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Now that that problem had been solved, my co-author and I needed to discuss what Heartless we would use as the Troll was still a given, but it would be Harry fighting the Heartless while Ron and Neville protected Hermione from the Troll. Therefore it stands to reason that the Heartless would have to resemble the Troll.
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Co-author: Nate the Werehog

Chapter 33
Was that Axel?

Dumbledore's POV

The last week up to Halloween I can finally see a sign that Harry has a heart bigger than that of anyone I have ever seen as he seems to get more and more depressed the closer that faithful day comes, no matter how much Neville and Cedric try to cheer him up or try to keep his mind off of this little depressing fact.
Still, the fact that the rest of the school is looking forward to this holiday, especially the Third years who will be going to Hogsmeade for the very first time, doesn't help the situation, but I can't help but feel as if something else is even more wrong with the situation than excited students that Harry doesn't even know the names of.
Looking closer, I finally see what is wrong and fear for Ron Weasley's life as he seems to mention the Halloween feast every meal, while pushing himself to sit quite close to Harry as if trying to push himself onto the boy, which I can see actually changes the boy's depression into anger, something that just can't end well.

I am proven right the third day before Halloween when Mr. Weasley pushes Neville to sit away from Harry and forcefully takes the boy's place next to Harry as he says: "Can you pass me that plate, Harry? I'm starving. Oh, I can't wait for the Halloween feast. Fred and George said it's one of the biggest feasts of the year."
"That's great, Ron." Harry growls, his fork in his right hand and his lips thin and Cedric says: "Ron, I think you better sit somewhere else." But Ron ignores him and says: "The plate, Harry." But then Harry turns to glare at Ron and because Ron is sitting on the side of the Head Table, we teachers catch the glance at well.
All at once, Minerva, Filius, Pomona, Severus and I myself gasp as the orange and cyan-colored rings in his eyes have given way to the fire burning in the emerald depths and while I get the feeling that Harry will soon master the Fire Element, do I feverishly push down the feeling that I'm looking at a male Lily Potter.

Then Harry spats and says: "Halloween is about more than just the Feast, Weasel, and you constantly ordering me for plates of food and reminding me of it has made me reach the end of my patience. I have tried to accept and tolerate you and your pushing for months for Neville's sake, but now – I can no longer do even that.
You pushed me too far and now you even pushed my friend off the table. You disgust me, you eat like a pig and you have no common sense whatsoever. I really hoped you would be able to learn from being here in Hufflepuff, but so far, your behavior is a disgrace, not just to Hufflepuff, but to every House in Hogwarts."

He then turns to Gryffindor House, who look at him with their full attention and he says: "I mean no offence to the other Weasleys and would like to apologize to them for ridiculing their last name, but my patience with your youngest brother is done and I will – from this day forth – ignore his entire existence. Again, no offence meant."
And with that he storms out of the Great Hall, while I smile in pride as Harry shows to have the true heart of a Hufflepuff, even when angry with one of his own House Mates. Then a shrill voice says: "Now that was uncalled for." And I see Hermione Granger taking Harry's seat while Neville seems to follow Harry out of the hall.

I sigh and then Cedric says: "No, that was Harry showing he has the Heart of Hufflepuff by teaching Hogwarts what is proper Puff behavior and what isn't while on the same time keeping himself from insulting an entire family just because of the misdoings of one of their own. That deserves points, Granger, not a lecture."
The bushy haired girl looks shocked and then Hannah Abbot says: "Don't mind her, Cedric, she just has this building anger for Harry because he doesn't listen to her supposed intelligence and –." But then Cedric stops her and says: "Harry had reason for publicly insulting Ron, you don't, Hannah." And the girl nods.

I smile at the lad and say: "Ten points to Hufflepuff for excellent use of House Unity and two points to Hufflepuff for properly defusing what could very well lead to a public embarrassment. Well done, Mr. Diggory." The elder boy nods and asks: "Permission to go look for Harry, sir?" And I nod as the boy leaves the hall as well.
Then, after a few minutes of settling down, do I suddenly notice Ronald and young Granger talking together, their heads close to one another and a winning smile on Mss. Granger's face, something that really worries me and makes me wish Cedric had still been here to see it for himself as I already know the smile will have affect on Harry.

