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-Back roads of Westchester, NY-

"Will you not at least give me a hint?"

Her lips tickle my earlobe with each word, but I keep my breathing even, shaking my head. My '62 Pan Head is not the ideal place to hold a conversation, which is why I chose it for our date. I knew Ororo would have questions about where I was taking her. The woman doesn't know the meaning of the word "surprise".

"Not even a tiny one…?" If the swell of her breasts against my back wasn't enough of a distraction, she decides to slide her slender fingers down to my belt line. "Well... maybe "tiny" is a poor choice of words..."

For probably the millionth time since I began my relationship with her, I curse my enhanced senses.

Most seem to forget that my sense of touch is just as enhanced as the other four senses. That means I feel pain more acutely than other people, which is the catalyst for my bursts of rage. It also means that the slightest pleasurable touch carries even more weight.

She leans her head over my shoulder to give her better access to my belt buckle, so turn my head slightly towards her. I know what she's planning on doing. "Darlin, if we wreck, I'll heal…" I say loud enough for her to hear.

"I have the utmost confidence in your control, Logan…" I can hear the teasing smile in her voice as she continues working with my buckle. She uses her lips to find a spot I never knew about behind my ear and I groan in frustration.

Shoulda used the brain bucket that covers her whole face...

"Besides, I think of this as payback, since you have effectively blindfolded me with this helmet of yours… I have to rely more heavily on my other senses…"

I didn't want her taking a look at the surrounding scenery, given that her sense of direction is almost as good as my own. I guess when you're used to soaring high above the clouds you kinda have to have a good sense of where you are. I wanted her to be surprised when we got there, so I blackened the visor on one of my old helmets. Because of my healing factor I rarely wear them, so I don't mind ruining one.

She slips a hand past the waistband of my jeans now that she's effectively loosened the belt and I gun the engine. She clutches me tight in surprise, but she gets the message.

I can make out her sigh of submission.

"Fine... spoilsport..."

I wish I could see her face… she's so damn cute when she pouts.

-Two days earlier, Hank's medical lab-

"So doc, what's the verdict?"

It had been two weeks since Ororo had nearly collapsed in the Danger Room and since then I had convinced her to take it easy. It wasn't easy. We had at least a dozen arguments; some bordering on all out fights about it before she conceded. I love her feisty determination, but it made for some damn aggravating moments.

"Well…" I don't like the frown on Hank's face as he studies Ororo's chart. There was concern over the long term effects of her coma and whether there might be any side effects of Forge's healing stimulant. I don't mind killing Forge over his "Wonder Drug" if I have ta, but I promised 'Ro I would leave the injun be.

Hank looks up smiling. "Looking over her blood work… everything looks great!"

Obviously he thought it was funny, building up the suspense... I don't agree. "Sandbaggin' sonuva-!"

Before I can give Hank a piece of my mind, Ororo leaps in my arms quelling any anger that might have been directed at Hank. She had been concerned about these results as well. As much as she loves teaching the kids, she loves being an X-man just as much. If that had been taken away from her, I'm not sure how she would have coped.

She kisses me long and sweet; both of us completely forgetting all she has on is a flimsy hospital gown.

"Ro…" My hands cover her bare bottom and the feel of my fingers touching her naked flesh serve as a reminder for the both of us.

She blushes, as much as her caramel skin will allow anyway, as I set her back down gently on the small bed. Her eyes have that look in them; desire mixed with joy. I wonder if things will always be like this between us. To say we're a passionate couple would be like saying I have anger issues.

"Ahem… well… You will still need to take it somewhat easy the next forty eight hours… I want to be sure that there are no side effects from the stimulant now that it is out of your system…" I look over at Ororo and she pouts a bit, but nods in agreement. "Good. And I trust, Logan you'll be keeping a close eye on her during that time…?"

I wink at him conspiratorially. "You better believe it, Bub."

-Institute Kitchen, yesterday-

"I didn't know you were going shopping…"

"Weren't 'sposed to…" Kid's really good at moving around with being noticed, scary good, but I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from him.

He is my son, after all.

"Need help unpacking the groceries?" I know what he's trying to do, but I don't mind. He's curious and given all that he's heard about me, I can't say I blame him. His mother would have given him one version of me, but he would have gotten a completely different story from Fury. Considering the life he's led he's bound to have crossed paths with more than few others who would have a less than high opinion of me.

If he's anything like me, he would want- need- to separate fact from fiction.

