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Glee: They say that we can only truly love someone, if it's the right person'

Set during Season 3 Episode 19 prom-asaurus

So Quinn and Santana just finished singing Take my breath away

'You love her don't you?' Mercedes asks Sam

He looks at her and smiles sadly 'I'm sorry cedes'

'It's Okay, Go get her' she whispers to him and he smiles and walks towards the stage

'Quinn' I say to her and I help her down

'oh hi' she says quietly

'You were great up there' I say to her

'Thanks' she smiles

'I was Mercedes when you were singing' and her smile quickly disappears

'and we were talking about how when you got up it was definietly a prom miracle' he says with a goofy smile

'I was going to therapy and I wanted this to be a suprise' she says

'Yeah' he says and smiles

'Well you better get back to mercedes' she says quietly

'I don't think I need to' I say and we look over to mercedes to see her dancing with sean

'You don't mind?' she asks

'Nahh, we broke up' he says and smiles

'why are you smiling?' she asks

'I'm proud of you' he says

she blushes and looks back up at him

'Quinn?' he says

'Yeah Sam?' she says in reply

'They say that we can only truly love someone, if it's the right person' he says to her

'You're so cheesy' she smiles at him

'I'll take that as a compliment' he smiles sarcasticaly

'So what are you saying?' she asks seriously

'I'm saying that you're the right one i've been looking for' he says to her

'Then why did you get together with Mercedes?' she asks him

'I truly don't know' he says pretending to think

'Really?' she asks him

'Maybe it's because I was upset that you cheated on me so I went to mercedes to try and get over you' he says honestly

'I'm sorry about cheating on you with finn' she says sadly and looks down

He lifts up her chin and says 'It's okay'

'So did it work?' she asks him

'What work?' he asks her confused

'Trying to get over me with Mercedes' she replies obviously

'No, My heart was set out for you and only for you' he says

They lean in and kiss