Hermione's POV

"Weasley might not be the brightest, but he has his mind set on the right things, that's for sure. And with this amazing need to push himself into Potter's life, I'll be the next Mrs. Potter in no time. And Lily Potter was also a Muggleborn, so I have most chances of anyone here." I think while talking with the Weasley brother.
I try not to notice the angry glares the Weasley twins send me and then suddenly Ron is tapped on the shoulder and when we look up, we see Percy Weasley, who's a Prefect, stand behind his little brother and the Prefect says: "Ron, what Harry just said is nothing short of a warning not to involve yourself with him anymore.
The Weasleys are already at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak, and you're not making it any better. Try to keep in and heed Potter's warning, because the Potter House can ruin us a lot quicker than the Malfoys and your behavior will give Potter reason to get away with it too. Don't let your greed ruin your family."

And he leaves, while I'm shocked that he takes Potter's side over his own brother's. I turn back to a steaming Ron and whisper: "Don't let him bother you. Once I'm settled as the future Mrs. Potter, Harry will have to hang around with you again, because I'm not letting go of this friendship because of his pettiness."
The Weasley smiles at me and I try to ignore how uneasy I feel as he does. But as the days pass, classes continue and Harry – who still doesn't seem as dedicated to the text he can learn from in his textbooks as I am – keeps upping me in classes, both in theory and practical, does my patience waver.

Finally the lesson I have been waiting for arrives – three days later – as Professor Flitwick had promised us that we could learn and actively study the Levitation spell, a spell I had been able to master during the first weekend here and I decide to give Potter one last chance to see how brilliant I am.
We all walk to Charms, our last class of the day before the Halloween feast and I say: "This lesson is going to be great. I already mastered the spell back in our first weekend here, of course, but it will be so educational to see how Professor Flitwick uses the Levitation spell, don't you think Harry?"
But Harry doesn't answer and I feel angry again as he had been ignoring everyone – mostly Ron – the entire day and I say: "A little attention wouldn't be amiss here, Harry." But then Longbottom, who has been around Harry all day spats: "A little common sense wouldn't hurt you either, Granger."
I glare at him and he says: "Harry lost his parents today and everyone is excited about it. How would you feel if no one showed condolences over your lost parents?" Feeling angered that he thinks he knows the Hero better than me and that he dares make such a threat, I ask: "Are you threatening me?"

And the boy shouts: "I'M TRYING TO TEACH YOU SOME PEOPLE SKILLS, YOU COMMON SENSE LACKING KNOW-IT-ALL!" I look at him shocked and he glares at me before wrapping an arm around Harry and leading him away, to Charms where Professor Flitwick asks:
"Is anything the matter? I believe I heard you shouting, Mr. Longbottom?" And Neville infuriates me further as he says: "Nothing amiss, Professor. Just Granger not understanding that people have hearts along with brains as usual and that those hearts can bleed when they miss their parents."

I storm into the classroom, only to see Professor Flitwick actually nod in understanding and my shock increases as he says: "I see, Mr. Potter, my sheer condolences. Your parents were some of the finest students I have ever had the honor to have and you are definitely their son in every way of the word."
The black-haired lad actually smiles gratefully and I growl as Harry hasn't smiles gratefully at me once these last two months and I have been constantly offering him the knowledge I have studied for the same period of time, not to mention constantly sharing information with him whenever I read a new book.
Hating the black-haired idiot more and more, I make sure not to sit anywhere near him, something that actually makes Neville smirk at me gratefully and Professor Flitwick starts the class. Soon we all have our wands out and has Professor Flitwick provided all of us with a single feather each.
Glad that I don't have to share my feather with those around me as Seamus Finnegan is known to be a Pyromaniac – even if rumors say he has a nice character with it – and as Megan Jones still has trouble with the most simplest spells, I know this will be the class where I will finally prove myself superior.

But then Professor Flitwick says: "Just like your mother. Well done, Harry, well done." And to my shock I see Harry floating his feather at least 7 feet above his table, Neville sitting next to him and smiling at the boy as if it's such a great thing that he did so, while all the feather does to me is angering me further.
I take a deep breath, determined to show Harry up big time and make a perfect swish and flick motion, adding just a little volume to my voice and say: "Wingardium Leviosa." And my feather quickly rises to float 17 inches higher than Harry's, making me send the boy a superior smirk.
But Potter ignores me and seems to be helping Longbottom – as if this is more important than my feather floating higher than his and suddenly I see something that almost makes me scream out in pure fury. Harry's feather has dropped 2 foot in height and my feather is still 17 inches higher than his.