"Sure, Aaron…" He helps me unpack in silence, raising an eyebrow at a few of the items. Everyone knows I'm a carnivore, so when he sees so many fruits and vegetables in my bag I bet that raises a flag.

When he first came here, it was to track down a mutant who was partially responsible for his mothers' death. Meeting me, his estranged father, was kind of an added bonus.

It bothers me a little that he didn't seek me out the moment his mother told him about me. Or that he never pressed her for details about me growing up. But I'm not sure I wouldn't have reacted the same way in his position.

He had no idea what I remembered about my life or if I was anything like the man that Sarah described to him. Before I knew who he was, we had some less than cordial encounters and even afterward there was tension. I think we both could have handled things better.

Even now I'm not sure what he feels about me, he's as guarded with his feelings as I am. Once everything was resolved with Stryker, we both have made an effort to develop a relationship. Of course, as is the case with anything involving me, it hasn't been smooth sailing.

"So how's the team doing?" I ask breaking the silence. Cyke promoted the kid to team leader of X-Force. Aaron didn't know it yet, but they were going to be our covert operations team; a more clandestine force than Xavier ever meant the X-men to be. I was against it, but I was outvoted.

I have no concerns about him being up to the task. He's spent most of his life preparing for just this kind of assignment. I just had hoped that given all the death he's seen and been responsible for, that he would be given a chance here to be just a normal teenager.

As normal as it gets around here at least.

"Good… it definitely is different than the S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit I was in, but it's going well…" He smiles, obviously enjoying his assignment. Handing Drake's New Mutant team a loss in their first head-to-head competition probably has a lot to do with that.

When he smiles he looks like his mother.

God I was in love with that woman.

I love Ororo, even if I've yet to say the actual words to her, but Sarah remains a dull ache in the back of my heart. It's like the way an amputee will still have phantom pain in the limb that no longer exists.

And just like someone that's lost a limb, every day, in Aaron, I'm reminded of that missing piece.

Part of me wishes I hadn't gotten all my memories back, but it's a small part. Having the chance to get to know my son as a complete person is worth the pain that comes with it.

After all, me and pain been friends for a long time.

"I hope you remember that when you're taking them through their paces…" He hands me the last bit of my groceries and I watch his reaction. My other concern was that he would try to run his team like Fury would, forgetting that although they are powerful they're still kids. They haven't had the life experiences that he has.

That we both have.

"Wish you'd have told me that before I booked the Blackbird for that field trip to Bogotá…"


"So you wanna tell me what all this stuff is for? It's obvious that you didn't buy this for us." He holds up a ripe cantaloupe giving it a squeeze. I just pull out a cutting board and start slicing the Asiago wedge I bought in town. "Okay… so since I know it's not for us… it must be for you… and Ororo…"

"Don't exactly have to be Sherlock Holmes to piece that one together…" I snort continuing to slice. I use an actual knife this time, since apparently Adamantium leaves an aftertaste behind.

"So… how is that going?"

I'm not sure how to answer that. "Whadya want me ta tell ya?" I ask wiping the cutting board clean into a small bowl.

"Honestly...? I don't know..." Aaron sighs leaning against the counter. In that moment, he's not a highly trained field operative with hundreds of confirmed kills on his resume; he's a kid who's confused and looking for answers. "It's not like I was really prepared for... any of this..."

I put the knife aside and face him leaning against the sink. Trying to get my thoughts together, because even though I'd anticipated this conversation since the day Ororo awoke from her coma, I still didn't want to have it.

Most of my life, I've done whatever I wanted; consequences be damned. Lately it's become clear just how much what I do impacts the people around me. Doesn't mean I'll stop doing whatever I please, but it does mean that for the people I care about, I'll at least try to explain.

"I loved your mother," I begin with the truth. I've told him before, but I feel like I need to reemphasize her importance to me. "A part of me, likely always will... If we hadn't- if I hadn't been recaptured and reconditioned... we'd have raised ya together..." We both came from broken homes. I ran from mine; his was taken from him. "That chance was stolen from us, but we both can start over. We can make the most of what we have now."

He's silent for a moment before responding. "That what you're doing?" He asks. There's no sarcasm in his voice, none of the edge it normally has. He's genuinely interested in my answer.

"Yeah. It's what we're both doing…"

-Back roads of Westchester, NY-

I don't know if that was what he wanted to hear or not, but he didn't say anything else about it. We talked a bit more while I continued setting things up for my first official "date" with Ororo.

