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Co-Author: Nate the Werehog,

Chapter 34
James, Harry, Mickey and Sora

James' POV

It's been months since Harry visited and I miss my son every day a little more. I knew this would happen because Harry is eleven and thus the ripe age for Hogwarts, but for the miss to be so strong that I don't even want Hogwarts to exist, just so I can see my little boy is something I never expected.
The Organization still visits us every day, Demyx and Marluxia tending to our garden outside and to any kind of germ or dust filling our house and Luxord reports to us what he discusses with the Goblins whenever he can. Remus too visits us whenever possible now that he knows of us and that relieves me.

The first time Remus visited us after his meeting with Sirius, I couldn't believe how easily the man broke down, apologized to me about not trusting in our friendship, how awful he feels over the thoughts he thought about Sirius for all these years and how badly he wants to get Sirius out of there.
It had taken Lily and myself over half an hour to calm the man down and even then I had seen signs that Remus could still easily cave in and start crying again, but I don't blame him seeing what he had been led to believe for over ten years. And neither do I blame him bringing Amelia Bones to us.

It had been just last week, after she had made an enormous discovery about Dolorus Umbridge and Sirius and I still wish I wasn't just some portrait as I would have cursed her right out of England and maybe even Europe, had I still been alive; a thought that Lily and my parents shared with me.
The fact that that woman send my best friend to Azkaban without any form of a trial and even cursed him with the Black-Crouch feud still makes my mind reel, but Crouch had been more than willing to lift this curse and Amelia had assured me that Sirius would be living the life of a free man by Christmas.
I still don't like that Sirius won't instantly get to see Harry as Harry getting a godfather for Christmas would be a brilliant gift, but Amelia had convinced me that Sirius first had to heal as he had been imprisoned shortly after our death and that his long stay in Azkaban could make him compare Harry with me.

Not wanting for my best friend to see me in my own son, as I know Sirius can drive thoughts like that to the max, I had agreed with the woman and we had set the agreement that if Sirius could have a normal conversation with me and feel guiltless over what happened, that he could then meet his godson.
I still, of course, praise myself on having let Sirius magically adopt Harry and had told the Organization of this, causing for Luxord to disappear seconds after I had told him and he had apparently had a meeting with the Organization, where they had agreed that Sirius would be their new #XIV, number 14.

I sigh as dad and I had agreed that we would request of Luxord to move our portrait from Godric's Hollow to the Organization's Stronghold, but then the blond haired man enters through a Corridor of Darkness, instead of taking the secret passageway in the wall like he always does.
Wondering why he does this as it's actually Halloween, I feverishly ask: "Is something wrong, Luxord? Did something happen to Harry?" The man shakes his head and says: "Nothing terrible. He – he just closed another Keyhole." This still worries me and Lily asks with a slightly high voice:

"Is he – is he alright?" Luxord nods, his head down in contemplation as he says: "He had Cedric with him and Aladdin came to help him again. He also got a new Keyblade and used one of the most powerful Fire Element attacks there are flawlessly." This makes pride swell up inside me and mum asks:
"But then – what troubles you?" The man sighs and says: "We – we think Axel merged with Harry when he died." I shake my head in pure shock and Lily asks: "You think WHAT?" The magic of the portrait apparently not strong enough to control her temper as she shouts as loudly as she did when human.

Luxord cringes, as does my dad, and she asks: "Why do you think that?" And the man answers: "Harry says he saw Axel and Axel's human form, Lea, when he cast that Fire spell to repel a Heartless. We think that Lea merged his heart with that of Harry when he lost his heart and that Axel followed."
"So now my son houses a Nobody and the heart of his original self?" I ask, white as a sheet and Luxord nods as I spat: "Then take us off this wall and get us to your Stronghold right this instant. And don't you dare not let Harry come right next weekend! This has to be analyzed as fast as possible!"

The blonde nods and softly, carefully, pulls our painting off the wall before creating another corridor of Darkness and carrying the portrait through. But the room on the other side of the Corridor was something we never expected – and definitely not as white and light colored as we had thought it to be.
Still the Time Nobody hangs us above a small bed and I realize that we're in my son's room. Smiling at Luxord gratefully, the man smiles back and nods before he says: "I'll confer with Xemnas and then with Dumbledore. You will have your son with you this weekend." I thank him with a nod and he leaves.

