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Co-Author: Nate the Werehog

Chapter 37
Classes and Threats

Harry's POV

Transfigurations, Charms, Herbology, Defense. Those are the classes for today and I have to admit I am very much looking forward to them. After studying my homework and practicing the small forms of fire that naturally came to me as a Keyblade Wielder yesterday, was I determined to get better.
For that I have to let my magical core grow as much as I can as it will increase the power of my Magic, both as a wizard and as a Keyblade Wielder. This was something The Superior had informed me of this morning before leaving and I had happily told him I would work my very, very hardest.
The man had been highly proud of me, but I can't help but feel as if Daddy Demyx is hiding something, especially because he was a little closer to my bedroom window than was necessary when I saw him leave indoors Saturday. Still, I decide to just wait and see when he feels ready to tell me why.

Instead do I focus as Professor McGonagall explains the difference between swishing your wand up for the Retrospect Spell and swishing your wand down and I feel glad that I am paying attention for multiple reasons. One is that the effects, according to the Professor, can be severe if done wrong.
The other is Weasley. Or better said Weasley and Granger. The two have been utterly annoying together since those rules about the Boy-Who-Lived came out and just this morning, when I went into the classroom, did they try to make sure I would have to sit in the row behind them.
Luckily enough is this class shared with the Gryffindors and Seamus and Dean, who know how much Weasley annoys me and who are personally annoyed with Granger, had offered us the seats in the row in front of them, on the other side of the class. Needless to say, I had happily taken the seats.

Still, this apparently hadn't faced the two as Weasley had constantly shot glances at me, trying to get my attention, which – thanks to Daddy Lexaeus – I am able to either divide or keep firmly on one topic and Granger had constantly tried to whisper little hints and tips from the other side of the classroom.
I easily ignore the former, but the latter is working on my nerves and while I try to listen to Professor McGonagall, does my attention waver thanks to the buzzing I hear that is actually Granger trying to whisper things at me. Then suddenly Parvati Patil comes to my rescue as she raises her hand and asks:

"Professor, what is that weird buzzing I keep hearing?" McGonagall looks confused, while Granger turns red with her lips clamped shut and I think: "Finally, some peace and quiet." And I whisper to Neville: "Let's meet outside after class." The round-faced boy nods and Professor McGonagall says:
"I don't know what you're talking about, Mss. Patil, but I don't hear any buzzing." To which Dean says: "Because it stopped, Professor. But I heard it too. I could barely focus on what you were explaining because of it." Granger turns even more red and this time the Professor notices and asks:
"Would you perhaps know, Mss. Granger?" And the girl mumbles: "I was trying to give Harry some tips, Professor." This angers the woman and she says: "Then try to do so after my class, not while I am explaining what we are studying, understand?" The girl nods and McGonagall goes on.

Happy to finally have a chance to really study the material, I lean forward on my arms and listen intently as Professor McGonagall scratches some patterns and examples of the spell on the blackboard behind her, tapping them with her wand to explain them before she says: "And now it's your turn. Get to work."
And I instantly grab my two wands and perform the same ritual I do during every practical class. Again choosing my left-hand wand, something I have been doing almost every lesson of Transfiguration, do I perform the same form of mental Transfigurations that McGonagall always compliments me on.
Seeing the spellwork in my mind, I softly mutter the spell, part by part, under my breath, making sure no one hears or is disturbed by me and after fifteen minutes, have I done the spell yet again, creating the result Professor McGonagall explained on the blackboard and earning Hufflepuff four points.

Sitting back with a relaxed air, I suddenly wonder something and look down at my results, my mind wondering about the subject over and over before I raise my hand and ask: "Professor, can I try the spell the way my parents taught me?" The woman seems to contemplate this and then nods and says:
"Yes Mr. Potter, I believe you waited long enough now." I smile and the woman undoes my spellwork, Neville looking at it with wide eyes as I put away my wand and instead of that, do I focus and conjure the Sign of Innocence, my arm stretched out wide to make sure I don't hit someone as I summon it.
Everyone looks shocked and I ask: "What? I learned magic on this thing before I came to Hogwarts." The students nod and go back to their own spells, Neville just going back to his as well as we agreed to no longer have me help him unless he doesn't get the spell before our next study session.