He told me about his relationship with Rachel and how they've gotten even closer since the attack. We also talked about how he's helping Vanessa adjust to being here and I can't help but feel proud about that. Considering he was seconds from killin' her, he's a long way from the kid who first showed up at our gates.

The anger that drove him here in the first place isn't completely gone, but it's fading in strength. In time, maybe, but that type of pain doesn't disappear overnight. But at least he's got people to help him through it. Thing's mighta turned out a lot differently for me I had what he's got.

Then again I wouldn't be where I'm at now.

Which is the only place I wanna be.

-Media room, yesterday-

"Not a good idea ta be eavesdropping on people, Marie. Especially not guys with claws and bad tempers..."

"Look at meh, Logan;" Marie asks with a playful smirk. "Does it look like Ah'm scared? Besides, Ah wasn't snooping, Ah was coming ta get somethin' ta eat when Ah heard ya'll talkin'... I didn't listen..."

One thing about the girl; she's a terrible liar, so I know she's telling the truth. "Why aren't ya with everyone else?" I figure with there being no class today everyone who could leave the Institute had already went into town. Much as she tries to fight it, Marie is as big of a mallrat as Kitty is. The rest are enjoying an unusually mild November out on the grounds.

She frowns, flopping down on a chair. "Ah'm sick of everyone bein' so nice ta meh all the time! Drives meh crazy!"

Because of her mutation, she tried to attract as little attention as possible. But given the last few months, it was only natural people wanted to make sure she was alright.

Out of everyone we liberated from that facility, she was having the hardest time adjusting to life back at the mansion. Cyke leaned on Jeanie, Paige had her brother Sam. Gambit and Noriko seemed to have settled in just fine, like they'd always been here.

It was Marie that seemed at odds with her place here.

It could be because the girl who'd been impersonating her is now a student here. Marie didn't believe Vanessa deserved a second chance, I had my doubts as well, but she was forced ta do what she did. Welling promised to help her little brother and given the situation, her options for help were limited. Anyone of us, if put in her position probably woulda done the same.

Plus, if Charles were here he'd give her the chance to redeem herself. Just like he gave all the rest of us misfits the chance.

The best way to honor his memory is to honor his nature.

"How are things going with Forge?" I ask, switching topics. He's been working with her on controlling her abilities. He seems to think he's close to formulating a solution.

Marie sucks her teeth, crossing her arms. "Too damn slow if ya ask me..."

It's strange seeing a bit of my personality sneak out of her without her noticing it, but if having a little of me rattling around in her brain is the price of her being alive, I'll pay it. "Watch the mouth kiddo..."

"Ah can't hep it! Besides... it's your fault Ah got a double heping of Wolverine ta begin with!"

We both laugh a bit at her outburst. First night in the mansion I accidently ran her through with my claws. Critically injured, she absorbed my healing ability.

Then on Liberty Island I tried to help her recover from her ordeal with Magneto.

Not my best idea, but it worked. I only wish I'd been around for the first couple hours after the battle. That would have been a sight. "I thought Jeanie was sposed to be helping you purge the 'ol Canucklehead from your brain?"

She shrugs slightly and looks away. "Ah told her not to bother... Ah don't mind it. Besides Ah- nevamind..."


"It- it won't make any sense ta ya... Ah ain't shore it makes sense ta meh either..."

"Try me," I sit on the footstool in front of the chair, thankful that furniture here is reinforced to take my weight. Guess between Hank, Peter and me, Chuck realized it was cheaper to sacrifice elegance for durability.

"It's just... when Ah was... away... the only thing that kept meh goin' was the part of you Ah absorbed..." I nod and wait. "That part of ya'll that kept screaming at meh not to give up, not to quit, to find a way to survive no matter what... it... it drove meh. Even when... even in ma darker moments when... when Ah thought ya'll knew what was happening to meh and ya left me there on purpose..."

That surprises me. "Why would you think that?" If I knew what she was going through that I would have burnt the whole flamin' planet to ash just to find her.

She shrugs. "Ah guess a part a meh thought it was what Ah deserved... fa tryin' ta change who Ah am... That ya'll were mad at meh for even thinkin' bout taking the cure..."

I let it be known that I wasn't a supporter of her choice, but I understood it. With Chuck already gone and Jean in the wind, her best chance of getting a handle on her situation was gone. I've gone without human contact before, damn near drove me crazy, so I could relate to her wanting a way out.

