Just a couple of notes: The story takes place the year after An Extremely Goofy Movie happens. The "Beret Girl" in the movie I named Shala.

Also I don't own any of the characters, or the overall story, yada yada. Haha, I'm new to writing fanfiction, hope you enjoy!

"Well, that's the last of 'em." Max Goof said dropping a very large brown moving box onto his dorm bed. He, Bobby, and PJ were roommates again for their sophomore year at their University.

"Bro, my arms totally feel like noodle soup right now. I don't remember move-in day being so….sore." said Bobby, who was laid out on his bottom bunk, boxes spread messily around him.

"Your own fault for over-packing." said PJ who was putting away his clothes in the closet. "Besides, no one told you to bring 5 extra boxes of cheese-spray, man."

"Hey, don't diss the cheese-whizz, bro." Bobby said helping himself to some canned cheese spray.

Max rolled his eyes, "Well, never mind that, we should go out tonight and celebrate. This year we're officially free men. Since my dad got his degree and new girlfriend, he's officially out of my hair!" he sighed as he reclined in a comfy armchair PJ brought along with him.

"That's a relief, so what do you guys wanna do? I hear its disco week at the nightclub again." PJ suggested.

"Nahh, that place is full of stingy girls, dude", Bobby said remembering his embarrassing rejection at the nightclub the previous year. "I hear Gamma house is throwing a party tonight, let's just crash that one!"

"You know, for once Bobby, you've got a pretty good idea there!" said Max, "I'll bet we can even-",

"BOOPP DEEEEP BOOOOOPP", PJ's cell phone started to ring

PJ glanced at his phone, "Oh hang on for a minute you guys, I gotta take this." He swiftly left the room. Max and Bobby heard mere bits of the conversation, "Hello?...Hey!...Yeah, sure I'll be there…..Seven 'o clock…sure, alright…..bye"

PJ reentered the room, "So, who was that?" Max asked curiously, PJ shifted his eyes.

"Oh, that was Shala. She wanted to meet up at the Bean Scene later on tonight." PJ said nervously. Shala was a very good-looking female poet who read poetry at the local café. She befriended PJ, Max, and Bobby the year before, but grew to be rather fond of PJ. She lives out of state, but she and PJ kept contact over the summer.

"You mean that Beret Girl who stood up to Brad? Heh heh, she was H-O-T, hot!" Bobby said before helping himself to more cheese spray.

"Oh yeah, I remember her", Max said as if he had just had a fond memory, "Hey, why don't you bring her to the party with us?"

"Oh, I dunno, Max, parties aren't really my thing anyway y' know?" PJ said nervously.

"A-Hyuk, did somebody say party?" Goofy was standing in the doorway with Sylvia, the school Liberian and his new fiancé.

"DAD?" Max exclaimed; he calmed himself down a bit, "W-What are you doing here?" PJ and Bobby exchanged equally surprised looks.

"Awww don't worry I won't get in the way. You just forgot your typewriter at home!" Goofy said dropping a very old typewriter on one of the desks.

"Daaad…I have a laptop…" Max said pinching his nose. Goofy opened up his mouth to speak. "Okay! Okay! I'll take it. Geeez"

"Actually, I was going to say, it's for PJ! Surprise! A-Hyuk!"

"Goofy felt bad for not being able to get you a present for your birthday", said Sylvia in a somewhat apologetic tone.

"Oh, heh heh, you shouldn't have, Mr. G." said PJ picking up the typewriter, which still covered with dust and had several keys missing.

"Noooo problemo, and remember, you're family! So if any of you boys need anything, don't hesitate to give me a ringy-ding-ding!" Goofy said patting Bobby on the head, who was attempting to make another "Leaning Tower of Cheesa".

"Because, y' know, I won't be there to pick up after you this y-"

"Okay, dear, let's go! We'll be late for dance class!" said Sylvia who was pushing Goofy out the doorway, "I'll see you boys later when you get your books! Kisses!"

"Don't forget to do your laundry, boys!" said Goofy's faded voice from across the hall.

"What was that about your dad being out of your hair? Heh heh", chuckled Bobby. Max knocked over his tower of cheese.

PJ was still tinkering with his poor excuse for a typewriter, "Anyway, so what were you saying about Shala, PJ?" said Max sitting back down in the armchair.