Knowing that my feather needs my full attention – and my wand in my hand – I keep a firm grip on the wood to make sure I don't throw it on my desk in a huff and push the feather up higher, but with Potter's feather lowering more and more, I can't properly measure how high mine is anymore.
Giving up once again, something I have been forced to do for the last two weeks, I try not to snap at Seamus and Megan as I try to help them, but they too ignore me and Megan says: "I need to practice, Granger." Angering me even more as none of the other girls have been using my first name during our stay here.
I still try to help Seamus, but then his feather starts floating half a foot above his desk and I smile at him, knowing he will be thanking me for his help, but he looks past me and says: "Thanks for distracting her, Megan." And my eye starts to twitch as the Pyro actually thinks he did without my help.

Then class ends and we all leave the classroom, Potter walking over to me and I ask: "Saw that my feather beat yours, did you?" But he walks past me and actually congratulates Jones and Finnegan on their feathers and says: "Professor Flitwick awarded you both ten points. We're even now, Seamus."
The two boys laugh and give each other a high five and finally the fact that no one seems to be waiting for me to help them and the fact that some of those idiots actually think they did things without my help tears the walls of my anger apart and – feeling like a little girl – I feel tears starting to fall.
Not wanting to be near these traitors of intelligence anymore, I run away, making sure to hit Potter, Finnegan and Jones as I run past them and while my tears start to blind me do I try not to hit anyone else, except for those that have been rudely ignoring my help for the last two months in a row.

Harry's POV

"What the hell is her problem?" I think as I lean against the window frame Granger almost pushed me through as she ran away from where Seamus, Megan and I were talking and Seamus asks: "What was that? Crabbe? Goyle? A seventh year?" I shake my head and say: "It was Granger."
This makes Megan, who had been knocked into a suit of armor and is now pulling herself up from its arm, ask: "Granger? What the heck? Why'd she do that?" And then a voice I love as much as I love the voices of my parents sounds and says: "That is something only you can answer – for me."

We turn around and see Cedric walking over, the elder Puff having a raised eyebrow as he walks over and then Weasley says: "It's all Jones and Finnegan's fault. Hermione was being a real Puff helping them and they just bland out ignored her, right Harry?" This makes me glare at him and Cedric asks:
"Weasley, the feast is about to start. And Megan, is that true?" To which the redhead starts walking out of the hall and the shy girl, who could easily be Neville's sister if she didn't have a very thin face, lowers her head and says: "She didn't even let us try for ourselves, she just instantly started lecturing us."
Cedric nods and says: "I can see how that would be annoying, but that doesn't give Hermione reason to run away crying like that." Seamus sighs and says: "It's her own fault, really, she just doesn't like the fact that no one is jumping for her advice and that we try to use magic in our ways instead of hers."

Cedric sighs and says: "I thought as much, I heard rumors that she tried to tell some Third years how they could improve their spell casting. Guess those were true." I nod and say: "She's just annoying that way, Cedric. She thinks her intelligence superior to ours and that we should study like she does."
Cedric sighs and says: "Nevertheless, do I expect of you both, Seamus and Megan, to go and explain this to Hermione next time you see her. You need to talk things through and need to get through to her. Only then will she get to feel – like McGonagall says – how much Hogwarts can be like a home."
My friends nod and I say: "I'll go with you guys. I think I'm the only one who can actually get through her." My friends smile at me and we all happily head for the Great Hall, where I can barely believe how much happy and festive decorations are able to be seen from just the doorway alone.

Pumpkins the size of garden sheds, real-life bats flying from one carved mouth to the other, small orange garlands wrapped around some of the pumpkin heads like long, thin hair and wrapped around the candles that are flowing higher than usual and are positively shining to the stars in the Enchanted Ceiling.
I look around, my mouth open wide and my eyes showing the pain I feel in my heart as it just doesn't seem as if anyone cares that my parents were murdered this night, which only further proves that those ignorant wizards only think of the happy fact that I defeated Voldemort and stop thinking there.