"Then ya'll came and Aaron touched meh... Ah- Ah think he thought that he was immune ta mah powah's..." I have an idea why, but I let her continue. "It helped meh recover, but the strain- of all his memories... it was too much... Ah know... Ah know it's dumb but Ah felt... that you having Aaron meant... well that ya didn't want me around no mo' and since Ah've been back..."

"I've hardly been around." I finish for her. Between worrying about Ororo and Aaron's recovery, ta dealing with the possibility of another sleeper in our midst, I'd rarely spoken to her. Even after all that had been settled I hadn't really been there for her, like I should've been.

Turns out, I was the main reason she was having such a hard time adjusting.

She just nods and avoids looking at me. "So havin' ya rattlin' round in mah skull was the only way Ah could still feel close ta ya..."


She shakes her head, wiping absently at her eyes. "Ah understand, Logan... ya'll got a new life now... yer memories are back, you and Ms. Monroe are tagether, ya found out ya'll got a son... Ah get it... Ah'm just being a silly girl..." She tries to laugh it away, but neither of us buys it.

"No ya ain't..." I throw an arm around her, getting as close as I dare and she breaks down into tears.

Five years ago I'da torn open yer chest cavity for even suggestin' that I'd be comforting a girl I wasn't about ta bed. It's funny how a body can change little by little without ya even knowin' it.

I have a family now. All I gotta do is just keep from blowing it.

-Grassy hill top overlooking upstate New York-

"Finally!" Ororo exclaims as I bring my bike to a stop at the designated place.

I look around and am pleased that Aaron and Rachel did a great job of setting things up. Once I let him in on my plans, he decided to volunteer to help me. After turning him down about ten times, he roped his girlfriend into the fight. I ended up caving just to get them to shut up about it, but I'm glad I did.

"Can I take this off now?" she asks, still sitting on the bike. I like that she asks for permission and the fact that she kept it on for the whole ride. It shows she trusts me.

"Not yet..." I guide her off the bike and walk her over to the set up.

They set the table up and covered everything with plastic sheet they staked to the ground. It kept the critters from getting curious and kept things nice and fresh. I didn't hear any cars coming back the other way down the mountain, but their scents are both still fresh.

Rachel musta convinced the kid to risk a moonlit flight with her. Better him than me.

I pull the sheet free and light the two candles on the table. When I glance over at Ororo she's still standing there patiently waiting. As patient as she can be anyway.

She looks so damn beautiful, even in the simple t-shirt and jeans she opted for this bike ride. Now that she's standing in front of me, I can see she is still raiding my closets for clothing options.

"We gon' have to have a talk darlin' bout you stealing my clothes..." I arrange the plates and check the bottle of wine I lifted from Charlie's stock. Not normally my thing, but I know she likes it.

She smirks, placing her hands on her hips. "Do you not like me in your clothes, Logan?" She twirls a bit, flashing me her shapely backside, thrusting her chest forward proudly. Ororo Monroe: Sex kitten.

A soft growl slips out of me before I can stop it. "Ain't tha point..." She knew how to wind me up and if I wasn't careful, this "date" was going to end up as a repeat of that romp in the woods from a few weeks ago.

I take one last look around before I remove her helmet.

Part of me is scared the whole thing would come off as cheesy, I haven't really dated anyone in a long time and I'm old fashioned to begin with.

It's a clear night so the moon is round and nearly full in the sky. It's a little cool, but neither of us are affected much by the weather.

"Oh... Logan..."

-Ororo's garden, Two days ago-

"That's wonderful, Ororo!"

"Well Hank still wants me to be careful for a few days... but-"

"So? That's just Hank being... well Hank! He worries more than a little old lady!"

The sound of Jean and Ororo's laughter wafts over to me, along with the rest of their conversation. I don't mean to eavesdrop, but when my concentration slips it's hard to keep things out.

"So any celebratory plans for you and Mr. Logan?" Jean asks playfully. "I only ask because if I'm going to be bringing clothes out to woods again, I'd like to have more notice..."

Ororo looks around to see who might of heard, but no one's around. At least not in her immediate eyeline. Leaned up against a tree the way I am, with my Stetson pulled low, no one'd ever guess I was privy to the whole exchange. Including the fact that under Ororo's embarrassment is a lotta excitement.

"Logan and I do more than just... rut about like a couple of wild animals!"