Aiming the tip of my Keyblade at the raven's feather that we are to change into that of an eagle or dove or other bird, I focus back on the mental preparations, seeing the black feather in my mind and seeing it change into the white feather of an Albino Dove. Doing this mental exercise quickly, I whisper:
"Change." And before my eye, does the feather indeed change, shortening slightly and turning pure white with little specks of grey every here and there. Smiling at my result as I had a feeling that – like with elemental magic – I only had to say the word and not the spell, do I raise my head.
Professor McGonagall catches my glance and when she looks from me to the white feather on my desk, does she send me a small smile before she goes back to her paper work. Deciding to do the same as I believe I can still add some inches to my History essay, do I dismiss my Keyblade and grab my bag.

Pulling my homework out of it, I work on that, my mind focused only on the quill in my hand and the paper in front of me and so Neville has to shake my shoulder an hour later as the class has been dismissed. Smiling at my friend and waving goodbye to Professor McGonagall, do I pack up and leave class.
Only to groan in annoyance as Granger and Weasley are waiting for me on the other side of the door and Granger seems to take offence to the groan as she rounds on me and says: "Harry, what were you thinking? Using your Keyblade in class! You can be lucky Professor McGonagall didn't see it!"
But then I interrupt her and say: "She did see it. She gave permission. I have been silently asking her since day one as she had been told how I do most of my magic through my Keyblade the day she brought me my letter." The girl looks at this shocked and then seems to regain herself as she says:

"Still, I can't believe you didn't listen to a word I was saying back there! I was only trying to help you and –." And I retort: "And the fact I didn't take the seats behind you but on the other side of the classroom don't apparently make it get through to you that I don't want or need your help."
The girl looks shocked and this time, while I had been walking in front of her to Charms, do I turn around and glare at her, sick of her and her self-importance as I say: "I've been living with you and your self-importance for long enough, Granger. You're not the only who deserves to be smart and –."
"AND I NEVER SAID I WAS!" Granger interrupts me and I spit back: "No, but you behave like that every day." The girl whitens in shock and I walk on, saying: "You need to get your act together, because you act like you're a spoiled brat with too much intelligence and no common sense or people skills."
I then give her one last glare over my shoulder and say: "Just because you like studying twenty-four seven, doesn't mean everyone does. We're all different, our magic is different and you need to realize that people being different is a good thing." And with that do I walk into the Charms classroom.

Filius' POV

I can tell that Mr. Potter has had another run-in with either Mr. Weasley or Mss. Granger as he usually enters my classroom with spirit and asks me through his eyes to tell him more about his mother. This time though, he just sits down at his usual spot and lies his two wands on his desk.
Wondering what could have happened this time, I am shocked as Granger comes in crying, Weasley glaring at Harry as he helps her to her seat, but then Mr. Longbottom shocks me as he says: "Please, fake tears. You really think Harry will want to be your friend out of pity? Get a grip, Granger."
And the girl changes from crying to glaring so fast, I barely notice how there really are no tear-tracks on her face and she spats: "Get lost, Longbottom." To which Harry snarls: "Grow a heart, Granger." Shutting the girl silent with shock before she turns around as I call for attention with a cough.

Deciding to help the two along – and hopefully keep them from killing each other – do I ask: "Okay class, who can tell me the two things you need to come to this magical school?" And Granger is the first to raise her hand, but then I notice how she's trying to block Harry from my sight with her arm.
Shaking my head at this, I decide to show her how I don't tolerate this and ask: "Harry, you perhaps?" And Harry, who has his arms crossed on his desk and is looking from his left-hand wand to his right, says: "I believe the answer is a magical core and enough intelligence to have a good imagination, sir."
And I smile at him, while Granger glares and she says: "Professor, the answer is the intelligence to understand Latin and a magical core to use magic with in every way and form created since Merlin." I sigh at this and say: "Two points to Hufflepuff for Mr. Potter." Shocking the girl.

I then stand up straight – which I know with my height isn't saying much – and say: "Imagination is one of the most important forms of magic. It is even the only part of magic Muggles actually have and is rumored to be the reason that Muggleborns can even exist and be born.
This, of course, has never been proven, but imagination and the ability to realize that everything on this world is different or can be changed is what allows us to draw magic from our cores. If we simply believe that things are the way they are and stop thinking, we could very well lose our magic.
Therefore imagination is the very origin of all our cores and of all the amazing inventions Muggles and Magicals have created since Merlin. Do you all have that written down?" And I quickly hear tons of bags being opened, quills, parchment and bottles of ink being pulled out and put on the desks.