Luxord's POV

I knew telling James and the others about what happened could cause some problems, but that a woman like Lily can scream like that – I really hope Larxene will never find out about women having that high-pitched tones in their voices. In the mean time do I search our stronghold for our leader.
Finding Xemnas in his own room, only three doors away from Harry's I press the number of my own position inside the Organization into the bell-program installed next to the door and Xemnas says: "Come in, Gambler of Fate." And the door opens to allow me entrance, closing swiftly behind me.
I make a short bow with my head as indication that this is a serious meeting and say: "James and the others know of the attack and our suspicions of the Flurry of Dancing Flames and the Child of All. They wish to meet with Harry this weekend." The man nods, sitting in his desk chair and he says:

"Then they will. We swore we would not part our son from his birth parents when we discovered their connection to this realm and I do not intend to break that vow. Meet with Dumbledore and Sprout and see to it." I bow again and he asks: "How was your last meeting with the Goblins?"
And I cringe as the Goblins were actually quite vicious when they heard that Sirius was about to be freed as they had apparently wanted for Harry to prove himself worthy to their eyes as Blood Heir to the House of Black – something they called a Black Tradition, but that I had a feeling Sirius would detest greatly.
It had taken me 3 long hours of discussion and every last bit of my patience and my serene knowledge that there is more to this world than traditions and my meetings between Goblins and my family to convince the Goblin that – as his father – I had first right to this decision and not the House of Black.
I take a deep breath and report this to my Superior, Xemnas' face only twitching once when I mention the amount of time it took me and he says: "I will be sure to confer about this with Lord Black when possible. He is our # XIII, after all, even if he and the Goblins are still unaware of this."

Agreeing with my Superior, I walk out of his room and out to the backyard, before summoning my 3rd Corridor of Darkness and stepping through to Dumbledore's office, the man not at all shocked at my appearance and he says: "I feel curious to your form of magic each time I see that Corridor."
I smile at him and say: "I have moved Lily and James Potter's portrait from Godric's Hollow to Harry's room in the Stronghold and have informed them of what happened a few hours ago. They wish to meet with Harry this weekend. I assume that you can agree with this arrangement, Headmaster?"
The man nods and says: "I have always wished for Harry to have known his parents, even if I do not wish to know how Lily would have reacted to the Troll." This makes me cringe and I say: "She knows not of the Troll, only of the Keyhole and the – situation – with Lea and our Flurry of Dancing Flames."

The man nods and says: "Still, Lily's reaction to this cannot have been a pleasure to witness, no matter what she does and does not know. Do you intend to tell her of the Troll as well? I do not believe – if I know Lily as well as I'd like to think – that she will be happy hearing of it from her son."
This really makes me cringe as her reaction to Axel and Lea being part of her son alone was enough to make me wish to be far away from women from now on and I say: "I will meet with her at earliest convenience. Please inform Harry's classmates of his trip this weekend, he will be able to travel by himself."
The man looks intrigued and asks: "Have you taught him this magic?" I smile and say: "We have, I am sure he will be willing to show it to you when you tell him he can meet his parents this weekend." The man nods and I nod back, before rising from my chair and calling for my final Corridor To Darkness.

Using it to get back to Harry's room, I walk up to the portrait again and say: "James, Lily, there is one other thing you need to know. The cause of the Keyhole appearing." The two parents, along with James' own parents, look at me with great worry and, hating to hurt them more, do I say:
"It was a Troll." The eyes of all people in the painting widen and Charles asks: "But – but – how could a Troll enter the castle?" I hate myself as Harry had told me his suspicions and I say: "We suspect for someone to have let it in on purpose, thus causing for the Keyhole to have appeared."
The man looks shocked and I say: "Keyholes usually appear when acts of Darkness are caused near someone as Light as a Keyblade Wielder and that makes us believe that, if Harry had not been a Keyblade Wielder, it would not have caused for the Heartless to have attacked alongside the Troll."