"Yeah, you should probably just go on to that party without me. Besides, how could you guys party with the Gammas?" said PJ looking annoyed.

"Hey, come on, they're all right now. Tank's the head honcho now and Brad transferred schools. Plus they've already apologized." Max said remembering their narrow victory at the College X Games the previous year; he also remembered PJ's humiliating disqualification because of his tampered rollerblades. PJ hadn't quite forgiven them for that.

Bobby choked a bit on his cheese, "OHHHH, I get it! PJ has a little crushy-crush-crush on poet girl!" he lowered his glasses and winked at PJ.

PJ blushed, "Well, it's not like I'm trying to hide it or anything! It's just that I haven't seen her since Mr. G's graduation. I wonder if she still likes me." he said as he started to twiddle with his phone.

"Well if you need anything, just let us know!" Max said happily.

"Yeah man, we'll totally back you up! We did it for Max during freshman year; we'll do it for you too!" Bobby said excitedly.

PJ vaguely remembered the attempt to make Max popular by having him perform in a Powerline get-up on their last day of freshman year in high school. "Thanks guys." he changed into his beatnik outfit, grabbed his skateboard, and jogged out the door, "I'll see you guys when you get back! Later!"

There was a pause in the room, Bobby looked at Max "Have you noticed everyone's got a hot girlfriend but us?"

PJ walked down a stone stairwell into a smoky room. The smell of coffee and fresh book pages filled his nostrils as he entered the medium sized café. Immediately he took out his poetry book and started writing after he took a seat at the nearest vacant table. It was 6:37pm, he was a little early, but he never liked being the last person to show up places anyway.

After several minutes passed, he glanced up at the stage where the curtains were drawn. He could hear voices coming from behind the curtains. Stricken with sudden curiosity, he picked up his book and walked towards the side of the curtains; one of the voices sounded familiar. He walked up a small staircase to peek backstage; there he saw the cello player, a small man cleaning the walls, and a tall, stocky young man next to an art canvas.

"Oh, hi, can I help you with something, buddy?" said the young man smiling at PJ. He had dark brown hair, almost black, and stood nearly 6'2''. He was very handsome, and was probably only a couple years older than PJ.

"Uh…no, hehe, sorry, I uh…was…yeah", PJ tried backing up but tripped backwards into a waitress holding a platter of hot java.

"Hey, you okay?" said the young man to PJ after helping up the very irritated waitress, who was carrying back her platter.

"Yeah, just uh, y' know, clumsy." PJ took the young man's outstretched arm that lifted PJ up with ease, as if PJ's weight didn't affect him at all.

"PJ, Miles? Long time, no see boys." said a very silky voice from behind. It was Shala, she was carrying a couple of notebooks, but other than that she looked exactly the same as she did the year before.

"Oh, so you're PJ? Great to meet 'ya buddy, name's Miles!" said the young man taking PJ's damp hand and shaking it.

She walked up and gave PJ a hug, "How've you been my man? Keeping up with your groovy rhymes I hope?" She said lightly stroking his cheek.

"You know it! I'll read you some later if you wa—"

"Ummm, excuse me, Ms. Shala, you and Miles are up in two minutes." said the cello player from behind the curtains.

"Alright, ready to do your stuff, Miles?" Shala said walking up the small staircase that lead to the stage.

"Let's do this." Miles said taking out a marker.

PJ was left standing near the stage very lost and confused. Who was this guy, and how did he know Shala? PJ hadn't seen him all last year while at the café, and he was there a lot. They seemed to be very familiar with each other, but did not act intimate enough to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

The lights dimmed and the curtains opened. Shala was sitting on a stool with Miles at her side standing next to the canvas, marker still in hand. She began to speak:

There are no second chances, life is a one-way ticket

One can choose to waste it, or one can choose to live it

Landing some job behind a desk just to get by

Only a fool wouldn't realize that life chooses to fly

Some may complain that life's a living hell

How do you figure, when you merely live in its shell

So don't live in vain

Don't bitch and complain,

As Eternity has reckoned

There's a lifetime….. in a second.

