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"Hellooooo Spoonerville!" Bobby cried out. He, Max and PJ had just arrived in the quiet, seemingly empty suburban neighborhood where the latter two had grown up. It was an average autumn day; there was a slight chill but the sun was out and colorful leaves were scattered about the ground.

"You know we literally live less than an hour from here, right? Don't know why you're so excited." Max said beginning to unload a few things from Bobby's van.

"Yeahh well it's always a pretty cool feeling coming back home. Especially after all the stuff we went through this semester so far." Bobby said stretching his back and staring up at PJ's house, which they had parked in front of. "Speaking of which, whatcha doin' Pee-Jayyyy? You've definitely been staring at that thing for the last 10 minutes."

PJ was sitting on the sidewalk in front of his house staring at the business card he received from DiCarte Giovanni at open mic night at the Bean Scene. He was still bewildered that it had no phone number on it, only a website and his name. "Uh, yeah, sorry, I'm still just taking this all in man you know, I mean this was a big deal to me." said PJ, not looking up from his business card.

"And just to think, you almost weren't gonna do it!" Max said smiling, and chuckling in an 'I-told-you-so-manner.'

PJ smiled back at him, "Heh, I really was gonna bail out. But honestly, after that, I felt really proud of myself...I think Shala was too. And for once, I don't feel like anything can bring me down."

"BEEP BEEP!" Sounded a horn. Max, PJ, and Bobby all looked down the street to see the source of the noise. Within seconds they identified the car speeding down the empty driveway as Miles'.

"Miles? What's he doing here?" PJ asked, genuinely confused.

"He was invited to spend Thanksgiving with us too…technically." Max said, looking almost as confused. Mostly at the fact that Miles had such a nice car.

Miles gradually slowed to a stop in front of the three friends and rolled down his windows, "Heya, gang! Happy Thanksgiving!" Miles said cheerfully.

"Whoaa broo sweet ride! What happened to your old car? Bobby exclaimed, peeking his head into Miles' sleek, red sports car.

"It was a birthday gift! Courtesy of Tank and Shala." Miles said cheerfully.

"Geez, they got you a car? You must be one happy birthday boy!" Max said examining the vehicle.

PJ was uninterested in the car. "Speaking of which, where are they? I thought Shala was riding with you?"

"Nah, she stayed behind. Said she had a couple of errands to run on her own. She said she'll be here later though." Miles said getting out of the car. He peered down to PJ's hand, which was still grasping tightly to Giovanni's business card. He made a bit of a half-smirk and he opened his mouth to speak as if he was going to tell PJ something, but before he could speak, a loud high-pitched voice cried from inside of PJ's house.

"PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-JAYYYYYYYYYY!" exclaimed Peg, PJ's mother, who bursted through the front door and embraced PJ around his neck without warning, choking him a little. "Aww look at my babyyyy, why don't you ever call? I had to force your father over to the school to get a hold of you but I'm so glad you came home!"

"M-Mahhhm, ch-chokinggg." gasped PJ, who was turning a tad pink.

"Oh, sorry honey." Peg said letting go at once, still with a huge grin on her face. "And you two!" she embraced Max and Bobby at the same time. "Aww I've missed all my boys!"

"Hehe, missed you two, Mrs. P." Max said with a struggle (Bobby was held too tightly to breathe).

"OH! Where are my manners? Who are you young man?" said Peg turning her attention to Miles, who was standing near his car awkwardly, smiling but hesitant to approach.

Again, before he could speak, someone else spoke, "That's Miles." said a voice coming from the doorway. It was Pistol, PJ's sister. She wore the same pigtails she had as a toddler, and the only noticeable change on her was her height (which was average for a 12-year-old) and her teeth, which were now fully grown in. "He's an artist and a skateboarder. Mr. G told me." she said smiling with her familiar know-it-all tone.

"Haha, that's…uh correct." Miles said smiling and scratching his head, still feeling mildly uncomfortable.

"Ohhh so you're Miles! I've heard so much about you! All good things of course." Peg said shaking his hand. "So glad you could join us today!"

