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A Trojan Goddess

We were gathered in the council chamber after my mother and mother-in-law told us where Sappho was. I clung onto Achilles as she told us that somehow Agamemnon's men had gotten into Troy and took Sappho.

I cried even more knowing that greedy King had our little girl. Achilles was furious, even more so than when I was kidnapped. We needed a plan for the troops, but Agamemnon was mine.

"Aella has to end it. Agamemnon can not continue living," said my mother. "The left over Greek soldiers can either live or follow that greedy king to the deeps pits of Hades."

"what about Sappho?" I asked.

I felt Achilles grip tighten as I mentioned our daughter.

"We'll protect her. Hopeful by tomorrow night she'll be safe in her cradle," said Thetis.

I felt Achilles kiss the top of my head.

"We'll have her home soon, love."

We walked back to our chambers and we both sat on our bed staring at our daughters cradle.

"I'm sorry I said those thing's earlier. I don't regret us," I said.

"I know, you were upset and hurting. I am too, but we have to be strong for our daughter. She'll be home soon," he said. "I need to go back down and brief my men, make sure they know what they're doing."

There was a knock on our door and it opened to show My mother, Thetis, Andromache, and Helen.

"We'll stay with her until you get back Achilles," said my mother. "We need to touch a thing or two that's going to be key tomorrow."

"Alright," He said getting up and heading for the door.

I got up and went out to the balcony.

"Sappho is going to be fine. Every single god is on Troy's side now and is protecting her. You are the last person that needs to protect her. A mothers protection is the strongest of all," said my mother.

"I thought I was protecting her by keeping her at the palace. Look at how that turned out," I said. "My little girl is out there with a mad man and you're telling me..."

"Aella! That's enough! I know how is to be separated from your only child! I've been there remember."

I turned on my mother. All the pain, the doubt, my childhood, came rushing back. She dared to make Sappho's kidnapping and her abandoning me on people that could have thrown me to the dogs the same.

"I wasn't ripped away during a war! You gave me up to be a goddess! You put me here with father and his wife and Queen, with his legitimate family! It's not the same! Don't you dare make it the same!" I stared my mother down. "You dumped me on father and queen Hecuba. Hecuba was more of a mother to me than you ever were."

"I did not! I did what was was best for you! Priam and Hecuba took you in because you needed to learn to be understand to the people that would someday worship you as a goddess! I was always watching, making sure you were safe, I was protecting you when Hector and Priam couldn't! I didn't not dump you off on them and say I didn't have a daughter!"

I turned away from her and looked out over the beaches and the ocean.

"It doesn't help me forget my childhood. The names people called me behind my back, the stares, the way Priam's legitimate daughters treated me. It doesn't make it go away mother and it doesn't make me forget the doubts I have about how much you loved me. Can Thetis teach me what I need to know?"

"Of course, I understand."

When I turned back to look, she was gone. I took a deep breath and looked at my mother-in-law.

"Let's get this over with so my baby's protected."


When I returned to mine and Aella's chambers, I found my mother waiting outside.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Aella and Aegle had a falling out of sorts. Aegle tried to make her leaving Aella here in Troy and Sappho's look the same, but Aella wouldn't have it and I don't blame her. Aegle should have seen it coming. Aella was going to break eventually and it happened today," she replied. "My son, your wife is extremely fragile right now. She started crying after I left the room. She's remembering her childhood."

"I can't picture her childhood. A illegitimate daughter of the king and then a demi-goddess, it must've rough for her."

"King Priam and Queen Hecuba tried to protect her from the harsh words, but Aella picked up on them and it left wounds. It got worst through the years, Hector tried to help protect her from it, but she felt and the wounds grew and grew. Now, with Sappho being missing, it's caused Aella to think back to those days where she barely had friends."

I looked at the door. I could hear her sobbing. I understood now why she was being hard on herself, she didn't want Sappho to be put through her childhood. She didn't want to be in the position that her mother had been put in.

"That's why she was blame herself earlier. She doesn't want Sappho to live what she did. She's trying not to be in the position that Aegle was put in."

"It would make sense. Aella trying to be better mother than Aegle. She laid blame on Aegle for her childhood when Aegle had no choice but to let Aella go."

"I think Aella needs me."

"We'll talk later. When Sappho home, back in her mother arms."

I walked past my mother and into our chambers. I found Aella on our bed curled up crying. I went to join her.

"I understand why you were being so hard on yourself. You don't want Sappho to have your childhood, your pain," I stated.

"I don't want to be like her," came her replied.

"Aella, that will not happen to our daughter. We're not your parents. We not having an affair and Sappho is the product. We're married and we have a beautiful daughter that will never have to feel what you did."