I sit down, planning to eat only a small bit and then leave back for the dorm as I have no desire whatsoever to celebrate this terrible day with those ignorant monsters I, for today, have to call my fellow students. But then, just when the food is supposed to appear, do the candles suddenly dim ever so slightly.
We all look up and then I see that Dumbledore is the cause for this and the man lowers his arms once the candles barely reflect the brightness of the stars above and the man says: "Terribly sorry for the interruption of what was supposed to be a divine feast, but the teachers and I have an announcement."
I look at the other teachers and see Professor Sprout winking at me as the students start muttering with one another. Realizing what the man is planning, I send the woman a grateful smile, while Cedric, who sits on my right, wraps a comforting arm around my shoulders and smiles at me encouragingly.

I smile back at him and then Dumbledore says: "Exactly ten years ago from this day something terrible happened that was wrongfully overshadowed by something that should have never been seen as a victory in the first place as the bigger picture of this was just as terrible and heartbreaking."
I now feel a clump get stuck in my throat and while some students of my year now look slightly scared, does Dumbledore says: "The terrible event that we as a whole world have been ignoring for the last ten years – is the terrible murder of James Cristian and Lily Rose Potter née Evans."
Everyone looks at this shocked and Dumbledore goes on and says: "Yes, our happiness over Harry Potter's survival and Lord Voldemort's disappearance overshadowed the murder of two people most precious to various parents of all of you and to at least half of the teachers present here today.
But the one person they were most precious to is the one person who never got to meet them, their son Harry." I sigh and smile at the man as he says: "Therefore, have the teachers and I decided that, within Hogwarts walls, Harry Potter will not be seen as the Boy-Who-Lived, not by us and not by you."

Everyone looks at this in shock and McGonagall stands up and says: "To strengthen this new rule and to let you all realize why we instated it, will there be a small notice posted to your notice board with reasons as to why none of us should confuse the Heir of the Potter House with a Non-existing hero."
This causes an uproar of shock and Dumbledore says: "If you so wish it, you can visit your common rooms now and we will have our feast later. Do understand that this rule stands with the same strength as all others and will be lived up to by both teachers and students from this day forth."

Instantly at least thirty students run for their common rooms and suddenly I feel something appearing on my lap. Looking down, I see a small scroll and Dumbledore says: "For all those who wish not to leave the feast, we have let our House-Elves deliver a scroll with the reasons to your laps. Please read them."
Instantly everyone raises their scroll and reads it through, even Malfoy seems slightly interested as he doesn't have the same bored scowl on his face as he usually does in class and then Weasley says: "Don't worry, Harry, I'm sure there're not a single valid reason on this stupid scroll."
I turn my eyes skyward, but ignore him like I have been doing for the last two days, just like I promised his brother and the redhead growls at me, but then goes to reading the list and I slowly see the self-confidence disappearing from his face, which makes me turn to my own scroll and I read:

Reasons against the Boy-Who-Lived title

A hero is aware of his own actions; not even Harry himself knows what happened that night and we have no right expecting that of him.

We made the boy-who-lived for the last ten years. Harry Potter was not part of this creation, thus he CANNOT be the Boy-Who-Lived

James and Lily Potter did not to die for us to worship their son, when their sacrifice was all for him to live a happy life.

We never asked Harry Potter if he wanted to be our hero, we just hailed him as thus and never even checked to see if he was ready for it.

Every teen deserves to be himself, not who others expect of them to be. The teen years are where everyone learns who he or she is, including Harry Potter.

To hail one hero does not mean we can forget about those that saved the hero; we forgot Lily and James when Harry Potter ended up alive in the Halloween attack.

We know only the hero, we do not know Harry.

I smile widely at the list of reasons and just know for a fact that, by this time next year, the Boy-Who-Lived will be nothing but an old memory lost to everyone at Hogwarts, even if the First years will probably need some time to get used to it. I shake my head and see the students returning.
Everyone now has serious, shocked or hurt looks on their faces and then Dumbledore hums and says: "Now that everyone understands the reasons for us teachers to ban the existence of a fake hero out of Hogwarts, let us all hold a minute silence for those we have lost so many horrible years ago."

This makes everyone lower their heads, Weasley, but while I can still feel the redhead shooting glances at me, am I trying to connect my mind to that of the Dusk still moving around the grounds and outskirts of Hogwarts and who has been informing me whenever my parents arrive at the school.
Then suddenly, just when I connect my mind to that of the Dusk and feel shocked at how alarmed it seems, does – to everyone's shock and to the shouts of many elder years – Professor Quirrell run into Great Hall, his turban askew and his face covered in something that doesn't quite look like sweat.