"Ecstatic, in fact!" boomed Pete, who appeared at the door behind Pistol, looking in an unusually good mood. "Welcome home, son!"

"Oh, heh, good to see you too, dad." PJ said looking sheepishly cheerful.

"Oh, hey." Pete said briefly glancing at PJ, as if he just noticed him. "Welcome home, son!" he repeated, tightly embracing Miles.

"Wow, haha, I guess we like hugs." Miles said not knowing how to react. Peg quickly hit Pete, face looking mildly sour. Max, PJ, and Bobby just stood there looking bewildered, more at the fact that Pete was in a good mood.

"Now then, why don't we get you settled inside? Peg's fixin' up quite the feast fer Thanksgiving!" Pete said leading Miles inside, continuing to ignore everyone else.

"What was that all about?" said Max, still looking bewildered.

Peg just rolled her eyes, "Ohh you know him, we never quite know what he's thinking, so I just stopped asking." Then her cheerfulness snapped back, "Anyway, great to see everyone, let's get you all settled." Peg grabbed a few of their bags and headed for the door.

"You know something, I just realized, your mom doesn't seem to age, dude." Bobby said taking off his glasses and squinting at Peg, who was making her way inside the house. She looked exactly the same as she always did, still ageless and beautiful.

"Yeah, but Pistol sure did, she's not so shrimpy anymore." Max joked.

"You guys look exactly the same, but maybe slightttlyyyyy less stupid." Pistol said cheerfully. She then proceeded to skip into the house.

PJ let out a sigh. "Yup, great to be home."

Max, PJ, Bobby, Miles, and Pistol were all sitting in the living room in almost complete silence. Peg and Pete were in the kitchen preparing dinner (and fighting over the type of stuffing to use) and nobody quite knew what to talk about. It was dusk at this point, so no one bothered going back outside.

Miles finally broke the silence, "Soooo…..the place looks nice. Beautiful home, PJ."

"Thanks." said PJ.

"We've been able to keep it clean longer with you guys gone." Pistol said, not looking up from her cell phone. PJ gave her a slight glare. "Mom missed you though!" Pistol said looking up and smiling. Showing all of her pearly white teeth.

"I'm sorry, I don't think we've properly been introduced?" Miles said trying to avoid more awkwardness in the room, "What was your name again?"

"Pistol. But enough about me, tell me about youuu?" said Pistol crossing her legs and leaning forward. "It must be great being an artist and all. It's shame you haven't been recognized yet. I bet you're amazinngggg." she looked at him dreamily.

"Actually, me and PJ just got a little bit of recognition the other night." Miles said taking out Giovanni's business card. "I don't know much about him, but this famous poet named Giovanni gave us his contact info….sorta." Miles looking back at the card, remembering that there was only a website address on it.

"They were aahhhhhhwwwweeeesssommmmmeeeeeee." Bobby said tilting his head all the way back. "Everyone went cray cray after these two performed! It was all like, 'WHOAAA MAN, THAT WAS SOO DEEP BRAH', and then someone else would be like, 'YOO I KNOW RIGHT? THE FEELS ARE REAL, MAN.' Heheheh, 'twas da BOMB."

"Sounds fun. So weird that a famous poet would show up at a café on a random college campus in the middle of nowhere." Pistol said, with the slightest hint of sarcasm in her voice, "Oh well, everyone's got their own agenda." she said, reverting back to her regular cheerful, yet annoying-sounding self, which PJ found suspicious.

"Yeah, it was great! That's actually where I met your dad! Goofy was there too." said Miles.

"Oh yeah, where IS dad?" Max said, looking around the living room.

"Excellent question!" Pete said coming out of the kitchen wearing a slightly messy pink apron. "I sent that goof out hours ago to get the turkey!" Pete looked like his usual annoyed self, which was probably mostly due to the fact that Peg was forcing him to help cook dinner.

Almost as soon as Pete finished talking, there was a knock on the door.

"FINALLY." said Pete stomping his way towards the door, "He goofster! What took you so lo—" Pete stopped the moment he opened the door. The person standing at the doorway was in fact someone they were expecting, but it wasn't Goofy.