I then decide to go on and say: "Of course Mss. Granger and Mr. Potter had one thing right, but that was because it was the same thing. Still, the way they both see it differently proves them both to be worthy of the magic they cast. They are different and that allows them to see things different.
This also influences how they use their magic. Take Mr. Potter's charms work for instance. So far, every spell he has cast, resulted excellently well and sometimes added a little decoration to the subject of his spellwork." And Mr. Thomas says: "Like that fence with those brown lines on the bar."
I nod and go on: "Mss. Granger on the other hand is very, very determined and uses nothing but her knowledge. She sees what she wants and she does it. That makes her different from Mr. Potter, just like his way of casting the spell by first preparing himself mentally by dividing the spell into parts.
Mss. Granger and Mr. Potter each have very powerful magic and they are definitely both the best of Hufflepuff for this year, but still, they are very, very different and that difference makes their magic powerful." The students nod, but I can't help but feel like I failed those two again.
When I spoke of both Mss. Granger and Mr. Potter being the best of their year, did Granger not smile at the praise like Harry, but did she glare at Harry as if angry that he too held that position. Harry had just raised his eyes skyward when he had seen this and had continued writing my lecture down.

I then decide to change my lesson plan around a bit as I give them all a wooden shoe Dutch Muggles used to wear and say: "I know we're running ahead of schedule with this a bit, but I want you to let your imagination flow and change the color of this wooden shoe to whatever you like. The best print earns ten points."
The students all look very excited, except Granger, who looks shocked and Harry happily grabs his right hand wand and starts twirling it around between three of his fingers as he looks at the item in front of him. Wondering how the boy is going to change the shoe, I smile and get back to my paper work.

An hour later the class is almost over and I call for attention as I say: "I will now give you all a small knife with which you can cut your name into your wooden shoe. Write your names down and I will judge them and award the winner ten points during lunch." And I cast the spell as I said.
Scratching is heard all around me and when the students lie their knifes down, do I banish them with a second spell before summoning the shoes to me. I smile at some of the shoes and especially at the one that has Harry's name on it and try not to instantly lift it up as I say: "That's it, class dismissed."
The students all leave, but then suddenly, I feel as if something is very, very wrong. Casting spells around my classroom to find out what, my eyes widen as the results say that I conjured 20 knifes, but only banished 19 of them, meaning someone still has his. Running out of my classroom, I fear for my students.

Ron's POV

"This is it. This is the only way to make Potter accept us. We are the only ones who should be his friends. It's the only way to get into that Potter fortune." I think as I twirl the knife Flitwick gave us in my pocket and when we're near the Great Hall, do I grab Longbottom from behind and pull him with me.
Pulling him into a small alcove between the Grand Staircase and the Entrance Hall, do I quickly press the dull side of the knife into Longbottom's throat and say: "You tell Potter that he has to get off his high-horse and accept who his real friends are. Or else." But then a cold voice says:

"Or else I'll cast so much magic even your own mother wouldn't want to recognize you anymore, Weasel." And I feel the cold metal of the Keyblade in the back of my neck, along with the icy cold breath of Potter, even while I know that he has his arm stretched out in front of him.
Trembling a little, I feel relieved as Granger shouts: "Potter! How dare you! Drop that Keyblade immediately!" And Harry spats: "Not before Weasley drops his knife." And I glare at him, while trembling at the fury in his eyes, changing the green into forest green and making the other colors disappear.

Then I hear hurried footsteps coming from the other side of the hallway and I whisper: "Now you'll pay." Only for Potter to push the Keyblade even deeper into my neck. Looking the other way, I see Flitwick run over and shout: "Professor, Potter's threatening me with the Keyblade. You have to help me!"
And while I try to keep a sneaky smirk of my face, does Granger prove her usefulness to this operation and our plans at last as she goes on with a high, insulted tone in her voice: "He's right, Professor! Ronald has done nothing and Potter is just being a mean prick, what with his weapon and all!
He needs someone he can listen to and Ron and I are just trying to do that! Potter has no reason to be this cruel to either Ron or me." But then the tiny Professor crushes my hopes and stops the girl right in her tracks as he says: "Other than rectifying your friend's theft and illegal use of weapons."