He runs up to the Head Table and grabs Dumbledore's shoulders, apparently harshly enough to make the man flinch slightly and he whimpers: "There's – there's a – a troll – in – in the – in the dungeon. Just thought – just thought you – you might want to know." And the man falls down out cold.
I shake my head at this as Daddy Vexen had taught me that a person always falls backwards when they faint because that allows for the spine to protect the organs from the fall and while Quirrell had been clinging to the Headmaster, had he been standing straight enough, he should have fallen backwards.
But then the news he told Dumbledore reaches me and I turn my head to the Great Hall doors, the connection between me and the Dusk still strong and I ask: "Dusk, is there –." And the Dusk answers: "Yes My Liege. A Heartless, there is a Heartless in the castle, along with some strange monster."
I curse loudly and everyone looks at me. I stand up, everyone apparently calming down from seeing me like this and while I shortly wonder where Ron and Neville have gone off to, do I say: "Headmaster, the Troll's not alone. There's a Heartless with it." Making the man and teachers around him blanch.

I then turn my face back again and ask: "Where is the Heartless?" And the Dusk says: "It's heading for the Third Floor's Girl's bathroom." And instantly I understand what Ron and Neville must have decided to do and I shout: "THOSE ABSOLUTE IDIOTS!" Shocking everyone around me.
I summon my Keyblades and say: "Cedric, you have to come with me. I need Kendal, Auron and Silen for this." Cedric nods and McGonagall stands up as she says: "Mr. Potter, you can't –." But I say: "Two first years are walking straight into a Heartless and Troll combo attack as we speak.
We already agreed months ago that I am the only one capable of defeating a Heartless and I need Cedric and our pets to keep that Troll from killing Weasley or worse Neville." This shocks the woman and Professor Sprout asks: "Why would those two knowingly go look for a troll, Mr. Longbottom especially?"
And I spat: "I don't think they know what they're doing, Professor, they don't know that the two are heading for the Girl's bathroom, but I do know what they plan to do there. They want to warn Hermione about the Troll." The woman nods and I share a glance with Dumbledore before running off.

Cedric's POV

"I just know that Ron talked Neville into going to look for Granger and only because he knows Harry will ignore his every move. That Weasley bastard is using Neville's kindness to get back in good graces with Harry. Too bad he's too stupid to realize that he's just making matters worse for himself."
I think while Harry and I are running for the Third Floor corridor, me using the shortcuts I know that will lead us past the common room to our ultimate destination and I use the whistle command I taught Kendal to listen to at all times to summon the little lion, which causes for the wolf and tiger to follow.
All three of them have grown quite a bit and Harry and I constantly make sure we have time in between lessons to take them outside where they can run for a few minutes before we take them back and head for our next lesson. We have also constantly been taking them outside during the last 8 weekends.

The five of us then run for the Third Floor Corridor and the Girl's Bathroom and at least two hallways before arriving at our destination do I already smell something so foul, I can barely stand it and quickly cast a Bubblehead Charm on myself, Harry and our pets before we proceed, this time with caution.
We turn a corner to the Girl's bathroom and see that the entire corridor is clear, but Harry obviously doesn't trust this and he looks outside, obviously contacting that amazing creature I still sometimes see roaming the Hogwarts grounds. He nods after a minute and says: "They're coming, other hallway."

I nod and say: "I'll get Hermione, Neville and Ron out of here, you secure the area with Kendal, Silen and Auron." Harry nods and turns away again as he says: "Search for the Keyhole. I'll send that Heartless right back to where it belongs." And while the Dusk leaves, do we run for the bathroom.
Inside I fight the urge to hit myself on the head as Ron and Hermione are actually arguing with each other, while Neville is standing in another corner with his hands in his hair and his head turned skywards. Harry slams the door and shouts: "WEASLEY, YOU INCREDIBLE IDIOT!"

I cringe at his anger and Granger asks: "Wait, there's really a Troll?" On the same time that Neville asks: "Wait, there's a Heartless too?" And I instantly take charge and say: "Yes and yes and now it's time for all of you to follow me and get back to our common room, where it's safe. Now come on."
And I want to lead the three of them out of the room, when Hermione notices that Harry is not following and shouts: "You don't even –." But I grab her arm and say: "Harry hates your guts and Weasley's arrogance and still he went and ran here to protect you. Now show some common sense and run along."
And I pull her out of the Girl's bathroom, knowing that that conversation Megan, Harry and Seamus planned to have will have to wait as the stench has strengthened and I run for the same corridor as from where we came, only to halt in fear around the corner, where I see something I never thought possible.

