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I'm currently in April 1995 and I really thought after a certain event I have written down about March – no, it's not in the books – that I would be jumping the months and reaching the Third Task in no time, but I'm not and so, it will take a little longer than I first expected to finish Fourth year.
Anyway, the reason I haven't been updating is because I, after a few weeks, realized a major mistake I had made in the bottom AN of the last chapter. I said I would add Harry to the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, but that just won't work because of how the matches have been set out over the next three years.
So no Harry playing Quidditch – not professionally. I plan something different and while it might make the story quite short, will it also make it a very, VERY worthwhile chapter. It will concern Harry, Cedric and James Potter. Those realizing what I meant, will certainly love this chapter, I guarantee it.
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Chapter 31
Playing Quidditch, for fun

Cedric's POV

The last month and two weeks have been most fun. Finding out more and more about my best friend's gay side was quite the adventure and Harry makes walking to the Great Hall fun as we walk talk with Neville, Seamus, Dean, Parvati, Lavender, Hannah, Susan and sometimes even Hermione.
The girl is still obsessed with beating Harry and I can tell it just doesn't appeal to my best friend, so on the first weekend of October, I ask: "Hermione, why are you so obsessed with Harry being not as good as you? Do you want him to underachieve? You're doing your best to fit in, why can't he?"
The girl had been shocked and then lowers her head and says: "I just – I always relied on my books and knowledge and there's so much I already know of the magical world. If Harry is better than me, he won't need that." I shake my head at the girl and say: "You're right there. He won't."
The girl had cringed and I say: "But he would like for you to say good job, Harry or say maybe you can do it better if. Instead you try and reprimand him and say that his working way is the wrong way. Would you like it if he did that with you?" The girl shakes her head and I softly tell her:
"The first rule in Hufflepuff, treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. You want Harry to like you and come to you, but you're not showing you like him and you're not coming to him, you're coming onto him. Just try to fit in with the Ravens first, relax a little and then try again, okay?"

Hermione had agreed to this and Harry had been relieved. Now another week has passed and over the last two, I had also been able to do another little thing. Have a free period during Harry's flying lessons. The first one had apparently gone really bad with Neville's nervousness causing him an injury.
Harry and I had taken it upon ourselves to help the boy get over his issue, but had then discovered something. Neville has a special form of Fear of Heights, which only comes up if he doesn't have something sturdy under his feet, like a stone floor or the stone structure of a tower staircase.
Madam Hooch had been shocked at this and had asked if there were any other students with this kind of fear. Hermione, Su Li and Michael Corner had all admitted to this kind of Fear and had, together with Neville been excused to either leaving the class to study or to sit back and watch their classmates.
Michael had done the second thing, while Hermione had done the first, even if she had been sulking about it, feeling as if she was skipping class, but after the 1st weekend of April had she – and all of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff First years – started studying outside, which she had started doing during that class.

Right now, I'm leaning over the window sill of an open window on the outer ring of the Transfigurations Courtyard, where the Flying Class is still being given. Hermione is sitting against the wall on the far West side and sees me as I look up at the flyers with a happy and proud smile on my face.
She walks over and asks: "Cedric, why aren't you in class?" And I answer: "Free period." The girl nods and asks: "Any homework?" I shrug and say: "Possibly." The girl grunts and asks: "What are you looking at?" And I happily answer: "A boy that excels his father's talents every day again."

And high above the two of us, Harry is flying brilliantly. Luxord had visited the last week of September and had seen the terrible conditions of the school brooms. Instantly he had Marluxia come over and the flower petals of the man's ability had actually breathed new life into the brooms.
They now look and fly as brilliant as the new Nimbus 2000 and while some of the first years seem to have trouble with how easy the broom reacts to their movement, is Harry flying around everyone as if he's a bird instead of a boy on a broom – a true honor to James Potter's own flying talent.

Madam Hooch comes stand next to us and says: "Too bad you're already Hufflepuffs Seeker, Mr. Diggory. I had some of the students go through to some fetching exercises last week and Mr. Potter caught everything from a stone plate to a small ping-pong ball. He really does his father proud."
I nod and say: "I might have a solution for that, but I have to wait until the Quidditch training tonight." The woman nods and I smile as I had seen the catching lesson and had been beyond amazed at Harry's talent. It had also further inspired me to think of the plan I want to present to my Captain tonight.

The rest of the day passes easily and after dinner, I take my own broom to the Stadium and dress into my Quidditch robes while my captain, Eleanor Hesserby, lets us go over our strategy one more time, something she does before every training and that she has been doing for as long as I've been on the team.
I then scrape my throat and ask: "Eleanor?" The Fifth year smiles at me and asks: "Something wrong, Cedric?" I shake my head and say: "I've just been overlooking the Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw Flying lessons the last three weeks and last week, they had a catching lesson that made me get a good idea."

I now have everyone's interest and I say: "I did some research and while James Potter was a brilliant Quidditch Player, so were Sirius Black – I know, I can't believe it either – and Professor Snape. The only difference between those three is that Professor Snape never played on the Quidditch team."
Everyone looks shocked and Eleanor asks: "What did he do?" And I happily answer: "He played against his own team – to keep them sharp and on their toes. According to the books it was because Potter and Black always picked on him and he wanted to save his House team that kind of humiliation."