Charles nods and Dorea asks: "Do you have any suspects?" I nod and say: "Harry has one, but we're not entirely sure. Xemnas has send another Dusk to Hogwarts, this one to keep an eye on our suspect. We sincerely hope we will catch him before his acts cause for another Keyhole to appear."
"And you won't punish Harry for risking his life like that?" Lily asks, shocked and furious and I sigh as this is something I have deeply discussed with my fellow Organization members and I say: "We all dearly wish to, but until there are more Keyblade Wielders in this world, will it be wrong of us to do so.
Yes, we will punish Harry, to let him again understand that his heroism worries us, but we will not go as harsh on him as we would have had there been more Wielders in this world. Had Sora and the others been capable of coming to this world and dealing with the Heartless themselves, we truly would have.

But Harry is the only Keyblade Wielder we have and thus the only one who can act fast enough inside Hogwarts to exterminate the Heartless. But don't worry, Lily, we heard that the Defense Against the Dark Arts Job is cursed and have therefore decided to take the position ourselves next year."
This makes them all tilt their heads and Dorea asks: "That makes no sense. If you know it's cursed, why take it?" And I answer: "Because we are with enough that if the Curse takes one of us from the position, the next can take his or her place. And with our powers will the curse have less chance of hurting us."
This makes the four of them smile and I say: "So you see, until we have our position there and can fight the Heartless ourselves, do we have to keep the punishment of Harry low enough that he understands how his actions worry us, but not as high as it would have been had there been more Wielders."
The four of them nod and Lily asks: "How will he be punished?" And I laugh as I say: "He will be grounded in my room for the weekend. We were planning his own, but now that you're here, that would just nullify the effects." And the four in the painting laugh with me, agreeing wholeheartedly.

Harry's POV

After having dealt with the Troll and the Heartless – and the Keyhole, have I returned to the Common room like Cedric ordered and after having informed Professor Sprout of what happened and how Cedric and I were helped – under the magic of a Silencing Spell – do I retreat to my rooms.
There I send the Dusk away to my parents, requesting for Luxord to come at once as I really need to tell him of what happened – even if I know that the Organization has already picked up on it thanks to the mental connection it has to the Dusk. And indeed, as Luxord arrives, do I see by his face that he knows.
I then quickly tell him everything – and with everything I mean more than I told Professor Sprout as I tell him of Professor Quirrell fainting forwards and of Axel and the other person who had apparently risen out of me when I had summoned the Hidden Dragon – a Keyblade I proudly show Daddy Luxord.

The man had smiled at this, but I could tell by his eyes that he is very worried for me and remember the meeting we had held after I had first defeated Heartless at Hogwarts, a meeting where I had to agree that I would be punished for fighting the Heartless, if only to allow my parents to prove their love and worry.
Having hated it before, I know Daddy Luxord will be lenient as the Organization had agreed that the punishment shouldn't be too hard as I am the only one here capable of taking out the Heartless. And indeed, as the man leaves, does he say: "You'll be grounded next time you come home, one weekend."
I nod and accept as the man hugs me tightly before leaving through the Corridor of Darkness. I then lie down on my bed and feel glad that I have a room of my own as Weasley would have surely come to bother me again by now, especially about how he could have helped me beat that Troll.

Still, the large and foul beast is the last thing that is on my mind as I just can't get that strange look on the other man's face out of my head, the one he send me before disappearing with – what I now know for sure – was Axel and while I wonder how those two were able to reach me, do I stay lying down.
The rest of that hour, do I lie on my bed, my legs up and one crossed at the knee of my other leg and my hands behind my head as I stare at the canopy above me, one Daddy Demyx had been willing to decorate with musical stars above me, stars that let out soft tunes if I tapped them with my Keyblade.
Looking at these stars – as Professor Sprout had been ever so intrigued by them and had complimented me on letting my parents help me decorate my room – I again summon the Hidden Dragon and look at it, wondering if Axel could perhaps be trapped inside this very weapon of mine.
Tilting and twisting the handle to look at my reflection from several angles, I try to see if it changes into the red hair and strong green eyes of Axel, but when it does change, does my breath leave me as it's not Axel that looks at me, but the other person – the one without the facial accessories.