A round shaped creature made entirely of armor, with the head so small, I can barely see it, except for the jagged mouth, yellow eyes and golden horns. The creature has golden boots and several colored plates of armor cover its body, while a strange symbol is shown just below its breastplate.
The creature looks down at the four of us and growls, causing for Hermione to squeak in fear and I shout: "HARRY, THE HEARTLESS IS HERE!" And instantly, to the shocked shout of Ron, does Harry jump over the redhead, the Sign of Innocence in his hand and he shouts as he hits the Heartless.
To my growing shock and worry, does the attack not faze the monster at all and I shout: "I'll take the others back to the bathroom, you try take this monster down!" harry nods and shouts: "Barricade the Bathroom, don't forget about the troll, don't let it in!" I nod back and usher the others away.

But when we reach the bathroom and I have secured the door with several spells that my dad showed me he put around the Diggory Manor, do I suddenly realize that Harry won't be fighting just the Heartless, in a few minutes he'll be fighting the Troll as well – a creature he knows nothing about.
Cursing myself for not taking at least one teacher with us, I turn to the three younger students and say: "Walk out of this room and I'll assign you all a bodyguard that will even follow you in here from now on. And trust me, Weasley, I can arrange that." I spat as Ronald turns red with anger.
I then leave the room myself, casting several locking spells on the door to make sure that brawn-filled idiot doesn't try to escape and fight the Troll behind my back and then run for the boy that has grown onto me as a little brother since we first met, all those months ago at Diagon Alley.

Reaching the poor lad, I am amazed as he suddenly gets the large Heartless to fall on his back and while his arms are heavily armored are they apparently too short to help the brute back up and Harry jumps over the Heartless and starts hitting him in the head with his Sign of Innocence Keyblade.
I turn away from the Heartless and wait for the Troll, my nose telling me I won't have long to wait. And after a minute or so am I proven right as the monster, olive green skin, warts everywhere and an old loin cloth hiding things I don't even want to think about as he passes the corner of the corridor.
I hold my wand at the ready, but the Troll seems too confused by the commotion caused by the fight between Harry and the Heartless and then suddenly Harry shouts and says: "I HATE LARGE ARMOR HEARTLESS!" Only for a loud shout to ring through the hall behind the four of us.

We all turn around and see a young man, slightly older than me, with a purple vest and white pants sliding over the hallway floor and while he holds his arm out, does his bow sword hit the feet of the Heartless and the creature falls down again, again unable to get back up which makes me wonder how he did before.
Then Harry shouts: "ALADDIN!" And the young man smiles at my surrogate little brother as he says: "Hi Harry. Ruddy things, aren't they? Those Armors? And they all have their own weakness in a Keyblade Specified Element.""They do? Which ones?" Harry asks and the man named Aladdin answers:
"There's one weak to Thunder, one weak to wind and this one – if I'm not mistaken – is weak to Fire Magic." This makes Harry whiten and he asks: "Fire magic? But I never got to fully study that!" Making both Aladdin and me look at him and I ask: "What? What do you mean?" And Harry answers:
"The Organization lost their Fire Member years ago, he was never revived and they don't know what happened to him either, so I never got to learn about Fire Magic – well, not to extent of the other Elements. Daddy Xemnas constantly swore me never to use Fire Magic without them near."

This worries me and I look at the Troll that seems to have seen enough and I see it raising its club, which is almost the same size as his own arm, slowly above his head. Aladdin sees this too and he runs at the Troll, distracting it with his battle shout and he jumps high, his sword cutting through the club's wood.
We all look at the wood and see the two pieces separate ever so slowly, as if in slow motion, before the heavy, larger part of the club, falls out of the Troll's hand and on his head with a hard clung to which I quickly respond with a harsh stunner, knowing that the troll's skin has been weakened with the first hit.
The Troll falls back and Aladdin makes a small jump back before being crushed before smiling at me and I smile back, at the very least glad that one of the two threats has been taken out temporarily, but then a loud crashing sound makes me turn around, only to see the Large Armor back on his legs.