"Shala." PJ said standing up unconsciously. He felt like her timing couldn't have been better, seeing as he had felt considerably uncomfortable since returning home.

"Ohhh righttt. We were expecting….another one." Pete said blankly. His tone was changing from annoyed to pleasantly surprised. He hadn't realized how beautiful Shala was since last time he saw her it was in a dark café.

"Hi, sorry I'm late. I brought some pie." She presented a pumpkin pie, which just so happened to be Pete's favorite.

"Not a problem! Welcome to the family Sabrina." Pete said taking the pie and gazing at it happily.

"Shala." She politely corrected him.


"Is that PJ's girlfriend?" Pistol whispered over to Bobby.

"Girlfriend?" Bobby accidently said out loud.

"Who's girlfriend?" Pete said turning his head almost all the way around. All attention went to PJ, who was still standing (and immediately wanted to sink back into his chair). "PJ's?" Pete said both shocked and proud.

"DID I HEAR, GIRLFRIEND?" Peg said popping out of the kitchen, also wearing a pink apron. "You must be Shala! I've heard tons of great things about you!" Peg began shaking her hand.

"You have?" said Pete.

"She has?" PJ looked over at Pistol and scowled. He had mentioned Shala once to her over his summer break but made Pistol promise to keep her mouth shut, Pistol just smiled nervously.

"A-hyuk! Hey everybody! Turkey's on me. Literally!" Goofy appeared out of nowhwere carrying a fully cooked Turkey, and wearing a turkey suit.

"Ohhhh myyyy god." Max said covering his face.

"Maxie! You and all your friends made it!" Goofy said cheerfully walking into the house. "I was think' maybe you wouldn't show up 'cause you'd think I'd embarrass you or somethin', A-hyuk!"

"Oh not at all dad." Max said, wearing that 'I'm so done with life' look.

"Gimme that!" Pete said snatching the turkey from goofy. "And get out of that stupid getup. Where'd you get that anyway?" Pete saw Goofy open his mouth to explain, which looked like it was going to be a long story, "On second thought….I don't wanna know."

"Who's hungry?" Peg said desperately trying to change the subject. "How about we all file into the kitchen for some dinner huh? Haha, Pete set the table." Peg said cheerfully then sternly whilst referring to Pete, ushering both him and Goofy into the kitchen.

Another silence ensued. "So those were my parents." PJ said forcing a laugh out of himself.

"They seem great. Thanks again for inviting me you guys." Shala said, seeming as if the strange interaction that just occurred didn't bother her.

"Heyy me casa es su casa, madame." Bobby said bowing and taking her hand. "Cmon, I'll show you all of Max and PJ's weird photos from when they were kids before we eat. " he then dragged her to the dining room, with Max trailing closely behind, trying to avoid more embarrassment.

"Hey, I wanna see too." Miles laughed, finally getting off the couch and following the three into the dining room. He briefly looked at PJ, gave a slight smile, and continued on to the dining room.

"Ooo, he's hiding something. He's so neat and mysterious." Pistol said with her hands behind her back, peering behind him.

"Nevermind him, what was that all about? You told mom about Shala? But more importantly, what was all that with Miles? Why were you interrogating him?" PJ whispered loudly, feeling somewhat defensive for Miles.

"I wasn't interrogating him, I was just asking some questions." said Pistol nonchalant. She began to walk towards the dining room.

"Oh? Yeah right, man. So what makes you think he was 'hiding something?'" PJ said, still not feeling convinced that Pistol wasn't up to something.

Pistol just turned and smiled, "Because I may or may not know something you don't know." PJ gave a confused look. "Yup, daddy knows too, that's why he's being so nice to him."

"Uhh…wait, wait, know's what?"

"Hehehe, you really don't know huh? Makes sense, I wouldn't share that information either if were him."

PJ was utterly lost. He had no idea what Pistol was talking about, but it unsettled him all the same. Pistol could be annoying, but she was certainly very bright and cunning, and her behavior towards Miles was beginning to resurface old feelings for him PJ thought he had buried.

"I guess you don't know everything about him. But like I said," Pistol's voice turned to a whisper, "Everyone has their own agenda."

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