Jumping up from my bed in shock and calling the Hidden Dragon back into myself with a swift move, do I sit up, this time with my arms lying limply on my knees and my back arched as I think: "Who is that guy? And why does he keep showing up with those strange emotions shown in his eyes?"
Then a knock is heard and I mutter: "Come in." Barely hard enough that I hear it myself. But apparently had the one knocking been expecting this as Cedric enters the room and asks: "Are you alright? You're usually asleep by now." I sigh and say: "I – I'm confused, Cedric. Really confused."

The lad nods and sits next to me as he asks: "About those people that came to be when you summoned the Hidden Dragon, right?" I shrug my shoulders and say: "Not fully. I slightly understand Axel, he and I are part of the Organization. It's the other guy that appeared that confuses me."
I then look at my best friend and surrogate brother and ask: "Why was he looking at me like that? It was almost like how my parents look at me – but different." Cedric sighs and says: "Harry, I don't expect you to understand that look just yet. You will when you're older. Thirteen, maybe fourteen."
I nod, while wondering what could be different about me in two to three years and I ask: "Do you really think they're in me? That they're trapped inside of me?" Cedric now has thin lips and says: "When it comes to that, Harry, do I really have no idea. I – I never saw anything like this happening, so –."

I hold up a hand and say: "It's okay, Cedric, I wasn't really expecting an answer, even my own parents don't seem to understand and I told them more than I told Professor Sprout." The blonde haired boy smiles and says: "Yeah, I noticed that. Care to tell me why you did that exactly, Harry?"
I sigh and say: "Because I don't want her distrusting her own colleague." Cedric looks at me confused as I lean back on my hands, that are on the bed behind me and I turn my head to him as I say: "Cedric, people fall backwards when they faint. It's to help their spine protect their organs from any possible damage."
The boy looks shocked and I say: "But Professor Quirrell fell forward and that just doesn't make sense. And I don't want to think of him as the person to have led the Troll into the Castle – and with that act of Darkness open the Keyhole – but what other option is there for me to look at?"

And Cedric asks: "How about the option of just dropping all of this?" But I shake my head and say: "If Quirrell is really evil enough to call forth a Keyhole, one strong enough to let that Armored Heartless through, then I need to find out why, so I can stop him and keep other Keyholes from opening up.
It's the only way I can protect the students from other Heartless attacks. And I know what you're thinking, Cedric, but until there are more Keyblade Wielders here, am I the only one capable of handling them and is the source of their existence, the one calling forth the Keyholes, my problem to deal with."
Cedric sighs and says: "Just always make sure either a teacher, your parents or I myself are close by, alright? So we can help you in defence while you go offence on those Heartless." I nod, knowing full well I am far from ready to face Heartless on my own and tell Cedric this, making my friend smile in relief.

1st of November 1991

Ronald Weasley is a right pain in the behind and has been even worse since the incident. All day has the obnoxious Ginger been trying to approach me, telling me he read up on Trolls and how I could have best distracted him and how it had been clever of me to hit him in the head and other useless comments.
By now I am ready to use both my Keyblades on the arrogant idiot, if only to shut him up for two seconds and then my prayers are heard as just before Transfigurations, Professor Sprout takes me aside and says: "Mr. Potter, Professor Dumbledore wishes to see you about the incident of last night."
I nod and then press my lips together, if only not to scream in pure blazing fury as Weasley slaps me on the shoulder and says: "Don't worry, Harry, it's probably just to award you some points for your swift rescue of me and the others. Of course, Longbottom and I had the situation handled."

And I growl: "Arguing with the girl you were trying to get to safety is not handling a lethal situation, Weasel." And the boy steps back as the fire I have felt blazing in me since the incident seems to come through in my voice and I send him a glare that would make Snape feel proud before storming off.
Raging through the castle, I head straight for the Entrance Courtyard and feel relieved to find it deserted as I summon my Keyblade and perform a few more Flame Falls, if only to cool off steam and not be disrespectful to the Headmaster due to my anger. Then the Dusk arrives and bows to me.
Feeling relieved to have a training partner here on the grounds, I switch from two Keyblades to one and with the Sign of Innocence held tightly in my raging fist, do I charge at the creature, the being fighting back and making moves that unpredictably force me to either dodge or block swiftly.

