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Just to let you all know, Sora is now 12, Riku 13 and all the Kingdom Hearts games have been played – except for any that might be coming in stores in the future. So Sora and Riku have left Castle Oblivion, Xemnas and the Organization have been defeated, Roxas has left the Organization, Sora has rid the journals of their darkness and Xehanort has shown his true plans for the 7 Lights and 13 Darknesses.
This will also be from Mickey's POV, will be half a year after the end of KH 3D and will have Mickey traveling to Harry's world every now and then to check up on his latest apprentice. It's mostly just a filler on what Mickey thinks about Harry's process both as a wizard and as a Keyblade Wielder.
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Chapter 32
Mickey and Amelia

Mickey's POV

It's been two years since Master Xehanort tried to use Sora as a thirteenth member of Darkness and weaken our seven guardians of Light. It's been two years since Lea saved him and all of us, our time with Xehanort ran out and we met back at Master Yen Sid where Lea surprised us with his new Keyblade.
It's also been half a year since Riku was almost the victim of the same attack as Master Xehanort tried on Sora, but then different as the Organization had kidnapped him and then infused his Keyblade with just a small bit of their Darkness, to flow into Riku every time he summoned his Keyblade.
Riku had been devastated, but Sora, having been closer to those resting inside his heart than ever since the incident, had felt the fury of Axel, Roxas, Xion, Terra and himself fuel him and had used the powers of my three friends to travel directly to Master Xehanort, where he had performed a new, devastating attack.
The attack is called Wings of Twilight, Unify and had switched every two members of the Organization for one member of those resting inside Sora, giving Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Roxas, Xion and Axel a new chance for a body and a new chance for a life, something Master Yen Sid and I thought impossible.

I smile as I remember all this, writing about it in my own journal together with Jiminy, something we do at the end of every month as usual before all these terrible things happened. Then, to my shock a small Shadow Heartless appears in the corner of my room and I quickly jump over my desk.
I summon my Keyblade, while Jiminy hides the journals inside a drawer of my desk and hides behind the inkpot as I quickly slay the Heartless, Donald and Goofy bursting through the door as they must have heard the telltale sound of my Keyblade and Donald salutes as he asks: "Where's the danger, Your Majesty?"
But I shake my head and say: "No danger, Donald, just a Shadow Heartless." To which Goofy says: "Garwsh, they're still appearing here?" I nod and say: "They kind of remind me of –." And then suddenly I remember I promise I made four years ago and hit myself on the head, shocking my friends.

"Your Majesty!" Donald shouts and Goofy asks: "Are you okay?" I nod and say: "Yeah, I just feel like a real lousy friend right now." To this Donald and Goofy look at each other and I say: "While looking for Riku in the Realm of Darkness, my Keyblade led me to a world I have never seen before.
There I met a young man, looking quite like those in Port Royal, and he was surrounded by Shadow Heartless. I saved him and then discovered that he too had a Keyblade. I taught him some of the basics before returning to my search, but I did promise him that, would I find Riku, I would come visit him.
But I totally forgot about that." I end my story, having my hands cover my ears, having my head down and shaking it while Donald and Goofy look at each other and then Donald says: "Your Majesty, why don't we summon everyone who has ever helped us and then go and visit your friend?"
And Goofy goes on: "Yeah, then he can get lots of new friends and we can all see what he has taught himself since your meeting." I smile at the two and say: "You do realize that might take all year, don't you?" To which the two salute, looking stern, and say: "It would be our honor, Your Majesty."
I smile at them, once again amazed at how close our friendship has become since we build Disney Castle as before Donald had always been easily jealous of me and had often tried to get me to fail. I then look out my window and think: "I haven't forgotten you, Harry. We're on our way."

Amelia's POV

For the last month and two weeks have I been trying my hardest to, indiscreetly, look for evidence that can get Sirius a trial and get that poor man out of Azkaban as the only evidence I have so far are a Life Oath and a portrait of the supposed victims, something I know Barty won't accept as proper evidence.
Then suddenly I realize that I've been looking at things through the wrong perspective and hit myself on the head, knowing that I shouldn't have looked at the evidence, but at who would be stupid enough to put an innocent man in Azkaban. Heading for the file chamber, I can already venture a guess.

And indeed as I enter the file chamber, where I later discovered for the file of Sirius Black to be mysteriously empty, I head, this time, for a different section and enter the Ministerial Employee section, where I shockingly enough find a second file of Sirius Black, under the Auror section of the case.
Lying that under my foot to make sure no one can take it, I browse on and find the file of Bartemius Crouch Senior, who I know was the leading member of the trials back when Sirius was sentenced. Looking it through, I find exactly what I need and smirk widely, shrinking the file and putting it in my pocket.

