouldn't want a man like him."

She shook her head in agreement.

"Besides I'm not going to Pthia to flirt with the man. I'm not ready for marriage."

She helped me packed for my departure tomorrow morning. I went down and collected my prized bow from the armory. I was wrapping it in a protective cloth so it wouldn't get damage.

"So my sister I hope you enjoy your trip," came Hectors voice.

"I will, you know I will. I'll come home has I whole new people and maybe with more skill," I replied.

"I'll miss you Aella, but I know that you need this trip. You've been so different since you were fourteen."

"I know."

I put my beloved bow down and looked at my brother. He smiled at me.

"You're nerves about meeting theses people," He asked.

"Yeah, you could say that," I replied.

"Just be yourself Aella. All you got to do is be a good example of Troy."

I wrapped my arms around hectors middle and gave him the biggest hug I could manage. His arms wrapped around me and held me tight to his body.

"It seems all yesterday I meet you for the first time. That short little girl that was hiding behind her mother shirts. The little girl that came into my room in the middle of the night with a nightmare and tears running down her pretty face. You're growing up Aella and you'll Troy proud."

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course. You've always been my favorite sister. The little Trojan princess with a smart mouth."

"I'll miss you Hector."

The next day I boarded my ship that would take me to Ithaca and then Pthia. Karei had tried to scare me, but Father and Hector said that I had nothing to worry about. I stood on the deck and waved goodbye to my family. I would not be home for a month in a half.


I arrived in Ithaca four days later, greeted by King Odysseus and his wife. I had my bow in my hand when I entered the palace of the King.

"You must be Aella of Troy. It's a pleasure to have you here in Ithaca," Said Odysseus.

"Thank you. It's pleasure to be here. I'm happy you allowed into your beautiful land," I replied Bowing to him.

"I see you carry a bow. I've heard that you are one of your brothers best archers in Troy."

"Yes, I practice all the time since I was eight years old. My brother, Hector tells me I'm one of the best he's ever seen."

"May I?" He asked.

"Of course. My father had it made for me for sixteenth birthday," I replied let him handle my precious bow.

He looked at it and seemed impressed by it. I loved my bow and it help me let my temper go seeing that I had to control my anger. He handed it back to me.

"We'll see how good you are in the morning and then we'll see if we can't improve on what you know."

"Thank you King Odysseus."

"It's Odysseus to you, Aella."

For the next three weeks I was in Ithaca, I improved my skills and Odysseus became a great friend. The last day, he warned me about Achilles's hospitality and how the greet the great warrior without getting on his bad side.

"Good luck Aella. Maybe you'll calm the loin," said Odysseus.

I shook my head at my friend.


I had been at Pthia for four days and so far Achilles and me did not get along. He was stubborn beyond belief. He was arrogant and was too prideful. I avoided him when I could. I walked along the beaches with his mother looking for seashells for necklaces.

"I noticed You don't get along with my son. What has he done to offend you Aella?" she asked.

"He won't let me practice, he is too stubborn, he is arrogant, and he is too prideful," I replied.

"Have you told him this?"

"No, I avoid him at all cost. I'm sorry Thetis, but Achilles might be a great warrior but that's all he is. Now, Patrocules is very nice to be around."

She looked at me with a kind smile.

"I've seen your destiny. You will change the outcome of a great war saving both sides a lot of men, but that destiny walks along side my sons. Your mother thought it be best if you two were to met before war."

I looked up at her and toward the training grounds where I could just see Achilles and Patrocules practicing. I would have to step up and face him eventually. Sometime later I went back up to the palace. We ate dinner in silence and I sat at the waters edge before I went to bed. He followed me.

"Why did you follow me?" I asked.

"Because you're a princess. I have to protect you while you're here," He answered.

"I can protect myself just fine," I grumbled.

"You're a girl."

I stood and turned on him.

"I might just be a girl to you but I have five brothers that taught me how to fight! I can use a bow just as good as a man! So if you think I'm some defenseless girl, then you are sadly mistaken!" I said firmly getting into his face.


"You are a stubborn, arrogant, and prideful man! At least show me that you do have a different side besides the warrior side!"

I was poking my finger into his chest at this point. He grabbed my wrist and stopped me from poking him.

"Look here, I'm not about to let you get hurt! Our family might let you do what you want but I'm not going to be blamed for not watching you properly and allowing you to get injured!" He shouted back at me.

"You are nothing but a brute, a big dumb brute!"

I tried to yank wrist out of his grip, but he held on tight.

"Look here little girl! I've seen war, I've been on battle fields, I've fought for kings! I doubt you could kill some innocent person who you never met! So before you start criticizing me, take a hard look at the truth!" he shouted letting go of my wrist and walking off.

I sat there and looked out over the ocean for a bit more. He made a point, could I kill someone? No, I couldn't. I walked my self back up to the palace and to my room. I didn't see Achilles the next morning, but I was told to come to the training grounds that Achilles and Patrocules used. I watched the two spar and waited until they were done.

"You asked me here?" I stated once they decided to take a break.

"I had want to see you're skills at that bow of yours then we'll see how well you do with a sword," Said Achilles.


He handed me my bow and I strapped on my query full of arrows. I took aim at the targets that Achilles had put up and hit every last one.

"You're good. Now let's test your sword skills."

He wound up beating me, but he seemed impressed. He helped me help from the ground that he knocked me on.