Finally, ten minutes later, am I cooled down and I whisper: "Thank you, my friend, return to your duty." And while panting, my anger and adrenaline now gone and my body sweaty with exercise and the strain emotions can put on me, do I see it bowing to me again before swiftly floating off to outside the Courtyard.
I smile at its retreating back and then hear a calm voice ask: "Anything troubling you, my boy?" And I see Dumbledore standing in front of his own staircase, his eyes blazing with a twinkle of interest and a serene smile on his face that proves to me that he doesn't at all feel insulted that I let him wait.
Feeling bad for the situation nonetheless, I bow and say: "My apologies to keep you waiting, Headmaster. It's just that Weasley Junior has grown even more insufferable than when I last confronted him. He still holds onto my role as Hero and still believes himself to be my only friend in this school."

The man sighs and says: "I can understand how that would drive anyone with your passion for friends and patience to fighting like you just did. I will make sure to meet with Arthur so he can meet with his son and discuss this situation. Now, would you mind following me to my office, Harry?"
I shake my head and calmly follow the man up the moving staircase, through his door and onto his desk where he motions me to a very comfortable looking chair in which I happily sink before he says: "Harry, dear boy, your parents wish to have you home this weekend and I have agreed on this."
This makes me smile, even if I know that I will be grounded for the weekend and consider that a blessing as it will allow me to meditate with Daddy Xaldin and Daddy Luxord and to again find new patience to hold onto while dealing with that arrogant Weasel. Deciding not to think of it, do I simply nod.

The man nods back, his eyes showing me he is quite well aware of my thought process and he says: "Rest assured that I will discuss the possibility of Mr. Weasley being re-sorted with Arthur as the only reason he ended up in Hufflepuff is now quite invalid – seeing the recent death of the Boy-Who-Lived."
This makes me snicker and he says: "Now onto another small matter I wished to discuss with you. I would like to have a closer look at those portals you and your family use to travel with. Corridors of Darkness I believe you call it?" I nod, having wondered who would first speak of it and snicker at this thought.
Dumbledore looks at me curiously, but I shake my head and using a bit of concentration and a strong focus on the magic given to me by my family, do I summon a dark and strong Corridor of Darkness, making sure it leads to a few inches from where it appears and with that creating one a little further away.

Dumbledore makes an aah sound and says: "So if you summon one, you instantly summon another one at the point where you want to transport to. How ingenious, how ingenious indeed." I smile at this and then make a waving motion for the man to inspect the Corridor a little closer if he wishes to do so.
The man bows his head in gratitude and then, strangely enough, does he walk to the corridor very carefully – almost warily – and I wonder what it is about my magic that makes the man look so serious as he tentatively reaches a hand out to the portal closest to me, his wand firmly in his other hand.

Dumbledore's POV

Ever since I first saw these Corridors of Darkness have I feared that their existence would affect Harry and would drive him down the same path Tom followed. Therefore I am extremely cautious as Harry allows me a close inspection of the Corridor – as I myself almost walked that same path.
Fearing that the magic of the Corridor will influence my past in such a way that it will make me make the same mistake, I have my wand in one hand as I tentatively reach my other one out, letting my magic out slowly to touch the magic of the Corridor – as a first test of its actual magical origin.

Strangely enough do I not feel anything that makes me remember the terrible things I once did and I call my magic back as the magic of the Corridor feels warm and inviting and I ask: "Harry, have you ever noticed any possible enchantments being attached to your Corridors of Darkness?"
Harry shakes his head and says: "The Corridors are in balance with Light and Dark Magic. The Dark magic of a path you travel to get to a destination and the fact you have to leave to get something else – and the light of getting somewhere you know you will be happy to get to – else you wouldn't go."
This makes me smile as I now understand why the Corridor looks so intimidating and then Harry rises from his chair and says: "Come on, I'll show you the inside. You'll be shocked for sure. I know I was." This makes me smile at the still slightly innocent and adventurous child and I take his hand.
He then carefully leads me into the corridor and for a very short second does the Corridor seem to surround me, but then like a warm flame or the campfires my father used to put up in our garden back when Aberforth and I were still little kids. Then light colors blind me and I look around.