Ororo opened her mouth to argue, but really what could she say? The majority of our time had been spent entangled in each other's arms. I wasn't ashamed of that, why would I be? But Ororo's reaction gave me pause.

"Is that all you think we are, Jean? Sex buddies?" Ororo asks in a harsh whisper

Jean is as surprised as I am by Ororo's sudden anger. I listen more intently now. "Ororo! I was only teasing! Besides, God knows Scott and I spent our fair share of time in a state of undress! What's the big deal?"

Ororo's mood lightens a bit, but there is still some tension in her body language. "I am sorry... It's just... well... I had this idea in my head of how things would evolve between Logan and I... and although most of it has gone exactly as I'd hoped... well... I still want-"

"The romance of being courted..." Jean finishes for her. My heart sinks as Ororo nods slowly.

"Between liberating you, the attacks on the mansion, rescuing Scott and the others... there hasn't been much opportunity for it. And now that we have been... intimate... several times... who's to say that there ever will be?" Ororo sighs, turning to a wilting flower.

"Oh, Ororo, I'm sorry..."

She turns back to her friend, smiling. "It is alright, Jean. Logan is my life. I take him as he is and ask only that he be who he is. Whatever love he chooses to show me, I will be satisfied with... you just touched on a sore spot..."

Jean nods as she kneels to dig her hands into the soil. "Still... Logan just may end up surprising you..."

This time her smile is even more radiant. "He already has..."

-Grassy hill top overlooking upstate New York-

She stands on the edge of the hill, looking down at the twinkling lights of the city. My arms are wrapped around her tightly and we both are quiet.

After enjoying a light meal and a good deal of wine, we began to talk.

About everything.

We've had discussions before, but it was normally about other people. In all this time, we'd never really spoken much about ourselves.

That's not to say that we didn't already know a lot about each other before, because we did, but hearing things first hand shed new light on things.

I'd heard that she lost her parents at a young age and lived on the streets for a long time. But I never knew how she survived. How she joined up with a band of street kids who made their living picking pockets. Or that one pocket she picked changed her entire life. It was the first time she met Charles Xavier and although she didn't join him in his crusade then, it planted the seed for later.

She'd heard that I spent time in Japan and that I worked for the government out there. But she didn't know how I fell in love with culture, How I got myself permanently assigned to the Narcotics Unit out there and made a home for myself until Stryker found me again. He always managed to find me, mostly I guess because he never really lost me.

She told me all about how she and Jean started out as enemies, but eventually became close. I told her about the battles I fought alongside a man name Steve Rogers and how he became one of the few men I could call a friend.

Then we talked about the hard topics.

Her relationship with Forge; my relationship with Sarah.

It was hard to hear about the two of them, knowing the man was sleeping a few floors beneath her, but the finality of her words, reassured me things were over between them.

I'm sure it had to be difficult to hear about Sarah.

They had so much in common, they could have been sisters. And given how insecure her experience with Forge had made her, I have no doubt it gnawed at her a bit. Of course, Aaron serving as a constant reminder of that past love, only makes things more complicated.

We'd spoken about the great loves of our lives before, but never to this degree, never with the understanding that this would determine the course of our entire relationship together.

I gotta admit, not being one for talking, I was glad to get some things out in the open.



"Will it always be like this...?"

She knew the answer as well as I did, but that didn't mean it was dumb question. "No, Darlin..." I turn her to face me and kiss her lightly on her forehead. "Sometimes it will be better than you coulda hoped for... other times it'll be worse than anythin' you ever imagined..."

She sighs, resting her head against my chest and I hold her there. We allow the stillness of the evening to swallow us up again. The even sound of her breathing relaxes me.

"Promise me something then..." Her words startle me, but I nod.

"If I can..." The only thing I hate worse than breaking my word, is giving it, knowing I can't keep it.

"Promise me... you'll put up with my crazy... even on days when I fry the carpet you call chest hair..."

She catches me off guard with that one. "You never complained before darlin'..."

She eases her hands into my shirt, raking her nails lightly across my chest. "That's because I have no complaints... Still... I'm not hearing a promise..."

"Only if you promise to put up with mine..."

"Please Logan, you're easy to deal with!" I lift her head up again, raising a questioning brow at her. "All I have to do is let you have hockey night, go out with Elizabeth and Alison when you're in a "mood", feed you and you'll be happy..."

I pull her tight against me until our hips are flush. "Think you're leaving out somethin' darling..."

She smiles licking her lips. "Oh Logan, "feeding you" can have so many meanings..."