The team nods and I say: "I also discovered that, yearly, forty Hogwarts students try out with Professional Quidditch teams and here's my idea. How about we make sure those students are even better than they are when they try out?" I have everyone's interest and smile, confident my plan will work as Eleanor asks:
"What are you suggesting?" And I answer: "Let's keep an eye out for potential First years. They can't be on the team yet, but if we train with them, say one hour every weekend, we make sure that, whenever there are try-outs here, we have an even better chance of finding true talent."
Everyone now smiles widely and Eleanor shouts: "Diggory! That's brilliant! All in favor?" And the Chasers and Beaters instantly raise their arms, Hannah Susamber raising it so much her arm almost touches the ceiling. Eleanor nods and turns to me, a large and proud smile on her face as she asks:

"Who have you seen we can play with next weekend, Diggory?" And I answer: "Hannah Abbot is brilliant with dodging other students, so I'd say she'll make a fair Chaser, maybe a Keeper. Neville is good, but he's afraid of heights, so he won't work. But Harry – now there's a Seeker if I ever saw one."
"Harry Potter?" Hannah asks and I nod as I say: "I saw his catching lesson. He caught everything. A stone plate, a small feather Madam Hooch banished with a spell, a stuffed pigeon, even a ping-pong ball and a circular shaped, transparent crystal. He really exceeds his dad's amazing talent."
Everyone seems amazed and Eleanor asks: "Potter can catch a circular, transparent crystal?" I nod and the girl says: "Then he'll be first. I want him here, on the pitch, next Saturday. We'll have training around nine-thirty and then we'll let you help him show what he's capable of. Is that acceptable, Diggory?"

I nod with a happy smile and the rest of the week passes almost like a wind blowing through the grass. At dinner on Friday, I had taken Harry aside and had told him of the new plan the Hufflepuff's were going through and that I expected him on the Quidditch stadium at nine-thirty the next morning.
Harry had been shocked and ecstatic when I told him why. He had promised me he would be there and I had happily seen the boy running for the Quidditch pitch right after finishing his breakfast. My team and I have just arrived there ourselves, Eleanor having insisted we eat well before leaving.

The boy is standing on the outer skirt of the pitch in a pair of skin-tight black jeans and a brown shirt with ripped arms. The others look at him shocked and he asks: "What? Robes lessen the aerodynamics? What?" I laugh at his irritation and say: "Harry relax, they just never saw cloths like yours."
"I'll say." Andrew Horskey mutters and he shoots off on his broom, the others following. I stay on the ground and say: "Just wait here, okay? Eleanor wants the team to train before we play with you." Harry nods and Eleanor quickly makes sure we're in top condition, making the practice go brilliantly.

Then, at the end of the hour, Eleanor nods at me and I look down, giving Harry the signal he can come up. the boy smiles widely and jumps on his broom, shooting off and perfectly flying through our positions, past us with such speed it actually shocks me and makes my team members gape at him.
"You weren't kidding, Cedric. The kid really does have talent." I nod and shout: "Hey Harry!" The boy stops, about fifteen feet above me and looks down as I release the Snitch I just caught and laugh: "Race you!" Harry laughs and we start flying around the pitch, each in opposite direction.

The rest of that hour Harry and I search the Quidditch Pitch over and over, racing to catch the Snitch first and trying to outdo each other. Some of the tricks Harry pulls as he catches them has me have my heart in my throat, but the way Harry dives straight down and actually floats back up has me amazed at his talent.
Then the training is over and Eleanor says: "I don't believe this. Potter caught that Snitch fourteen times." I smile, not even feeling bad over the fact that I only caught it six times and then Eleanor makes my – and Harry's – day as she asks: "All those in favor of making Harry Cedric's successor?"
Again everyone raises their arm and Eleanor says: "It's agreed. If, when Cedric has graduated, we don't find someone better than Harry at try-outs than he becomes our new Seeker in his Fifth." And we all cheer over this notion, me feeling warm with pride at seeing Harry's amazed expression.

That night we're both in the common room and all day Harry has barely said a thing. Ronald had tried to let him tell the redhead how the training had been, but Harry had kept his mouth firmly shut and the Weasley had given up after lunch. Now Harry and I are sitting at the same table and I say:
"Your father would be proud, you know?" Harry looks at me and I say: "James Potter. He was a Seeker too. He was the best in Gryffindor. The best they had in years. They still have his Seeker badge in the Trophy room." Harry smiles at this and I say: "Let's go see it tomorrow, okay?"

Harry nods and we leave for bed, me excitedly telling Andre all about the training session and the play session afterwards. Andre might not always be interested in Quidditch, but now he has his eyes wide as I talk and he says: "Cedric, if I hear you talk like that, I'd say Harry's your little brother or something."
I shrug and say: "In a way, he is." Andre looks shocked and I say: "Harry is an amazing person, Andre. If you give him a chance to be himself, he attached himself onto your heart in a way that makes you wonder how you couldn't have liked him before. He really is special." Andre smiles and we go to bed.

And there we have it!
The chapter came out GREAT and I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Okay, so the first month has already made a lot of changes, but things will still slightly be the same. I won't let there be true Inter-House Unity until Third year, because that will only ruin everything during Second Year.
Also, I checked some information about Hufflepuff and discovered that how I have written the Common room to look and how it really looks are quite different. Just Google Hufflepuff Students and tap the link 'HPL: Hufflepuff List'. That description and mine are different, but I don't care.
Next chapter will most probably be another time jump, this one to a few days before Halloween and will, if Nate agrees, settle about Dumbledore's suggestion of a Gringotts visit with Harry. What will happen there, I don't know, but we will see. I find I write best, when I have no idea what to write.
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