Light blues, purples, pinks and yellow colors are everywhere and the white signs of the Organization swirl around us from the floor to the oval shaped walls, up the ceilings and then back down the walls back to the floor, only for the entire process to repeat itself over and over again in a never ending swirl.
Feeling amazed at the incredible insides of the Corridor, I step around on my axe as I try to take in as much as I can and know I will be using this memory – this memory of this very serene place – to keep my focus and to keep myself calm if a situation like last night were ever to occur again.

"Told you it was a good balance." Harry then says, lying down on the exact midst of the Corridor, his hands behind his head, but suddenly I notice that there is no smile on his face as I had expected and he says: "Just too bad that – that this –." And he sighs with his eyes closed in deep pain.
Wondering what could be troubling the poor child, do I sit down near him and he says: "This is where Axel died. In a Corridor quite like this one. He fought thousands of Dusks together with Sora, Donald and Goofy and had to put his entire being in a single attack to save their lives. It took his, though."
This hurts me deep and I ask: "And you remember this every time you make such a Corridor?" Harry nods and says: "But that is exactly why I use them. To prove that, through these Corridors, Axel still lives on, that his journey is far from over." And with that I smile in pride at the lad.

A few minutes later Harry sits back up and says: "We best get back to your office. I need to get back to class and you need to contact Mr. Weasley." I nod and we leave the Corridor from the other side, me going back to sit behind my desk and Harry walking straight for my office door after closing the Corridor.
Then, at the door, does he stop and does he turn to me as he says: "Headmaster, would you ever need it, you can always call me to summon the Corridor again. It would be my pleasure to help you keep your cool." And while I am amazed that the boy picked up on this, do I smile at him in proud gratitude.

Mickey's POV

It's been a week since Aladdin told me that Lexaeus, a member of Organization XIII, was alive and with Harry and I feel confused as to why the Nobody would help a Keyblade Wielder and Aladdin fight the Heartless, as the chance for a Second Kingdom Hearts just can't be the reason.
Then suddenly Aladdin runs into my office and says: "Mickey, it happened again. I visited Jasmine because she worried for me and saw an Armor Heartless go through another Keyhole. I followed it and fought with Harry again to defeat it. Only, when he defeated it – something happened."
I look at him intrigued, while my writing hand is furiously writing this down in my journal, Jiminy helping me make sure I can still read it after this and Aladdin says: "There was also another creature there – a – a Mountain Troll, I believe they called it – and another boy named Cecile – no, Cedric."

I nod at this, glad to have more knowledge on Harry's life outside of him being a Keyblade Wielder and while worried over what a Mountain Troll could look like, do I listen as Aladdin says: "He also told me that he had learned many of the Elements, but not Fire, because that member was – dead, I think."
This shocks me as it proves there are more members of Organization XIII than just Lexaeus and I say: "I take it you mean Axel? Continue, please." Aladdin nods and says: "Right, so we were fighting the two creatures – Cedric mostly fighting the Troll – and Harry had told me he couldn't use Fire Magic.
He then told me of how he had sworn not to try the Element without his parents around –." But here I stop him and say: "Wow, wow, wait a minute. His parents?" Aladdin nods and says: "Yeah, Lexaeus and the other guys. They really seem to love the little guy and they obviously taught him well."