"You're good but not warrior good."

"I never said that I was warrior good, but I can defend myself rather well."

He chuckle at me and he continued to work with Patrocules. I watched them once more. As I watched Achilles move, I got this strange feeling. It felt like I was meant to be there, watching him practice with Patrocules. It was scaring that I left as quietly as I could and wounded up failing horrible.

"Whoa there. You got to watch where you're going Aella," He said as he pulled me away from the edge that I darn near feel off. "That's one way to get yourself seriously hurt."

I looked down it and gulped; nodding my head in agreement.

"I need to go finish a necklace I'm working on for my brother. I'll see you at dinner," I said heading down the right path this time.

"Alright see you later," I heard Achilles call as I quickly made my down the number of the stair up the path that lead to the safety of my chambers.

Once there I locked my self inside and thought about it.

"I'm slowly falling in love with Achilles. The greatest Greek warrior in King Agamemnon Army," I said to myself.


I watched the small girl run up the path that lead the way back to my home. There was seriously something wrong with that girl. One day she wants to bite my head off and the next she running away from me as fast as she could.

"What's wrong with her?" asked Patrocules.

"I don't know. My mother said that she's been through a lot since she was 12 years of age," I replied.

Patrocules shook his head and we continued our practices until I saw my mother down on the beach. I walked down to talk to her about Aella.

"Hello my son. I see you and Aella have worked out your differences," She said.

"She is the most confusing woman I have ever meet," I stated picking up a sea shell. "I'm taking her to meet the Myrmidons tomorrow."

"You like her, don't you?"

"No, I don't."

She turned and looked at me with smirk.

"You like her my son."

"I do not mother. She a friend. I see her as the sister I never had."

"Achilles, Aella sees you in the same light maybe more, it's hard to read the girl. There's a reason to why she's is on this trip, to make friends that she can talk to. People that will not say one thing and then do the opposite. Most of her family pushes her into a corner and forgets that she there because they don't want to deal with her gift. Hector and his wife are the only ones that see past that and care for both her and her gift."

I looked out over the wave. She would never be anything to me besides a sister figure. The way she speaks of her older brother and sister-in-law told me that they care the most about her.

I could never see myself falling in love with that girl.

"I can't see myself falling love with that girl. I will always see her as a sister to me and nothing more."

I walked back up to my home. Aella came out and headed down the path to the beach.

"May I walk with you?" I asked.

"If this is apart of the whole protection thing I swear I will scream," She replied.

"No, as a friend."


We walked in silence until we were at the water's edge. She seemed to be staring off into the distance like she could see her home.

"You're so different from other women," I stated after watching her a bit.

"What do you mean?" she replied looking at me over her shoulder.

"Well, you know how to use a weapon, you don't let people push you around, and you speak your mind. Most women don't do those thing's," I explained watching wave roll over her feet.

"I have several half brothers and my older brother Hector taught me how to protect myself. He said that he could never stand to see me hurt in any way. My mother and my adopted sister always told me to speak my mind and never let anyone push me around. I was brought up differently from most royals. I'm King Priam's first born daughter, but I'm his first born illegitimate daughter. I have to be tough to get through a day."

I looked at her. She couldn't let people get to her because they would hurt her and she had fight the nasty thing's people said about her. That's why she was so hard toward me.

"That's why I was so hard toward you. I know what people say about you. I knew who I was meeting long before I came to Pthia."

"Oh, right."

So we talked and got to know each other better. Before long we were good friends .


It was the second to last week of my time in Pthia, I would be heading home to Troy, but I would be leaving my friends behind, never knowing if I would lay eyes on Achilles, Patrocules, and Odysseus again.

I sat at the beach finishing a necklace that I made for Paris. Hector's and Andromache's were finished and packed. I saw Achilles sit down next to me out of the corner of my eye.

"What do you want?" I asked not looking from my project.

"To talk to my friend," He replied. "Nice necklace. Who that for?"

"My brother Paris. I know he's a ladies man, so don't go there."

"That's not what I wanted to talk about. I want you to know that if you're ever up this way again, you can always come stay here. I consider you as a sister."

I looked up at him since he arrived. He was being serious about this. I wanted to talk to him since I talked to my mother three nights ago. I wanted him to know that I had strong feelings for him. I now knew that you could never tell him that I loved him.

"I should be honored."

"I know what you've been through. My mother told me," He said looking at me waiting for my reaction.

I was wrapping my bow up in the cloth again. I could see the Myrmidons that where my friends as well, along the dock waiting to say good bye to me. Patrocules said goodbye to me this morning, but Achilles was avoiding me.

I heard the door open and there he stood. I memorized everything about him, so I would never forget him when I returned to my family.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yeah. I guess this is goodbye," I replied turning to face him.

"It's not goodbye. Someday we'll meet again."

"A temporary thing."


I walked closer to him and he gathered me into a hug. I felt his lips press against my hair. We walked down to the docks where my bags where put onto the boat.

I said my goodbyes to the myrmidons. I hugged Achilles and Patrocules one last time and boarded the boat. I watched Pthia fade slowly from my view and I cried. I would be alone without my friends. I would have to go on as if nothing happened.

Odysseus was right, I had tame a bit of the lion, but not all of him. Four days later I arrived back in Troy and went on as if it was a perfectly good trip. I never told Hector about my feelings for Achilles and it hurt to hide something so important to me from my beloved brother,but it had to be done.


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