Harry curses yet again and Aladdin tries another slide, but I have to use a Mobilicorpus on him as it seems that the Heartless is now onto him and swipes at him with his arms. The man uses my spell to jump up quickly and sends me a grateful smile before he throws his bow sword with a swinging arm.
The sword swings in quick circles at the Large Armor and, somehow, avoids the creature's swinging arms, hitting its legs hard enough to make it fall again. Then Aladdin shouts: "HARRY, YOU HAVE TO DO IT WITH FIRE! DO IT NOW, HARRY, I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS!"

Harry looks from Aladdin to me and while I don't want the boy to break his promise to his father, do I nod in agreement, more than willing to take full blame for this and Harry nods back, summoning his other Keyblade in his left hand, only to look at the new weapon with shock-filled eyes.
A dark-red guard with spikes in the middle of each side of the golden, sphere-shaped handle, a small golden coin for a keychain, a dark red dragon's head holding the blade itself and the blade divided between two red beams of metal, that each extend into a circular shaped flame and one dark orange beam in between.
"The Hidden Dragon! It's the Hidden Dragon! It's a Fire Keyblade! I can – I can use Fire magic now!" Harry shouts, exuberant with happiness and then he looks at the Heartless with his flailing arms and suddenly I see something I won't be able to understand for a whole long time after.

Right behind Harry a man with wild, spiked red hair, emerald green eyes, purple, upside down-shaped triangles on his cheekbones and with the same black cloak as that of the Organization members, suddenly seems to appear out of thin air behind my friend, holding his shoulders tightly.
I shake my head and wonder where this man could come from – and whether or not he could be that missing Fire Member of the Organization and then suddenly see that the man is glaring at the Heartless with the same determination as Harry and he somehow seems to merge his soul with Harry's form.
Harry swings his Keyblade behind him, apparently obvious to what just happened and I share a quick glance with Aladdin, his glance back confirming to me that he too saw the man and then Harry shouts: "FLAME FALL!" As he aims his Keyblade high above to the ceiling and shoots off a powerful ball of flame.
The ball shoots into the air and grows bigger and bigger the higher it climbs, but then it reaches the Heartless and falls down faster than I can blink and I see the Large Armor blink in shock before it hits the creature, causing for it to explode and for a small pink heart to float up from where it lay.

Then, from the ashes, the man I saw before stands once more and to my shock, I see another man stand next to him, this one the same, but then without the triangles on his cheeks and – to my even greater shock – does this second man send a stunned and confused Harry a loving smile before they both disappear.
"Was – was that - #VIII? Was that – Axel?" Harry asks in shock and I answer: "It might have been, but who was the other guy?" Harry shakes his head and says: "I – I'm not – sure." Then Aladdin sighs in relief and says: "Well, whoever they were, we're not done yet." I look shocked and Harry says:
"You're right. We still need to send you back to your world and I still need to close whatever Keyhole that monster came from." I nod at the two and say: "I'll stay here to keep an eye on Mr. Green and Ugly here. You do what you have to. And Harry, return to the common room straight afterwards, understood?"
Harry nods and the two run off, the Dusk having returned and moving along swiftly as it shows them the way to whatever the heck a Keyhole is. I sigh and start casting spells, causing for ropes to grow out of the stone floor and to wrap themselves tightly around the arms, legs, feet and ankles of the Troll.

Harry's POV

"Guess Daddy Lexaeus was right. There really are more than one Keyhole in this school. But what could have opened this one? The Troll? It must have been let in on purpose, because that's the only act of darkness that I can think of that would be strong enough to actually create a new Keyhole."
I tell Aladdin and the man nods, while I try not to think of the strange feeling I got when the strange, red haired man smiled at me and while I wonder if I could have actually caught a glance of the actual Flurry of Dancing Flames; # VIII – Axel. Deciding to wonder about it later, I keep running.
We finally end up at the end of the hallway, where another staircase leads down to the dungeons and there I see something that could almost be mistaken for a portrait of the Middle East, were it not for the frame itself, which is Key-shaped. Aiming my new Keyblade on it, I quickly shout:

"Jump through, Aladdin!" And the man sends me a grateful smile as he jumps through and when he jumps onto the sand on the other side, now looking as if he's part of the actual painting, does he turn around and does he shock me senseless as he says: "Oh and Harry, Mickey remembers you."
I cannot believe that this man knows about the Mouse that taught me how to be a Keyblade Wielder and shake my head, deciding to ask him about this next time I need his help against the Heartless and just like last time, do I close yet another Keyhole, wondering how many more I will have to close later.

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