Shocked at this new turn of events, I think: "Could it be that – when they passed away – the Organization was reborn with Hearts in Harry's world? That they now really understand love and the Emotions of Light? But then – who were those people leading Sora and Riku into those traps? Were they fakes?"
Deciding to discuss this with Sora and Riku at a later time, do I listen as Aladdin says: "But then, just when I was able to get that Armor back on its back, did I tell Harry he had to use the fire power and instantly – as if his own Keyblade believed he was ready – did he summon the Hidden Dragon.
I – I have never seen anyone so happy and then so focused so quickly afterwards. He gathered all of his power – or – or so it looked and there he went, shooting off one of the most powerful fire attacks I had ever seen. It destroyed that Armor Heartless with a single blow." To this I can't help but ask:

"And the heart? Was it taken?" Aladdin looks confused, but shakes his head and says: "No, it – I think it just went back to Agrabah." I nod in relief and he says: "But that's not what has me this pumped, Mickey. You have to hear this." This worries and excites me and I quickly check my journal.
"You have to hear this." Aladdin says does it read and I smile as I listen as Aladdin says: "The spot where the Heartless lay when it was beaten, it was scorched, of course, but – from the ashes. Cedric, Harry and I saw these two souls appearing. And Harry thinks one of them was someone named Axel."
This shocks the pen right out of my hand and I ask: "Axel? Are you sure?" Aladdin nods and says: "Yeah, big guy, red hair, green eyes and strange markings under his eyes. The other guy looked exactly alike, he just didn't have the markings, his eyes had a little stronger color and he seemed – I'm not quite sure."

This really bedazzles me as it sounds as if part of Lea is still with Axel and that Axel is actually now part of Harry and wondering how my new friend will react to this, do I ask: "What did he seem like, Aladdin?" Wanting to know everything I can so I can use this info for when I meet Harry again.
Aladdin shrugs and as he walks back out of my office, now finally relaxed as he had seemed in a real hurry when he had burst in, does he close the doors to my office and say: "I don't know, maybe as if he had a crush on Harry or something." And my pen drops again as the door closes behind him.

Sora's POV

To hear what Mickey had to tell us is beyond anything I have ever heard, even when Riku told me I had a Nobody and that he had been part of Organization XIII. The fact that there is still part of the first Organization left on this new world somewhere is one thing, but to have part of Lea living there?
Lea himself had also been present when Mickey had told us this as he had called us all to Master Yen Sid's office to get us up to date with what Aladdin had told him and it had – just like last time – left us absolutely speechless, especially Lea, who still seems shocked at what we just heard.
A part of him – and perhaps even his Nobody – have merged with the soul of a person only Mickey knows and while I can't even begin to understand how the two could have connected, does it still make me look at Riku as Mickey tells us of how he heard that a part of Lea might have a crush on this unknown boy.
I do, of course, wonder if Lea would also fall for this boy would he fully meet him, but while I wonder this, can I not help but wish that Riku and I were back on that bay, back in the Dark Meridan, before Kairi's letter brought us back to Destiny Island and a life we had long since left behind.

Riku and I had both thought that our return to home would be our greatest reward to a two year long set of journeys, but none of that had been true. Life in Destiny Islands had bored us to death, had forced us to change who we had become from our journeys, had made us fake personalities around our friends.
The lives of Selphie, Wakka and Tidus no longer really matter to us, other than that they stay in the Light and that they aren't again swallowed by the Darkness, but the fact that Wakka didn't have his favorite volleyball for 3 days or that Selphie bought new, highly expensive shoes – seemed dull and boring.
It had proven, without a doubt, that all our friends had lived and moved on after we had returned the worlds from Ansem's control, but for our lives – which we had enjoyed so much growing up – to have become such a drag and a pain to live through every day after returning had been a real shocker to me.

Riku had apparently dealt with it in only a few days as we had met three days after our return, Riku confirming his adaption back to normal life with the question: "Nothing's changed, huh?" And while I had answered in a very light tone, had we both known that this actually frustrated us.
Since then had we met on the Play Island in secret, sparring and sometimes even using our Elemental abilities to fight. Other times we had shown Wakka and Tidus some of our time-occupation – as Wakka called it – but had used wooden swords and had held back amazingly, so as not to scare off our friends.
It had irritated us time and time again and we had – sneakily – stormed off every time we did this, not showing Wakka or Tidus our agitation, but I know that Tidus is slightly suspicious as I haven't sparred with him once since I got back – not all that weird, seeing I will have to hold back almost 90% if I do fight him.