-Back at the Institute, that night-

After multiple promises were made on that upstate hill top we made our way back home. Our return was marked by more promises made in her private shower before she collapsed on her bed.

I didn't join her right away.

My healing factor and my mind kept me awake, so after I was sure she was sleep, I made my rounds.

I like to do a sweep of the mansion, before going to bed. I slept easier knowing that there were no threats lurking in the shadows.

As I made my way through the corridors, all I heard were the light snores of sleeping mutants.

Down on the lower levels, the hum of the machines overlapped with the sound of some British show Betsy fancied; MI-5 I think it's called. Hank's gotta be regrettin' the day he opted to get Netflix...

Forge is surprisingly still hard at work. I can hear him and some other guy talking via a teleconference. Probably Stark, he's the only guy Forge knows who keeps these kinda hours. Ain't none of my concern though, besides I ain't in the mood to talk to the Injun today.

I peak into the stasis room where they have Vanessa's brother Jamie contained until they can come up with a way of permanently controlling his abilities. During the daytime he's find, but at night it's a different story. Vanessa has moved a bed down here so that she can keep him company at night. Seeing her there reading to him only reinforces the fact that we made the right call letting her stay.

A body'll do anythin' to keep their kin safe; I should know.

Back upstairs I hear the TV on in the media room. Before I can chastise some kid for staying up too late I see Bobby and Kitty, asleep next to each other. Musta dosed off watching a movie.

I give Drake a nudge and he snaps awake.

"Professor Logan! I-"

"Save the Professor for when we in class Drake..." I whisper amused. Good to know I can still scare the crap outta these kids when I need to. "Take Kitty to her room, Drake before I decide run ya through ya paces in the Danger Room right now!"

"Right!" The boy stands up and gathers Kitty in his arms gently. Spud's obviously in love with the girl and she feels the same, both too young and stupid to do anything about it though... for now.

"And Drake?"

"Yes?" He turns back to me making sure to keep Kitty's head nestled against him, so as not to wake her up.

"Once you dropped her off, head right to your own room. If you don't... I'll know..."

With a hard swallow and a nod, he's off.

Without incident I return to Ororo's room to find her sprawled all over the bed.

With a chuckle I settle in, moving her gently and on autopilot she snuggles next to me.

-Ororo's room, the next morning-

I'm beginning to love waking up with her weight against my chest.

Actually, to be fair, I've always loved it, just now beginning to realize how much I need it. I try to slip from her without waking her, but she throws her leg over me and tucks her arm under my back.

"Too early..." She mumbles into chest sleepily.

"Thought you were the consummate early riser?" I tease kissing her nose, which she wrinkles before smiling.

"Trade bodies with me and then tell me if you feel like getting up!" She pulls the covers back over us. "Besides it's barely six o'clock..."

I steal a glance at my watch that rests on her nightstand. The digital readout confirms it's only 5:57. Before I can ask how she knows, she grumbles something that sounds like; "Biological clock."

"Cute darlin'"

"I know I am, but what are you?" She teases, pinching my side.

"You tell me..." I respond taking her hand and moving it below my waist.

"Ugh... you are such a man! Does your kind think of nothing else?"

"O' course! There's Hockey, baseball, football, beer, rugby, Harley's, steak, beer..."

"You said beer twice!"

"Which barely scratches the surface of its importance in the cosmic mosaic darlin'!"

"If I wasn't so sure you were joking, I'd rip your tongue out!"

"Nope. You'd miss it too much!"

"Only until it grew back..."

"Who's to say I'd ever use it on ya again after?"

"Oh please! As if you could keep it away from me!"

"You keep campaigning for this loving, you gon' get elected...!"

She playfully slaps my chest before rolling out of bed, naked as the day she was born. She stretches with her back to me, undoubtedly on purpose. "You've just reminded me Logan, that I have papers to grade before tomorrow, since I'm up I may as well get an early start..."

If I didn't smell her arousal and excitement I probably woulda let her do just that, I still might have if I hadn't seen the look she flashed me before reaching her desk.

In a second I'm behind her, drowning in her scent. She shivers as she feels my presence.

"Just give everyone an "A" and be done with it..."

"But then... what would they learn...?" She pants fighting her desire.

"That there are better things ta do with ya time than take tests..."

Ororo faces me with a look that could make a ball of cotton hard. "Well, you've awoken the teacher in me... you simply must give me something... to grade..."

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