Next to Shala was a completed sketch that Miles himself drew. It was a winding road with people traveling along it. Most were just walking along in a straight line whilst a few were drawn to the side sitting on the hillsides and enjoying the violet sunset that was beautifully drawn in the background.

The sound of snaps erupted from the room and both Shala and Miles took a bow. PJ was snapping long after the crowd had stopped. He always admired Shala's poetry, and she was the only person he knew who truly shared his love for poetic literature.

"Wow that was great! You really are amazing you know?" PJ said walking up to the stage.

"Well, thanks. You should get up here yourself one of these days Big Boy, you've got the beat to fill up this room with heat." Shala said grabbing her notebooks.

"You should totally do it, PJ; Shala tells me you're really good!" Miles said picking up his canvas, "She's been writing poetry ever since we were kids, so for her to say that, you must be good!"

PJ looked over at Miles blankly, "When she was…little?"

"Miles, here, and I are old friends. He just transferred here from a college back in our hometown." said Shala who had walked over to the counter to order some coffee.

"Oh, I've gotta go change, I'll be right back." Miles said jogging to a back room with a duffle bag in his arm.

Silence suddenly flooded the room. PJ took a seat next to Shala at the counter and pretended to look down at his poetry book as she was. He almost completely forgot about Miles and was just focusing on being alone with her. He could smell her sleek, violet hair, it smelled lightly of blood-red cherries and the scent mixed with the subtle smell of coffee. He just sat there quiet for a few minutes before Shala broke the silence.

"So, how's Max?" she said closing her notebook and grabbing the coffee, handing PJ one, "He decide to come back this year?"

"Oh, yeah, we're roommates again, actually." PJ said taking the coffee.

"Hmm, good for him." she gave a light smile, "How about the creepy cheese kid?"

PJ laughed, "Hahaha, Bobby? Yeah, the gang's all here. We were gonna do the College X-Games again, but they cancelled it this year 'cause the arena was almost destroyed last year."

"I remember that. Shame you didn't compete that last round." Shala said taking a sip of coffee.

"Yeah that really sucked, I kinda-wait, where you there?" said PJ almost choking on his coffee.

"Mhmm, thought I told you already. It's not really my thing….but I figured there's a first time for everything."

"…Well, uhhh, that was pretty cool of you, Shala."

Shala grinned at him slightly as she continued to drink her coffee. PJ couldn't help feeling some sort of strong attraction to her; it was as if he was being drawn in against his will. Problem was he liked it. He wanted to take her somewhere; he didn't know where, just someplace where they could talk without anybody around. A pond popped into his mind, he wanted to watch a violet sunset like the one in Mile's picture.

Almost immediately at the thought, Miles appeared from the back room wearing jeans and a tight green shirt with the Gamma Mu Mu sign on the front. "All righty party animals, you guys all set?"

"Huh? You're a Gamma?" PJ said almost dropping his coffee.

"Hm, oh yeah, Tank's my cousin. He told me a lot about you too, hahaha." Miles patted PJ on the shoulder and smiled, "Just teasing, buddy."

PJ ignored him, "Where are we going?"

"Miles wants to see the campus life a little bit, so he and Big Brother Tank are throwing a party." Shala said unenthusiastically, "Frat parties aren't my swing, but like I said, there's a first time for everything. I didn't want to force you to come, so it's up to you."

"Uh, yeah totally, I mean…but…you know I was thinking maybe—"

"It's alright, PJ, it's my fault. I was just excited to see Shala; I didn't know you guys had plans. Tell you what, I'll throw another one this Saturday okay? You can come to that one."

For a split second, PJ felt anger rise up in his heart, he felt like Miles was talking down to him, but it went as quickly as it came. "No, no, it's cool, man. I'll go. My roommates were gonna be there anyway, so I guess it works."

"All right, you sure?"

Shala eyed PJ unsurely, "For sure, man!" he said slamming his coffee, attempting to sound enthusiastic. It wasn't too convincing.

"Awesome, let's get goin', party isn't for another hour, but we'll take the long way there." Miles said grabbing his car keys.

"I'm for whatever man." Shala said grabbing her books and coffee and accompanying Miles up the stone stairwell.

PJ grabbed his things and hurried behind them. He still wasn't quite sure who this new guy was, but PJ had the strangest feeling that Miles was going to cause him some problems….