Kairi had been the one to pull me and Riku out of our sluggishly boring routine of school, friends we no longer could connect with and secret sparring with a letter written by King Mickey, but even after Master Xehanort had shown his real plans, had the girl insisted that we pretended not to have changed.
It still irritates and agitates me and I feel glad of the kidnap of Riku as Wakka had finally seen just a sliver of what is hidden under my cloak of self-concealment and had seen the power I have gained over the many years of travel – just before I had transported myself to the Organization and dealt with them.

Now a year and a half later, Riku and I are pretty much outcasts in school, but I know it agitates everyone else with how little we care for this – which I still consider pretty good payback with how agitated regular life made us for all those months in between our return from our second adventure and our last.
Still Kairi is not happy with me, even if she had been growing more and more into her female self lately and I just know – call it a teenage instinct – that she is now trying to get my attention as we are old enough that people will expect for us to start dating – or at least do so in the next few years.
Still I again have to disappoint her, because while Riku had been kidding with me when he was younger and had thrown me a Paopu fruit to share with Kairi, had it been Riku I had grown to adore, admire and – dare I say it – crush on since our adventure with him being kidnapped by the Organization.
The way my heart had beaten in pure rage and the way it had made me feel to have Riku back in Destiny Islands after I had destroyed the members of the Organization by forcing them to submit to the bodies of my new friends had been something I had been solely focusing on ever since – mostly out of curiosity.

Still, while I wonder how half of Lea and half of Axel can be with this Harry person, while the other half of Lea is here with me and the other half of Axel is in Twilight Town with Roxas and their new friends – can I only stare in admiration at how Riku is growing out into a true adult male.
The teenage body alone is to drool for and I know that if we continue to stay outcasts when we are older, it will cause for the students of our new High-school to think that we sleep together or something and while I still think that a disgusting idea, can I not help but want to be close with the boy in question.
I then shake my head and ask the question that bothers me: "But how can Axel be in Twilight Town and Lea be here, when they're also part of Harry?" Mickey sighs and says: "I don't know, but I think it might be some kind of magic that is part of that world as Harry seems to be going to a Magic School there."

This makes me nod and I ask: "So you think some kind of magic of that world linked itself to this one when it merged part of Axel and Lea's soul to Harry? Why would that magic do such a thing?" Mickey shakes his head again and then Master Yen Sid hums and we all turn to him as he says:
"Something I am sure you can all find out once we have everyone assembled and have taken note of the situation Harry is in right now. If we are sure the Organization won't harm us or Harry, will we know for sure we can safely question him on this. Then we can hopefully get to the bottom of this all."
We all nod at this and Donald and Goofy salute the man as Donald says: "Master Yen Sid, we will instantly leave for our next destination." And Goofy, who drops the salute in sync with Donald, says: "We won't let you down, Sir." Master Yen Sid nods and my two best friends leave instantly.

I then look at Riku and just by looking into his crystal blue eyes do I know he is as worried for the little guy as I am. And still, strangely enough, does the idea of going to that world excite me more than the idea of going home when I woke in Twilight Town and realized Riku was out of the Realm of Darkness.
Wondering how this could be possible, I hear Riku says: "Who knows, maybe with this magic connected to that world, Sora and I can get a decent work-out again. We haven't had one in a year and a half." And instantly I realize that Riku might be onto something and smile at who is quickly growing to be my first crush.

Okay, I just had to add as much as I could to this chapter, if only to officially apologize for the amazingly long delay since the last chapter as it's really out of line for someone like me to wait this long, but my muse is finally back and while the Gringotts chapter is letting itself wait just a little longer, am I still proud.
Also, about the whole Lea and Axel being with Harry – and with Sora thing, I have an explanation about this. I know that in the first chapter we wrote that Harry would be a Prince of Heart, but we changed our mind after inventing the Potter Curse – and yes it will be HarryxLea - just not with Nate as he doesn't write malexmale slash, he told me.
That is why Axel and Lea are part of Harry. Harry is Sora's brother and so a part of Axel stayed with Sora and a part of Axel connected to Harry. The same happened with Lea, but then when he lost his heart and became a Nobody and a Heartless – back after the events of Birth By Sleep.
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