"But what if..."

"No buts, what's, or if; I love you, I fight for you, I fight Sappho. At the end of every day I come home to you, my wife, the mother of my children. I know that you're always going to be there because you love me."

"It hurts to know that she was so willing to let me go. One day she was there and then the next she gone before I could even say goodbye. I went for ten years without seeing my mother, her singing me to sleep, chasing my nightmares away. There were little visits every so often, but it was never enough."

"I can't picture what you must've felt and I will never try."

"I feel so broken and tired. Please hold me."

I did exactly that. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight against my chest. She cried for a bit and then she stopped. She fell asleep and I soon followed her.


It was the next day, I stood in the middle. Hector to my right and Achilles my left. We waited for Agamemnon to show up.

"Focus Aella," said Achilles.

"I am focus."

Agamemnon and the Greek finally showed up. Agamemnon rode to the middle and dismounted his chariot.

"Well, this time you bring your wife, Achilles," he said. "Women don't fight."

"Watch your tongue. She's just as danger as me," replied Achilles. "Where's Sappho?"

"In do time."

"No now! Where's Sappho?" I said firmly.

"You need manners princess,"he replied.

'Now, Aella,' I heard my mother whisper.

"Today you watch has your kingdom of lies, pain, and death comes crashing down! I have let you play you stupid little game from the beginning, Agamemnon. You have kidnapped me a princess of Troy and a goddess. You have taken my daughter and you will hand her over now!" I shouted.

I could sense Hector and Achilles going to their positions. As I lifted up above the battle.

"I speak for every single god and goddess. We have tolerated you long enough and now you will meet Hades. Before I kill you in front of all these men that you have lied to, bring my daughter to me."

A young woman stepped forward holding Sappho, who was trying to reach out for me. I held my hand out in front of me and brought Sappho to me. She giggled as she floated to me. I smiled at her and floated her toward the rest of my family.

Now I could finish this war and not worry about my baby.

"Helen should have never been used as a pawn, strike one. You should have told these men what they were truly fighting for, power and greed, strike two. You kidnapped me and my daughter, two of you biggest mistakes. You never cross a mother or a goddess. You shall be sent Hades to await your final punishment. Troy can't be taken in a day and it never will be. Goodbye Agamemnon."

I brought down a lightening bolt and he was gone. No blood and guts. I turned my attention the Greek army. An archer shot an arrow at me and I stopped it right in front of my face.

"Really now? You must do better than that and even if you could I'm immortal at the moment," I said and sent the arrow back at the man, killing him.

"You have choice! You can either fight and follow your former king and that guy over there or you can get on your little boats and go home to your families. Which is it going to be?" I said.

They ran to their boats and they didn't look back.


It had been three days since the war ended and peace treaties were being signed between Troy, Pthia, and Ithaca, as well as the other Greek city states. There were night where Achilles didn't get in until late and Sappho would already be asleep. I would be almost asleep in our bed. Today, I was playing with Sappho out in the gardens. Today was the last day of the peace treaties and Achilles would hopeful get to spend some time with us.

I watched Sappho as she explored the gardens. I liked letting her out here and I didnt have to worry about her trying to eat parts of Achilles armor or mine. I still had my powers so I could still protect her and I would sometimes float her around. She enjoyed it and I enjoyed her giggles.

"There you are," came a very familiar voice.

I turned and looked at my husband.

"And you would be?" I said trying to keep a straight face.

"Very funny," he replied sitting down next to me.

"Please say you're done with treaties."

"Yes, I'm done with treaties and I'm free to spend time with you and Sappho."

"That's wonderful."

"Dada," came a small voice.

We both looked down to see Sappho. Her little arms were reaching for Achilles.

"Did she just talk?" he asked.

"Yeah and it sounds like she wants her father," I replied.

He finally got up and picked Sappho up.

"How is my little princess?" he asked her.

She only looked at him and stuck her thumb into her mouth.

"I take that as a yes."

"I think she getting tired."

"Come on let's go put our daughter down for her nap."

I got up and went to Achilles side and walked to our room. Sappho was out before we even reached the stairs that held to our room.


It had been almost ten months since I ended the war and we were heading home to Pthia. Sappho was in my father's arms. It would be a while before he would see her again. I was finally leaving my home once again and not coming back. I stood in front of Hector. Me, Hector, and Paris had a long talk the night before, but it was hard to say goodbye no matter what.

"Guess this is goodbye," I said.

"Its not forever. You will always have a place here," replied Hector.

"It's still hard."

I felt my eyes wetting.

"Hey no tears, princesses don't cry."