"RON HAS NO WEAPON! POTTER DOES!" Granger shouts, now drawing the attention of those in the hall and the tiny Professor proves his right as Head of Ravenclaw as he asks: "Then what do you call the knife he is holding to Mr. Longbottom's neck, Mss. Granger? A means of persuasion, perhaps?"
The girl flushes, her eyes finally spotting the position I'm holding Longbottom in and the man makes it worse as he says: "Drop that knife at once, Mr. Weasley, before I allow Mr. Potter to treat you as a Heartless." And looking behind me, I shiver in fear as Potter seems to actually accept this proposal.
Quickly dropping the knife, I see Flitwick wave his wand, making it vanish before it hits the ground and Longbottom makes me glare at him as he says: "Thanks for the bleeding, Weasley. At least now I know my blood is clean." And he walks away, Potter finally dropping his Keyblade.

He then runs after the round-bodied brat and says: "Just let me, Neville." And he aims his Keyblade at his friend and whispers: "Cura." Shocking me as the small sliver of broken flesh actually mends itself, even if the blood that has been softly dripping out of the wound doesn't vanish with it.
Potter sighs as he sees this and whispers: "I really wish Daddy Marluxia would let me train at a higher level with that spell." Before finally dismissing his Keyblade, letting the metal vanish in small lights and sparkles of white. Still glaring at the two brats, I suddenly hear the angry voice of Flitwick say:
"I would aim that glare somewhere else, Mr. Weasley, seeing the trouble you are already in." And I whiten as I had forgotten that the man was still there. Then, finally, I see something that might turn this all around as my eldest brother steps forward, his Prefect badge shining on his chest as he asks:

"Permission for usage of Prefect rights and duties upon another House, Professor Flitwick?" And while I wonder why he would use his Prefect duties, does Granger send a proud, justified smirk Potter and Longbottom's way and I smirk myself as I think: "A detention will make that hero come around."
But then all my plans are scattered as Professor Flitwick gives permission and Percy rounds – not on Potter – but on me and says: "Ron, you're in detention for the rest of the week for threatening a fellow student and you'll serve detention during the weekend for stealing a weapon from a teacher."

"YOU'RE HIS BROTHER! How dare you side with Potter?" Granger shouts, causing many of the Hufflepuffs to glare at her and Percy silences her as he says: "My family isn't trying to ruin an alliance between the Weasley and Longbottom line when the Heir of Longbottom so gracefully keeps offering it."
The girl looks shocked and I too feel stupid and ridiculous as I should have taken Longbottom on his offer months ago, an action that would have surely helped me achieve my plans with Potter and get a hand on the Longbottom gold at the same time. Feeling stupid, I hold up my hand as Granger opens her mouth.
The girl looks shocked and I send her a single glance, telling her mentally I will explain later and that we need to change plans. The girl grumbles, but nods and then things get even worse as Dumbledore, the Headmaster himself, steps forward from the crowd gathering at the Entrance Hall and says:

"Hufflepuff is the House of the Loyal and the Hardworking. To get in this house proves that you have good and Light in your heart. But, like many times before, does it seem as if we are in need of Resorting." And he turns his glance to me and Granger, scaring us as that will ruin all our plans.
The girl lowers her head and says: "Professor, if I serve detention as well, will you please reconsider?" But the man keeps looking stern and says: "Professor Sprout, move your Puffs and separate the First years, if you please. It's safest for them all if you divide them a little more, I believe."
And while I can barely believe that the man is willing to give us a second chance, do I have no doubt that we have to lie our plans on a low fuse for a while, something that makes Granger and me share a sorrowful glance – and makes me send a short glare Potter's way – before we both hang our heads.

Okay, that was definitely not the plan.
The plan was to make a short summary of the classes and then go onto the time after dinner, where all Puffs are back in their common room and where Granger and Weasley retry to get into Harry's good graces, but this just sounds better. And really, that better sound has a few reasons.
First of all, writing about Ron and Hermione being so annoying to Harry is a little hard, but I am getting better at it as the story progresses. Second, I want to do this little summary where Harry can sigh in relief because Ron and Hermione have been laying of his back for a while and I needed a reason.
Also, don't worry, Ron isn't stupid enough to try this again and Neville isn't stupid enough to keep offering that alliance to Ron anymore. There will still be interaction with Neville, Percy and the twins, but that will come later, perhaps somewhere after Christmas or something like that.
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Co-Author: Nate the Werehog