I then pick up the other file and browse through it, but stop three times, of which twice are in shock. The first is when I discover a file stating the birth of an Unknown son, the mother being Remus Lupin. This makes me wonder if the man knows and I quickly copy this file, putting the copy in my pocket.
I then browse on and the second time, I find a Magical Child Adoption file, created on the thirty-first of July 1981 and obviously having been performed on Harry Potter's birthday. Wondering if this has any side-effects on the Blood Adoption performed by Harry's newest relatives, I copy the file as well.
The final time that I stop browsing is halfway through the end, where two Trial Records, one an obvious fake the other obviously true are stitched together, the false one on top. Unbinding the two files, I quickly take the entire report up to my office and decide to get working even harder, screw indiscretion.

A week later

I have tried all week to find out who put the fake trial record in Sirius Black's file and have even asked Bartemius myself under Veritaserum, the man being adamantly against it, but me convincing him that I would only ask about the Sirius Black file. This questioning came up with shocking results.
Bartemius doesn't remember Trialing Sirius Black and tells me that he left the Trial to Dolorus Umbridge as he had been required at his own son's trial at the time. This had really blasted me off my feet and I had asked him about the two files, him stating that he had been given the first, the false one.

I shake my head and had told him that this file was fake. The man had been abhorred, but on the same day we discovered this, did something happen that made my work ten if not a hundred times harder; Dolorus Umbridge had been promoted to be the Senior Undersecretary to Cornelius himself.
Hating myself for what I'm doing as the Undersecretary is so very hard to accuse of anything, I just know that the woman is on to what I'm doing and that she just assured herself of immunity. But this Bones Head of House doesn't give up and I had, indiscreetly, taken her file out of the file chamber as well.
Reading it through, I smile, hating what I'm going to do, but knowing I need it to get Cornelius' attention. And so, for the last two days had my office and department, especially John Dawlish, been spreading small tales of what Dolorus has been getting in trouble for since she studied at Hogwarts.

I shake my head at the many times the woman had been taken out of Hogwarts to be arrested starting her Fifth year and the laws that she has been trying to push through since she got a higher position inside the Ministry as they all concern werewolves and even because of an attack on Remus himself.
This one makes me smile as it seems that, while Dawlish doesn't like Werewolves very much either, does he seem fond of Remus, probably having been at School with him and the man was quick to change the tale for the worst, harassing Umbridge's attack on the boy without damaging Remus' reputation.
Yes, Dawlish and my department are really helping my latest plan and I feel confident that I will have one up against Dolorus and have Sirius Black out of Azkaban by Christmas, even if it's better to have the man away from his magical son until he is fully healed, which I fear might take the rest of the school year.

Mickey's POV

The last week has been going quite great. While Donald and Goofy travel from world to world to explain my story to all our friends, have I visited many of the same worlds for different reasons. I have searched Destiny Island, Radiant Garden, Beast's Castle and Atlantica for treasures.
Small things that can easily fit in my bag, but really represent the worlds I traveled as I want stuff that can help me explain the worlds we've traveled to during the last four years. So far I have a Paopu fruit, a well-preserved Seasalt Ice-cream bar, a rolled up vine and small trident made out of sapphire.
I'm now using my Star Shard to travel from world to world and just arrived in Agrabah where I meet up with Aladdin, who is once again keeping Abu from stealing anything. I quickly help my friend and then tell him of what I'm looking for, only to be shocked when Aladdin says: "Harry, I know him."

I shake my head and take a step back in shock as I ask: "You – you do?" Aladdin nods and says: "There was a Keyhole to his world that I used when Heartless entered it. He, I myself and some other guy fought the Heartless and then he closed the Keyhole himself. He's really brave for someone so small."
I smile widely and say: "But that's wonderful news. Donald and Goofy will be here soon, Aladdin, because we want to invite just about all of our friends to go and meet Harry. You can tell the others about your adventure with him, while I travel the worlds for some more presents for the kid."
Aladdin nods and says: "Give him this." And to my shock, he hands me Genie's old lamp, now looking slightly rusty, but still having the same golden shine to it that it had years ago when Genie was still bound to it. I look shocked and ask: "Are you sure?" And Aladdin smiles as he says:
"Of course I am. What better item to represent the adventures we had here than this lamp." I smile and say: "You're right, Aladdin, thanks." I then pack the lamp and while focusing my Star Shard to take me to the Pride Lands, do I ask: "Who was that other guy?" And another shock hits me as Aladdin answers:

"Someone named Lexaeus."

And with that we end it, folks.
Mickey now knows that the Organization – or some of it – is still alive, that they fight off Heartless and that Harry is closing off Keyholes while Amelia is now destroying Umbridge's reputation and getting Sirius the trial he deserves. And yes, Dawlish and Crouch will have positive roles in this story.
I don't like them in the books, but I don't like Snape there either and he seems to grow into a good person in this story, so – that's my explanation. Not liking someone in the books is no reason not to like them in your own stories. Also, I didn't plan on Amelia at first, but the Mickey part was too short, so yeah.
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