I smacked him.

"I have a right to cry."

"Aella, your going to Pthia. I remember when you came home from your trip, you couldn't stop talking about Pthia for a week. You're be happier than you ever were here. That all I want you to have, is be happy for once in your life."

"I was happy here hector. I had my family."

"Your were never truly happy. You should be smiling not crying."

"Will you try and keep in touch?"

"I'll try. Now smile."

He hugged me and I hugged him back. I wouldn't see my older brother for awhile. We parted and I turned my attention to Andromache and Astyanax. Andromache handed Astyanax over to me and Sappho started screaming like a banshee.

I shook my head as I heard Paris trying to calm her.

"I'll miss you. Try and be good for your parents. Especially your father," I said to my nephew.

I pressed a gently kiss to his head.

"Aunty Aella loves you."

I handed him back to Andromache.

"You take care Aella. The people of Troy will never forget the princess that saved them," she said.

Paris came over you handed me Sappho.

"You need to quite being jealous of your cousin," I said to her as she started to play with my braided hair.

"I'll miss you Aella. The palace just won't be the same without you to yell at me for causing something," said Paris.

"I wouldn't want it any other way. I'll miss you too Paris. Promise e to keep Helen for a long time."

"I will. I'm a changed man."

"I'll believe it when I see it."

We hugged and next came Helen.

"Thank you for defending me," she said.

"You're welcome, but I did it more for Paris," I replied.

We hugged and then came father. I turned to face him. I was probably the one that tested father's patience more than Paris ever did. I got into fights and what not.

"I'll take that," said Patrocules who swiped Sappho from my arms.

"Don't let her eat the sand," I said.

"I won't."

"My strong willed daughter. You tried my patience a lot, but you were a lot more brave than your sisters. You wanted to fight since your were five years old. Half my gray hair is from you. I will miss you and so will Troy. We will not forgot what you have done for us," said father.

"I will miss you to father. I'll try and keep in touch."

"Of course."

I hugged him and he pressed a gently kiss to the top of my head. I walked over to Achilles who wrapped an arm around me.

"It's okay Aella. Pthia not a completely strange place for you," He said.

Once Patrocules had Sappho again, we board the ship. I waved to my family as sailed away.


It had been three months since Aella had left Troy to live in Pthia. We always knew she would leave at the ended of the war. Father had a statue made of Aella so the people of Troy would never forget that their princess had saved them from a terrible fate.

The palace was extremely quiet without her or Sappho around.

"I miss that niece of ours," stated Paris at a feast we held in Aella honor.

"We just have to cherish we had with Sappho. We'll see her again when father passes away," I replied. "I miss sapphire too. She was a breath of fresh air when thing's were going tense."

"This palace will never be the same with Aella. Father not arguing with her. Father won't know what to do."

"we'll have to keep going on with our life's. Think how Aella is probably feeling right now."


I walked along the shoreline with the cool water lapping at my bare foot. I looked toward troy and pictured the city, my homeland at night. It had been three months since we left, but it left like yesterday. Pthia held a feast in Achilles and mine honor when we returned.

The people of Pthia loved me and Sappho had them wrapped around her finger. She was a daddy's girl and Achilles would bend over backwards for her. I missed my family so much. I turned back to look at my new home. Achilles stood on the path that lead up to our house.

He came toward me and I turned back to the sea.

"So this where you disappeared to? You had me worried for a moment," he said as he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you. I just needed some air," I replied.

"You miss Troy."


"Yes you do. I know you get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise and you walk this beach at sunset. Aella, I understand what it is like to miss your home, I've been there."

"It's silly. It's been three months since we left."

"No it's not. Troy's been your home for years Aella, you have every right to miss it."

"I guess you're right."

"I am right."

He turned me to face him.

"Now, let's go back inside. Our daughter won't sleep with her mothers goodnight kiss," he said leading my up to our home.

I grabbed my sandals and walked next to him. We stopped at our daughters room where she standing up in her cradle.

"Sappho, one day you are going to fall and we won't be here to caught you," I said scooping her up.

"Mama," she said.

"Don't you mama me little one. You know better than to stand up in your cradle," I said sitting down in the rocker that sat near her cradle.

She laid her against my chest as I started to gently rock. She yawned. Once her eyes were close I got up and put her back in her cradle.

"Go night my angel," I said pressing a kiss on her forehead.

"Goodnight my little princess. We love you Sappho," said Achilles as he did the same.

We walked out and gently shut the door behind us before we continued down to our room. I got dressed in my night dress and started to brush out my hair to braid it for the night. I had my own family to take care of.


The end. I hope you enjoyed this story.